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Hey everyone hope you’re having a wonderful day or night which ever it is for you at the moment. I received this request a couple of day ago and thought it was really cute. I had so many ideas for this some that didn’t so I had to leave out I hope I did the request justice. Anyway Enjoy!

Prompt submitted by georghiusophia : Tony is the readers older brother, who is very protective and the reader is pregnant with (Pietro or Bucky) child and she is scared to tell him? But Tony finds out from one of the other avengers. Feel free to carry on after I don’t really know how to end it?

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,635

How the hell were you going to tell the Winter Solider that he was going to be a father. It was completely unexpected only two weeks prior had you noticed your period was late and with your night activities you had to check. Two weeks ago you sat on the toilet clutching the bombshell with two pink lines. Two pink lines that will change not only your life but the closet people in you life. Bucky the father and Tony your brother.

Both excited and terrified you knew you had to tell Bucky and deep down you knew he couldn’t be mad. Could he? To be honest you weren’t sure, one thing was for sure Tony wasn’t going to be happy. He never approved of your relationship with the solider and maybe there was a chance Tony could be happy about the little bundle growing inside of you. It just wasn’t time to think about your brother. You needed to tell Bucky.

Relaxing on the couch in Bucky and your shared floor of the Avengers tower, you try your best to focus on the new book you got the other day. Finding it nearly impossible to read when your mind is buzzing with thoughts on how to tell Bucky. Giving up on your book you toss it aside as Bucky enters through the door.

“Hey doll missed you at training.” Throwing his bag on the floor he pulls you into an strong embrace.

“Yeah, I didn’t up to it today.” admitted placing your head on his shoulder.

“Every thing alright? How are you feeling?” He questioned feeling your forehead.

“I’m fine James except I have something to tell you, but I’m not sure how to put this…” Nerves now prominent you take a deep breath. Feeling Bucky’s hand intertwine with yours his face now showing worry.

“Okay, what is it? Would it be better if you show me?” He asked tone becoming confused.

“Well…umm ju-just don’t…don’t freak out.” Nodding his head Bucky furrows his eyebrows.

“Okay?” Grabbing his hand you place it over your stomach just above your pantie line. Waiting for the message to sink in you observe the shock that fills his eyes. “Oh…wait ar-are you saying…” he stuttered.

“Buck I’m pregnant.” You smiled overlapping his hand with yours.

“You’re pregnant..I’m going to be a dad?” he gawked excitment dripping off hi cupping your face, only able to manage a simple nod before Bucky captures your lips in a sweet kiss. At least Bucky took it well.


Word got around quickly but with baggy clothing and threats  to the rest of the team you were able to hide your little secret from the oblivious Tony. At least for the time being, you knew you had to tell him soon. You couldn’t hide you belly forever, and Bucky kept badgering you saying that the longer you wait the worst it would be. As much as you hated to admit it he was right Tony needed to know of his niece or nephew. Maybe you’ll schedule a lunch date in public so he couldn’t flip out.

Sitting on the stool in the kitchen you push around the cereal, “Stop playing with you food Missy.” Tony order from behind making you jump slightly.

“Are you gonna tell on me if I don’t?” You tease taking a small bite.

“Maybe.” Tony retorted pulling out a pan and placing it on the stove. Turning to the fridge he proceeded to pull out ingredients for his breakfast. “Well instead of cardboard for breakfast I will be having my world famous omelet.”

“Ha Tony you can make toast.” Steve chuckles taking the stool next to you.

“Shut it Grandpa I can cook.” Tony huffs whisking the eggs and beginning his breakfast. Steve purses his lips at Tony nickname, grabbing an apple from the counter.

“No Steve’s right you can’t cook.” Taking another bite. 

“Steve’s right Tony you can’t cook, watch me Y/N.” Tony mocked turning back to the stove.

Few moments later the room is filled with rancid smell from Tony’s ingredients making your stomach turns. Feeling an intense wave of nausea bile push up your throat, jumping of the seat you race to the nearest bathroom. Crouching over the toilet you empty you stomach, feeling Tony pull you hair back you want to push him away.

“Y/N you okay kid?” Tony asked.

“Morning sickness.” Steve mumbles immediately wishing he didn’t. Turning to glare at the super solider who was now wide eyed and expressed an apologetic face.

“Wait back it up, did I hear Grandpa correctly?” Pushing yourself off the floor, if looks could kill Steve would have perished.

“Thanks Steve.” You mumble on the way out, giving Steve the opportunity to duck out before he could do more wrong.

“Y/N, are you pregnant?” Tony whispered turning you to face him. Avoiding his gaze you think about what to say.

“Yes, Bucky and I are going to have a child, and I know I should have told you but you never like Bucky. I was just scared.” You babble on before before Tony pulls you into a hug which you gladly return.

“I know I’ve said some things about Terminator but you shouldn’t have been scared, Y/N I’m so happy for you. I’m going to be an uncle the coolest one by the way.” Shocked and happy by Tony’s reaction you couldn’t help but Laugh.  Taking notice of the tears that have fell from your eyes, wiping them away you smile to Tony.

“I’m sorry I was being stupid, this was just so unexpected and I’m still not sure if I’m even ready to be a mother.” You explain scratching your arm.

“Are you insane, your going to be the best Mom.” The familiar gruff voice exclaims from the other end of the hall. Looking back at Bucky who was walking towards you

“I’m going to assume you figured out our little secret.” Bucky stared down at Tony.

“Yeah I did and listen ass hat, you better take care of my little sister. Because if you hurt her or her child I make your life a living hell.” Tony threatened.

“I don’t plan on hurting Y/N. I love her.” Bucky admitted.

“Yeah, yeah sappy crap I believe you for now but I have a new project to begin.” Tony smirked shuffling down the hall.

“You’re not making my child an Iron man suit!” You shout which makes him turn to you and Bucky.

“Ha I-I would never be such a careless uncle… but if I were to, which I won’t what color should it be.”

“Tony no I swear if you make a Iron baby suit I will seriously hurt you.” You threaten which makes your brother uneasy avoiding your stare.

“You not the boss of me.” Tony retorts running off to his lab. Sighing to yourself, you hear Bucky’s chuckle followed by his hand creeping up to your stomach.

“Now that I’m bearing a child you can’t seem to keep your hand off of me.” You smirk linking your arms around his neck.

“I guess I can’t Mom.”

“Shut up and kiss me Dad.” You breath pulling him to you.



Now after a year the nerves you once held about you little girl Ellie had vanished. Bucky was such a loving father, and she was such a daddy’s girl. Laying in the lounge relaxing with Bucky and Tony, all eyes on the little bundle of blankets in Bucky’s arms.

“Say daddy, Ellie say daddy.” he babbled tickling her stomach. Glancing at the empty seat that was now being filled by Steve.

“Look at them. They’re so cute.” You admire a grin striking your face.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen him this happy. Before you he was just so lost, but now he knows his place. You changed him for the best Y/N.” Observing the two most important people in your life spreads happiness through your thoughts.

“No ignore terminator say Tony. Come on Baby Ellie you can do it. To-ny.” Your brother encouraged from the couch.

“Back off Stark, my baby girls first word will be her father’s name.” Bucky warned turning back to Ellie.

After a couple of minutes of arguing between Bucky and Tony there was a moment of silence that was filled with the high pitch Daddy coming from the baby in Bucky’s arms. “Y/N did you hear that. She said my name. Ellie said Daddy” Bucky cheered causing Tony to pout his lips.

“Was it really that hard to say Tony.” He murmured.

“Don’t worry you’ll always be her favorite uncle.” You assured.

“Hey what about me?” Steve spoke throwing his arms up.

“You can be her favorite Grandpa.” Laughing you see Steve shakes his head before turning his attention back to Ellie, who he managed to snatch from Bucky’s arms.

Ellie may have been unplanned but you couldn’t have been happier without her. Walking over to the ex assassin you hopped on to his lap wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms snaking your waist.

“I know it stupid but I’m afraid when sh’s older Ellie going to be scared of my past. I’ve done things I’m not proud of Y/N.” He whispers sadness in his speech.

“James stop please. What you did was not the real you, the real you is going to be a great father that Ellie will adore.” Pecking his lips Tony lets out a gasp. Jerking your head in his direction you smirked at the scene.

“Cover your eyes Ellie don’t want you to be scarred for life.” Tony gasped  shielding her eyes.

“Shut it Tony.” You and Bucky yelled before Bucky captured you in another passionate kiss.

anonymous asked:

I went to the Build-A-Bear website, and they still sell Bucky Badger. They also sell police uniforms for their bears. This means that, in addition to Winter Soldier shenanigans, you could build... a copper badger.

AHAHAHA A COPPER BADGER. The hilarious visual pun nobody in my actual brickspace life would understand.

“Why do you have a skunk dressed as a policeman, Sam?”