Forgotten Facts: Assassin’s Quest

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. Posts for the other novels to follow as I get through them.

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1. One of the most famous of Lady Patience’s Ivy Runners was eleven years old.

2. The name of Queen Desire’s royal line is “Mountwell” (as opposed to “Farseer”).

3. In trying to break into Tradeford palace, Fitz did consider waylaying a nobleman and stealing his clothes but decided that they probably wouldn’t fit and they looked difficult to get on and off.

4. Rumour has it that Fitz is effectively a werewolf - and Starling goes out of her way to encourage inaccurate rumour, too. 

5. In Duchian puppet-shows, “the puppeteers dressed in the pure white drapings that signified their invisibility” (p246) - a lovely nod to colour symbolism when you think of White Prophets.

6. Burrich seriously considered taking Fitz to Chivalry once: “I should never have let them take him from me. When he was a boy. When they first wanted to move him up to the keep, if I’d put him on a horse behind me and gone to Chivalry, maybe they’d both still be alive. I thought of that. I nearly did it. He didn’t want to leave me, you know, and I made him. I nearly took him back to Chivalry instead. But I didn’t. I let them have him, and they used him” (p290).

7. There are (potentially) countries further inland, which are only very briefly mentioned/implied to exist: “Moonseye […] is a provisioning town and a traditional stopping-place for trade caravans using the Chelika trail to the Wide Vale pass and the lands beyond the Mountain Kingdom” (p386).

8. When Fitz collapses outside Fool’s home in Jhaampe, he believes for several lines that the approaching figure (the Fool, shrouded against the cold) is actually Death.

9. Jhaampe is older than Buckkeep (p423-424).,

10. In attempting (mostly out of curiosity I believe) to remove Fool’s silver fingerprints from his wrist, Fitz learns “a great deal about the life cycle of a horsetail fern” (p795).

I am building Buckkeep in Minecraft

this is part of a bigger plan to build the whole of Buck, which is part of a bigger plan to build the whole Six Duchies coastline, which is part of a bigger plan to build the whole Six Duchies, which is part of a bigger plan to build the whole world of Realm Of The Elderlings (well, the Mountain Kingdom, the Six Duchies, Chalced, Jamaillia, the Rain Wilds, Bingtown, the Pirate Isles and the Outislands AND A BIGASS TINTAGLIA STATUE OVER THE RAIN WILDS!)

…so far I have half the Great Hall. Don’t look at me.

The torches in the wall sconces outside his door annoyed me by spitting blue sparks as I passed. A little too dramatic, Chade.
—  FitzChivalry Farseer, who then a bit later proceeds to run through Buckkeep while laughing manically, only to then stab a coterie member to death in front of all the assembled nobles in the Six Duchies. But his great-uncle’s bit of blue fire is too dramatic.

As I began to lay out the meal, I spoke to his back. “I am Tom Badgerlock, your servant. I was recommended to you as a fellow who was educated above his station by an indulgent master, but kept more for his blade than his manners. You chose me because you wanted a manservant capable of being your bodyguard as well as your valet. You have heard that I am moody and occasionally quick-tempered, but you are willing to try me to see if I will serve your purpose. I am … forty-two years old. The scars I bear I took defending my last master from an attack by three – no, six – highwaymen. I killed them all. I am not a man to be provoked lightly. When my last master died, he left me a small bequest that enabled me to live simply. But now my son has come of age, and I wished to apprentice him in Buckkeep Town. You persuaded me to return to service as a way to defray my expenses.”

Lord Golden had turned from the window. His aristocratic hands clasped one another as he listened to my soliloquy. When I had finished, he nodded. “I like it, Tom Badgerlock. Such a coup for Lord Golden, to have a manservant who is just a tiny bit dangerous to keep about. Such an air shall I put on over having hired such a man! You will do, Tom. You will do well.”

He advanced to the table, and I drew his chair out for him. He seated himself, and looked over the setting and dishes I had prepared for him. “Excellent. This is exactly to my liking. Tom, keep this up, and I shall have to raise your wages.” He lifted his gaze to meet mine. “Sit down and eat with me,” the Fool suggested.

I shook my head. “Best I practise my manners, sir. Tea?”

For an instant the Fool looked horrified. Then Lord Golden lifted a napkin and patted at his lips. “Please.”

I poured for him.

—  Hobb, Robin (2011-09-01). Fool’s Errand (The Tawny Man Trilogy, Book 1) (p. 229). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.
It’s about Taker Farseer and how he first raised a fortification on the cliffs above Buckkeep Town.”
“Um. Long before there was a Buckkeep Town.”
“So. Who had the ruins belonged to?”
He furrowed his brow. “My guess is that it was an Elderling fortification. The stone is the same used in the standing stones near there, the Witness Stones.

Fool’s Assassin (Robin Hobb)

So is Buckkeep built on memory stone? Wouldn’t Fitz have been drowning in memories his entire childhood then? Or are the foundations buried too deep. Was the only time he was close to them when he was in the dungeons and had his walls up the entire time?

Do his memories of that time still exist in the stones there?

Book Review: Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb

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