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Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson to Attend School

 By: Jennifer A.

                                  Location: Brooklyn, Ny


         Okay. So Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson are attending school for the first time.There are going to the Buckley School; one of the most exclusive private schools in Sherman Oaks, California. Isn’t this exciting for them or what?!?!  Prince wanted a “normal social life”. He persuaded his sister Paris to endure this endeavour with him. She agreed and the both of them asked their paternal grandmother; Katherine Jackson if they could attend school. She believed that this would be a great experience for the children to see new things and have friends. This giant step may sound exciting but, their new school experience may not be what they’d hope for it to be. 

A source says that the Buckley School was given a “laundry list” of demands before Katherine agreed to send her grandchildren to school on September 1, 2010. They were told to instruct the other students not to ask anything about their father, or any other members of their family (including Janet Jackson). Also, they are to have two full time body guards. They arrive with them in the morning, wait for them outside their classes, accompany them to their lockers, and hover over them at lunch. 

This may sound like it maybe hard for them to make friends, but if the other students really want to become friends with them, two bodyguards wont stop them from making friends. Bodyguards are only there to protect them. People are making such a big deal out of this. I’m only reporting on what I believe are the facts. If the children decide that they want to lead a “normal” life then so be it. It’s their right. Good choice Ms. Katherine! I think it’s great that you are providing security for your grandchildren. We don’t know if Michael would have wanted this but if the children made this decision and are happy about it then, I believe Michael would have been happy and went through with it. God Bless and Good Luck Prince and Paris! Enjoy your new school life! You’ll make lots of friends and have tons of fun!


These are Vals favs from 2013 that have to do with Z. Some of you might disagree with a couple i left on

 Eli and Val’s secret handshake: I left this on because of the handshake and the fact that heaven lost an angel was playing in the background he was obs thinking of Z.

Buckley School tweet: I left this one on here because Z skyped in