Part 2 of 2

As Penny peered about over the fence, I lowered my camera to appear less threatening as I watched her. Our eyes met and my face tingled as I caught the light of recognition in her eyes. She has very expressive eyes and I couldn’t miss the change that came through them as she looked at me. I know that she knew who I was, but she surprised me even further. Penny hopped over the fence trotted right up to me and with an upward glance (and with what I swear was a smile) proceeded to curl up at my feet and with a quick glance around promptly closed her eyes as if to sleep. I stood there transfixed as I was clicking away at her glances and amazement washed through me. I have been shooting these foxes for years and I have witnessed some of them come within a few feet and become even a little friendly, but I have never seen a fox just come up and expose her vulnerability with a trust that i am certain she was portraying. I am not one to ascribe human feelings and emotion to animals in a sense like this, but this one time I just knew that this was the case, I actually felt it!  Honored, I left her peacefully dozing by the fence and got back in my truck.