buckets list

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We’ve gotten an influx of messages recently about being bullied or not being so for liking Sonic and I just wanna.

Listen. Listen. There ain’t a damn thing in the world that’s gonna change the fact that people are assholes sometimes, a lot of the times. And it sucks but that’s how it is.

But! But! You know what? Most people do that because they want a reaction out of you, to make you feel small so they feel big. So the best thing for both yourself and for them to do is just not let them.

Think about it. You love the series, you do! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, or so passionate about it! So why do you love it? The characters? The gameplay? The music?

Don’t get into a fight about whether Sonic’s good or not. People are more stubborn than you could possibly imagine, they won’t get it.

Nerd out instead.

Someone asks you in That Tone “You like Sonic?” You put on the biggest fuckin smile and just go off. Go fuckin HAM I say. You stand firm in your love for it, and you erupt with all your positive vibes, they won’t be able to respond in a way that makes you tiny. Every time they try, get bigger, get louder, more exited.

They’ll either get frustrated/bored of trying, or just kinda roll their eyes and leave. And tbh, someone nearby could very well come up to you after it with a smile of their own and say “Hey, I like Sonic too.”

Bucket list for lost souls

1. Do drugs with someone you love and loves you
2. Walk on a bridge in the middle of the night
3. Grab your drug of choice and head to another town. Visit their night life.
4. Form a deep connection with a total stranger, and never meet see them again.
5. Give a homeless person drugs AND money

Quinta da Regaleira - Portugal 

Quinta da Regaleira is a UNESCO world heritage listed estate near Sintra Portugal. The estate features a palace, a chapel, a lake, grottoes and fountains, and was once home to millionaire entomologist, Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro. 

There are two wells on the property, that have spiral staircases lining their walls. The wells were never used as an actual water source, instead they were used for ceremonial purposes, such as Tarot initiation rites. The design of the tunnels themselves connect to Tarot mysticism, with the number of stairs and landings all being symbolic to tarot. Tunnels connect the two wells, and also lead to various monuments and caves around the property.