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Road Trip

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Word Count: 2,968

Warnings: Language, Light grinding, Light M/M 

A/N: This is my thank you to the +500 little cupcakes who clicked the follow button. This is a domestic polyamory fic. I love you guys so much! Also I’m going to be 25 tomorrow so I might get really drunk tonight. 

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You had spent the weekend with your boyfriends in a nice cabin at the edge of the woods. It was now time to go back to the compound. You walked to the back of the car and put your backpack in the trunk.

“Everything’s here?” Steve asked, his footsteps made a soft crackling sound as he crossed the porch. You turned around and glanced at the trunk’s content.  

“Yeah, I just need to warn Nat that we’re heading out.” You pulled your phone from your back pocket and unlocked it. “I’m driving. Want to be my co-pilot?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Steve smiled, it was so contagious that you couldn’t help but giggle.

After a quick call to your mum-friend, you sat behind the steering wheel and waited until your two super boyfriends were inside to pull out of the driveway.

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“You like it when I talk dirty to you, doll?”

A Bucky x Reader Teasing Drabble

#3. Bucky decides to play a game. You’re stuck in a meeting with Steve, Sam, and Tony while Bucky slips dirty comments into your ear through a com you had accidentally left in. You’re stuck squirming the entire meeting, close begging for him to stop and just come touch you.

Your entire body ached- a week long mission full of crouching in small spaces, eavesdropping, and intense fighting had you craving a massage. The sexual tension between you and Bucky definitely wasn’t helping either. The lingering touches, the faint whispers of luck before you’d head out into the field, the sounds of his grunting coming through the coms with each punch and kick he threw; he knew exactly what he was doing, and it was working.

You’d fallen asleep on the jet in your gear, too tired to care about changing. You stretched yourself out over a few seats, your blue Avenger catsuit tight against your curves. You pulled your front zipper down partway, exposing the curves of your breasts. You caught Bucky’s darkening gaze as your eyes drifted closed. 

You sat, still clad in your mission gear, in a windowed conference room with Sam, Steve, and Tony. You were going over the mission and discussing tactics for the next one. Bucky had dismissed himself to shower, Steve allowed it. 

You crossed your legs and leaned back, looking between the three men while they argued. You didn’t care to participate, you were just there to make sure they didn’t tear each other apart. You rubbed your eyes and sighed, your body was begging you for relaxation and caffeine. 

“Little tired there, doll?” Bucky’s voice resonated in your ear and your body tensed. You glanced around the room and found him showered and sitting with a book just outside the conference area. He tapped his ear. “Looks like someone left their com in.”

You opened your mouth to speak before remembering where you were. A need formed between your legs and your thighs flexed instinctively. You had no idea what he was up to, but it had to be something devious.

“The meeting seems boring, mind if I spice it up a tad?” He turned a page of his book, eyes never leaving yours. You nodded, just enough for Bucky to notice, but not enough to draw attention to yourself. Bucky’s lips turned into a smirk. “That’s a good girl.”

Shivers shot down your spine and you crossed your arms, refusing to look at him anymore. If he was going to have his fun, you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of your complete attention. 

“Let’s start with you uncrossing those pretty legs of yours, doll.” His voice sounded even raspier through the speaker in your ear. You listened. “What I’d give to be in between them…” A groan passed his lips. 

“Tony, we can’t keep going on missions without planning them out completely.” Steve sighed and plopped down into a chair. “(Y/N), do you have anything to add?”

“Fuck, doll.” Bucky moaned quietly. “Just thinking about stripping you of your soaked underwear and licking your dripping cunt-”

“(Y/N)?” Steve repeated your name. 

“Oh, I, uh…” You heard Bucky snicker on the other end. “Sorry, I kinda zoned out there for a second, I’m just tired from the mission, that’s all. Um, I think we should completely plan out for whatever scenarios we can and go from there.”

See.” Steve gestured towards you and returned his attention to Sam and Tony.

“Are my words distracting, doll?” You tossed a glare at Bucky. “Good to know that I have your undivided attention.”

Your stare hardened and you crossed your legs as a sign of defiance. It only seemed to amuse Bucky.

“You can’t even begin to imagine the things I’d do to you if you allowed me to touch you. My hands would never leave your body; I’d strip you naked and kiss every beautiful inch of your body. My fingertips tickling your skin as they graze over your breasts, my lips lowering and wrapping around your hardening nipples. Fuck, just thinking about even having you naked underneath me…” He sighed and adjusted himself in his pants. “Dropping my hand in between your legs, teasing your swollen clit until your begging me to just let you cum; dipping two fingers inside of you and abusing that aching g-spot until you’ve drenched my fingers; sliding my cock deep in-”

“(Y/N), can you please talk some sense into these men?” Tony pinched the bridge of his nose and stretched an arm out towards you.


“Pounding into you until you’re screaming my name, harshly rubbing your clit to draw orgasm after orgasm out of you-”

“I don’t really…”

“I wouldn’t stop, not until you’re pleading that it’s too much, that you can’t cum for me anymore-”


“I’d give you a rest, of course, before pulling you to straddle my face and tasting you. Licking that sore, throbbing clit, nibbling and sucking on it, drawing out yet another orgasm from you-”

You ripped the com out of your ear and smashed it on the table. You furrowed your brows and shot a cold glare at each of the men in the room before standing up.

“Listen, I get that you all think you’re right, but just take a fucking breath and get over your superiority complexes and work together. I don’t like playing mediator, I like playing the girl who’s leaving to go shower and get out of this damn catsuit.” 

You stormed out of the room and went the opposite direction of Bucky, heading to your room. With each step, you could feel your wetness seeping through your underwear. Bucky anticipated your movements and managed to beat you to your bedroom. You pushed past him and he remained in your doorway. You turned to slam your door shut, but stopped when you saw the massive tent in his pants. 

“Do you think that was funny, Barnes?” You spat the words at him.

“No.” He smirked and licked his lips. “I just think you like it when I talk dirty to you, doll, and that you’re too worked up to admit it.”

“Fuck you.” You reached for his hand, yanking him into your room and slamming the door closed behind you.

“Oh, I hope so.”

A/N: I hope you guys liked this! I apologize for it being so short, I’m just really into writing drabbles rn. I’m going to write another drabble soon ;)

(I’m also definitely going to write a long fic featuring much more detail and lots more dirty talk bc I really like this idea and I want to take time to plan out something much more amazing than this.)

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Bucky Imagine #5 | Girls

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God, the sweetness of daddy Bucky is just tooth rotting, isn’t it? That man was born to be a father. <3 

Warnings: fluff and a tiny bit of smutty themes

Side note, this has been sitting in my drafts for like… 4 weeks 

The sound of little feet pattered in the hallway just outside the bedroom door. Hushed whispers made Bucky grin to himself but kept his eyes shut, feigning sleep. The old hinges creaked when cherub hands pushed them open and three new little bodies scaled the comforter like expert rock climbers. They weren’t as stealthy as they believed themselves to be but Bucky played along with their game, staying as still as possible. 

“Daddy?” The youngest of the girls asked, poking directly over one of his closed eyelids. He chuckled, popping open his eyes and scooping them up in his arms. 


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Fun Character Game

1) The LAST letter of your FIRST name.

A - D - Chase Collins
E - G - Jack Benjamin
H - J - Jefferson
K - M - Lance Tucker
N - P - Dr. Chris Beck
Q - S - Bucky Barnes
T - V - TJ Hammond
W X - Carter Baizen
Y Z - Leo Riley

2) The SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A - D - strives to
E - G - hates to
H - J - loves to
K - M - desires to
N - P - needs to
Q - S - refuses to
T - V - begs to
W X - fights to
Y Z - swims to

3) The MONTH you were BORN.

January - go dancing in the moonlight
February - kill his enemies without mercy
March - have sex every night for a week
April - go jogging around Washington DC
May - make out passionately
June - shoot guns
July - go on a romantic date
August - scream for justice
September - take the stairs in a whirl
October  - drink beers and shoot pool
November - play poker
December - tell knock knock jokes

3) The DATE of your BIRTH. 

1 - 8 - with your best friend

9 - 16 - with your worst enemy

17 - 24 - without you

25 - 31 - with you


I hope you will like it @stanleyvincentwrites. Thanks for the request! If you have another one, you can always send me another one ;) don’t be shy.

this is with 40s!Bucky

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He was on the street again. Your neighbour.

James Buchanan Barnes.

The hottest man in your street. And maybe in every street of this planet.

Every sunday, he was on the street in front of his house to wash his car. With no shirt and a low hanging jeans.

And every sunday, you were standing in the kitchen, on the open window which gave you a perfect view on the street. You pretended to clean your dishes and watched how James’ skin was glistening in the sun caused by the sweat on his skin as he was lathering his metallic blue Cadillac.

Each perfect, well-trained muscle was toned and covered with wet, sparkling diamonds which were slowly running down his light brown skin whenever James was moving.

You were drooling over this man since he moved into your street, he took no notice of you but it didn’t matter for you, you loved every single second where you just could watch him.

Unfortunately, your hands were a little too slippy, or you were just too clumsy, but indifferent which was the reason why the plate was falling, the plate was falling to the ground and scattered into many small pieces.

The plate was nothing special, the problem was something else: the opened window.

You froze in your tracks as James was looking at you, over the hood of his car, caused by the shattering sound coming from your kitchen.

James stared at you with his piercing, blue eyes and you could feel how all your blood was rushing into your cheeks and colored them blood-red.

James saw you staring at him with those big, bright eyes. He always noticed you and he was always happy when he saw you standing in your kitchen to watch him. That was the real reason why he cleaned his car so many times: he wanted to see you.

Like right now, James was still staring at your motionless frame, he could see how your cheeks were adorable blushing and he wanted to give you something in return.

James was sure you would say yes when he would ask you out for a date, he would ask you later this day to go dancing with him, but now, he wanted to make you blush even more because he liked the look of you.

You were just focused on this steely, blue eyes until James Buchanan Barnes was smirking at you which let your heart stopping. He smirked boyish, winked at you, slung his cleaning cloth under his arm and turned around to disappear in his house.

Only then, your heart started to beat again….

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30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Three: Playing Video games

Note: Slight swearing, hilariousness

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1170

Tony had given (Y/N) the day off considering Bucky wasn’t in a good place at the moment so he knew that Bucky needed (Y/N) as much as he could have her. (Y/N) was complaining, walking up to his room she knocked on the door hearing shuffling before the door slowly creaked up. Bucky had his hair tied back in a bun with a few hair strands sticking out, only in a pair of dark grey sweat pants that did wonders on his thighs. She held a few new video games that she had bought from the store so they could play together. She wasn’t the best at games, but she’d try for him if it mean making him happy and she’d do anything to see him smile. His face lit up almost instant seeing her gorgeous face in front of him before he held open the door for her.

“Hey there.” She grins walking into the room as he shuts the door. “Stark give you the day off?” He asked softly. “Yeah, so I decided to spend it with you.” She sets the games onto his bed as he quirks an eyebrow. “You mean he gave it to you off so you could help me.” He counters when she turns around crossing her arms. “And you’re complaining about that?” She asked as he went silent for a moment. “No, I just feel bad… You should have to always come to my aid whenever I’m not feeling myself.” He sighed when she walked over cupping his face gently. “Buck, I love you. I will always be here for you whenever you aren’t feeling your best. That’s what girlfriends do. That’s what lovers do. They take care of each other.” She whispered softly.

“But you’re always taking care of me. I never get to take care of you.” He said rubbing the back of his neck as anger flashes across his face. She turned his cheek to make him look at her as she held a frown on her features before sighing. “Bucky, I don’t mind taking care of you, and you do without realizing it. Whenever you lean on me for something That’s how you take care of me. Because I need you as much as you need me.” She smiles, but Bucky didn’t looked convinced. “Enough, let’s play some games, eats some pizza and have fun today. Just you, me and the foot of your bed.” She grins as Bucky smiles when he pulls her into a very tight hug causing her to squeak. “You are something else Doll.” He whispered before pulling her over in front of the TV.

“Which game do you want to play? I have ‘Left for Dead Two’, ‘Mario Kart Eight’, or ‘Resident Evil: Outbreak.’ I have others, but these are ones I’m semi-good at.” She blushes causing him to laugh as they both plop down onto the bed. “Hm… I’ve never played Left for Dead Two.” He said as she picks up the case grinning. “I’m Ellis. You can be Nick.” She said before popping the disk into the console. “Who’s Nick and Ellis?” Bucky asked quirking an eyebrow. “Two characters. It’ll be fine.” She said before handing him a controller as the both look to the screen. “This is an apocalypse game?” He asked as she nods. “Yup, Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, and Coach, all team up to get out of each map on the game.” (Y/N) explains as he nods looking from her to the screen.

“Alright, which map?” He asked as she clicks on the one called ‘Swamp Fever’ causing him to look at her. “Why is it called Swamp Fever?” He asked. “It’s mostly flooded and it makes it harder to move in the area.” (Y/N) said as they started the game. An hour into the game they were laughing as (Y/N) jumps up onto the bed screaming. “DON’T SHOOT THE WITCH!! SHE’LL KILL YOU!! OH MY GOD THERE’S A TANK! WE’RE SCREWED WE ARE SO SCREWED!!” She screams as Bucky’s eyes widened before he screams when the witch cried out running towards him. “What the hell is that thing!” He said in shock. “That’s the witch!!” (Y/N) huffed before she sat on her knees when she starts to bounce on the heels of her feet as Bucky smiles watching her.

He had a smile on his face watching her go from a very serious secretary or nurse to a young woman who is screaming as a group of zombies come for her. It was amusing and he found himself falling even harder for her when there was a knock at his door. (Y/N) frowned pausing the game as she stood up mumbling that she’ll get it before walking over and opening it. “What are you guys doing here?” She asked to the other Avengers standing there. “I heard slaughtering of the dead, it was calling me.” Clint said as everyone said how they wanted to watch when she looked back to Bucky before he nods. “Sure, but it’s (Y/N) and I playing.” Bucky comments when everyone pours in, sitting on the floor or bed around the TV to watch the duo.

Soon everyone was laughing as (Y/N) growls smashing buttons on the controller while slaughtering a group of the undead surrounding her. They were playing ‘Dead Center’ now and were running around the mall to collect the cans of gasoline for the car. “Stay at the bottom and I’ll hand you the gas cans! It’ll be more efficient!” (Y/N) said as Bucky pulled his legs up to sit indian style on the bed. “Shit! There’s a tank!” He said as (Y/N) screams trying to get away from it. “BUCKY GET THE GAS INTO THE CAR!! I’LL WORRY ABOUT THE TANK!” She said as everyone sat closer watching the screen intensely waiting for them either to die or be successful. “I got it!” He exclaims happily when it cut to the scene as they team busts out of the mall.

“Finally!” (Y/N) grins excitedly before they look to each other. “Remind me if there’s a zombie apocalypse to have you on my side.” Clint comments as everyone murmurs their agreements. “Damn right!” (Y/N) said pointing at him. “Language.” Steve sighs as (Y/N) blushes looking to him. “Sorry Cap.” She said when they chuckled. “What other games you got?” Clint asked as him and Thor grab a controller. “I have ‘Mario Kart Eight’ and ‘Resident Evil: Outbreak’ left.” She said as Clint grins. “Mind if we play?” He asked looking to Bucky. “No, just don’t break the controllers.” He points a finger at him as a warning causing everyone to laugh. “I’ll order pizza.” Tony stood up walking out as everyone started playing Mario when Bucky looks to (Y/N). ‘Thank you.’ He mouthed with a soft smile. ‘No need. I love you.’ She mouthed back to him when he kissed her softly feeling a lot better.

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Catch Me (Day 4)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,530

A/N: I’m sorry for posting this so late, I was out all day but I still wanted to get this up for you amazing readers 

@avengerstories I am forever grateful to you for editing this at all hours of the day

Day 3

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“I can’t believe the AC broke down.”

“I can’t believe that you managed to blow up the AC,” you counter. Tony flips you off and you respond by swimming over to him and splashing water in his face.

“I did not install a pool in this tower to be treated this way.” You chuckle and splash him again much to his exasperation and everyone else’s amusement. Before he can retaliate, you float over to the edge of the pool and climb out. “Come back in this pool and face me like a man!”

“I think you mean like a woman,” Natasha corrects from her position on a large floaty. “By taking the coward’s way out and getting out of the pool, she’s already acting like a man.” Raucous complaints come from all the men in the pool, but Natasha is too busy relaxing to pay them any mind.

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Sparks Chapter 12

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky teaches y/n how to ride a bike. Sam, Cho, Steve, Wanda, y/n, and Bucky play drinking games. A hungover y/n wakes up in Bucky’s arms. Cute friend stuff idk.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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they’re the kind of ship where you can imagine them going in for the kiss and then one of them is like

 “Just so you know, I could kick your ass any day,” 

and the other replies 

“We both know that’s not true,”

I need your input / opinions

I have a few ideas in mind for what to write tonight but I can’t choose which one to write first. Care to help me choose?

#1. Bucky gets into his Winter Soldier get up and experiments with BDSM and your knife kink. Read it here.

#2. Peter (Parker) comes to your aid when you’re stuck as a third wheel on your friend’s date. Classic “I’ll be your fake boyfriend” situation. Read it here.

#3. Bucky decides to play a game. You’re stuck in a meeting with Steve, Sam, and Tony while Bucky slips dirty comments into your ear through a com you had accidentally left in. You’re stuck squirming the entire meeting, close begging for him to stop and just come touch you. Read it here.

#4. Peter (Parker) has you over to watch a movie at his place. You know how things go when two nervous high schoolers are alone in a dark room together- lots of awkward fluff.

#5. You were taken by Hydra, they were desperate to know about the Winter Soldier’s whereabouts. They knew the two of you had a rather friendly past before he disappeared from the Tower one night, so you had to know where he was. You don’t give in, why would you? You don’t know where he is. A month later you’re back in the tower and Bucky’s returned, a swell of emotions ready to spill to you. (Won’t be as angsty as it sounds, I swear.)

#6. You know Peter’s (Parker) secret, you know he’s Spider-Man. But where’s the fun in letting him know that outright? It’s more fun to tease him about it…until you end up in between him and the Green Goblin. Read it here.

Man Behind The Sun

Note: repost from my old blog. also pls let know if u liked it :)
Warnings: just fluff like honestly ive never written anything angsty

Sometimes you found it odd how a small group of people could live every waking moment with each other, go on missions and still want to hang out afterwards. It didn’t really matter in this moment, the moment you were experiencing could show anyone just how much they care and need each other.

Tony had decided to have a pool party for no particular reason. He said it was a celebration for finishing a grueling mission, but everyone knew that he just wanted to party so no one said anything. The guys were fooling around in the pool with the different kinds of floaties and occasionally they’d play a rough game of tag or something, while the girls huddled around Sharon and talked about her growing baby bump.

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant,” you said as you took a sip of your drink. Sharon looked up from her bump and gave you a small smile.

“I can’t believe you’re not,” she joked back, rubbing her belly, “how long has it been with you and Bucky?”

“Coming up three years,” you sighed, looking down at your drink. Everyone always teased you about how you and Bucky were the perfect couple, the epitome of love and how they couldn’t wait until you got married and had babies. It was all fun and games until you realised that Bucky hadn’t even mentioned anything about marriage and it made you a little anxious in thinking where the relationship would be going. To keep your mind at bay, you chalked it up to the fact that Bucky still might not be ready but a little part of your mind feared that he really didn’t want to get married. Ever.

“Has he hinted at any proposal?” Nat question, her face twisted in confusion.

“Nope,” you said shrugging.

“It’s okay. Steve didn’t propose to me until last year, four years, it took the man four years,”Sharon quipped up, hoping that she could ease your anxiety.

“I’m not so much on my toes,” you lied as you sipped your drink.

The girls moved on from the subject much to your relief but you couldn’t stop thinking about your future. You watched as Wanda placed her hand on Sharon’s belly and giggled when she felt movement and never have you wanted to be a mother such as in this moment. Turning your gaze over to the pool, you watched Bucky goof around with his friends and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about having a little boy that Bucky could play games with in the pool. Or a daughter that would be sitting next to you as you gossiped with the girls. A smile formed on your face when you imagined them running around the apartment yelling as their father chased them around pretending to be the bad guy. You stopped the silly fantasies from continuing as you noticed Bucky walking towards the table.

Bucky caught your gaze and smiled at you to which you mirrored. He walked around you, standing facing your back as he placed a wet hand on your shoulder. You gasped as he chuckled and in response you tried to send him the meanest glare possible but it was quickly replaced with a lovesick expression when you placed your hand over his.

“You wanna come play with us?” Bucky asked, looking down at you, eyes never leaving yours. You looked towards your friends and they all nodded for you to go with him.

“Okay sure, let me just get ready,” you said as you leaned forward to place your glass on the table.

“Don’t take too long,” he said before leaning down and pecking your cheek. You watched Bucky jog back to the pool and couldn’t help but to watch his back muscles. A small groan was about to leave your mouth when Bucky dove into the water but before a sound could be made Natasha cleared her throat. You whipped your head towards the girls and saw they all had sly smiles. Your cheeks began to heat up as you realized they caught your shamelessly checking out your boyfriend.

“If he doesn’t propose soon, I’m gonna kick him in the balls,” Nat stated.

“I’m with you on that,” you muttered.

“Y/N! C’mon!” Bucky yelled, stopping the game with the boys much to their annoyance.

“Alright!” You yelled back while standing up and taking off your cover up. Wanda and Sharon let out whistles as Nat cat called you.

“Seriously, if he’s not gonna propose, I will,” Sharon remarked, giving you a wink.

“Sharon, you’re married to Steve,” you giggled.

“Hoes before bros,” was all she said before your name was called again.

The rest of the day was spent playing all sorts of games with the boys and you swore half of the games were made up on the spot because the rules kept changing.

The day was coming to an end when the air turned chilly and when Sharon stood up and called Steve over, letting him know that she and the baby were ready to head out. Soon after you and Bucky decided to head back home as well.

“Are you okay?” Bucky asked after a few moments of driving in silence. You seemed a little off since the talk with the girls and he was starting to get worried. You nod, answering his question with an action instead of words. Bucky decided not to press any further and changed the topic to Sam doing something stupid.

Once back at home and in your bedroom, you walked slowly to the balcony and watched the sun set. It was one of your favorite things to witness. Bucky made his way towards you, putting his hands on the railing and leaned forward, capturing you between his body and the railing. He sighed and watched the sky turn different hues of orange and blue.

“Bucky?” You asked after a moment of silence.

“Mmhmm,” he responded, his face chin resting on your shoulder.

“Do you- do you ever think about marriage?” He doesn’t answer immediately causing a wave of anxiety to flood your senses. You noticed that he had lifted his head from your shoulder and backed away from you a little.

“What?” You asked, scared that you said something wrong and triggered him in a way that you don’t want to.

“Nothing, just… wait here, okay?” He looked at you, your body facing him now. You nod, giving him the answer he needs before he disappeared into your bedroom. Turning back towards the sky you braced yourself for the worst possible outcome. In the silence, you heard a drawer being opened, things being pushed aside and then the drawer slammed shut.

“Y/N,” Bucky said so quietly it could have been a whisper. You turned around and saw him holding something behind his back, shifting nervously from one foot to another. He slowly brings his hands into view and opened them. You gasped as you saw the little black velvet box resting on his palms and your heart began to race..

“I’ve had it for five months now… I just didn’t know how to ask or if you even wanted me to,” Bucky says as he walks closer towards you.

“Of course I wanted you to,” you say, placing a hand over your heart.

“Just not like this,” he mumbled.

“This is fine,” you whisper shyly. Bucky takes a look at the box and then back at you and he knows that now is the perfect time. As Bucky gets down on one knee, he slowly opens the box to reveal the most beautiful and simple ring you’ve seen. The hand that had been resting over your heart was now covering your mouth, covering the biggest smile. Both you and Bucky are grinning like fools and your hand falls to your side as he takes the ring out of the box.

“Will you marry me, Y/N?” Bucky asks through the unshed tears threatening to spill.

“Yes,” you breathed out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You jumped a little as Bucky took your left hand and slid the ring onto your finger.

The moment the ring was on, you cupped his face and brought him up to your level and kissed him with so much passion and love. Bucky’s arms wrapped themselves around your waist as yours around his neck and your legs around his waist when he picked you up.

“Thank god you said yes,” Bucky said after breaking apart, leaving little room between the both of you. You gave him a quick peck on the lips and then stuffed your face into the nook of his neck.

“Of course I would,” you said, though it was muffled. You glanced at the ring behind his head and couldn’t believe that he had actually proposed to you. Bucky leans his head back so he could be face to face with you again, leaving small kisses all around your face and you giggled as you felt his stubble scratch your cheeks.

Eventually Bucky let you back down and as you untangled yourself from him, you had another glance at the ring. Bucky took your head and kissed your knuckles and suddenly the smile that was glued to your face was gone.

“You idiot!” You shouted, yanking your hand from his grasp.

“What?” Bucky asked, so confused on how your mood suddenly changed.

“You’ve had this ring for five months!” Bucky chuckled and lifts his hands up in mock surrender.

“I wanted it to be perfect,” Bucky defended.

Truthfully as cliche as it was to get proposed to on a balcony at sunset, it was pretty perfect. But then you realized that with the amount of love you had for Bucky, anything he could have done would have been perfect.

You started to walk towards the bedroom, leaving a smiling Bucky on the balcony. He turned to face you and saw that you had extended your left hand, letting the diamond shine in the last rays of sunlight. Bucky takes your hand as you lead him back inside….to officially seal the deal.

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(A/N): So, I wrote this shit. Yeah, I know I can do better but I was in a mood for a one-shot that sux. Anyway, I might do part 2 but I’m not sure yet. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary:  (Y/N) got drunk and said her secrets to the one and only Bucky Barnes - the man she had a crush on.

Warning: humor, alcohol, language

Words: 1700+


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It was rare when the team saw (Y/N) drunk. Most of the time, she would have a wine or two, not risking getting wasted or in any funny mood. This time, it was different.

The best hits of the 80’s were heard in the whole room while the guests were drinking and dancing. It was Tony’s idea to have a themed party. It was for the two White Walkers as he liked to call Steve and Bucky. Of course, he had invited as many people as possible.

Natasha was sitting at the bar with Clint and Bruce, sipping a drink and talking about Clint’s family. All of them wore colorful clothes that perfectly represented the 80’s fashion. The redhead even helped the two soldiers to put on something appropriate.

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Different Feelings

Request: Hey i have a request here! I have been trying to find this one everywhere but i cant seem to find it lol. So reader (close friend of the avengers) is crushing on steve and steve also has mixed feelings for her and then there’s sharon who makes it a love triangle and shit.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: First of all, I’m so sorry for being inactive for the past week. School took a big toll on me and I’m trying to find more time to write. Secondly, to the person who requested this, I’m sorry it took literally forever to write it, but I hope you enjoy. Happy reading!

You were sure Steve liked you the way you liked him. He offered to take the late shift just to keep you company while you filed reports, made you coffee in the morning when he didn’t have to get up early, and sent you flowers from time to time. His gestures made you feel like a kid on Christmas. Tony had started to tease you about your crush on Steve, but you didn’t deny it. 

In fact, you were so sure that you planned to talk to Steve right as you entered the tower. 

It was fairly quiet with the exception of Sam and Bucky playing video games in the common room. You waved at them and made your way over to Steve’s room. 

You knocked and waited. 

“Oh, hey, Y/N,” Steve said as he saw you standing. You grinned at him.

“Hey. So, I’ve meaning to ask you this. Um, we spend a lot of time together -”

“Can this wait until tomorrow?” Steve asked. “I’m sort of running a little behind schedule.” 

“Oh, yeah, of course! If you don’t mind me asking, where are you headed off to?”

“A date,” said Steve. 

You did a double take. “A what?”

“A date.” Steve awkwardly smiled and tried to walk past you. You gave him a weak grin in return and stepped out of his way and watched as he left. 

Steve left and Bucky stood in front of you,

“Y/N, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he said, putting his hands on your shoulders. You chuckled and gently removed his hands. 

“Something like that,” you said, swelling back a painful sob. 

“Do you happen to know where Steve went? He left without saying anything,” Bucky asked.

You sighed. “He’s going out on a date.” 

Bucky raised his eyebrow. He wasn’t surprised that Steve was dating. He was surprised that the person he was going on a date wasn’t you. For the past couple of weeks, Steve couldn’t stop talking about you. It came to the point where Bucky had to physically move away from Steve, otherwise the conversation would end up being out you. 

He figured you were just as confused. Bucky suspected you liked Steve too, but wasn’t sure. He avoided asking you and did so again. 

“Do you happen to know who he went out with?” You gave a defeated shrug and walked past Bucky into your room where you cried yourself to sleep. 

The next two weeks were torturous. You didn’t see Steve all that much because if he wasn’t training or on missions, he was out with his mystery date. 

It wasn’t that much of a mystery: it was Sharon Carter. 

You had woken up one morning feeling refreshed. But as soon as you walked into the common room, your heart dropped. Sharon was by Steve’s side and his arm was circled around her waist. He gave her a peck on the lips and your eyes threatened to spill tears. Abruptly, you turned around and headed back to your room, sending Tony a text to tell him you weren’t feeling very well. 

He put two and two together when you refused to go anywhere involving Steve, Sharon, or the two of them together. Tony obviously knew about your affinity for Steve, but he didn’t know it hurt you this badly to see him with Sharon. Every time you came into the room and they happened to be there, Sharon would put her lips on Steve and he wouldn’t push her off. Tony saw the sad look on your face as you tried to forget the event you had witnessed. 

You worked harder than ever, trained harder, and became harsher when talking to Steve. You didn’t talk to him unless you had to, and you hated whenever you needed to. The team noticed your usual bright self was replaced by someone that could easily be described as the female version of Captain America when he was angry or barking out orders. The only difference was this side of you ever seemed to end. 

You had had enough of seeing the person you were willing to give everything to be with another women constantly. 

“Tony, we need to talk,” you said one Friday night. It was late and everyone was asleep, but you knew Tony would still be up. 

“Sure, what’s up?” he asked, grateful that you had chosen to talk to somebody on the team after days of isolating yourself. 

“I want to move out of the tower.” 

Tony stopped breathing for a moment. “You want to what?”

“I want to move out. I’m not happy here.” 

“Why aren’t you happy?” 

You have him a dumbfounded look. “I was so close to giving Steve everything I had to offer, but he chose Sharon. I can’t stay to look at that every day. Part of moving on includes seeing less of Steve and moving out is the perfect way to do it. I’ve found a nice apartment that I can afford. I’ve already put my name down and it’s mine. All I need to do is pick up the key,” you explained. 

Tony dropped his eyes. You were the person who kept him happy most times after missions and the thought of you being gone made his stomach churn. 

“Y/N, please…,” 

“Tony, this is really hard for me as it is. Please let me go,” you pleaded. He could see the desperation in your eyes and was reluctant to let you leave, but knew it would be better for your health and your performance on missions if you didn’t focus on Steve and Sharon. 

“Okay. I’ll still be seeing you around here, right?” 

You cracked a small smile. “Of course. I’m still on the team, just not living here.” 

Tony nodded and you smiled, returning to your room. 

The next morning, you had a heart-to-heart conversation with the team (excluding Steve who was out with Sharon) about your decision. 

“You can’t and you won’t. Nope,” Clint said. “Who’s gonna help me prank everyone?” 

“Clint, I’m sorry,” you said. 

“Y/N, please don’t go. Steve is an asshole, but you aren’t,” said Natasha. “You’re my best friend.”

“And you’re mine. Me moving out won’t change that, okay?” Natasha wanted to argue, but didn’t. 

“You’re hurt,” Wanda said. She couldn’t help but hear the thoughts of others if the emotion was strong enough. You nodded. “I’m sorry. I wish I could take that away. Please be safe, okay?” 

You nodded and the team had to accept that they were only going to be able to see you for work. You cheery self won’t grace the halls, your music would no longer be heard from your room, and the smell of scones baking in the morning would be gone. 

“We love you a whole bunch,” Wanda said. “Please remember that.”

It had been three weeks since you moved out and an overall month and a half since Steve and Sharon started to date. He hadn’t taken notice of you out of the tower, but he had noticed you no longer talked to him like you used to. Dating Sharon wasn’t really part of his plan, but it happened. Originally, he thought that if he was seen with another woman, you would proclaim your love for him, confirming his thoughts about you liking him. 

But this plan seemed to go south the minute he brought Sharon into the tower in his arms. Not only did you stop talking to him, he didn’t know how to get out of the situation he put himself in. Sharon wasn’t a toy and he knew that. He felt bad for using her the way he did, but he couldn’t back out. 

“Hey, team,” Sharon greeted. The members gave small hellos. “Is there any chance I could spend the night? I’m too tired to drive.” 

“Can’t you have Steve -” Tony started, but Steve cleared his throat. “Okay, fine. You can take Y/N’s old room. You know where it is.” Sharon nodded and left.

Steve quirked an eyebrow. “What do you mean ‘Y/N’s old room’?” 

“You mean, you don’t know?” Bucky asked. “You mean to tell me you haven’t noticed Y/N hasn’t been up early in the morning or that all of her stuff is gone?” 

“No, I hadn’t noticed that.” 

“Unbelievable,” said Bucky. “For someone who loved Y/N so much, you sure treated her like shit.” Steve winced. Bucky didn’t swear often and when he did, it meant he was angry. 

“She’s been out for three weeks,” Natasha said with a sad voice. “Can’t believe you didn’t know.” 

“I-I’ve been with Sharon and -”

“Oh, we know,” Tony snapped. “I want her out tomorrow morning, by the way,” Tony said as he left. 

Steve went to bed feeling like his heart had been trampled on. Had he really lost you? Was his pride too big to see the bigger picture? Steve cursed for putting himself in this mess and not asking you out earlier. Bucky knew how much he loved you and it confused Steve, too, as to why he asked Sharon out. Maybe he had some unresolved feelings towards Sharon because of Peggy. All he could think about when he was with her was Peggy, but all he could think about when he was with you was how much of an incredible woman you were. You didn’t take anything from anyone (other than orders) and you always held you head high. 

Steve decided losing you wasn’t worth it. He decided that in the morning, he would tell Sharon things between them aren’t working. He decided he’d show up on your doorstep, tell you how much he loves you, and convince you to move back into the tower.

“Absolutely not,” Tony said when Steve asked him to give him your address. 

“Why not?” 

“Steve, she literally moved out because of you. Why would she was you to show up at her apartment?” Steve felt a pang in his heart. 

“What more do I have to do? I broke things off with Sharon and I realise what I did was stupid and careless. I love Y/N.”

“She doesn’t think that. Y/N is like a daughter to me and you broke her heart,” Tony said, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Then let me make it right. Let me tell her she’s the only person I want to share my everything with. She’s the person I was to see first in the morning. She’s the person I want to create memories with. Please.” Steve’s voice cracked at the end and Tony sighed. He knew you didn’t want to be bothered with Steve, but he knew how Steve got when he was passionate about something. He had seen him love and care for his country and it was the same compassion he shared with you. 

“Do not make me regret this, Rogers.” Tony gave him your address and Steve jumped for joy hugging Tony in the process. “Yeah, yeah. If you break her heart again, you’re no longer an Avenger.” 

Steve shouted “thank you” once again as he ran down the hallway, on his way to meet you.

You were enjoying a cup of coffee when you heard the doorbell ring. You opened the door and saw Steve standing there and immediately tried to close it. 

“No, wait!” he said. “Please let me talk.”

“How’d you find me? Never mind, don’t answer that question. I’m kicking Tony’s ass and resigning from the team just because he did that,” you grumbled, trying to close the door again. 

“Y/N, you mean so much to me. Please don’t go,” he begged. You crossed your arms.

“I mean so much to you? Bucky told me you loved me, but you started dating Sharon. What a great way to show how much I mean to you.” 

“I broke things off with her. I don’t love her, I love you.” 

“That’s rich. You’ll probably use me like you used her.” 

Steve’s eyes dropped and he was thinking of things to say, but nothing seemed right. 

“Look, what I did was stupid. I thought seeing me with her would make you jealous and confront me about your feelings, but I was wrong. Tony and Bucky made me see that. I miss you.” 

And just like that, all of your unresolved feelings came rushing back. 

“Steve, I can’t just -”

“Yes you can,” he interrupted. “You mean a lot to me. I’ve never been good with women, but I swear to God that you’re the only woman I have eyes for. I want to be there on your happiest and on your darkest days. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be the reason you believe in the world.” 

Your body felt numb. Steve hesitantly reached his hand out to cup your cheek and rubbed your skin with the pad of his thumb when you didn’t flinch. 

“Please,” he whispered. “Give me a second chance.” 

“This is your last one,” you said. “Please don’t break my heart.” 

“I wouldn’t dare.” 

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Wakandan Adventures (2/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.042 

Summary: Bucky is bored and decides Y/N is the best way to solve that problem. 

Warnings: all fluff and stuff. 

A/N: Thank you for the amazing response to the first part, here is part 2! This one was inspired by Sebastian’s interview with James Cordon last year! Hope you enjoy, feedback is greatly appreciated. Also if you would like to be tagged, just send me an ask/message! 

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Bucky was sitting beside you in an office chair, spinning around in sheer boredom. He was trying his best to gain your attention, but didn’t want to speak, so instead he only let out a deep sigh now and then, hoping it would get you to pay him just a little attention. You didn’t. His boredom was taking a toll on him, so he grabbed a pencil, throwing it in the air and catching it again to entertain himself. That didn’t last long either. 

“Y/N,” he called out, you didn’t react.


Still no reaction. He let out a deep sigh and slammed the pencil down at the desk hard enough so it would startle you. He was sure to get a reaction out of you and even smiled a bit, but to his dismay, you didn’t even flinch, only continued with your work as if nothing was going on beside you.

“Y/N” he dragged out your name this time and had even gone so far as to start whining. James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier was whining.

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Being in the backseat with Bucky would include...

° ‘Can you move your seat up’

° ‘no’

° ‘it’s hot back here’

° ‘Are we there yet’

° ‘No’

° Bucky glaring at Sam the whole ride

° Bucky moving around constantly

°’Sit still’

°Staring at Bucky when there’s nothing else to look at

°’Stop staring at me’

°Becoming bros with Bucky

°Playing car games like I spy

°Bucky cheating


° ‘Shut up back there’

° cooling down on Bucky’s arm


° Jokes

°long talks

°falling asleep

°him humming songs in Russian

°screaming out the lyrics to the songs on the radio

°’I’m Bored’

°’Steve I’m hungry’

° Steve ending up having to buy Mcdonalds for the two of you

stucky headcanon

Bucky isn’t good with modern slang. he understands it but isn’t good at applying it. Steve walks into a room to find Sam and Bucky playing a card game and sharing a box of triscuits, Bucky offers Steve the box. 

“Crackers for a cracker?” 

Sam is on the floor wheezing while Steve struggles to explain that’s not how its used.

Trust (Bucky x Reader)

Requested: can i request a bucky x reader? and the reader is the only person (besides steve) that he really lets his guard down to? and chuck a couple of embraces and forehead kisses in there too

The Avengers Tower loomed over Manhattan, it’s colossal structure visible from miles away. Dark clouds threatened to rain as night fell over the city. Inside the tower, you sat on a cream leather sofa, blankly staring at the TV. Around you sat Bucky, Steve, Nat and Wanda, all of whom were not paying attention to the TV either. It had been a busy week full of endless missions and training, so now you were all finally getting some down time. You felt it had been extra hard on you as you had Bucky to deal with too, (not that you minded though). Bucky hadn’t completely settled into his new home and he’d often get agitated at the smallest things. For example, one morning Bruce had asked Buck if he’d like some toast, this made something in Bucky snap and aggravated him. It’s like Bucky is constantly wary of everyone, ready to defend himself if they were to attack. However, Bucky isn’t wary of you. You cracked his shell and opened up a side of Bucky not everyone gets to see. And over time he had fallen in love with you, he finally felt like he had someone who understood him and won’t judge him. He had Steve too but you were there for him emotionally. You were his shoulder to cry on, late night cuddles and the only thing that could properly calm him down. You also got him interested in things, found numerous hobbies for him to keep his mind distracted from his awful memories. Bucky often enjoyed playing board games or binge watching a comedy show with you, it made him feel secure and human.

Nat yawned and stretched out her arms and legs, her body slowly slipping off the edge of the leather armchair. Nat’s movements jolted Bucky and you saw him tense out the corner of your eye. “I’m going to bed.” Nat said, standing up. “I think I deserve a good night’s sleep.” She added. Bucky watched her cross the room and exit through the door. You sensed he was feeling nervous so you slid yourself closer to him, snaking your arm around his. He relaxed a little at your touch, his face dropping to a content expression. You laid your head against Bucky’s shoulder and he sighed a pleasant sigh. Warmth radiated from under your touch. Bucky was like a teddy bear, always perfect for cuddling.

Wanda suddenly sat up straight in the armchair to your right. Bucky gave her a wild stare and his body became rigid underneath you. You looked at Wanda, she was hesitating, like she wanted to say something. “I think I’ll go too.” She said softy, slowly raising from her chair. Her fingers nibbled at each other and she cast Bucky a sorrowful look. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” She had clearly read his mind and saw that he wasn’t entirely at peace while she was there. 

“It’s okay Buck.” Said Steve, looking at his friend after Wanda had left. “They’re your friends, they’re not going to hurt you.”

You placed your hand on Bucky’s cheek and gently turned his head to face you. His eyes met yours and his insides melted. “He’s right.” You spoke in a calming tone. “You’re protected here, no one will hurt you.” Bucky leaned forward so your foreheads touched. He smiled a shy smile, your words soothing him. 

“I’m just so afraid.” He whispered, a frown suddenly forming on his face. “I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore.” You hushed him and pulled him closer to you, his head resting in the crook of your neck. He breathed heavily and wrapped his arms around your body. You ran your hands up and down his muscular back, which you knew relaxed him. 

“You’re surrounded by people who will keep you safe. The only dangers you have are the ones in your mind and we’ll get rid of them together.” Your reassuring whispers made Bucky look up at you. You laced your fingers through his hair and smiled at him. “I promise you no one will hurt you ever again.”

“Really?” His voice was barely a whisper as if he was too afraid to ask. 

“Of course.” You half laughed and placed your lips on his forehead. 

“I trust you.” Bucky sighed as your warm lips lingered on his skin.