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Things to remember before you call another native "fake".

1. There are over 500 tribes of Native Americans in the United States, you are NOT an expert on all of them. I don’t care how full blood you are.

2. Of those 500 tribes that exist, they do not all exist out west. We are all over the country and our cultures are VERY different. Plains culture is NOT Eastern Woodland culture. Pacific Northwest culture is not desert culture. Do not hold someone’s culture to the same standard as your own.

3. There is a difference between tribal membership and tribal blood. Just because someone is not officially enrolled in a tribe, does not make them any less native. For example, I am Anishinaabe. But I am NOT enrolled in any tribe and I never will. That is my CHOICE and mine alone.

4. Just because someone’s family is not on the census records as native American doesn’t mean they are not. Many people listed their children as white in order to protect their families during the boarding school and forced sterilization era of the 20th century. This was especially common in the Northeastern United States where there was a heavily Catholic culture.

5. Just because someone doesn’t register with the government, it doesn’t make them any less native. It’s fucking ridiculous. And any native that tells another native that they must needs to relearn their history.

6. Not everyone has the same resources. Not everyone has the ability to get expertly made fancy shawls with flawless appliques. Not everyone had the ability to get perfectly beaded leggings. For some people, every piece of regalia they wear they have to make themselves with what they can get. And some of it has been passed down from generation to generation. So the next time you make comments about someone not having the “correct” leggings or how the bottom of their buckskin dress is tattered, remember what kind of history that regalia might have seen.

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My grandfather (who is 1/4 native american)gave me a pair of moccasins and a buckskin dress but im only 1/16 native so i was wondering if would be wrong if i wore them bc im not very native thank you for answering <3

I’m not Native American so I’m going to leave this up to someone else to answer

Not Everything Has to Be a Disaster

Happy Valentines Day, @tierannasaurusrex!

Summary: It’s almost laughable, really. After five years on the ground, Clarke hadn’t expected it to be easy when things finally shifted into something new between her and Bellamy. But she also hadn’t expected to be thrown the ultimate curveball. * Bellamy and Clarke face the prospect of being parents a lot sooner than they ever thought they would. Canon divergent after 3x03.

Tags: AU—canon divergence, post-canon, futurefic, baby!fic, unplanned pregnancy

St. John’s Wort, we need more St. John’s Wort.

It’s a relatively uneventful day in Arkadia. Clarke is standing in a small storage room in the medical building, muttering to herself as she does inventory on medicinal plant stores, when Jackson appears in the doorway.

“Hey Clarke,” he says, looking slightly nervous. “I ran that blood test for you.”

“And?” she asks.

Jackson holds out a tablet to her, his lips pressed together. “I screened for everything, and other than the low-grade iron deficiency everyone suffers from, it all looks normal. Except, well. You’ll see.”

Clarke takes the tablet and scans the information, and the world around her stops when she gets to the line Jackson is referring to.

“No. It’s not possible,” she says.

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“You’re modern, aren’t you? You look modern.” - some white lady (in a Native arts supply shop in Gallup, NM) to me just now.

Damn, this always happens when I leave my buckskin dress and sage bundle at home.