Parsons Green 'explosion' on a London Tube 15th Sept 2017

Several people are said to have suffered facial burns after a reported blast in a bucket towards the rear of the District Line train. Others are said to have been trampled and suffered crush injuries in the rush to escape.

One witness reported seeing “a flash and a bang” in a bag holding the container, which is said to have had wires coming from it, on the packed rush-hour carriage.

People who do such things are monsters and will find no peace in this life or the next!

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Ford Thunderbird Italien Concept, 1962.  A design study designed by Ford’s Thunderbird stylists. This special version of the third generation T-bird featured an fastback roof line and red leather bucket seats front and rear. The Italien was a featured in Ford’s 1962-63 “Custom Car Caravan” and appeared in Autoramas throughout the United States. The restored car sold at auction in 2008 for $660,000.00