bullet journal page ideas
  • legend
  • yearly spread
  • monthly spread
  • daily spread
  • to-do list
  • recipes to try
  • bookshelf (colour the titles youve read!)
  • monthly expenditure
  • savings log
  • weight tracker
  • washi tapes preview
  • new highlighter/marker/pens swashes
  • ‘to-watch’ list of dramas/tv shows/movies
  • new music discovered
  • food reviews
  • meal planner
  • goals of the year
  • goals of the month
  • exam results tracker
  • habit tracker
  • productivity tracker
  • mood tracker
  • water tracker (to track the amount of water you drink a day!)
  • brainstorm new ideas for a project
  • reflections 
  • daily meal tracker
  • workout routine
  • bucket list
  • favorite quotes
  • doodles
  • grocery list
  • inspirations
  • encouraging quotes
  • dream tracker
  • morning routine
  • class schedule
  • memories
  • birthday log
  • appointment log
  • book reviews
  • wishlist
  • hand lettering
  • doodles
  • syllabus/modules list
  • utility bills tracker
  • semester goals
  • new habits to adopt
  • my strengths
  • what i love about myself
  • things to try

In the Angel bro-moment, Gabe mentions ticking things off his *Bucket List* aND CAS LOOKS BACK AT DEAN 

In the Winchester bro-moment that follows, Dean is glad to see Sam looking lighter.

Sam shares his hope: “We’ve been working at it—so hard for so long, and now we’re finally here..” 


“..We’re close. Can’t you feel it?”

Dean considers Sam’s words and he nods - agreeing, believing

Once they get Mary and Jack home safe, close the rift, kill Lucifer.. they’ll finally have time to themselves. Maybe he and Cas will have time, too. They can finally take a chance, a long moment for themselves, just the two of them.

..Damn right Dean can feel it.

getting ready for the new year

review your year. make a 2017 highlights journal page or something. jot down everything important that happened to you within the year, good and bad preferably, so you have a clear, summarized view of all aspects of your life.

make a life map. it could be a chart or several lists or a spider map or an actual map with drawings and shite. what’s important is that you get a visual of all the parts of your life. mark which ones are most important to you, which ones need to be improved, where you want to focus on the most.. and make feasible plans.

• clean your room. and i’m talking, a makeover. rearrange your furniture. reorganize your things. give at least 35% of your stuff away. calibrate it to your needs and focuses of 2018. place the tools you’ll be using for those where they’ll be highly accessible.

clean your virtual space. organize the files in your phone, tablet, and laptop into clearly labeled folders. weed out the stuff you have no use for anymore, and upload all the sentimental stuff to a cloud storage. delete your browser history, caches, apps that do nothing but distract you and take up memory.

tie up your loose ends. all the things you’ve been postponing? kidding yourself by saying ‘i’ll do it tomorrow’ or now, 'i’ll start next year’? finish them before the year ends. whether that’s going to your doctor for that check-up scheduled three months ago or getting your hair cut or quitting a vice. just.. do it/start now.

remember that your life won’t magically reset on January first. 2018 won’t adjust for you; life’s too much of a jerk for that, so you have to make it yours. good luck!

- 🍂

“So, like, how much detail can I ignore on the jewelry?”

Ted the Animator: “As in, when depicted small in a wide shot?”

Carl the Animator: “…yeah, sure, that’s definitely what I meant.”

Ted the Animator: “Mid-range is simplified shapes, but truly wide just needs a general impression of the objects. Whatever feels natural to the eye.”

Carl the Animator: “Perfect! Caaaan do.”

Ted the Animator: “…ah.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, that’s simplified.”

Ted the Animator: “…I sorta was expecting a little bit of color somewhere in there, but I guess that works.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, it still has color! There’s gold, and… um… black….”

Ted the Animator: “Watching you do a coloring book is now officially on my bucket list.”

Little Challenges:

Compliment a Stranger

Go to a Cafe alone

Spend a few hours in a Library

Speak your mind

Start that conversation with that special person

Wear something you love but never wear

Say no if you don’t want to

Smile at a stranger

Fight a little more for that thing you wanted

Shower, brush your teeth and put lotion on even though you’re tired

Don’t Procrastinate

Make the first move

Go out for the night

Put your phone down for a day

Spend the afternoon outside

Have unapologetic childish fun

Work through your feelings

Wake up at 5 and watch the sunrise

Cook dinner
Admit you were wrong

Tell someone you love them (Parents, siblings, boyfriend, best friend)

Reevaluate your plans

Listen to advice but follow your heart

Push yourself

Eat Mindfully

Try something new

Record your feelings

Say thank you

A bucket list for a summer glo-up

1. Find a signature scent and stick to it
2. Make a lil healthy recipe Pinterest board and start cooking
3. Take some time to learn some cool new braids or hairstyles
4. Have a photoshoot with friends at start of summer then again at the end
5. Try a dance class or boxing class- find new fun ways to stay fit
6. Go thrift shopping and determine your style
7. Keep a journal so you can collect motivation and reflect
8. Take a few hours of each day to switch off your phone and go outside- fresh air helps clear negative energy and walking will do your body some good!
9. Unfollow anyone irrelevant in your life, anyone negative, unfollow those people you just follow to keep tabs on
10. Instead follow motivation accounts, people who inspire you to be better
11. Go pick some fruit or if you don’t live near fruit fields go to your local grocery store and buy all your favs- it does wonders for your skin, body and mind!
12. Im sure you hear this everywhere! But cut out the fizzy drinks and minimise the alcohol consumption and instead load up on wahtahh (water)!!
13. Declutter! Sell all your old stuff or donate to charity! You will be doing a good thing and could potentially get some money out of it, to put towards whatever will make you happy!!
14. We all know that happiness is attractive so spread good vibes all summer long and do what makes you smile and feel good,
because to glo you need to be vibing inside as well as out 🍒🍒

Don’t forget to wear suncream/sunscreen and stay hydrated whilst u kill it this summer🔥🔥