bucky dome

persephone-is-here-omg  asked:

Bucky doming you and Steve. He's always the one calling the shots and sometimes he just wants to watch you two give him a show so he'd say things like "C'mon Stevie, give it to her the ways she likes it: hard. She's not gonna break" or "Doll, Why don't you suck Stevie off, if you do a good job I might let you come tonight"

I just came out of the shower, come onnnnnn 

hitting my kinks bullseye 

Sinful Sunday™


An interview with R. Buckminster Fuller, who, for the better part of the 20th century, went where no man had gone before as the maverick captain of the planet he called “Spaceship Earth.” An architect, designer, engineer, poet, philosopher, author and global iconoclast, Fuller was a true visionary, a Renaissance man best remembered as creator of the geodesic dome. 

Talks about his early life and the decisions he made once he began thinking for himself. Fuller then decided to commit himself to bettering mankind through a “design revolution." 

Being part of the regenerative universe. How our common language is obsolete. How we can at this time live without scarcity and fear and how the systems of mankind are dependent on, and promote, ideas of disaster.