She Loves Me

You got lipstick on his collar. This was the very first thing James Buchanan Barnes noticed when he stepped into the elevator that morning. He grinned when he found it, the bright blue lip print taking him back to the activities of last night. As he exited the elevator, he waved to Bruce who shook his head with a frown.

Bucky’s phone buzzed and he quickly pulled it out, a giddy feeling blossoming in his chest when he saw it was you. 

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‘’Don’t get any wild ideas.’’

A/N: My first ever Au! I just love this idea and I can’t help but run with it, please give me some feedback (Good or Bad) to keep me motivated and hopefully get back to love writing as I did. I really hope you like this!! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bartender Au / You’re not sure what started it but one thing is for sure, Bucky Barnes is a person you can’t stand and he’s not particularly happy with you either. What do you do when your feelings towards your annoying coworker during the preparation for your best friends’ wedding suddenly shift to a different direction, leaving you terrified.

Warnings: Language, alcohol, mention of cigarettes

Word count: 1417

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It was a relatively quiet hour at your work, a refreshing change from the usual busy atmosphere. Your heart was beating to the sound of music, the air smelling of alcohol and cigarettes while you mixed another drink behind the neon lid bar. It was a saturday night and you knew that soon the place would be crawling with people in search of more drinks, and other ways to put the seriousness of their lives on hold for a few moves on the dance floor. 

‘’Someone’s in a good mood tonight.’’ Your sister in life, your best friend, Natasha remarked as she scooted past you in the narrow bar in search of a bottle of whiskey. You swayed your body in line with the music, giving her a flirtatious smile in response, which she only returned with a giggle before returning back to her station. A couple of hours passed and soon the place was packed, heading into the dark night. 

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A kiss, that can stand the test of time

A/N: This is my entry for the AU Writing Challenge for the awesome @whotheeffisbucky. I had chosen the Time Travel AU. I hope you will like it 😊😉

Words: 3.659

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none, I guess

“You really want to tell me that you are a time traveller? Come on, y/n! How stupid do I look for you?” Bucky asked and eyed you suspicious. Since ten minutes, you tried to convince Bucky that you told him the truth but he didn’t believe you for one second.

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anonymous asked:

Bucky was your own personal space heater and you both loved it; he particularly loved it when you would seek out his warmth in your sleep, cuddling into his side without even waking. Tonight though, you rolled over and shivered. He was asleep, face smushed in the pillow. "Bucky bear," you complained softly, "I'm cold." You shuffled closer and he lifted the blanket, smiling sleepily. "You know what to do," he drew you closer to his warm chest with one arm, "get all up in there, sugar."

I love this!

Tender Tuesday™

..and so a new season begins.

                                         So Here’s The Deal:

for the past couple of weeks, and even months - I’ve been going through a rut. This idea came to me almost a week ago, and I put it on the shelf. Just because I lost confidence in who I was as a writer. But I’m kicking that self doubt in the ass. Because as of NOW, I am starting this new season of writing. As you can see, I created this lovely cover for what’s to come. Starting Oct. 24th I will start writing requested prompts. Now every so often I will put out some ideas, or even series. But for the most part, my inbox will be open for HOLIDAY requests! Just because these next couple of months are my favorite times of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I will ALSO, randomly do times of headcannons! such as:

#sexwithbuckybarnes Headcannons




and if it goes well, I might do other characters! 

I want to make this as FUN as possible for you guys.

Here’s some guidelines:

- It will be pertaining holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas…Etc) 

- I’m not too comfortable writing a few things, just ask and I will let you know. :)

- I will even accept submissions! if you’d like I will collaborate with you - or even post. I do want to do reblogs too! So SEND me stuff, I love reading others work.

- don’t be shy to come and talk to me, or ask for something specific if you’re going through a hard time during the holidays. Trust me, I get it! 

HAVE FUN! and I can’t wait to celebrate these upcoming holidays with you! a NEW season of my blog has started. 

And this will be the beginning of something beautiful!


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All right, I’m just going to throw this out there and see if anyone responds. (I know I haven’t really been active for months now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is met with dead silence.) ANYHOW I’ve been a little inspired to write an AU with Bucky but I’m not sure if I want to go for it, I’ve never written a proper AU before so I guess I’m just wondering about your thoughts on it? 
It’s basically a ‘’I’ve always hated you but now I kind of like you, oh shit.’’ kind of thing, I’m not sure in what setting but I don’t think I want to do it an Avengers one. 


You didn’t bother setting an alarm, so you cursed when you checked the time and saw it was still morning. Late morning, but morning nonetheless. Deciding there wasn’t good reason to get out of bed, you tried to go back to sleep, only to be unable to get comfortable enough to do so.

You kicked the covers off and took a nice, long shower before getting into a clean set of PJs and settling in front of your laptop to find something to watch, hoping to distract yourself from the fact that you were alone in the tower, on your birthday of all days. Steve, Vision, and Wanda were on missions, Tony and Pepper were on business, Clint and Nat were at his house, and Thor was with Jane. The only one around was Bucky, but he tended to keep his interactions with everyone minimal, thus you weren’t exactly friends.

When your favorite movie failed to cheer you up as you’d hoped, you decided to start a new series you’d been meaning to check out. The third episode in, you were interrupted by a soft knocking at your door. You paused it and shuffled over, opening the door slowly to reveal a nervous looking Bucky.

“Hey,” you greeted, brow slightly furrowed.

“Hi,” he breathed, almost forcefully. “I uh…” he extended his metal hand, offering you a small cake on a dinner plate.

Your jaw dropped at the sight of it; bright and a bit sloppily decorated. It definitely didn’t come from a bakery. “Did you bake this?” you asked, dumbfounded.

He shifted on his feet and turned away, trying to hide the redness creeping up his face. “Kinda. It was from a box.” He cleared his throat and lifted his other hand, which was holding a bag. “I got your favorite takeout and snacks, too. In case you were hungry.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” you smiled, taking the offered bag. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothin’,” he shrugged bashfully. “You’re always nice to me, and when Steve told me it was your birthday, I wanted to do somethin’ nice for you.”

You nodded in appreciation before stepping aside. “You want to come in and join me? Help me eat this food?”

Your heart melted at the way his eyes lit up. He grinned and stepped inside, letting you lead him over to your bed. You settled against the headboard with your laptop in between you, surrounded by the food he brought. There was little talk, but many shared smiles, and by the time all the food, including the cake, was gone,  you were about ready to fall asleep against his shoulder.

Without warning, he lifted his arm and pulled you closer, helping you get more comfortable. When he heard your steady breathing, he kissed the top of your head and murmured, “Happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

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Your Viking husband Bucky was barely at home. Always away, raiding to gain honour and wealth. When he's at home, he barely spent time with the other men and isn't often seen around the village. Rumors go around that he's catching up on certain (sinful) things but it's actually either laying in bed while holding you close or hugging you almost 24/7 while following you in the house like a puppy.

I just pictured him asking you to fake sex noises so the men think he’s doing that

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It was team movie night, and you were getting situated at the corner of the couch until your sleepy soldier padded into the room dressed in pajama pants that had your avengers hero logo printed on them. "Baby, that's my spot," he whined softly, ruffling your hair as you took in his pouted face. "Bucky, m'comfy." You patted your lap and he happily climbed over the side of the couch and in your lap. It was a sight to be seen, but he burrowed himself into you, head tucked under your chin.

omg soft Bucky 

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