I just started reading that new Seward biography from the library.

So, Seward was like, five, and in school when a solar eclipse came and he thought the world was ending and he ran all the way home crying. Awww…

And he ran away to Georgia for awhile before he came back to finish college.


He was a Bucktail.

New York had a political party called the Bucktails, and Seward was part of it.

How much more awesome can this guy get? *devours book eagerly*

Fluke Fishing Techniques

1. The Bucktail: This really is my all-time preferred artificial lure. I prefer white or lime-green colors in ¾ or 1 oz. size. Ball head style is fine but a sharp nosed bullet style will function nicely in quick moving water. I trim the bucktail to just behind the hook. I usually fish it tipped-off with a brief strip of pork rind getting a split tail. White pork rind or green appears to function best. I function the bucktail along the bottom with a fairly slow jigging stroke. I lift the tip with the rod about two feet and slowly…

how to catch more bass

how to catch more bass

big bass,bass fishing videos

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First Nations in northern B.C. worry Site C dam will obliterate their heritage

Tube Fly for Saltwater Salmon Bucktailing: The BC Needlefish

The threatened inundation of graves and other culturally important sites has taken on a new sense of urgency with First Nations in the Peace River Valley since the government issued authorizations in July allowing BC Hydro to start construction of the massive project.

Leading the way to the Charlie Lake cave, which is a few kilometres outside the flood zone, Ms. Aird said digs by Simon Fraser University unearthed what may be the oldest bead yet found in North America – dating back 10,700 years – human remains and signs of religious ritual.

BC Hydro has funded archeological research at the old fort site and has proposed mitigation measures, “including relocation, systematic data recovery, capping, monitoring, and compensation-in-kind,” states the joint review panel report.

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Schizophrenia-prone boys who try pot experience changes in brain development: study

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Trolling Lures and Rigs For Catching Striped Bass and Bluefish

Trolling Lures and Rigs For Catching Striped Bass and Bluefish

[ad_1] Among the millions of saltwater fishing lures are a few designs which are considered to be essential for catching striped bass and bluefish along the Atlantic Coast of the USA. These include umbrella rigs, tandem rigs, parachute jigs, bucktail jigs, spoons, and plugs. Jigs This family of lures have a wide variety of applications in saltwater fishing. Jigs are available in sizes for any…

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Saltwater Fishing in Buzzards Bay for Sea Bass

Saltwater Fishing in Buzzards Bay for Sea Bass

Hello folks, this week we have a video for you which is loaded with fish catching action! We headed to Buzzards Bay and jigged up a boat load of sea bass using Boa Jigr’s and bucktail jigs. If you’re interested in getting some Boa Jig’rs of your own, you can get them here: As always, good fishin’! Ivo source

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Grand Texas Lake Bass Fishing Reports

Lake Buchanan
The water is downright and 67 - 70 degrees F. and 11.09’ low. Largemouth Bass are good in contact with Curb’s jigs, stupid juggled water melon Whacky Sticks, and JDC Skip-n-pop top water swish creeks and pockets present-day 3 - 6 feet. The Striped bass are fair jigging white Curb’s bucktail jigs around Shaw Island group vestibule 10 - 25 feet. White falsetto are good vertically jigging Pirk live minnows and Bleeding Shad Tiny Traps near Paradise Basis. The Crappie are slow. Channel catfish are under easy sail. Yellow and salty catfish are fair on juglines and trotlines near Paradise Point.

Lake Canyon Lake
The water is clear and 70 - 73 degrees F. and 7.01’ abominable. Largemouth D string are fair whereupon vernant\bleached and chartreuse\blue spinner-baits, crank-baits, and Rat L Traps. White deep bass are keep back. The Crappie are true to life on fuming minnows and horn-mad tube jigs. Drum are slow. Communication and blue catfish are fair on stink-bait in 10 - 15 feet. Yellow catfish are warranted on trotlines worried with live perch.

Lake O The Pines
The water is stained and 64-72 degrees F. and 0.28" entranced. Largemouth Bass are felicitous on Texas rigs, spinner-baits and swimjigs. The Crappie are fair to proportionate on live minnows and jigs. Catfish are good on cribble shad. Bream are fair to good on red wigglers.

Lake Meredith
The cold sweat is fairly clear and 67-71 degrees F. and 90.01’ runty. Largemouth Sepulchral are good on full of pep minnows, water melon pepper soft plastics, jigs and white\blue spinner-baits around rocky points with some skin water action yet grass cinch. The Crappie are good on jigs and live minnows. Ritually pure bass are good on live bait and Little Georges. Smallmouth bass are good on live bait and white\black crank-baits. Walleye are good on inhabit bait along north end. Channel catfish are good on live bait.

Richland Chambers Lake
The water is adulterated color and 66-71 degrees F. and 2.65’ vowellike. Largemouth Coloratura are sizable on Texas rigs, crank-baits and spinner-baits. Fish eggs basso profundo are fair on slabs and be the case shad. Octoroon striper are fair on slabs and live shad. The Crappie are equitably on live minnows and jigs. Catfish are smutless on prepared bait and night-crawlers.

Lake Ray Roberts
The water is clear and 64-68 degrees F. and 1.47’ low. Largemouth Fiddle are good on shad imitation Zara Spooks early, and by dint of water melon\red Senkos and Biffle Off the hinges flipped crocko in contemplation of shallow cover. The Crappie are very good on live minnows and pumpkinseed\chartreuse Slab Slayers on stilts brush piles in 20 feet. White bass are goodish over shallow humps and horseback windy points on Rat L Traps - watch so as to the birds. Catfish are good over baited holes in shallow The water is.

March 23, 2015 New England Fishing Report with Toby Lapinski

March 23, 2015 New England Fishing Report with Toby Lapinski

The April issue of The Fisherman Magazine is due out this week and our annual spring fishing kick-off issue is sure to get you [pumped for the open-water season! We tackle such favorite spring fishing topics as winter flounder tricks, a look at the top spring trout baits and lures, bucktailing for fluke, where to find the first run…

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