#mypubliclandsroadtrip finds adventure along the Delta Wild and Scenic River in Alaska

Not many rivers in the world flow into and through mountain ranges instead of away from them. For at least 10,000 years, the river today known as the Delta River has defied logic. Originating in the Tangle Lakes south of the Alaska Range – among the world’s highest mountain ranges – the 90-mile Delta River flows north into and through these mountains in a glacially carved corridor.  

If prehistory is your passion, the southern stretch of the Delta Wild and Scenic Corridor is within the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District. With more than 600 archaeology sites, this district is one of the densest concentrations of archaeological resources in the North American Subarctic.

Part of the BLM’s National Land Conservation System, the Delta Wild and Scenic River is a bucket list destination - a jewel in the rough. Shimmering with Arctic grayling, with bountiful wildlife such as moose, caribou, beaver, fox, eagles and tundra swans, the river offers legendary float trips, camping, fishing and more. Visit the Delta River, a river that defies logic, and find your adventure.

Kevin Feige: LGBTQ Character to Come to the MCU "Within the Decade"
Following same-sex marriage legalisation in the US, Marvel Cinematic Universe's Kevin Feige considers LGBTQ characters.
By Rose Moore


So I guess bisexual Peggy Carter/Cartinelli and Skimmons aren’t going to happen any time soon…and neither will any other LGBTQIA+ anything.

This is very disappointing.

Edit: Seeing as Jessica Jones has a lesbian couple in it, this may not apply to TV shows. Probably not best to get your hopes up, though.

can you imagine steve and bucky doing one of those “when you check to see if bae is still mad” videos where steve slowly tries to put his hand on bucky’s leg and bucky slaps it away