Read My Mind (Part Six)

Story Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it.

Word Count: 730

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“Miss (Y/L/N), your presence is requested in the kitchen,” FRIDAY suddenly announced in your room while you still rested on the bed.

“Who requested it?”

“Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY replied as you groaned, getting up from the comfort of your bed as you walked out of your suite and headed to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, you saw Bucky there along with Steve and Clint. Wanda sat by the island bar smiling widely at you while you grimaced in return.

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(This was a request, hope you enjoy it! Also this is from my phone, so sorry if it’s shitty:()

Warnings: fluff, flirty bucky

After what feels like forever, you and the team are finally getting a day off. It feels weird because you are so used to be constantly working, that right now you don’t know what to do with your free time.

“Why don’t we go to the beach?” The idea pops up in your brain as you say it.

It’s been years since the last time you went to the beach and honestly, you miss it like crazy. You miss the feeling of the soft sand touching your feet, the smell of the water and the warm feeling of the sun tanning your skin.

“I don’t know, (Y/N)…” Steve brushes his hair with his hands.

“Oh, c'mon, Cap! It will be fun!” Wanda puts a hand on your shoulder while smiling at Steve.

“Well, I’m certainly not going.” Bucky sighs while standing up.

You feel bad for him, knowing that he is ashamed of the metal arm.

“We can go to one of Stark’s private island and spend the day there just by ourselves!”

“Yeah, we leave early in the morning and spend the day there. It’s just three hours away.”

“C'mon, guys! It will be fun, I swear!” You make puppy eyes and look at Steve and Bucky.

“The puppy eyes! That’s not fair, (Y/N)!” Steve rolls his eyes at you.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” You pout your lip at them.

“Fine, doll! I’m in, you are lucky you look cute with your puppy eyes and your pouty lips.” Bucky turns away into his room and you feel your cheeks getting red at his words.

You see Steve smirking at your reaction and you nudge his shoulder playfully. He puts his arms up in defense and you roll your eyes at him, making him chuckle.

“Okay, guys, we are leaving tomorrow morning!”

You put on a white bikini that makes your tan look great and grab a pair of denim shorts. You put on a blue crop top and grab your flip flops and your sunglasses. Grabbing a big, pink bag you put inside a towel, suncream, your hair brush and some other items you think can be useful.
When you arrive to the jet, almost everyone is already there. Wanda is the last one to arrive and when she shows up, the jet starts moving. You are genuinely excited for this little excursion. It’s been to much since you last went to the beach.

Feeling a pair of eyes on you, you look to your left, seeing Bucky staring at your body. He immediately turns away and pretends that nothing happened. You just smirk, seeing his cheeks turn a darker shade of red.

When the jet lands, you run to the beach, smiling at the feeling. You breath in the air and open your arms. You see some hammocks laying on the sand and you run to one of them, laying on it happily. The rest of the team arrive at your side, laying on their hammocks.

“C'mon, (Y/N)! Let’s go swim!” Wanda is next to you with a pink bikini on.

You laugh at his excitement and start to undress, feeling the same pair of eyes that were staring at you on the jet looking at your body.


He knows you realized he is staring at your body, but he doesn’t care. You look so good. He is been thinking about you a lot lately, asking himself if you feel the same way about him.

Bucky sees you undress painfully slowly. Getting rid of your shirt first, Bucky can’t avoid his eyes drifting to your boobs while he licks his lips. Then, you take off your shorts showing your long, tanned legs. You are talking to Wanda, but a big smirk is on your face knowing the effect you are having on Bucky. He just looks at your ass, your little bikini not covering it at all.

“Pal.” Steve’s voice take him back to reality. “You are staring, it’s kinda creepy.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and looks away from the girl he is so crazy about. Taking his shirt off, he lays on the hammock trying to get you out of his thoughts.

“Hey, fellas!” Nat screams from the shore, waving at him and Steve. “Come swim with us!”

Bucky looks at Steve, who just shrugs his shoulders and gets up. He follows his best friend, walking to the water.

Steve throws himself into the sea quickly, but Bucky stays in the shore, next to you.

(Y/N)’s POV

Bucky stays by your side and you smile, looking at him.

“I thought you wanted to swim?” He has his hands on his hips while talking.

“Yeah, but the water is freaking cold.” You laugh and try not to look at his perfect, toned abs.

Without any warnings, he picks you up by your waist and runs into the water. You scream, gripping his shoulders. When you get to the surface again, you breath heavily. You punch him in the shoulder, making him laugh. Then, you realize that his hands are on your waist, holding you tight. Bucky brings you closer to him, making your skin shiver. You put your arms around his neck, your faces really close. You put your legs around his waist and he seems a little surprised at first, but then he just smirks at you. Bucky approaches your face and before he can get any closer, you lean in, closing the space between the two of you.

He kisses you softly, his tongue on yours. He tastes like the sea and you swear you could kiss him forever. When you finally break the kiss, gasping for air, you hear people clapping behind you.

“It was about damn time, guys.” Sam chuckles as the rest of the team nods.

You peck Bucky one more time on the lips, smiling at him.

“We need more beach days, doll.”

Bucky Barnes learning about periods would include

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Steve Rogers learning about periods would include

  • one day Bucky was in kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he overheard Nat and Wanda
  • “are you okay, Nat?
  • “no, i’m on my period, it hurts like hell”
  • “can you check if i’m leaking. i don’t want to smudge my blood all over Stark’s white couch”
  • Bucky’s eyes going wide
  • “was Nat okay? why was she bleeding? they haven’t had a mission for like 2 weeks”
  • “what is a period”
  • him going to your shared bedroom
  • google search
  • “what is a period?”
  • him gasping when he reads about it
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “what should boyfriends do when their girlfriend is on her period, please”
  • him reading “how to make a woman feel better when she’s on her period” on wikihow
  • taking notes
  • “okay, i can do that”
  • reading about pads and tampons
  • “that’s so smart”
  • searching your bathroom cabinets and seeing that you have neither pads nor tampons
  • going to store to buy them all
  • not knowing which one to buy because there are too many
  • buying them all
  • all the ladies in the store swooning over him
  • also buying lots of chocolate and sweets
  • stopping by Nat’s room to give her some pads and chocolate
  • “here, Nat, these are for … you”
  • her going speechless
  • “leave this room right now or else i might fall in love with you”
  • him going to your shared bedroom to storage all the … goods
  • you seeing him sneak into your bedroom with … tampons and pads?
  • “what are those, Buck?”
  • “oh .. i just read about, you know, periods, and i saw that you were out of all … this stuff so i went to buy them”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • rewarding him with kisses and cuddles
  • “you need to tell me when you’re on your period, so i can take a good care of you doll, okay?”
And Then It Hit Me

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Warnings: None 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

REQUEST:  Hey! Can you write a Bucky imagine/smut where the reader is Bucky’s main doctor/therapist and because they are so focused on Bucky they don’t have a love life and no one hangs with them but Bucky loves them for it!


A/N: Thank you for the request. I didn’t add any smut as I was feeling more like writing fluff for this piece. Sorry it took so long! Let me know if you like it!

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