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You do not have to be born on Halloween to be a witch. You do not have to have a five-pointed star in the lines of your hands to be a witch. You do not have to be the seventh child of a seventh child to be a witch. Nor do you have to wear strange robes, or be naked, where lots and lots of jewelry, or paint your fingernails black to be a witch. Witches are ordinary people who have found the right religion for themselves.
—  Raymond Buckland “Complete Book of Witchcraft”

anonymous asked:

Do you recommend Raymond Buckland for Wicca beginners?

No, I would never recommend Buckland for beginners, not only did he break his oaths and divulge information he had no right to share, he has also written books with historical inaccuracies. His book on “Scottish” witchcraft declares that the ancient Picts practiced Wicca and he also has a book on “g*psy” magic that is a disgusting and inaccurate “representation” of the cultures slurred with the word g*ypsy. He would not be a good resource for beginners.