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On Underdark Cuisine

So, just a bit of background info. I play a drow rogue, and she’s in a party with an elven paladin, an elven Druid, and an elven monk (they’re all either elven or half-elves or some combination, still not entirely sure.)

Anyway, so we’re in what’s basically the basement of a temple, and we stumble into a storage room.

Paladin: Hold on, everyone, I want to grab a bucket with a lid.

Me (rogue): Why do you need a bucket?

P: I dunno, just in case.

Well, the bucket he reaches for turns out to be a mimic. After a few minutes of failing horribly at trying to kill it, it somehow is set on fire and it dies.

R: I think the mimic meat is done cooking. Who wants some?

Druid: I don’t think that the mimic is still in there. Is it?

Monk: Why would you ever want to eat a bucket? It’s-

R: I eat the bucket.

Party (including DM): ?????????

R: Mmm, Underdark cuisine at its finest. Just like my parents used to make.

(later, after we’ve fought a lava child and looted it)

D: Wait, we never looted the bucket. Was there anything in it or on it?

DM: Ummm.

R: I’ll let you know in about 24 hours.

I'd Like To See You Try

Prompt• 206• “Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.” •Jason Todd• I decided to make the reader the new Cat Woman, something along the lines of that.

You carefully landed on the building, turning your head slightly to the right a smirk gracing your features. You walked up behind him clicking your claws on.

You settle your head on his shoulder, “Hey bucket head.”
He quickly turned around aiming his gun at you.

“Oh? You wouldn’t hurt ol little me?” You pouted as he kept the gun aiming you.

“God don’t do that, what the fuck were you thinking?” He asked, your pout quickly turning into a smile.

“That maybe we could have some fun.” A devious glint shining in your eyes. He decided to ignore you, he turned around and went back to patrolling. You sat down next to him tracing one of your claws around the edge.

You broke the silence once more he looked down at you, a warning sign.

“I’m bored, how can you do this all day?” He turned his gaze down to the streets. A thought sprouting into your head. You stood up and crossed your arms on your chest. You fell backwards down the building, a wide grin etched on your face. The wind blowing by your ears as you fell, a sudden weight hitting you, arms wrapping around your form.

“I knew you would save me.” He held you as he swung back up to another building with his grappling hook.

“I was thinking about not doing it.” He replied as you both landed on the building.

“Oh well, I always have a way.” You knocked on his helmet.

“Ow, hey stop, can’t you go do what ever you do?”

“The thing is, you might end up catching me. Then I lose my precious jewels that I so rightfully earned myself.” You clicked off your claws. Your hands trailing up his shirt.

“Plus this is much more fun.”

“This is getting annoying”. He mumbled.

“But you know you love it.” You retaliated.

“Shut your mouth before I shut if for you.” He groaned just wanting some peace and quiet.

“I’d like to see you try.” His helmet clicked off revealing his dark locks and a domino mask.

“Finally the-” He grabbed your face and kissed you hard. You closed your eyes and smiled into the kiss. Causing him to smile as well and to pull back.

“I should anger you more often.” He laughed as he sat down at the edge of the building while you sat on his lap.

Against Better Judgement//A Nathan Young Imagine

Anon said: Hi, I wanted to request a Misfits (I’m not sure if you’ve seen the show) imagine? Could it be where Nathan always teases and makes fun of Y/N but it’s because he likes her, and one day he asks her out and tells her he likes her in a cute funny way? Thank you :)

I fricking love misfits


“Hey (Y/N), how about you take off that jumpsuit and give us a show!” Nathan called.

You rolled your eyes and kept scrubbing the graffiti on the wall. But he wouldn’t let up. Day after day of this bullshit. All the time always. Today was the day you put your foot down.

You threw the brush into the bucket and turned to face him. 

He grinned mischievously. “Finally.”

You slammed him against the wall and put an arm across his chest to keep him in place. 

“Oh, we can do it like this. I don’t mind it rough.”

He was goading you, and you knew it. But you didn’t care. You were sick of him. 

“(Y/N), don’t do it,” Kelly said, putting a hand on your arm.

You let him go, breathing hard. 

“Oh, what a shame. I was really looking forward to–”

He was cut off when you punched him in the face. 

“I don’t care how cute you are,” you hissed. “You don’t get to talk to me like that.”

The next day, you were getting changed after work with everyone else, but right before you left, Nathan grabbed your arm.

“(Y/N), can I talk to you?”

You glared at him. “If you’re going to ask me to fuck you, the answer is no.”

“N-no, it’s not–I’m not going to–ugh, why is this so hard?”

You looked at him in confusion. “What? You’ve never had a problem doing shit like this before.”

“No, I’ve never had a problem catcalling girls. This is harder than that.”

“Will you spit it out? I’m supposed to meet my friends at a–”

He cut you off by kissing you. “Do you wanna go on a date with me? I know I haven’t exactly been the greatest person to you, but I do like you. A lot.”

He looked at you hopefully. His eyes were beautiful. He really was adorable.

“This goes against my better judgement, but okay. You’re cute and you can be nice. But I swear to god, if you do anything to make me regret it…”

He shook his head. “I promise I won’t. So is that a yes?”

You grinned. “Yeah.” You slung your bag over your shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He stood there, smiling like an idiot. “Yeah. See you tomorrow.”


Taisho Wedding Robe.  Taisho period (1912-1927), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery.

A large and impressive rinzu silk uchikake featuring large ‘kai-oke ’ (clam shell container for the aristocracy) and painted shell motifs. Profuse and sophisticated yuzen-dyeing and embroidery: this work was done by high-end artisans. The painted clam shells and the clam shell containers are references to the Japanese shell-matching game “kai-awase’. This game was very popular among the nobility during the Heian classical period of about a thousand years ago. Each half of a shell was painted with an identical miniature painting based on a scene derived from Japanese classical literature, such as the “Tale of Genji”. A complete game set comprised 360 shells. The game was basically a test of memory: one set of shell halves was placed face down on the floor, and as shells from the second set were removed face up from an octagonal shaped lacquer container (“kai-oke” or “shell bucket”), competitors took turns inverting shells to see if images matched. Since each side of the bivalve shells will match properly with only its original mate, the game came to be associated with marital fidelity. Such a marital fidelity theme was appropriate for this wedding robe, and as well, we have auspicious flying bamboo and other motifs that are associated with long life and good luck, also popular on matrimonial artworks. The white figured silk background is an unusual background color for yuzen-painted uchikake, and makes a suitable contrast to the pastel motif colors.


Monster funerals, technically speaking, are cool as heck.
When monsters get old and kick the bucket, they turn into dust.
At funerals, we take that dust and spread it on that person’s favorite thing.
Then their essence will live on in that thing…

(Snowdin Library: school report)

It’s funny how age seems to be a vague indicator for those who have “fallen down"  when Gerson is practically one of the oldest surviving monsters who isn’t a boss monster and he’s still kicking while Shyrin’s Sister and Snowy’s mother are one of the "fallen down” while other monster’s around their age range are still fine.

Perhaps it is not only age, but the amount of physical strain a monster accumulates over time that causes their bodies to “fall.” Monster’s do have a fragile physicality that is also affected by their mental state. Being so in tuned with their Souls, I wonder if monsters can get physically harmed by their worries and heartaches?

When monsters get old and kick the bucket, they turn into dust. At funerals, we take that dust and spread it on that person’s favorite thing. Then their essence will live on in that thing…

so i just!!! finished my first run (i did true pacifist, ofc) of undertale today and I AM ALL KINDS OF CRY!! of course i had to draw this child, cinnamon roll, i cried so much at the ending [still crying]
i don’t know if i’ll draw more fanart but!! it takes a lot to get fanart out of me so i dunno it’s pretty possible

Reaction: Graduation Day


“con–gratulations” *gives you flowers and turns shy*

Junhoe would be so proud of you. He wouldn’t know what to say exactly since he can’t express what he is feeling but he’d make sure to make everyone jealous by showing up as your boyfriend. After the graduation is done, he would hand you over a bucket of flowers and turn kinda shy.


since you’ve ended school now… we can do some stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Hanbin would probably show up late because he was standing in front of the mirror the whole time, not knowing what to wear. He’d be so excited and sit there, watching you in awe the whole time (idiotic smile af). Afterwards you’d have some alone time and you would definitely get a reward for graduation ;-).


*completely serious* “i’m so proud of you..”

Yunhyeong is not afraid to express what’s on his mind so he would definitely let you know how proud he is of you. He would watch you with a big smile the whole ceremony and give you a thumps-up or heart here and there. Of course flowers and a special gift wouldn’t be missing for his princess. But it isn’t something boring, rather something more expensive and special like a pendant.


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everyone that’s my girlfriend!!! she is graduating today tell her congratulations”

Bobby can’t help but be that embarrassing but cool boyfriend. He’d make a big deal out of it and just cheer for you the whole time from the audience. Of course posting it everywhere on his sns is a must because it’s a special day for him too. He is so proud of you and instead of just saying it simply, he would make it much more special with a long lasting sweet kiss.