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silence || b.b.

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Based off of the song Silence

Warnings: angst (only a bit), fluff

Word Count: 1.0k words

A/N: my first song fic and I hope it doesn’t suck!!!!

Yeah, I’d rather be a lover than a fighter
‘Cause all my life, I’ve been fighting
Never felt a feeling of comfort
All this time, I’ve been hiding
And I never had someone to call my own, oh nah
I’m so used to sharing
Love only left me alone
But I’m at one with the silence I found peace in your violence

His eyes flickered up to your own, catching the sparkle that never seemed to dull. Your smile grew as your eyes caught his, a small laugh escaping your lips as you carried on doing what you were doing. His heart fluttered and skipped a beat all at once, he never thought he’d be able to share his life with someone as pure as you. 

He wasn’t used to this feeling, at times he hated it. The vulnerability making him feel weak and useless and like he couldn’t do anything. It was different for him, but he didn’t ever want to lose it. He didn’t ever want to lose you. 

After all those years, after everything he’s had to endure, you still stuck to his side. When he would turn away from you and the rest of the world, telling you to leave me alone, you stayed. You knew what she had gotten into, but it didn’t scare you one bit. 

He was scared though. It had to be too good to be true. He was sure that one day he would wake up all alone in the small house they shared, that you would only be a distant memory to him. But every morning he woke up and found you right by his side, wrapped around him. 

Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been silent for too long I’ve been quiet for too long

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. His doubt was slowly fading away with each day and he found the courage to speak his mind. He was not only showing how much he loved you, but he was finally able to tell you how much he loved you. How beautiful you are. How smart and witty you are. Everything about you put him into a trance. 

I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long I’m in need of a saviour, but I’m not asking for favours

He never thought he’d find love at the small cafe down the street, he never thought that you’d feel the same way, or have the patience to put up with him. But you did.

You saw how hard it was for him and just how hard he was trying. When he would bring her flowers, a small note attached with writing scrawled onto it that was just legible enough. You saw how he wanted to say something only to shy away at the last moment.

It never bothered you, not once did she get angry with how he couldn’t verbally say what he wanted to. He showed you every single day and it was more than enough for you. He was getting there, he was getting more and more used to what he was feeling. 

My whole life, I’ve felt like a burden
I think too much, and I hate it
I’m so used to being in the wrong, I’m tired of caring
Loving never gave me a home, so I’ll sit here in the silence I found peace in your violence

Some days were harder than others. He would lock himself away in his room so that you wouldn’t be able to get in no matter how much you tried to pick the lock. That didn’t stop you, you would take a piece of paper and write a simple I love you, no matter what before sliding it under the small gap under the door. 

It didn’t take him long until he came out, finding you on the couch wrapped up a blanket. He wouldn’t say anything, sliding under the blanket with you and holding you close while you played with his hair. He just needed to feel another body - your body - to make sure that you weren’t some figment of his imagination.

Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been silent for too long I’ve been quiet for too long

“You get more beautiful everyday, it’s not fair,” Bucky’s words made you scoff as you poured the boiling water into your cup. “And you get more charming everyday,” you chid back, turning to face him. His arms snaked around your waist before one hand went to cup your cheek, “I’ve been quiet for too long, darling,” he smirked before pressing his lips to yours. 

I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long

Perched on top of a large rock, you and Bucky admired the stars along with the distant city lights. It wasn’t often that you two were able to truly escape, but you cherished those moments, moments like this. “What’s up with you?” You asked, your voice low as your head rested on Bucky’s shoulder. 

He’d been restless practically the entire day, anxious to drive up to the secret spot he introduced you to years ago now. You didn’t get an answer, but you knew he was just taking his time. Closing your eyes your hand found his, intertwining your fingers with his. 

“I want to marry you.” 

Your eyes shot open as you turned to look at him. His eyes were on yours, focused and full of love as you felt a tear fall down your cheek. You hadn’t realized you’d started crying, “I-I don’t have a ring, yet, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you and-,” you didn’t let him finish his thoughts as you pressed your lips to his. 

“I don’t need a ring, James, I just want you,” you said, a wet chuckle following suit as he pulled you closer to him, “is that a yes?” He asked, voice cracking as you nodded your head. “Yes.”

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"You dropped it; finders keepers" IM DEAD XD also I wasn't really looking for a shock moment I mostly just wanted to see bucky's fixation on tony and his way of looking at the world.

Rhodey, outraged, summoning the War Machine armor: i didn’t drop SHIT

Mm! To me it seems like a lot of people really adore that ‘shock and awe’ moment of ‘here it is, this is it, this person is shining and amazing and i have immediately fallen in love and will devote myself from here on out’ - and I love it too, honestly, but I’ve never been able to write it. That’s not how I write attraction and love *shrug* The more I struggled to answer your ask to my satisfaction, the more confused and twisted up i made myself lmao. I really just take Bucky’s fixation on Tony for granted. 

So the thing about Bucky is that despite everything, he stockholmed himself to his captors, even when they brutalized him. That takes a special level of survival drive - a special level of incredible emotional and psychological damage. I rarely bother with writing a Bucky that thinks he ‘can become’ a Real Boy or even wants to become a ‘real boy.’ I’m honestly too convinced of the fact that he’s too damaged to allow that kind of concept to cross his mind out of pure self preservation. He doesn’t get frustrated with himself over his PTSD and breaks from reality because that’s just How Bucky Barnes Functions. That’s just business as usual for him.

He does get frustrated when other people expect him to behave as a standard issue human, though, because why would he? Spring a surprise party on him and almost get shot in the face, and honestly that’s your own fault because what did you think was going to happen, really?? Whereas if Natasha or Tony nearly shoot you in the face over a surprise party, they’ll be embarrassed and give themselves a hard time about it. Instead of, you know, correctly wondering what the fuck people who know you have PTSD and hyper-vigilance issues thought they were doing.

So anyway, Bucky and his weird fixation on Tony. I phrase it this way because in the end, all things end up coming back to Tony with Bucky. He’s more than happy to live out his life in a rural village doing handy work for dinner. Bucky’s motivations mostly revolve around ‘what can I do that will cause the least amount of damage to everyone involved.’ He basically wants to live quietly while helping people, which is something native to his basic personality. 

Prior to Siberia, Bucky would have been willing to fight whatever ‘good fight’ Steve brought to his door if it were necessary (his opinion previous to the bombing was ‘you have a perfectly good team, steve, fuck off’ but then he got backed into a corner and took the best way out of it). Bucky doesn’t want to fight. He’s an incredibly effective weapon. People will die.

Then you bring him into contact with Tony Stark, and whereas before that, Tony Stark is like a talisman against the destruction wrought by the Winter Soldier (kind of a forest fire analogy, and a weird, twisted one, since Tony was never actually in danger from the winter soldier), Bucky basically gets all his Winter Soldier baggage rubbed in his face like a naughty dog. He spent years unable to escape the legacy of Stark Industries no matter where he went, carefully attaching all this baggage to Tony Stark, and now Tony Stark is in his face demanding answers, demanding he take responsibility and quit pretending what happened doesn’t matter.

Bucky would have been weird about any of the survivors of families he’s decimated. The fact that Tony ties in closer to his forgotten past and could-have-been future than the others is only salt on the wound. The fact that Steve and the rest of the team are tied up in knots about Tony Stark only exacerbates the situation. Bucky hasn’t been able to escape the legacy of Tony Stark since he got away from Hydra. He’s like some kind of omnipresent force of nature, like the sun if the sun wanted you to answer to your sins.

HYDRA happened to Bucky. Steve happened to Bucky. But Bucky happened to Tony Stark, and that matters. So.

in the brokemachine verse, Thanos invades before this matter of the pardons could go down, and it was the rogues’ actions during the invasion that creates the opportunity for talk about pardons (services rendered etc etc). Bucky is deeply baffled by the fact that Tony would be working to get the pardons signed when he no longer has use for any of them. T’Challa, due to his obligations towards Bucky and his work with Tony during and in the aftermath of the invasion, orchestrates a situation where both of them can resolve their issues with one another, starting with Bucky asking to be allowed a pardon, and Tony working on that outside of trying to leverage Bucky’s pardon against Steve.

Bucky starts to contemplate the idea of actually resolving his Winter Soldier issues now that Tony’s opened a path to do so, and as Tony is the one that’s orchestrated this opportunity to start making amends, Bucky focuses on Tony. Tony is the injured party, Tony made it possible for Bucky to ‘come home,’ Tony is paying for the therapy and experimental procedures to fix Bucky, Tony is still wandering around with those dark eyes and that clenched jaw, designing up and maintaining a better arm than Bucky’s ever had before. It’s Tony’s ghost telling him he’s still not doing enough, and Tony rejecting his apologies (and why shouldn’t he, it’s not like Bucky can make amends for what he did, he can’t unkill Tony’s parents, undo Steve’s secrets), and Tony who holds Bucky’s fate in the palm of his hand and despite the bitterness and resentment, never curls that hand shut and crushes Bucky the way he should.

Bucky starts to work incredibly hard on resolving/owning the whole Winter Soldier mess (violently destabilizing himself in the process) because he’s trying to measure up to becoming something Tony Stark can approve of - or if not that, at least use. Bucky seeks absolution from Tony because Tony needs him to, and it’s the least Bucky can do for all the expense Tony has put out on maintaining Bucky.

So they have this weird kind of unspoken dialogue, and then in a broke machine, Tony consciously lets go of his anger and resentment, thus releasing Bucky from the burden of absolution, and allowing their relationship to evolve into something new and nurturing. They can start to heal together instead of working at odds to one another.

Well, as much healing as Bucky can do anyway. He has a safe space to figure out what the fuck is going on with his head and what he actually wants from the world at large, now, because Tony was generous before he liked Bucky, and he only all too clearly likes Bucky now, and the idea of someone actually liking Bucky as he is, now, instead of just working with him for someone else’s sake, or because of the man he once was, or because they pity him  - well. No one thinks of a cat as greedy for curling up in a warm spot of sunshine all to themselves, do they?

Guilty (Bucky B. X Stark Reader)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Y/N Stark

Prompt: 33. “Have fun in Hell, Ass-Hole!”

Plot: After months of helping Bucky go back to his normal state and dating him, you find out the horrible secret Bucky has kept from you about your parents.

Warning: Swearing, Short, Heart-Break

This is the fifth month of Bucky and I’s relationship, and everything’s going great. Steve’s happy for me and Bucky, mainly because Bucky seems happier now. The problem is that my brother, Tony, doesn’t know. I never knew why, but he seemed to hate Bucky. I asked both of them about it. Bucky would shrug his shoulders and change the subject. Tony would roll his eyes and say that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

I’ve grown very suspicious about it, and so I asked Steve. He decided to ask all four of us to come to the living room to discuss the matter. I just hope that everything’s going to go great and there won’t be any more tension.

“You’re doing great, Bucky!” I shout as Bucky walks back to me across the training room. We just finished sparring with each other, and now we’re off to see Steve and Tony. I’m so glad that we can now put this matter to rest.

He smiles at me and chuckles, “Thanks, Doll.” I throw him a towel and he wipes his face. Thank God he cut his hair, or else he’s have sweat dripping down everywhere.

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MCU Battle moves

1. Throw your loved ones at the enemies

Exhibit 1 :

Exhibit 2 :

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100% efficiency 😂 (1/?)


So I was thinking about chronic-pain!Steve and golden-boy!Bucky pre-war vs. chronic-pain!Bucky and golden-boy!Steve post-TWS, and this happened.

Whoa I actually updated the master post of my Cap stuff!

Infinity War Wishlist

*”no shit Sherlock” tony and strange glance at each other

*people mixing up the peters

*steve and Bucky relationship (romantic? Yes.)

*nat reuniting with Bruce and her slapping him for making her scared

*peter p crying/being upset over something and tony hugs him and/or comforts him

*tony to have a deep chat with Bucky

*teenage groot and peter bonding

*gotg squad rolling up extra

*rocket constantly trying to get buckys arm as a running gag

*bucky getting the sign on his arm removed and replacing it with the sign of Steve’s shield

*t’challa KICKING ASS

*avengers evaluate peter p and talk to him about teenager stuff


*old people jokes for Bucky and Steve

*more Nat and Steve fun Times

*nat and Gamora arm wrestle (and being best friends)

*tony kisses peter’s forehead/top of head affectionately

*tony basically being peters father figure

*tony/bruce/peter p/Bucky being science geeks

*everyone admiring Thor’s haircut and Bucky backs away in alarm

*nobody dying

Make Believe on Christmas Eve

Summary: When your family insists you bring your [nonexistent] long-term boyfriend over for Christmas, you panic. You hadn’t expected to be put in this situation; you never thought you’d actually have to bring “him” over.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language (always), nudity

Word Count: ~6,451

A/N: I think I used every ounce of my Christmastime wit on Bah, HumBuck! because for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a good title.


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“Steve! Steeeeeve! Steve! Where are yoouuuuu!” you bellowed as you ran frantically through the halls of the Avengers base in upstate New York.

“(Y/N)?! What’s wrong?” Steve asked, alarmed, as he popped up from seemingly out of nowhere, eyeing you with obvious concern.

“Stevie! Thank god!” you said, relieved, as you ran up to him. You caught your breath as soon as you were in front of him, half doubled over and wheezing from running all over the base.

“(Y/N), you’re really starting to worry me. What happened?” Steve asked, placing a large, comforting hand on your shoulder in concern.

You stood up straight suddenly, surprising Steve as you stared determinedly straight into his pretty blue eyes and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Steve, please tell me you don’t have plans with Sharon for Christmas,” you said seriously.

Whatever Steve had been expecting, it wasn’t that. “I- What?” he asked, flabbergasted.

“Do you. Have plans. With Sharon. For Christmas,” you said deliberately, squeezing his shoulders nervously.

He swiped a hand over his face and let out a long sigh. “What is this about, (Y/N)?” he asked tiredly. Now that it was painfully clear to him that this wasn’t a life-threatening situation, he relaxed a bit.

Your hands slid from his shoulders and you shifted to and fro nervously, hesitant to tell him the details of your predicament. “I- uh…”

“(Y/N),” he said sternly, staring you down.

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vivabucky’s masterlist

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Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

Peter Parker / Spiderman

Steve Rogers / Captain America


Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

T’Challa / Black Panther


Tony Stark / Iron Man

Peggy Carter / The love of my life

Sam Wilson / Falcon

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Matt Murdock / Daredevil


Bruce Banner / Hulk

Howard Stark

Sebastian Stan

Lance Tucker

Tommy Holland

Chris Evans

Tom Hiddleston

Robert Downey Jr

Long Distance (Masterlist)(Stuckony)

Authors Note: Non-powered AU! Just three of our favorites falling in love!


At the end of a bad day, Tony gets drunk and spends half the night texting Rhodey all his woes. Except of course, he typed in the number wrong, and hasn’t been texting Rhodey at all, he’s been texting someone named Steve– who is 28, teaches art at the University and is surprisingly open to texting Tony back all night.

One conversation turns into another, and suddenly they are texting and talking and flirting every day, all day, all month long until Tony finally takes a chance and asks Steve to meet in person.

Steve replies that he and his boyfriend Bucky would be thrilled to meet Tony.

Devastated, and feeling more than a little betrayed, Tony stops talking to Steve all together, and their budding relationship comes to a screeching halt.
But Bucky has been eavesdropping on all their conversations, reading all their texts, and is halfway in love with Tony too, so he takes it upon himself to fix the rift between Steve and Tony, and works on getting everyone back together.

Tony isn’t sure about it all, not at first, but after some cute videos and sexy selfies and several date nights, Tony is starting to think that the three of them might actually work out.

Can Bucky and Steve convince Tony that there is enough room in their bed and in their arms for each other AND for him? Will this Long Distance texting and phone call only relationship ever make it into the same zip code?  
Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen/Epilogue


“This is creepy.”  Tony pointed out, studying you and Bucky as you were curled together on the couch.  “You know that he’s like double your age, right?”

“That just makes him more experienced than you.”  You teased, watching Tony’s eyes widen fractionally at your joke before he grinned at you.

“Nobody’s more experienced than me, honey.  He was frozen for more than half of his life.”

“Shut it, Stark.”  Bucky snapped, hand gently rubbing against your arm.

For Real This Time

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary/ Request- Bucky came wandering into your bakery. He comes back everyday, eventually he starts to bring lunch. Then one day he comes in and asks for your help, he needs you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a holiday party.

Message- Happy Christmas Eve!!!! Sorry if this sucks. 

Word Count- 957

You weren’t anything special, well that wasn’t entirely true you were smart and kind, but in a world filled with people with super powers you were just a normal woman surrounded by the extraordinary. You owned a small bakery down the street from the Avengers tower. People were always asking if any of the avengers ever stopped in, you always told them no-even though you were 90% positive Natasha Romanoff came in in a blonde wig once. But that changed when a very awkward and quiet Bucky Barnes, the first time he had come in, he sat at the corner table, so he could view the entire shop and the door. He had ordered a cupcake and left a generous tip when he left. He came back the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. He started opening up to you more and more, and the two of you ended up the best of friends. You’d also developed quiet a crush.

“Hey, Doll!” Bucky says as he walks in, turning the open sign to close so you could take your lunch break. Then he moves to sit at his usual table. “I got your favorite!’’

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Six Thirty AM

Summary: Bucky tries to get the reader out of bed

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader doesn’t have to be romantic

Word Count: 572

Prompt: “I got him/her out of bed

A/N: Just a lil drabble to help me get through writer’s block while I work on a series. Tell me how horrible it was?

Warnings: fluff? This is like the most G rated stuff I’ve ever written.

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Imagine bringing your child out to public for the first time with Chris.

A/N: Here’s the epilogue! Oh my God, it’s always so hard to part with a series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I’ll be back again with another but we’ll see. I’ll be linking the previous parts here: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist)

You and Chris smiled as you watched your son look out the tinted window of the limousine; he was utterly mesmerized by the crowds of people waiting to see his father, as well as the rest of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ cast. As insane as it was, you and Chris had decided to take your seventeen month old baby to the premiere of Infinity War Part 2.

There were a few reasons that led to the decision: Chris not wanting to be apart from either of you, you not wanting to miss Chris’ premiere, the cast wanting Baby Cap to be apart of the celebration, Chris not wanting to constantly answer the question “when will we see Jack?”, both of you a little sick of the paparazzi trying to get a sneaky shot of your son; the list went on and on. It took a couple nights of discussion before you finally decided that it was time for your child to be introduced to Hollywood. You both agreed that if Ryan and Blake did it with ease, why couldn’t the two of you do it too?

“Daddy, look.” Jack glanced back at Chris as he poked his tiny finger at the window. “People,” he said with a wide grin which made you and Chris smile. “Lots of people.” He said then giggled to himself, making you and Chris chuckle.

It amazed the two of you how smart your son was at seventeen months old; he could speak in full sentences with zero baby talk. You believed it was because your son was a genius, whereas Chris said it was because of your control issues; you spoke to your son like you spoke to other adults, banning baby talk completely because- that was how your mom raised you and your brothers. Whatever the reason, you were both glad your son was the way he was because he made a very good conversationalist and gave both of you the company you needed when the other was working.

The limousine slowed to a stop and Jack gasped excitedly, carefully climbing off the leather seat and padding over to the door. “Let’s go,” he said and yanked at the locked door handle. “Daddy, let’s go. Open the door, please.” He grabbed Chris’ hand and put it on the handle, thinking his father could open what he couldn’t.

“Before I do, we’re going to have to talk man to man.” Chris told Jack. “Okay, buddy?” He asked for confirmation and Jack nodded in response. “There are lots of people here tonight, so you’re going to have to stay with-”

“Is Uncle Seba going to be there?” Jack quizzed.

“Yes, he is.” Chris nodded, chuckling softly. “Now you’re going-”

“What about Auntie Scar?” Jack continued to interrupt his father; Chris glanced at you with a weary smile and you pressed your lips together, suppressing your smile; he clearly got that from you. “Is she going to be there?”

“Yes sweetheart,” you told him, taking his small hands in yours. “They’re all going to be there. Uncle Rob, Uncle Tony, Uncle Chris, Aunt Liz, everyone is going to be there.” You said and he smiled. “Now can you please listen to us while we give out some ground rules?”

“Ground rules,” he nodded and pressed his lips together to show you he was done talking. You turned to Chris with a smug smirk and he scoffed, chuckling softly with a shake of his head. Jack Evans was close with his father, yes, but that boy was definitely your boy.

“You’re going to have to stay close to me and your daddy, okay?” You told him and he nodded. “There are going to be lots of people tonight, if you run off- we won’t be able to find you and that is going to make us very upset. You don’t want to see us upset, do you?” He shook his head. “Good,” you kissed the top of his head.

“But let’s say I do run off,” he began as you pulled away. “By accident,” he quickly added, feigning innocence before that cheeky grin; a splitting image of Chris, really. “Won’t Captain America just be able to find me?” He asked and made both you and Chris burst into laughter.

“You know what, bud.” Chris picked your laughing son up and hooked him onto his side. “I think it’s safer if you just cling onto Captain America tonight.” Jack giggled when Chris tickled him, wrapping his arms around his father’s neck. “You too, beautiful,” he looked over at you with a smile and you nodded, slipping your hand into his. 

• • • • • • • • 

The crowd unsurprisingly went wild at the sight of the three of you on the red carpet, the surprising thing was how much your son enjoyed the attention; the one trait that he didn’t get from the two of you. He giggled every time he did something cute and got the crowds cheering for him, it definitely got you thinking about what career he was going to pursue when he was older. You and Chris glanced at each other, smiling as you watched your son wave at the cameras; perhaps being made for Hollywood was genetic.

“Chris, Y/N! It’s so good to see you again,” Alexia, a known reporter from Vanity Fair, greeted the both of you with a smile that grew wider when Jack smiled and waved at her. “Hi buddy,” she gave him a small wave. “This must be the famous Jack Evans, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”

“I’m famous?” Jack looked over at you and Chris; the both of you chuckled and nodded. “I’m famous!” He cheered, leaning back and throwing his arms in the air. “Daddy,” he cupped Chris’ face in his small hands, “I’m famous. Did you know that?”

“Do you even know what famous means, bud?” Chris chuckled softly.

“It’s what you and Momma are,” he responded. “And now I’m famous too.”

“He’s adorable,” Alexia commented and you both nodded in agreement. “It’s really nice to see all of you out and about. It’s been a while, especially for you, Y/N.” You nodded. “How has parenthood been treating both of you? Things must be a little chaotic around the house considering-” she gestured to Chris, “you have press and-” she gestured to you, “you’re just getting back into work. I heard you’ve just signed a contract with Paramount writing a drama?” You nodded. “So what’s life like at home? You both look great, by the way.”

“Doesn’t she?” Chris smiled at you.

“Oh stop it,” you looked over at Chris, chuckling, before you turned back to Alexia. “No, things have actually been really smooth sailing at home. Yes, we’ve got a lot on our plates but we’ve got a great family backing us up. Both our parents have been incredibly helpful, Chris’ siblings- Scott and Shana who don’t have kids of their own are always happy to help us with Jack. It also helps that Jack is superbly well-behaved,” you smiled at Jack when he giggled. “And that I’ve got a wonderful husband. We only work because we’re a team, and we are a very good team.”

“A well oiled-” Chris began only to be interrupted by Jack.

“Uncle Seba!” Jack spotted Sebastian and called out excitedly, reaching over Chris’ shoulder; Sebastian opened his mouth and widened his eyes, running over in the most comedic manner to make Jack laugh. “Uncle Seba!” He laughed, clapping his hands.

“Hey Jack Jack.” Sebastian booped his nose and Jack’s laughter grew louder. “You look so handsome in your little suit, I wish I was as handsome as you.” Jack tapped Chris’ shoulder and gestured for him to pass him over to Uncle Seba. “C'mere, bud.” Sebastian held out his arms with a soft chuckle.

“You basically gave a speech and he didn’t interrupt you once, but the second I speak-” Chris shook his head, chuckling as he passed Jack over to Sebastian. “You’re too much like your mom, Jack.” He said, straightened the back of Jack’s little jacket.

“I think he’s too much like you,” you disagreed, leaning into Chris as he wrapped an arm around your waist. “You always said you were a momma’s boy, right?” You whispered into his ear and he chuckled. “I guess this is payback for how you made your dad feel.”

“Look, who’s that?” Sebastian bounced Jack in his arms as he pointed at Anthony who was finishing up an interview a few meters down. “It’s Mack Attack, do you want to go say hi?” He asked Jack who immediately nodded. “Let’s-” He stopped himself when he remembered Jack wasn’t his kid and his parents were standing right there. “Can we?” He asked, his eyes as wide and innocent as your son’s.

“Please?” Jack pleaded. “Can we, please?”

“What do you think?” You looked over at Chris and he sighed, chuckling.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” you heard Sebastian whisper into Jack’s ear.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” Jack repeated for his father to hear and you all laughed. “Please, Daddy? Please can I go? I promise I won’t run off, I’ll stay with Uncle Seba until I see you and Momma again.”

“I’ll take good care of him,” Sebastian assured the both of you.

“Fine,” Chris finally caved. Sebastian and Jack grinned at each other and started to make their way over to Anthony, who had spotted them and was now grinning too. “If you lose him, Sebastian Stan, don’t bother coming back.” Chris called after them and earned a two finger wave from both boys, making you laugh.

“Relax,” you gently rubbed his back.

“Gee, thanks,” he bit sarcastically and you chuckled.

“Do you need a distraction?” You asked. “I’ve got some Gummi Bears in my clutch.”

“I think I’d much rather a kiss.” He told you and smiled when you leaned in, pressing your lips against his. You felt him smile as you smiled yourself. “Yeah,” he breathed when he broke it, resting his forehead against yours. “Much better.”

“Higher, higher!” You heard your son cheer and both of you turned in their direction; Anthony was now holding Jack, and tossing him in the air. Chris gasped whereas you chuckled. “Higher, Uncle Tony!” He squealed with delight as he was tossed up again.

“Mackie!” Chris pulled away from you and jogged over, leaving you behind. “How many times have I told you not to toss my son in the air! Hey, stop! Sebastian, I trusted you to keep him safe. That is not keeping him safe!”

“He’s a protective dad, isn’t he?” Alexia quizzed, laughing softly.

“Did we really expect him to be anything less?” You responded, smiling.

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How about Smol Tony tryin to reach things on high shelves and Bucky and tchalla fighting over who can get things for him. They get so distracted fighting that they don't notice Tony just using his armor's boots to hover and get the damn thing himself

Holy shit, I adore you! <3 This is a thing of beauty!!! And so fluffy :D

Just imagine the two of them almost falling over themselves trying to help Tony out. It’s not that they don’t think he can get the sugar on his own, alright, it’s just that nothing ever prepares them for smol Tony, stumbling through the kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s washed out sweaters that slips down on one shoulder and the tinkling anklets T’Challa gave him on their six month anniversary, nothing ever prepares them for the pureness of their boyfriend when he doesn’t feel like putting on a mask.

And it wasn’t supposed to be a contest at first, but then Bucky gives T’Challa a playful shove and T’Challa narrows his eyes and pulls out his feet from under him and suddenly there’s an all-out war going on in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Tony is still standing in front of the shelf, tapping his foot against the ground. He’s given up jumping now, he doesn’t even know why he still bothers to try, and is decidedly unimpressed by his boyfriends’ antics. He gives them another minute, but when the first dish breaks, he decides enough is enough. 

He clicks his heels together–and so what if a certain movie served as an inspiration–activating the boots and slowly floats up to get the damn sugar himself. It’s a bit shakier than when he has the repulsors in his hands for added stabilisation, but he makes it. Takes one look at his grown up boyfriends–who haven’t even noticed–steps around their fighting forms with a derisive sniff and gets to work.

In the background, Peter is filming the entire thing, but he’s laughing so hard the video is too shaky to be of any worth.

The Fallacy of Fate (Part 1/?) (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Requests:  Can I request a Steve, Bucky, & Reader- love triangle? after CA: Winter Soldier, Steve meets Reader; a new agent & they begin to fall in love. Then when Bucky gets back (you decide when) he falls in love with the reader. Idk if you do poly relationships or not but it’s 100% your choice where you take this. I just thought it would be amazing if you wrote this because you’re such a talented writer. 

 jackstimelady said: I couldn’t access so I don’t remember if you write any of the soulmate au’s or not but my request would be for the soulmate au where they have each other’s “symbol” basically tattooed somewhere on them from birth. So like the red star for Bucky or the shield for Steve. And I would preferably like it to be Steve x Reader x Bucky but if you are not cool with writing that type of relationship that is fine and I would be ok with Steve or Bucky with the reader.  but the reader has powers, what they are is up to you, but she gets detained by S.H.I.E.L.D when the find her because of how unstable her powers could be if she were to ever lose control so they give her the choice of either be locked up in “super jail” or join the team and learn how to fully harness her powers.

Fate.  You never really believed in it; belief never changed your course through life anyway, so fate was just an idea that never stuck. Having a soulmate was another fallacy that you refused to buy into, even though you had watched couple after couple find themselves around you.  That was something that Nick Fury had claimed to be why he brought you into SHIELD, your stubborn tenacity, but as your tenure as an agent went on, you began to realize that he had other ideas.  

The week that your beliefs began to change had started with a Monday like any other; waking up far too early for a shift that you dreaded working, a mandatory stop at the gym for a workout that made your body ache, and a stale cup of coffee from the break room that had likely been sitting in the pot from the night shift.  It was the same thing every day, and the monotony began to wear on you.

“Agent (Y/L/N),” Nick greeted plainly, stopping to stand at your side as you waited for the elevator, “how’s your morning so far?”  His thick fingers were drumming on the tablet in his hands, tucked behind him as he watched the numbers of each floor click by.

“Oh, just captivating,” you snapped, tossing your cup into the garbage with a snap of your wrist.  “I heard that we had new optic sensors installed upstairs, so I wore lenses to screw with it.”

Nick turned with a hesitant grin, taking advantage of his comfort with you to reach up and take your chin to tip your head so that he could see your work.  “Oh, yeah,” he nodded, “I thought there was something different about you today.”

“Gotta keep things interesting.  So, was there something that you needed from me, sir?”

“Right,” he jolted, releasing you and extending his other hand to give you his tablet, “there’s someone that I think you should meet.  You’ve been with us for a few months now, and you’ve kept your powers under control, so I think it’s safe to move forward.”

“Forward?”  You swiped your finger across the glass, the bright illumination of it playing across your expression of confusion that changed to a fast resolution as he watched.  The elevator door opened, but you held firmly in place as he chose to enter. “Director, there’s no reason for me to meet Captain Rogers.”

“That shield tattooed on your arm says otherwise.”

“I told you, I don’t believe in soulmates,” you hissed, thrusting the tablet back.  “Besides, the shields don’t match.  The star at the center of mine is red.  The one he carries is white.  I’m sorry to dash your hopes of love at first sight or de-virginizing the poor guy or whatever you’re buying into this week, sir, but it’s not gonna happen.”

Just as the lift doors closed, you swore that you saw that knowing grin from your boss, the grin that he had worn on the day he brought you in, convinced that he knew what was best for you.  Sure, he was right, but you didn’t try to ever make that too obvious.  You were a power running loose in the world, needing control, and he challenged himself and SHIELD to do it; it was a gamble that paid off, because you could easily wipe out any life around you with the snap of your fingers but never felt the urge.  This was the disarming grin that sold you on that first offer of safety here, and to see it again only set you on edge as to what he was planning for your life now.  

“Darlin’, you never know when fate might drop into your lap.”


It wasn’t your lap that fate would fall into, but rather into the Potomac river.

Standing on the lawn of the Triskelion as helicarriers dropped from the sky one by one, it was the third and final boat that drew in your attentions.  Actually, not so much the helicarrier itself, but the energy that you were being fed from two very specific passengers.  Steve was one of them, you could tell that from the characteristics in the sound of his heartbeat; you were in tune to so much life around you that you normally had to shut it out just to stay sane, but this sound was breaking down those barriers.  It sounded like he carried two hearts, it was so loud and persistent.  As you watched the Captain fall from the ship and into the river, the beating began to slow, only now it was muffled by the depths of water he was sinking into.  It still kept the same rhythm, and when you looked up you knew exactly why; the Winter Soldier was there, and the two of them shared the same energy that had been pushing you back.  He seemed to be scanning the water for the man who had fallen, and you felt compelled to help.

You extended your hand and sought out the sinking energy from Steve, pushing past the life around him, finding him quickly.  Closing your eyes, you hoped that the Soldier was still watching as you illuminated the waters around his target for him to find, confirming that he was when the loud splash of water signaled his dive in after him.  You broke into a sprint along the bank of the river, jumping over pieces of fallen debris that now littered the scene in every direction; it hadn’t actually occurred to you that you might have just given Steve’s location to a man who was trying to kill him, and you were the only one who could stop him.  

“Shit,” you muttered, stumbling over a fallen tree, catching your toe on it when you tried to jump to clear it, only to find yourself caught by the very man you had come to intercept. The grip of his metal hand pinched at your skin and stuck to the sweat beading from it, but you didn’t notice.

“You…uh…you okay?”

“Yes, fine,” you shook him away, looking down at his feet with a gasp, “is he?”

“He’s alive.  I have to go.”

“What?  No, hold on,” you interrupted, taking an uncalculated and likely stupid risk by reaching out and grabbing his hand.  Only this time, it was his human hand, and it felt as if a bolt of lightning shocked you both into place.  “W-who are you?”

“I’m no one…I don’t…I don’t know,” he answered in amazement, his eyes wide with fear.  “What did you just do to me?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

It wasn’t clear how much time had passed between you as you both stood almost perfectly still, searching each other for an answer that neither of you knew how to give.  Your hands were still joined and the energy running through your skin was still as sharp and vibrant as the moment you touched.  You didn’t know who this guy was, but there was something about him that drew you in and fed your need to figure it out, and fast.

Steve began to cough up some of the water that he had breathed in, sputtering and convulsing on the ground next to you, finally giving you a jolt to pull away from the Soldier’s grip and turn to him.  “Captain Rogers?  You’re okay,” you tried to reassure him, reaching out to take his hand, but then it happened again.

“What is that?  Why does that keep happening?” you shuddered, turning to look back, but the Soldier was already walking away.  “Hey! Don’t leave!” you tried, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let go of Steve to go after him.  The connection was so powerful, in fact, that the only thing running through your mind now was the sound of Fury’s voice and what you would say to that know-it-all when he found out that he may have been right all along. When the sun hit the bright red star on the Soldier’s arm, the very same one that you carried on your own, you had no choice but to believe.  Maybe soulmates did exist.

And maybe you were just lucky enough to have two, if lucky was even the right word to choose.


“So, how does it feel?” Nick smiled, sitting across from you outside of Steve’s hospital room.  He had that damn grin again, as if he were waiting for this exact moment.  That smug bastard.

“How does what feel?”

“Being in the presence of greatness?”

“Well,” you shrugged, “Steve and I haven’t really had a chance to talk, given his whole unconscious thing.  His friend Sam seems to think pretty highly of him.”

“You little shit,” Nick snapped, pointing a harsh finger your way, “I was talking about me.  Helluva lot of nerve you have there, missy, and by the look on your face you knew exactly what I meant-“

“Excuse me,” Sam joined in now, peeking his head from Steve’s room, “but Cap says to watch your language out here.  People are trying to sleep.”

Sam had been the first one at Steve’s side when you called back to HQ and asked for help to bring him in, finding that he was far too heavy to drag along the river by yourself. The man was already knocked out and half drowned, so you didn’t feel the need to add a dislocated shoulder to the mix. Sam seemed like a nice enough guy; clearly committed to whatever Steve needed, fighting at the side of a superhero without so much as a second thought to his own safety.  He smiled more than he didn’t, and he had an ease about him that you hoped to get to know.  There weren’t many people in the world that you actually wanted to be around, generally finding that you disliked most, so it was almost refreshing to find one who could sneak his way in.

“He’s awake?” you asked quickly, standing to meet him.  “I need to talk to him.”

“Whoa, darlin’, let’s not get too excited, he’s barely opened one eye.”

“That’s because the other one is swollen shut, genius,” Nick added for you, standing to have your back. “Let her in, Wilson.”

“You’re not the Director of me.”

“I’m not the Director of anybody,” he shrugged, “but this might change your mind.”  Reaching around, he grabbed your arm and pulled up your sleeve to reveal the shield that was emblazoned in your skin, waiting for the inevitable shocked response, though he wouldn’t get it.

“The star’s red,” Sam huffed, crossing his arms defensively.  “Cap’s is white.”

Nick paused, still holding your arm extended with a really firm grip that you tried to get out of but only found him squeezing harder.  “Yeah, and I’m gonna let you take a minute to put this all together. You let me know when that lightbulb comes on.”

Furrowing his brow, Sam looked from the shield and to you, then to Nick and back, his mind trying to put the pieces together, not finding that they made much sense.  “Why would it be red?  If you’re Cap’s soulmate, then shouldn’t it be white?  Hell, honest to God I thought that Barnes was his soulmate, the way he talks about the guy.  Actually, now that I take a closer look, that star is about the same color as the one…on Barnes’…shoulder…” he paused, letting the pieces finally fall into place.

“There it is,” Nick smiled, gently pushing you forward.  “Now, if you’ll excuse the lady.”

Now Sam was more than willing to take a step aside, even holding the door for you at that.  You stopped just inside the door, barely crossing over the threshold, not out of fear but out of the sudden inability to breathe at the sight of Steve looking back.  Sam pulled the door closed with a grin towards his friend, but it only spurned Steve on.  He must not have been fully unconscious when your hands had met back on the river, and he seemed to be remembering.  The look of pure, unabashed, hopeless love in his one good eye left you stunned and with nowhere to run, and a voice that barely made a sound.

“I woke up too damned early for this.”

Part 2