jim asking bones to marry him one night when they’re watching the stars from the observation desk and when he does, bones just stares at him until his heart stops and be tries to leave

but bones’ arms encircle him, pressing light kisses onto his hairline to sprinkle down his jaw, laughing into his skin, “only you would mess up your own proposal.” bones takes out a royal blue box as soft as velvet, placing it delicately in jim’s hands, opening it to reveal the pinky ring he always wears

"i’m an idiot," jim says and bones only laughs harder in agreement before kissing him fiercely

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8 &10

8) Screenshot your favorite blog

Oh dear, I have so many thoughhhh um if I had to chose it would be

if we talk tumblr crush wise it’s 

because abigail has been like my #1 crush on here for weeks now

10) already done! :)