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All Night Long
The Palace Guard
All Night Long

The Palace Guard - All Night Long (1965)

In their Buckingham Palace guard uniforms, the Palace Guard might have wanted to be mistaken as a British group - they had the Merseybeat sound down too, though they added a bit of that L.A. jangle.  You gotta love their youthful enthusiasm and energy, not to mention their use of the phrase “coochie coo”.  Pre Merry-Go-Round Emitt Rhodes on drums.

Sitting on the sofa trying to have some fun

Avengers Preference -Your Birthday

I was bored and this happened…
This is the first thing I’ve ever written so excuse the mess that is my writing.

Steve bought you a necklace that had 3 charms on it. One was an S (for Steve), one was your initial and the last one was his shield. He woke you up with breakfast in bed and you cuddled for a while. When you came out of the shower, there was a dress and a matching pair of shoes on the bed. You wore them on your day out around New York, he took you to your favourite ice cream café and then took you to dinner at a 40s style diner and then you sat in Central Park watching the stars.

Tony bought you a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and a silver bracelet to match. He took you to Disneyland for a weekend and proposed to you in front of Cinderella’s castle with a diamond ring to match the aforementioned jewellery. When you got back to the tower, the rest of the Avengers were there for a small party. Tony was duly treated that night.

Thor took you to Asgard for your birthday. Upon arriving you tried to get Heimdall to crack a smile as if he was one of the Buckingham Palace guards. You met his parents and Loki. His gift to you was a beautiful red Asgardian gown fit for a princess. He took you through the palace gardens and you had a visit from Sif & The Warriors Three, who initiated a drinking contest with you, which you surprisingly won. After a busy day, you and Thor retreated to his ginormous bedroom and fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

Bruce bought you a bridge camera due to your love of photography. He took you to your favourite bakery for breakfast and took you around New York so you could take pictures with your new camera. You made sure to take lots of the two of you and sneak ones of Bruce while he wasn’t looking. When you returned home, you snuggled in bed watching movies of your choice. When you woke up the next day, there was a box on Bruce’s side of the bed with your name on it. You opened it to find a book filled with all the photos you took the day before and added ones Bruce had taken that day of you on his phone. Bruce emerged from the shower and you gave him a ginormous hug.

Bucky bought you a puppy. You woke up in the morning to said puppy licking your face. It was a German Shepherd/Husky cross and you thought it was the cutest thing in the world (other than Bucky of course). You’d wanted one for a while but thought that it might be too much to handle with both of you being Avengers, but Bucky knew you’d both be capable. Bucky also gave you his dog tags from the war. He took you dancing that night and felt like he’d taken you right back to the forties. You ended the night snuggling in bed with your new little puppy (p/n).

Clint bought you a bow and arrow and gave you coupons (that he made himself) for archery lessons since you always teased him about how easy archery was. You spent the day practicing with Clint, trying to get a bullseye. When you finally hit the centre, Clint picked you up, span you around and carried you bridal style back to your lounge where you watched Disney’s Robin Hood before falling asleep with your head in Clint’s lap.

Natasha took you to a concert by (your favourite band/artist) even though she didn’t particularly like them. She bought you a bunch of things while you were there (t-shirts, wristbands, mugs etc) and with Tony’s help she was able to get seats right near the stage and even got (band/artist) to wish you a happy birthday and sing to you. After the concert, you took a midnight stroll until you were so tired you had to go home and sleep. The next morning, she gave you a bracelet with your initials and a red heart and you relaxed in bed all day.

Loki had been on Asgard for a while and you were worried you weren’t going to be able to spend your birthday with him. When you woke up the morning of your birthday, he was asleep next to you. You were so excited you could have screamed (but you didn’t because you didn’t want a moody Loki). He woke up while you were in the shower and presently joined you. When you were out and clothed, you saw a box on the bed. When you got closer, it had your name written on a tag in Loki’s slender writing. Opening the box, you found a helmet. Loki appeared behind you, he told you he’d been on Asgard to request a helmet made for you that looked just like his (because you like to steal his and wear it around all the time) so you can be matching. You both spent the rest of the day in bed watching TV with your helmets on.


APH France: Remember your delinquent  rock phase in the 80s? I do. You were so wild and terrifying and intimidating in all that black and leather, doing all those illegal substances and-

APH England: *Has flashbacks of snorting tea leaves getting arrested for making rude gestures at the Buckingham palace guards and staying up past 12am* yeah I was pretty wild when I was younger I’ll admit

People forget sometimes that the Queen’s guards ACTUALLY do guard her;

“An armed Queen’s Guard raised his rifle at a ranting potential intruder outside Buckingham Palace in a ‘shocking’ drama outside the royal gates.

The tense encounter came after the man, who was seen at the north centre gate of the Queen’s residence, had spent five minutes shouting at royal protection officers.

The guard, dressed in the traditional red uniform and bearskin hat, reportedly strode 50 yards from his post to up the pressure in the confrontation.

Witnesses described how his raised weapon, with an attached bayonet, was levelled at the throat of the man as they exchanged heated words on Friday afternoon.

Tourist Gareth Scanlan, 32, told The Sun how the man’s encounter with police escalated before the armed soldier rushed to the scene.

Mr Scanlan said that when confronted the bayonet, the would-be intruder said 'Oh you’re a big boy now’ to the soldier - thought to be Scottish - who in turned replied 'Yes I am a big boy’ before pushing him.

Royal protection officers then ushered the man away, though he was not arrested.”

I’ve noticed that there has been quite a kerfuffle surrounding BigBang’s music video for “Bang Bang Bang.” In particular, the fact Seungri is wearing a Native American headdress has been met with particular upset. I figured I would explain some of the issues at work, for those of you who might be confused as to why everyone is upset.

So, first off, in the music video there are a number of instances of appropriation. (Think of appropriation as being inspired by a culture and paying homage.) One example, for the sake of time, is the fact that TOP appears in a large, black fluffy hat normally seen on the Grenadier Guards (the soldiers at Buckingham Palace).

While the guards are an elite force, wearing a piece that is an homage to their uniform is not misappropriation (appropriating in a bad way). The uniform does not carry with it religious significance, nor does it continue a negative stereotype. If anything, wearing the hat is an appropriation because it signifies the power and influence Britain has on the rest of the world. A dominant culture, such as Britain, is harder to misappropriate from because they have power - the ability to silence other voices.

Seungri, on the other hand….

Appears in a Native American feathered headdress. These items are of great importance to the Plains tribes: Only those men who achieve great status in their tribe are able to wear them. Each feather was often awarded as a sign of merit or earned through an act of valor, so the fuller the headdress the more status the wearer. Additionally, these headdresses have spiritual significance. In other words, you have to be of high political or religious status in a tribe to be permitted to wear the warbonnet. Because of the sacred nature of the headdress, it is considered misappropriation to take this item out of its specific context because it is sacrilegious. Seungri, for all his awesomeness, is not part of a tribe, let alone a high ranking official or spiritual leader.

Furthermore, the American aboriginal culture is not a dominant culture. By taking their culture, the pattern of exploitation and oppression that happens when a dominant culture takes something from a subordinate culture is continued. In other words, the Native American voice is silenced when its culture is taken out of context.

But! I do not believe that Seungri looked at Native American culture and said, “Gee! Let’s exploit the Indians!” First off, Seungri has a stylist (if not a whole team of stylists) whose job is to put his outfits together. The stylist is most likely to have chosen the headdress, thinking it was a piece of American culture that fit the aesthetic of the video. The important question that we should be asking is: Why would a Native American warbonnet be considered appropriate for a dubstep/trap music video? 

The answer is sadly simple. Americans, through their “trendy” use of sacred aboriginal items, have given other cultures permission to harm the native people of our country. We began the trend of associating EDM music with the warbonnet, which has lead to a global misunderstanding of the cultural currency these items come with. It has gotten to the point where some music festivals are even taking to banning the wearing and selling of these headdresses, because the outcry from the native community has been so strong. 

So, yes, Seungri misappropriated the Native American headdress. But is that his mistake or ours?


St James’s Park

St James’s Park stretches all the way to Whitehall in a long green avenue of trees, parkland and the glittering expanse of St James’s Park Lake. It’s surrounded by a host of famous locations, from Horse Guards Parade to Buckingham Palace. Don’t miss its resident pelicans, herons and inquisitive squirrels. Find out more


So, this happened. 

Game of Thrones theme song played by the Queen’s guards. [x]

‘During the changing of the royal guards at Buckingham Palace the guards surprised the crowd by playing the theme song of HBO’s series “Game of Thrones”’