bucky the squirrel

But just imagine

Lucas and Maya getting into another conflict

Maya once again refusing to argue with Lucas

Lucas finally demanding to know whY SHE WON’t TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT: “I don’t get it.  You pick fights with me all the time.  Remember Ranger Rick? Huckleberry,  Bucky McBoingboing?”

“But that wasn’t real.  I never thought you cared when I called you all that stuff.  Until the other day, it never escalated into anything.”

Maya telling him that her parents used to fight a lot before her dad left and that she doesn’t want to fight with anyone in her life unless she trusts them enough to stick around once the fighting’s over like Riley.

Lucas being struck speechless by this

for a second

and then 

just picking the BIGGEST FIGHT EVER WiTH MAya over what’s going on until she starts yelling at him and he starts yelling back 

until there’s nothing left to say.

Them staring at each other in silence, breathing heavy

Maya looking over him carefully, an almost scared look in her eyes. taking a breath.  “Are you gonna leave now?”

Lucas staring at her for a beat, surprised, or maybe sad. a look of resolve settling over his features.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

The most relieved smile spreading across Maya’s face.  Her nodding.  Voice cracked.

“Well, alright then, Ranger Rick.”

“Sable. The barking annoys us more than it scares the squirrels.” Bucky sighed as he finished nailing the last beam for the frame of the house. It was slow work considering it was just the two of them, but he was proud of how it was coming along. He smiled over at Natasha, “Another two weeks without any weather problems and we might get to move in.”


eric didn’t ask the right question

this was my favorite episode of gmw so far, but something was bothering me at the end.  there was something about the fight that never got addressed.  Eric asked Lucas why he let Maya call him Huckleberry, Ranger Rick, etc, but what he never asked was why Lucas called Maya a name back this time.  Lucas never had before–so what changed?  

and then it hit me.  what happened the last episode?  Zay came back into Lucas’ life.

guys.  the fight didn’t start because of Riley or Maya.  The episode may have focused on the dynamic between them, but the reason Lucas called Maya a name this time was because when Zay showed up, he brought Lucas’ old reputation with him, and he changed the dynamic between the four main friends.  

so the fight didn’t start because of Riley and Maya.  It started because of Lucas adjusting to Zay being back in his life.