Giving Back featuring BucketFeet

BucketFeet is a company that makes shoes that you can create and others created by global artists. BucketFeet believes in giving so, every sale 5% goes back to charities and programs all over the world. It really hit home to find out that they were sponsoring a classical music program here in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. It is traditionally a low-income community but, with programs and efforts like these are making it better for alot of deserving people and children. I encourage everyone to get their BucketFeet on and make the world a different place.They also cost only $60 a pair.

Here are a few styles that they have:

External image
Ujembl Shoes

External image
Hypnotize shoes

External image
Bamboo Shoes

I need your help to become the next BucketFeet artist! You can vote once per day through the 29th. If you wish my patterns could become items you can buy, here’s how you can help make it happen. Please vote!!


BucketFeet by Amber Redfield / Website / 500px / Society6

A few days ago, I discovered a brand of shoe called BucketFeet through photographer Nick Gerber’s Instagram (he's also on Tumblr). I was instantly hooked on the designs and concept behind their shoes.

They get a different artist to design each shoe, and each are as unique as the next. Coming from a very artistic family, I really appreciate what BucketFeet is doing. I can’t wait to buy more shoes from them, as they have so many designs I want!

The style for my first pair is called Delta, designed by Erin Burke. They’re comfortable, light weight, and all around great to wear all day. My favourite part is the removable insole that has little massage bumps on it, which is a really nice touch. Definitely check them out and buy a pair! They also opened a Pop Up Shop in Chicago, so go visit it. It’s wonderful!

I have a new project based around these shoes, which will also turn into a video. There is so much I want to shoot, plus I want to get into videography. I just need to do it, get it out there, and not worry about perfection. I find myself stuck because I’m always hooked on getting the perfect image, so then 95% of my work stays on a hard drive instead of uploading it and seeing what others think.

These shoes rock. Love ‘em.