Stevie signing a Buckingham Nicks record for the guy that I met in line at the merch table in New Orleans!! He was so nice and excited(he reminded me a lot of myself actually) and before Crying In The Night we tried to get Stevie’s attention so she’d see it but she kept looking across above the crowd. So, after Landslide we tried again, everyone was jumping and pointing to it and finally she saw it!! She goes, “see, there’s that picture again!” and she looked over at Waddy and mouthed to him asking if she could sign it and smiled and she asked the boy if he had a pen(which he did). And she came over and bent down and took it!! It was incredibly loud so it took him yelling his name several times for her to be able to hear him! The crowd was going wild!! I was so happy(and even happier that I was recording!). She is so lovely and sweet, and this just proves it!!