bucket mouse

  • Ajeel: Hey, Zeref, you're obscenely old, right?
  • Zeref: Yeah.
  • Ajeel: Do you know any super-ancient, lost to the ages, archaic, olden-times swears?
  • Zeref: Uh... well... there is one...
  • Dimaria: I want to hear it!
  • Zeref: The Elder Swear. You must never repeat it to anyone.
  • Dimaria: We won't!
  • Zeref: Here it is.
  • Zeref: Your mother is a ****ing **** lorem ipsum ***** adminim venium **** tragulah **** **** hippopotamus **** Republican ****ing Daniel Radcliffe **** with a bucket of **** in a castle far away, where no one can hear you **** soup **** witha bucket of **** Mickey Mouse **** and a stick of dynamite **** magical **** alakazam!
  • Ajeel and Dimaria: ... w o a h ...
Your mother is a —- —- —-ing —- lorem ipsum —- —- —- admiumvenium —— —— —– —— treguna —– ———- —– —— — —– hippopotomus —– —— ——— —– —— republican —– —-ing Victor Tugelbend —— —– —— —- with a bucket of —- —– —- —– in a castle far away where no one can hear you —– ——— —– —- — —— —- with a bucket of —- —— Mickey Mouse —- – —- with a stick of dynamite —— magical —— —– ——- Alakazam
—  Ridcully’s Super-Ancient, Lost to the Ages, Olden-Times Ramtops Wizard Swear (effortlessly pronouncing several rows of dashes)
The Wizard Swears

1. Cauldron bum
2. Son of a banshee
3. Swish and flicker
4. Voldemort’s nipple
5. Dragon bogies
6. Jiggery pokery
7. Expecto Patronads
8. Blast-ended skank
9. Broomhead
10. Hagrid’s butt-crack
11. Leprechaun taint
12. Unicorn turds
13. Muggle ****ing troll ****
14. Flobby-wanded dementor buggerer
15. Dobby’s sock
16. Your mother is a ********** Lorem ipsem ******* Admintum Venium******* Tragula ****** hippopotamus **** republican *********Daniel Radcliffe ****** with a bucket of ******* in a castle far away where no one can hear you ******* soup ******* with a bucket of ******** Mickey Mouse ******** a stick of dynamite ****** magical ****** Alakazam! (Elder swear)
17. Goblin crotch
18. ==*****ing Voldemort ******==
19. Bloody hell

purgebydesign  asked:

Hey Nick! New fan over here and wanted to ask your process in drawing with photoshop. I just started trying photoshop and it's all so intimidating with the brushes and whatnot. Do you have any tips how to use photoshop to create quality works such as yours? :D


Photoshop is a giant, scary dungeon full of traps and puzzles and there’s lava and underwater parts and monsters that are way beyond your current level. Take a deep breath, come to the save point with me, and we’ll take it one troll at a time.

I know what you mean- there is a lot to photoshop that even I don’t use…like…ever. And honestly, I’d do a lot more good to you if I could demo it live right now, but I’ll try to hit on some of the big principles and hope it helps. 
Start small-  I started in photoshop when I was just a youngling, tracing scanned images with a mouse and bucket-filling them to color. It’s taken years to figure out what works for me and how to get what I want out of the old monster. Figure out the basic set of default brush tools- don’t get caught up in customizing them yet- I’ve only just started, years later, and you can learn a lot with just the array of basics. Pick a hard round and play. Get a handle on layers- try some filters and learn which ones to NEVER EVER USE AGAIN (I’m looking at you, Lense Flare)
Start by keeping your lines on a separate layer- colors on another, background under those- the more you can break it down for yourself, the more you’ll learn about how things work as you go along.

The brush tool, eraser, selection tools, and gradient are the basic building blocks- figure those out and you can do pretty much anything- I barely use most of the others.

Play with layer modes- the little tab in the layer menu that currently says “normal”- there’s a whole world in there, and some settings like “multiply” and “overlay” might turn out to be invaluable.

Give yourself a head start and work with some scanned sketch work- it helps to fill the blank canvas up with something to start, and then push and pull it from there.

The fact is, photoshop is a tool like any other, and there are just about as many ways to use it as there are artists who do. My advice to anyone starting out is to play- to figure out what you like and what you want it to do…the program itself is designed to supply you with as many options as possible, so it helps to know what sort of thing you’re looking for when you dig in. The tools are one thing, and those will take some experimenting- but color theory, composition, anatomy, and a sense of design are going to be important no matter what, and they’re not specific to any medium you’re working in. 

I hope some of that is helpful- maybe I’ll do a stream about basic photoshop stuff if that would be helpful sometime?

The most important thing is to relax and have fun! You’re not going to master the program all at once, so take your time and get excited about the little discoveries along the way :)


i prefer the original version of “gator golf”

Your mother is a Beeeeeeeeep Lawrencium Beeeeeeeeeep Admitavenium Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Tragula Beeeeeeeep Hippopotamus Beeeeeeeeeeep Republican Beeeeeeeep Daniel Radcliffe Beeeeeeeeeeeeep With a bucket of Beeeeeeeeeep In a castle far away, where no one can hear u Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Soup Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep With a bucket of Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Mickey Mouse Beeeeep a stick of dynamite Beeeeeeeep Magical Beeeeeeeeeeeeep Alakazam!
—  Dumbledore