The Winter Soldier didn’t miss Natasha’s heart. The Winter Soldier doesn’t miss. The only reason she’s alive, is because he wanted her to be. But he doesn’t know why. He doesn’t know why until Steve takes him to the tower, telling him that “this is Natasha. She used to be like you, Buck.” And then, when she turns around, and losses all the color in her face, he knows. She’s his little red ballerina.

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honestly i have enjoyed having short hair so much it’s unbelievable like it completely changed who i am just by changing how i felt about/looked at myself like this past year and a half i have never felt more confident in myself and beautiful so if you’re thinking about cutting your hair off or seriously considering it but you’re afraid it won’t improve your look (like i was) just do it it’s so incredible and i can almost guarantee you’ll love it just as a word of advice

I need people to actually start tagging their Winterfalcon fics in the Bucky/Sam AO3 tag, not their Stony fics with Winterfalcon as a side/background pairing. No one wants to read their pairing as a secondary/background thing, especially if you don’t like the main pairing

Or their Stucky fics with past!Winterfalcon. Who wants to read a fic where their fave pairing is not together or even the focus.

Or even the threesome of Bucky/Steve/Sam in the Bucky/Sam tag b/c threesome ships have their own tag and therefore should be in their own tag, same as the foursome of bucky/steve/sam/natasha.

Like people come on, why are you making it harder for fans to find actual Winterfalcon fics in the Bucky/Sam AO3 tag, like how selfish are you. And you can’t deny that it isn’t a selfishness b/c the way you tag hinders other people from finding what they specifically want to read, it’s not that hard to list side and past pairings in an authors note or summary.

Sam/Bucky Week 2015 - Day 5: Cap Day

A mix of MCU and Comic verse. Trying to work with Civil War. 924 words of semi-angst. Sam/Bucky 

Sam ignored the whining of the jetpack, pushing the wings past their safety limits. He was almost there. Almost. He couldn’t hear anything over the roaring of the wind past his ears but he could see the red lights, knew the air was filled with the sounds of sirens.

He’d make it. He had to.

He was diving before he’d thought, gaze locked on Cap’s shield as it hurtled downward. He reached—

The wings were the only thing that kept him from being hurled forward.

Bucky snarled whirling around. Death in his eyes. His arm a silver blur coming towards Sam’s face.

Sam caught Bucky as he stumbled forward, the momentum of the aborted strike knocking him off balance.

Bucky stepped back quickly, looking everywhere but at Sam. He didn’t think he could take seeing the disappointment. He could hear Stark’s pained breathing. The whispers from the slowly gathering crowd. His hand clenched around the shield, knuckles gone white with the force.

Sam stared down at Stark, Bucky had done a job on him. “You don’t want to do this, Bucky.”

“He killed Steve,” yelled Bucky, glaring down at Stark. All he could was Steve’s body splayed out on the courthouse steps.

“No, Bucky. I have got no love for the man right now myself. But he didn’t.” Sam let go of the shield.

“He did. He turned on Steve—“

“Maybe. But Steve died doing what he believed was right. He could have killed Stark. But he knew it wouldn’t have made things right,” Sam said. He moved closer, putting himself between Stark and Bucky.

“Sam,” Bucky all but sobbed.

The anguish in the sound made Sam’s heart hurt. He caught Bucky’s flesh hand, holding it tight as he turned back to Stark. The man had managed to sit up. The suit was busted to hell and Stark’s face was a mess but it didn’t look like he’d be dying anytime soon. “Why were you even here? I told you, he didn’t want to see you. That it was all I could do to keep him from killing you. What the fuck do you do? You bring your ass into my territory. What the fuck was so goddamn important?!”

Sam ignored the gathering government strike teams. He’d registered so he could go to Steve’s funeral. He was the only one of the Steve’s people who could legally show his face. He’d needed to be there. That didn’t mean he’d changed his mind. And it damn sure didn’t mean he was going to let Stark get his hands on Bucky.

“Steve, sent me a letter.” Stark said quietly, spitting out a mouth full of blood. “He didn’t want what Captain America meant to die. He wanted me to choose a new captain. The country needs a Captain America. Especially now. I thought Bucky—“

Sam was nearly yanked off his feet as Bucky lunged forward. He threw his arms around Bucky’s neck and hauled backwards. They both landed on their asses. The tangle of arms and legs took a moment to sort out. Sam thought it best to remain where he was, which was wrapped around Bucky. The man was almost vibrating with rage and grief.

“You are not going to use me Stark. You’re not going to use me to assuage the guilt you feel for your part in this,” growled Bucky. “Anyone you charm into taking that suit and working for you and your new Initiative isn’t going to make it all go away.”

Sam spoke up, wanting to end this before it ended in bloodshed. Hoping to hell Stark would just leave. “Stark, I understand Bucky is in violation of Registration act but I’d take it as a personal favor if you let me handle this.”

Bucky snorted hard, burying his face in Sam’s neck. Just breathing him in as he tried to calm down. When he was calm enough to speak, he sat up. Sam moved to let him go, Bucky wouldn’t let him. 

“The only person I know who deserves to wear that suit besides Steve has his own,” he said, head turning as he looked at Sam for the first time. He didn’t see the disappoint he thought he would. He saw his own pain and grief reflected back at him. But also a level of understanding and compassion he’d only ever seen in one other person. Different as night and day, but two peas in the same pod. 

“Sam’s the only cap I’d ever follow.”

(Epilogue but kinda not)

One year later….

“How do I look,” asked Sam half kidding, half serious.

Bucky’s studied him intently and Sam tried not to flinch. “Like Captain America.”

Sam’s shoulders slumped in relief as that last bit of tension slipped away. He watched Bucky curiously as he came closer. Head turning to keep him in sight as Bucky circled him.

“I think Stark did something to the suit,” muttered Bucky as he paced around Sam.

Sam’s gaze narrowed. “Why?” Visions of implants, trackers and shock collars dancing past his eyes.

“It never made me want fuck Steve in it,” Bucky smirked, leering at Sam.

Sam glared halfheartedly, fighting the laugh that wanted to escape. It didn’t do to encourage Bucky. “Are you sure it’s not just me?”

“Well, I always want to fuck you. But the suit is making me want to do really dirty things to you while you’re wearing it. I think I finally understand that defile Captain America kink.”

“Well, we should probably test the suit’s durability.”