Tonight is Goodbye/Futures

I hate hate hate discovering groups that are dead.

My latest find is Tonight is Goodbye - another quirky little group from the UK. No, not Manchester this time, but from Buckinghamshire which is quite a ridiculous little name in itself haha. I was happy to hear a very ‘Say Anything’ like quality come from the group and it’s refreshing to hear little tunes like the vide o I’m about to post below: Fire in the Hole.

Not a bad listen to, is it? I was happy to at least add their two small EPs to my library, Castles and the Bird and the Bees EP. If you can find them, I definitely suggest you do the same.

Now, this post is not meant to be a sad one! A few months ago I had found an awesome band named FUTURES and I was insanely impressed with their debut release The Holiday (which you can easily obtain for free) - and just this evening I realized that these two groups are interconnected. The three key members of Tonight is Goodbye went on to form Futures and I can’t be more happy to come to that realization.  My favorite video is theirs is below:

New CD to come soon. Also they can found on Tumblr HERE