Worth The Risk {Part 13}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

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Word Count: 3137
Warnings: none

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You and Sam lounged across the living room in your pajamas, eyes trained on the television flickering softly in front of you as the downpour continued on outside. Through the large windows you could see the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, leaving everyone in a bitter and somewhat lethargic mood.

It was for that reason (and your aching and bruised bodies from training) that you and Sam had decided to spend the day in, rewatching all of the Harry Potter films together to pass the time. After all, he was one of the only people in the tower who could appreciate the series as much as you.

The clocks struck noon as you continued into the third movie, the rain outside falling harder than ever as you and Sam continued to sit in a daze. You stretched your body across the sofa, unwilling to share with the latter who was currently slouched back in the large armchair to your right.

There’d initially been bickering over the seats, but now silence hung over the room as you both zoned out. So absorbed in the film, neither of you noticed when your company was interrupted

Bucky entered the near empty living room, his hands shoved deep into his sweat pant pockets as he looked around the room groggily. Catching sight of your familiar figure, he began to approach. Without uttering a single word, he reached your side and lifted your legs gently before taking a seat on the sofa. You shifted your weight slightly when he rested your legs back on his lap, shooting Bucky a smile of acknowledgment before focusing back on the movie.

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hey guys!! i just recently hit 500 followers so thank you so much! <333 anyways i decided to one of these cute follow forever things since i haven’t done one before (ahaa the edit kinda sucks but just igNORE THAT i apologize) i don’t talk to a lot of people on here but just know i appreciate every one of you so much and i consider you guys my buds!!!!! thank you for making tumblr awesome and making my dash cool everyday and being amazing I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR 500!!

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Hello everyone! Here’s my first follow forever for thanking all the magnificent blogs i follow :)

A special thanks goes to @odinsnthor, who constantly stand me! Ily <3


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can you rec some bucky/stucky/marvel blogs to follow?

okay so here are all the blogs i follow that fit this description they’re not all mutuals some im not ever sure when i followed lmao but they’re all great here goes @princesstrashytrash @fvckingyoufightingon @poppunkbucky @buckylouis @bisexualtrishwalker @ziamcollab @teambucky @keepbuckybaby @zeadpools @barnesrogerss @softpunkbucky @xaviicr @stevierogres @bxckyrogers @buckysrights @jamesbarns @ironlouie @stylesbucky @styles-stan @buckkys @buckypotter @james-barnes @fallingbucky @stevebarnes @blaakwidow @stuccky @bagelbarnes @sebbucky @byeckybarnes @realjamesbbarnes @wintersthighs @stcvky @sebstanslonghair @sebastianvstan @sebuckstianstan @jamesbames @bessicabones @stevesbuxky @buqkybarnes @stevebuckey @stevebuucky @nctasha @bamesjarnes @buckyandsteverogers @byckybrnes @subastianstan @bvckystevie @peachyvirgo @barneses @jamesbcrnes @jamcsbarnes @steverogiers @buckysjawline @buckybarmnes @havleyatwell @sgtjimbarnes @captnadorable @buckybarnesss @sebastionstan @honesteve @sbstianstan @srgtbarncs @buckybaerns @buckysstevie @buckyyseyeliner @artsysteve @spacebucky @spacepunkstevie @barnescap @oldbrooklynsoul @lostcap @barneswilson @louisbarnes @buckypool @stebierogers @matty-murdock @bckyxbarnes @bcttombucky @howlinqcommandos @buckyalive @legostan @captainbuckybarness @officialcaptainrum @steviebucks @witchbarnes @buckyforcap @steven-rogers @povverbottoms @scarletts @bbuchanann @jamesbcrnes @buckynbarnes @barnesrogers @marauderstrio @captainbisexualcherry @wintiersoldiers @buckybarrnes @steveandbucky @buckycap @coldcomfortflowers @nomoresunkenships 

okay thats a shitload of people if i missed u sorry ily


After numerous requests and countless times arranging it + having to start from the beginning after stupidly cancelling the post, HERE it is my follow forever, I love all these blogs and I think you all are amazing ♡ 

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So I reached 200 Followers! Thank you guys! I am celebrating by appreciating all my wonderfully delightful mutuals. I love you all more than you know, even if we don’t speak please know that I appreciate your existence. (This was supposed to be in alphabetical order but I have dyslexia so it’s a jumbled up mess.) Some of you may have only followed me recently but you are still appreciated! 

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Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and try to control what won’t be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that. 

jim asking bones to marry him one night when they’re watching the stars from the observation desk and when he does, bones just stares at him until his heart stops and be tries to leave

but bones’ arms encircle him, pressing light kisses onto his hairline to sprinkle down his jaw, laughing into his skin, “only you would mess up your own proposal.” bones takes out a royal blue box as soft as velvet, placing it delicately in jim’s hands, opening it to reveal the pinky ring he always wears

“i’m an idiot,” jim says and bones only laughs harder in agreement before kissing him fiercely


hEEY!!! well i just and to thank you guys so much for making my dash so pretty and funny this whole year, and i hope you have a merry christmas and a great new year and i love you all so much!

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