bucky badgers

Bucky Badgers in Tights!

Joel Stave and Curt Phillips Hold Their Heads High Like True Bucky Badgers!

Rock The Lycra, Baby!

Just Midwestern Things

- when you’re on a field trip and pass by a farm, and you can immediately tell it’s a dairy farm by the collective “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”
- having an entire school unit that lasts like 6 months completely dedicated to the farm/dairy industry
- “40 degrees? Shit it’s shorts whether!”
- “it is NOT COLD when I was in Boy Scouts we camped on a mountain in a blizzard with nothing but our sleeping bags and a bag of Doritos SMH people are such fucking wimps”
- The Packers (and cheeseheads)
- Culver’s (I know these are in Florida too but they’re mainly in the Midwest)
- going like three blocks from your house and finding a farm
- miles and miles of corn and nothing else

wisconsin gothic
  • it’s late june, and you see a pile of snow in the mall parking lot. its dirty, and glows faintly. its daylight. as you walk, you swear you see it following you. later you see it in your front yard.
  • you’re driving late at night, in between towns. theres nothing but you, fields of grass, and the thousands of glowing eyes of cows. they’re so hungry. you drive faster.
  • the weekly sacrifice to Bucky The Badger is late due to unsynchronized clocks. the snow won’t stop.
  • you go to Culver’s for a bite to eat. the meat is raw, the custard is liquid, soda comes out of the fountain in streams of carbonated blood. you leave a comment card about how tidy it is.
  • the Old Gods, the Packers, win the Big Game. it’s february. they win Every Game. they are The Old Gods. 
  • the cornfields stretch forever in every direction. you faintly smell cheese int he air. you gag. you vomit cheese. you crave brie.