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No, It’s Bucky - Part 12

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/Reader

Word count:1740 

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


Warnings: Language (curse words etc)

A/N: There is one part after this then it is officially done. GOSH IT HAS BEEN A RIDE.

Hope you enjoy!

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Previously on No, It’s Bucky

“Stop trying to deny this! You kissed me AFTER the game was over. It wasn’t a fucking dare!”

You can’t look into him in the eyes. This was NOT a conversation you wanted to have. This conversation was supposed to never happen.  “It was just a dare, James-“

“Fucking hell, you infuriate me so much.” Running his hands through his hair, Bucky paces back and forth as you stand there stuck. Waiting for your heart to stop pounding through your chest “Why the fuck am I still in love with you?”

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Okay, I don't know if you're a fan of Kobik or not, but how do you feel about BuckyNat raising Kobik

I love Kobik I LOVE HER!!! Actually, since I’m still relatively new to Marvel, my intro to comic!Bucky was his run in Thubderbolts, and I worked my way back from there. So Bucky’s relationship with Kobik was super influential in the formation of my opinion/perception of that character.

Also I lowkey headcanon that sometimes Kobik lives in the spare bedroom in Bucky and FUBAR’s apartment lol!

Idk how Nat would feel about ~raising Kobik and having like a nuclear family, but we know that in the comics she’s just as protective of kids (especially girls) as Bucky is.

(This is also me inescapably projecting into my headcanons. I don’t like kids and don’t like living with people at all, so it’s hard for me personally to be like “YES!!!”)



Summary: After having a nightmare where he couldn’t save you, Bucky takes it upon himself to make sure you’re always safe. Based off a request sent in by @snuggleducky 

Word Count: 1,953

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is fluffy and cute. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Cold sweat running down his face, Bucky flung the sheets off his body and staggered out of bed. Clutching his chest with his flesh hand, he let his nails dig into his bare skin, anchoring him to the present time. He blinked repeatedly, eyes quickly getting used to the darkness around him, the moon just barely peeking through the blinds.

Heart beating rapidly, he took a deep breath as he padded across the room and made a beeline to the kitchen. It was easy enough to pry open the refrigerator and grab a cold bottle of water. Bucky almost broke it as he tore the lid off and brought it up to his lips, gulping it all down within seconds.

He leaned against the kitchen counter using the heels of his hands, body curving slightly as he stretched, got his body used to being awake after being stuck in deep sleep, in a nightmare.

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“This is creepy.”  Tony pointed out, studying you and Bucky as you were curled together on the couch.  “You know that he’s like double your age, right?”

“That just makes him more experienced than you.”  You teased, watching Tony’s eyes widen fractionally at your joke before he grinned at you.

“Nobody’s more experienced than me, honey.  He was frozen for more than half of his life.”

“Shut it, Stark.”  Bucky snapped, hand gently rubbing against your arm.

Six Thirty AM

Summary: Bucky tries to get the reader out of bed

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader doesn’t have to be romantic

Word Count: 572

Prompt: “I got him/her out of bed

A/N: Just a lil drabble to help me get through writer’s block while I work on a series. Tell me how horrible it was?

Warnings: fluff? This is like the most G rated stuff I’ve ever written.

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Quiet - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N -  Thanks so much for the ongoing support for all the one shots I keep spamming you guys with. Any requests would be appreciated 

Bucky x Reader - Bucky gets jealous over Steve’s constant need to save you.

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut.

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Imagine bringing your child out to public for the first time with Chris.

A/N: Here’s the epilogue! Oh my God, it’s always so hard to part with a series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I’ll be back again with another but we’ll see. I’ll be linking the previous parts here: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist)

You and Chris smiled as you watched your son look out the tinted window of the limousine; he was utterly mesmerized by the crowds of people waiting to see his father, as well as the rest of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ cast. As insane as it was, you and Chris had decided to take your seventeen month old baby to the premiere of Infinity War Part 2.

There were a few reasons that led to the decision: Chris not wanting to be apart from either of you, you not wanting to miss Chris’ premiere, the cast wanting Baby Cap to be apart of the celebration, Chris not wanting to constantly answer the question “when will we see Jack?”, both of you a little sick of the paparazzi trying to get a sneaky shot of your son; the list went on and on. It took a couple nights of discussion before you finally decided that it was time for your child to be introduced to Hollywood. You both agreed that if Ryan and Blake did it with ease, why couldn’t the two of you do it too?

“Daddy, look.” Jack glanced back at Chris as he poked his tiny finger at the window. “People,” he said with a wide grin which made you and Chris smile. “Lots of people.” He said then giggled to himself, making you and Chris chuckle.

It amazed the two of you how smart your son was at seventeen months old; he could speak in full sentences with zero baby talk. You believed it was because your son was a genius, whereas Chris said it was because of your control issues; you spoke to your son like you spoke to other adults, banning baby talk completely because- that was how your mom raised you and your brothers. Whatever the reason, you were both glad your son was the way he was because he made a very good conversationalist and gave both of you the company you needed when the other was working.

The limousine slowed to a stop and Jack gasped excitedly, carefully climbing off the leather seat and padding over to the door. “Let’s go,” he said and yanked at the locked door handle. “Daddy, let’s go. Open the door, please.” He grabbed Chris’ hand and put it on the handle, thinking his father could open what he couldn’t.

“Before I do, we’re going to have to talk man to man.” Chris told Jack. “Okay, buddy?” He asked for confirmation and Jack nodded in response. “There are lots of people here tonight, so you’re going to have to stay with-”

“Is Uncle Seba going to be there?” Jack quizzed.

“Yes, he is.” Chris nodded, chuckling softly. “Now you’re going-”

“What about Auntie Scar?” Jack continued to interrupt his father; Chris glanced at you with a weary smile and you pressed your lips together, suppressing your smile; he clearly got that from you. “Is she going to be there?”

“Yes sweetheart,” you told him, taking his small hands in yours. “They’re all going to be there. Uncle Rob, Uncle Tony, Uncle Chris, Aunt Liz, everyone is going to be there.” You said and he smiled. “Now can you please listen to us while we give out some ground rules?”

“Ground rules,” he nodded and pressed his lips together to show you he was done talking. You turned to Chris with a smug smirk and he scoffed, chuckling softly with a shake of his head. Jack Evans was close with his father, yes, but that boy was definitely your boy.

“You’re going to have to stay close to me and your daddy, okay?” You told him and he nodded. “There are going to be lots of people tonight, if you run off- we won’t be able to find you and that is going to make us very upset. You don’t want to see us upset, do you?” He shook his head. “Good,” you kissed the top of his head.

“But let’s say I do run off,” he began as you pulled away. “By accident,” he quickly added, feigning innocence before that cheeky grin; a splitting image of Chris, really. “Won’t Captain America just be able to find me?” He asked and made both you and Chris burst into laughter.

“You know what, bud.” Chris picked your laughing son up and hooked him onto his side. “I think it’s safer if you just cling onto Captain America tonight.” Jack giggled when Chris tickled him, wrapping his arms around his father’s neck. “You too, beautiful,” he looked over at you with a smile and you nodded, slipping your hand into his. 

• • • • • • • • 

The crowd unsurprisingly went wild at the sight of the three of you on the red carpet, the surprising thing was how much your son enjoyed the attention; the one trait that he didn’t get from the two of you. He giggled every time he did something cute and got the crowds cheering for him, it definitely got you thinking about what career he was going to pursue when he was older. You and Chris glanced at each other, smiling as you watched your son wave at the cameras; perhaps being made for Hollywood was genetic.

“Chris, Y/N! It’s so good to see you again,” Alexia, a known reporter from Vanity Fair, greeted the both of you with a smile that grew wider when Jack smiled and waved at her. “Hi buddy,” she gave him a small wave. “This must be the famous Jack Evans, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”

“I’m famous?” Jack looked over at you and Chris; the both of you chuckled and nodded. “I’m famous!” He cheered, leaning back and throwing his arms in the air. “Daddy,” he cupped Chris’ face in his small hands, “I’m famous. Did you know that?”

“Do you even know what famous means, bud?” Chris chuckled softly.

“It’s what you and Momma are,” he responded. “And now I’m famous too.”

“He’s adorable,” Alexia commented and you both nodded in agreement. “It’s really nice to see all of you out and about. It’s been a while, especially for you, Y/N.” You nodded. “How has parenthood been treating both of you? Things must be a little chaotic around the house considering-” she gestured to Chris, “you have press and-” she gestured to you, “you’re just getting back into work. I heard you’ve just signed a contract with Paramount writing a drama?” You nodded. “So what’s life like at home? You both look great, by the way.”

“Doesn’t she?” Chris smiled at you.

“Oh stop it,” you looked over at Chris, chuckling, before you turned back to Alexia. “No, things have actually been really smooth sailing at home. Yes, we’ve got a lot on our plates but we’ve got a great family backing us up. Both our parents have been incredibly helpful, Chris’ siblings- Scott and Shana who don’t have kids of their own are always happy to help us with Jack. It also helps that Jack is superbly well-behaved,” you smiled at Jack when he giggled. “And that I’ve got a wonderful husband. We only work because we’re a team, and we are a very good team.”

“A well oiled-” Chris began only to be interrupted by Jack.

“Uncle Seba!” Jack spotted Sebastian and called out excitedly, reaching over Chris’ shoulder; Sebastian opened his mouth and widened his eyes, running over in the most comedic manner to make Jack laugh. “Uncle Seba!” He laughed, clapping his hands.

“Hey Jack Jack.” Sebastian booped his nose and Jack’s laughter grew louder. “You look so handsome in your little suit, I wish I was as handsome as you.” Jack tapped Chris’ shoulder and gestured for him to pass him over to Uncle Seba. “C'mere, bud.” Sebastian held out his arms with a soft chuckle.

“You basically gave a speech and he didn’t interrupt you once, but the second I speak-” Chris shook his head, chuckling as he passed Jack over to Sebastian. “You’re too much like your mom, Jack.” He said, straightened the back of Jack’s little jacket.

“I think he’s too much like you,” you disagreed, leaning into Chris as he wrapped an arm around your waist. “You always said you were a momma’s boy, right?” You whispered into his ear and he chuckled. “I guess this is payback for how you made your dad feel.”

“Look, who’s that?” Sebastian bounced Jack in his arms as he pointed at Anthony who was finishing up an interview a few meters down. “It’s Mack Attack, do you want to go say hi?” He asked Jack who immediately nodded. “Let’s-” He stopped himself when he remembered Jack wasn’t his kid and his parents were standing right there. “Can we?” He asked, his eyes as wide and innocent as your son’s.

“Please?” Jack pleaded. “Can we, please?”

“What do you think?” You looked over at Chris and he sighed, chuckling.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” you heard Sebastian whisper into Jack’s ear.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” Jack repeated for his father to hear and you all laughed. “Please, Daddy? Please can I go? I promise I won’t run off, I’ll stay with Uncle Seba until I see you and Momma again.”

“I’ll take good care of him,” Sebastian assured the both of you.

“Fine,” Chris finally caved. Sebastian and Jack grinned at each other and started to make their way over to Anthony, who had spotted them and was now grinning too. “If you lose him, Sebastian Stan, don’t bother coming back.” Chris called after them and earned a two finger wave from both boys, making you laugh.

“Relax,” you gently rubbed his back.

“Gee, thanks,” he bit sarcastically and you chuckled.

“Do you need a distraction?” You asked. “I’ve got some Gummi Bears in my clutch.”

“I think I’d much rather a kiss.” He told you and smiled when you leaned in, pressing your lips against his. You felt him smile as you smiled yourself. “Yeah,” he breathed when he broke it, resting his forehead against yours. “Much better.”

“Higher, higher!” You heard your son cheer and both of you turned in their direction; Anthony was now holding Jack, and tossing him in the air. Chris gasped whereas you chuckled. “Higher, Uncle Tony!” He squealed with delight as he was tossed up again.

“Mackie!” Chris pulled away from you and jogged over, leaving you behind. “How many times have I told you not to toss my son in the air! Hey, stop! Sebastian, I trusted you to keep him safe. That is not keeping him safe!”

“He’s a protective dad, isn’t he?” Alexia quizzed, laughing softly.

“Did we really expect him to be anything less?” You responded, smiling.

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When Steve first brings Bucky back to the tower, everyone is… weary. Sam remembers fighting him in DC, Natasha remembers him from the Red Room, Clint remembers the horror stories and ghost stories from SHIELD, and everyone is tense. They’ve seen what the Winter Soldier could do, had done, and they weren’t sure how to behave around him. His dry sarcasm, the way he lurks in the shadows, the way his face always looks like he’s thinking of 20 different ways to murder you, and even the fact that he doesn’t talk much make pretty much everyone nervous.

Except Tony.

Tony, frankly, thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen. He laughs at them when they jump because Bucky has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He makes Batman jokes when he finds Bucky standing in shadows. He doesn’t let Bucky’s silence or murder stare intimidate him, he just keeps talking to Bucky in a one sided conversation (Tony talks enough for two people anyway). When things gets too tense, Tony always seems to be there to defuse it. He makes jokes, he flirts, he laughs at Bucky’s dry, dark humor responses the few times he does talk. He acts normal around Bucky, the same way he did Bruce that first day on the Hellicarrier, and makes sure to always engage with Bucky when he’s in the room. Bucky doesn’t always respond, but he doesn’t give any indication that he doesn’t like it (eventually he even stops tensing up when Tony fleetingly touches his shoulder or his hand).

One day, when Bucky’s having a bad day, low on sleep with too many bad memories in his head, Tony comes in full blaze, his usual energetic self. Usually Bucky seems ok with it, but today for some reason it appears Tony’s ability to never shut up is grating on his nerves.

“Stark, I swear, if you don’t shut up I will fuckin’ shank you.”

It isn’t really said with much force or malice, more like the annoyed plea of an overly tired person, but the whole room still freezes. They’re heads swivel back and forth like they’re watching a tennis match. Natasha’s hand moves towards her hip, and Thor makes a move as though he’s getting ready to restrain Barnes at any moment.

Tony is frozen in place as well, but instead of a look of fear or apprehension, his mouth is turned down in a frown, his brow creasing in that way it does when he lets himself show open concern the team.

“I’m sorry,” Tony begins, voice soft. “Not a good day, huh? You look tired, cyborg. You know what you need? Pancakes. With a lot of syrup. And chocolate chips. And stupid television. You and I are gonna watch stupid television. You ever seen Austin Powers? Well get your ass ready, Buckaroo, because you’re about to.”

Tony goes off on a rant about making sure they have enough stuff to make pancakes for two super soldiers and a god, running around the kitchen and grabbing the things he needs. Bucky seems to relax a bit at the table, shoulders losing some tension, and he nods at Steve’s concerned look to let him know he’s ok.

A couple hours later, when everyone is in the living room having eating their fill of sugary pancakes, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is playing on the TV. Bucky and Tony are sitting next to each other on the love seat, not much room between them, wrapped up in giant fluffy blankets. Tony is whispering things to Bucky, weather they’re talking about what happened in the kitchen or Tony is giving a running commentary of the movie, Steve doesn’t know. But when Tony leans his head down to rest slightly on the edge of Bucky’s shoulder, Steve is pretty sure he’s the only one that sees one side of Bucky’s mouth tick up in content half smile. He turned back to the movie, knowing his friends were alright.

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How about Smol Tony tryin to reach things on high shelves and Bucky and tchalla fighting over who can get things for him. They get so distracted fighting that they don't notice Tony just using his armor's boots to hover and get the damn thing himself

Holy shit, I adore you! <3 This is a thing of beauty!!! And so fluffy :D

Just imagine the two of them almost falling over themselves trying to help Tony out. It’s not that they don’t think he can get the sugar on his own, alright, it’s just that nothing ever prepares them for smol Tony, stumbling through the kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s washed out sweaters that slips down on one shoulder and the tinkling anklets T’Challa gave him on their six month anniversary, nothing ever prepares them for the pureness of their boyfriend when he doesn’t feel like putting on a mask.

And it wasn’t supposed to be a contest at first, but then Bucky gives T’Challa a playful shove and T’Challa narrows his eyes and pulls out his feet from under him and suddenly there’s an all-out war going on in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Tony is still standing in front of the shelf, tapping his foot against the ground. He’s given up jumping now, he doesn’t even know why he still bothers to try, and is decidedly unimpressed by his boyfriends’ antics. He gives them another minute, but when the first dish breaks, he decides enough is enough. 

He clicks his heels together–and so what if a certain movie served as an inspiration–activating the boots and slowly floats up to get the damn sugar himself. It’s a bit shakier than when he has the repulsors in his hands for added stabilisation, but he makes it. Takes one look at his grown up boyfriends–who haven’t even noticed–steps around their fighting forms with a derisive sniff and gets to work.

In the background, Peter is filming the entire thing, but he’s laughing so hard the video is too shaky to be of any worth.

Never forget that one of the most consistent things in Bucky and Natasha’s relationship is Bucky’s value of Natasha’s agency.

I Trust You

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of accidental injuries, angst, swearing, smut, nsfw, unprotected sex

Word Count: 1630

Summary: Bucky accidentally hurts you the night before and you try to keep him from finding out. 

Request: Hi I just found your blog and I fell in love, could you write a request where Bucky accidentally hurts Reader during sex, maybe he is thrusts too rough and he mistakes her cries for moans of pleasure and doesn’t realized he hurt her until after his orgasm, but he makes it up to her

A/N: I deviated a little from the request but in essence it’s all still there. Also It’s late, this is unedited. All mistakes are my own so please forgive them. 

You didn’t want to tell him, didn’t want him to know.

Bucky hadn’t meant to do it and you knew that, but accident or not if he ever found out you were sure he’d never touch you again, hell he would probably stay as far from you as he could get, and that was something you didn’t want to risk. He’d been making so much progress over the last few months, only recently becoming comfortable with you being on his left side.

During the first stages of your relationship Bucky had kept you on his right side at all times, worried that something might happen if you got too close to the gleaming metal plates. It was only after patience and months of showing him he wasn’t about to lose control of himself that he slowly let himself relax. There was no way that you were about to back peddle all of that persistence over a bruise he didn’t mean to make. All you had to do was keep it covered until it healed.

Honestly you hadn’t even felt it to begin with, way too lost in the feeling of Bucky’s sharp breaths and hard thrusts. It was only after you’d come down fully from your high and Bucky had fallen asleep that you felt the dull throbbing around your wrist.

There was no mistaking the perfect outline of Bucky’s fingers in the dark, blotchy skin; the imprint of where metal had met flesh. He had pinned your wrist above your head as he pistoned his hips into yours, and fuck, had it felt amazing. Your orgasm had slammed into you so hard that you felt your eyes tip to the back of your skull, your throat raw from how hard you had chanted his name. You really didn’t want to taint a memory like that.

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Anon requested:  Tony stark x little sister reader where she moves in to the tower to escape from a horrible relationship. Tony asks Bucky to teach her self defense and they end up getting close. He takes her out on a date and they run into her ex. But he sees her with Bucky and gets totally intimidated.

A/N: Thanks for this request! I love it! You can continue sending me requests about whatever you want guys! They’re welcome! I hope you all like this. Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve assumed that “horrible” meant abusive, so I just wanted to portrait one of the infinite types of sequels. 

Words: 2,384.

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Mention of physical abuse, Language, Anxiety, Fluff. 

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“It’s fine, Y/N” Tony said as he grabbed your hand and squeezing it. You suppressed your intention of move it away and nodded, following your brother to the lift, carrying your suitcase.

The doors closed and the lift started to move to the upper floors of the Stark Tower where the Avengers had their apartments. The atmosphere was asfixiating and you felt those familiar symptoms of anxiety. You closed your eyes and started to count to five, synchronising your breathing with it.

“Y/N?” You opened them as your heart pounded against your chest as if it wanted to escape, watching as Tony was observing you with a worried face. “Are you okay? I was talking to you”

“Yeah, yeah…I’m fine”

But he knew you weren’t.

It had been hard for you two. Tony had spent the last two years looking for you, using JARVIS, calling Pepper and even Steve helped him. But you had just disappeared. 

It was a few days ago when you contacted him, crying and shouting that he would kill you. That you were safe but you didn’t know how long. Tony had gone with Steve and Sam just in case to the address you had given to him and had found you sitting on the floor, crying and with a black eye. 

He packed your belongings and when your boyfriend came back, he found you surrounded by a suitcase and Iron Man by your side. Tony said that he would pick the rest of your things the following day and that he should stay away from him.

“We have a Hulk” He had warned him. 

And you left. You were free again.

Free in a world that frightened you. You had spent too much time under his control. Your self-steem was destroyed and Tony knew you’d need time to recover yourself. And he was fine with it. He’d help you.

You were home again.

“So you won him again huh?” Steve smirked as Sam huffed, staring at Bucky, who was preparing himself a sandwich with his lips curved in a grin. 

They continued talking as Tony entered the kitchen, making all of them to turn their heads. Bucky tensed and looked at him before going on, trying to disappear from his view. 

After the Civil War, Tony and Bucky had been trying to erase their differences even though it was difficult. Steve was hurt watching his two friends like that, but at least they didn’t try to kill each other.

“Keep calm, Frosty. I’m here to mediate a truce” Bucky frowned and looked at Steve who shrugged and left with Sam. Tony sighed and sat on one of the stool near the kitchen island. He interlaced his fingers and raised his head, staring at Bucky. “I need your help”

“What’s going on?” Bucky replied with a neutral voice. He didn’t want to be rude to Tony as he seemed truly helpless. 

“It’s my sister. She arrived a few days ago to the Tower” Bucky nodded. He remembered the girl he had met at that time. She was terrified, looking at the ground as she was introduced to the team. The girl had greeted all of them and had disappeared to the room Tony had given to her. “She hasn’t left the room and…I need you”

“Why me?”

“I thought that you could teach her self-defense. She…uhm…”Tony bit his lip as he tried to find a way to express himself. “She had a relationship with a piece of shit” Bucky raised his eyebrow at Tony’s frankness but didn’t say anything. It was none of his business. “I think training could be good for her. She would feel confident and her self-steem would improve”

Bucky took a deep breath and looked at the floor, feeling Tony’s gaze on him. After several minutes he raised his head and smiled at him.

“I’ll do”

You sighed and rolled on your bed, feeling the sheets around your thinner body. You didn’t eat as much as Tony would like but he was okay with watching eating at least something. 

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Bathing Suit

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes: Established relationship, one-shot, no smut (it’s implied), pool parties, low self-esteem, shopping, Reader hates shopping, Bucky is a supportive boyfriend, based on real events

Summary: Bucky tries inviting the you, his girlfriend, to a cookout and a pool party the Avengers are hosting at the compound, but you decline because you don’t have a bathing suit. You haven’t owned one in years, actually. Bucky takes you out shopping for one, and the whole day you come up empty-handed and upset. That is, until you find the bathing suit that changes everything.

A/N: So I bought a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS this weekend. Saturday seriously sucked for me. In the middle of my drudgery of trying to find a suit that actually looked decent, I came up with this idea for a fic. I hope you like it! Let me know if you did, and enjoy! ^_^

“Oh c’mon Y/N, I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Bucky. You were in and out of store like that!” you snapped your fingers on your last word to emphasize how quick Bucky got his new bathing suit. It was true, though. You and Bucky were literally in and out of Target in 15 minutes, and within that time he managed to find a pair of swimming trunks that of course made him look ridiculously hot, and all just for $20, too.

You on the other hand weren’t so lucky. It took you ages to find anything that you thought looked all right to you, and bathing suits were the worst offenders. Your bad luck with bathing suits had gotten to you so much, you quit trying to find one ages ago. In fact, it had been five years since you’ve owned a bathing suit. Maybe longer, you thought to yourself. It’s been so long you actually forgot exactly when you quit. But today’s shopping excursion reminded you of why you quit in the first place.

It was Bucky’s idea to take you out shopping. Last weekend, the entire Avengers team decided to have a cookout and a pool party. It was something they hardly had the time to do since they were too busy with missions, training, and other Avenger specific obligations. Each team member was allowed to invite a few friends, and of course Bucky invited you, his girlfriend. He was shocked and confused when you declined. You were always up for visiting at the compound, so why were you refusing now? When he asked, you gave him a simple reason.

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Ok but can we talk about how Tony's relationship with Pepper is clearly the mirror image foil to Steve's relationship with Bucky? Like, Tony keeps the suit and loses Pepper while Steve gives up the shield to be with Bucky.


Peter Parker watches Gwen Stacy fall from a height and is unable to help her - Peter and Gwen are romantically involved. Tony watches Pepper fall in IM3 and is unable to help her - Tony and Pepper are romantically involved. Steve watches Bucky fall from a height and is unable to help him. Bucky watches Steve fall and jumps after him - But Steve and Bucky aren’t romantically involved???

Sousa to Peggy in Agent Carter: “I’m in this with you till the end Peggy” - Boys been in love with her since day 1 and they end up together by the end. Steve and Bucky have both said “I’m with you till the end of the line” to the other - but of course, even though it’s almost the exact same line, Steve and Bucky are entirely not romantic.

They cut a scene out of Civil War in which Sharon literally uses the “You’re keeping the outfit right?” line, and it’s supposed to be flirty and a lead up to the later kiss, but they cut it. Perhaps because, 2 films earlier, Bucky had used the exact same fucking line to Steve but they tried to pass it off as just two bros being pals being buddy’s.

Like you say, Tony doesn’t give up the suits and loses Pepper, Steve does give up the shield and has Bucky right by his side.

Also not really a direct parallel, just interesting writing choices. Twice in Civil War, they transition from Tony/Pepper to Steve/Bucky or vice versa. At the start after Tony has had his moment backstage where he’s upset about the fact Pepper isn’t there with him, it then transitions to Steve being all broody and sad bc Rumlow mentioned Bucky. And then also, when they’re at that security place in Germany and Tony is grilling Steve about Bucky and trying to get him to sign and turn him over, Steve changes the subject to ask about Pepper. Almost like when your being pestered about your love life so you change the topic to someone else’s.

Basically if they’re not going to make Steve/Bucky canon, can they stop fucking writing them as direct parallels of canon pairings, or writing canon pairings as direct parallels of them. I’m too old for the queerbaiting nonsense, in this, the year of the lord 2017.

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Examples of Bucky + Natasha being Terrible at Wooing their soulmate: Bucky writes a long apology and lets Tony know in it that he'd like to be closer if Tony would be comfortable with it. Tony sighs and tells Bucky he doesn't have to apologize any more for what they both know he couldn't control, and says Bucky should let go of the guilt if he can and doesn't have to feel pressured to hang out with Tony because he feels bad. (Bucky stammers and tries to correct him but Tony gets distracted) 1/8

Natasha cooks a complicated meal for Tony-she mostly only knows how to cook fancy things b/c of spy training on how to fool rich people, nothing simple. Tony smiles blandly and eats a few bites before finding an excuse to be called away, leaving Natasha frustrated with her coquilles St-Jacques and quenelles of pike with lobster sauce and wondering what she did wrong, because hey, effort, isn’t that supposed to make people know you care about them? // Bucky works up the courage to 2/8

ask Tony to dance at a gala, only he looks so nervous Tony assumes it’s because he’s uncomfortable and motions Natasha over to dance with him instead, saying that Bucky doesn’t have to settle for Tony as a rescuer when she’s an option, patting the two of them on the shoulders with a firm, empty smile. // Natasha editing her original “Iron Man yes, Tony Stark not recommended” report to say that both are recommended. Her stomach sinks as he gives her the bland press grin again and says thanks 3/8

How could she have gone wrong with that one? (It’s trying to edit the past; Tony’s more focused on moving forward and fixing what’s wrong than wishing things had been different.) She goes to Bucky and the two of them snuggle up together quietly and wish their third was with them too, if only they could figure out how to get him to consider it. // Examples of Bucky + Natasha being Excellent at Wooing their soulmate: Bucky glaring at Steve until he agrees to 1. apologize to Tony for not 4/8

listening to him in Civil War, for not trusting him or treating him like the family he was, 2. tell Tony about his PTSD that was guiding some of his actions. Tony swallows when he sees Bucky hanging back behind Steve, his eyes sharp, and feels lighter inside. // Natasha coming to knock on his workshop door with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when he’s been working for too long. She puts too much peanut butter on them at first, and uses grape jelly, but she watches him like a hawk as he 5/8

eats hers and makes his own, and he can’t help but feel warm flutters when she starts spreading the peanut butter thinner and using apricot jam, because that’s something she learned for *him*, something that would never come in handy on an op but something she cared enough to pay attention to anyway. // Bucky bringing a radio to the workshop and playing swing music, and gently bullying Tony into dancing with him until Tony is staring at him in surprised, hopeful pleasure, while Natasha 6/8

comes to watch the two of them with a smile on her face. Tony sees her and tries to pull Natasha up to dance with Bucky instead, but Bucky sits down, leaving Tony dancing with Natasha and super confused. // Natasha starting a video diary to record all the little things Tony does that make her day better, when she’s thinking of him, etc. She doesn’t video her face, so that she can’t use that to her advantage, and she films it on her phone, turning the camera away from her to video rooms and 7/8

landscapes. Bucky joins her after a few times. They put all the videos into a cloud, get Friday to hook Tony’s phone up to them (in a clearly labeled folder) so he can watch if he wants. Tony, trembling, comes into the workshop a few hours later, where they have taken up residence on his couch, cuddling, and stands in front of them looking lost. Bucky wordlessly pulls him into the middle of their cuddle, and Natasha pets his hair until he stops squirming, tucks his head under hers. 8/8 Ghost ^^