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REQUEST: Going to the house of Sebastian’s mum and she shows you pictures of him when he was little (and maybe the same but with you, only if you have time off)💕




Parents were made to be embarrassing. You absolutely knew it.

You had finally brought Sebastian over to meet your family and they were ecstatic to finally meet the man who made you happier than ever.

Dinner went over perfectly. Your father approved of him and you mother adored him. They talked amongst each other like they had known one another for years. You couldn’t help but smile proudly as you watched and listened.

After dessert you all headed to the living room. On the way over, Sebastian spotted your high school graduation picture on the wall. He stopped in his tracks and stared at it. He thought you looked cute with your cap and gown on.

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Blake's Fat Filled Halloween

Blake was too old for Halloween. It was quite rare for 18 year olds to go trick or treating, but he didn’t care, he just wanted tons of candy. He enjoyed to just eat and eat and didn’t care what people thought about it. He pulled down host black zombie shirt of just costume as it started to ride up his belly.
‘Hey Blake! Look at this house!’ Blake heard his friend shout. He followed the voice to an old dark house to find a bowl of candy sat on top an old damp wooden chair wth a note attached reading 'Take one candy’. Blake laughed as he grabbed a handful and placed it into his bag.
'Can’t you read you fuck wit, it says take one’ moaned his friend as he placed his candy corn in his bag.
'It’s their fault. Place a bowl outside without their supervision, then it’s bound to be empty in a matter of minutes’ replied Blake as he grabbed another handful of candy.
'Whatever. Hurry up then’ Said the friend as he left to the next house. Blake smirked as he continued to grab handful after handful of candy. Lollipops and gummies fell into the growing bag. After a few seconds, Blake had completely emptied the bowl. He smiled and turnt to leave the garden.
'Hungry?’ Blake froze. He turnt back round to find a tall young looking boy standing in the door frame. Blake gulped.
'I see you took everything’ said the boy as he lifted the baron bowl 'Looks like you like to eat’ the young boy rubbed his soft cold hand across Blake’s flabby belly which had escaped from the tight top. Blake blushed and pushed the boys hand away.
'Stop! Your such a perv!’ Screeched Blake as he stepped back. Without noticing, Blake found himself in the young boys hands.
'Let me go!’ Screened Blake as the boy bought him into his house and slammed the door shut.

Blake fluttered his tight eyelids open. His eyes scanned across the Snow White ceiling and squinted down. There he found he was in his underwear, strapped at the ankles and wrists on a operating table. Blake panicked as he pulled against his restraints. His fingers clenched as he pushed against the tight ropes.
'It’s not worth it’ came a voice as it echoed into the room. Blake glanced across the room to see the young man who bought him into the house.
'You! What do you want?! Why am I tied up!’ Blake screeched as he continued to try to slip out of his constraints.
'I want you’ The boy squished Blake’s belly with his two cold damp hands 'to get bigger’
'What?!’ Blake struggled even harder 'You fucking crazy?!’
'Yes’ the boy placed a funnel into Blake’s mouth. Blake tried to spit it out, but found he couldn’t even move any longer. The boy picked up a large bucket of Halloween candy and poured it into the funnel. Blake felt candy pour into his mouth. He tried his hardest to not chew, but he gave in to the force of the amount of food falling into his mouth. He chewed the food, closing his eyes. 'This isn’t happening’ thought Blake as more and more candy fell into his crumb filled mouth. The boy smiled as he picked up another bucket full of candy. Blake’s cheeks quickly fell a shade of red as he noticed his belly expand as more and more treats were consumed. Blake closed his eyes. He felt the young boy continue to caress his belly.

Blake’s eyes opened to find a familiar looking ceiling. Blake sat up, but found it extremely hard. There sitting on his lap was an even larger and softer belly. Blake gasped as he clutched his hands against the much larger belly. He slapped it And watched it wobble for longer. He stood up to find it now hung even lower than usual. He noticed that his underwear was skin tight and was near to ripping. Blake squished his now rounder butt. He blushed as his butt bounced back. Blake waddled to the bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror. He shook his head. No more trick or treating for him.

Surprise Three

Edward Nygma x reader

Warnings: Pet names, language, probably daddy at some point

The first thing you had done was clear out your bank account, next you went the the hospital. Arguably it was a risky decision, but you couldn’t take the chance of giving Ed anyway to find you.

You had never felt a more intense feeling of relief until the doctor said that your child should be okay.

Now to figure out where to go. Edward was an incredibly clever person and that probably meant you couldn’t stay in one place for long. Star City was all the way in California, you figured you could lay low there, just until the baby was born.

(Ed/Eddie P.o.v.)

I woke up on the floor. It should have been clue enough that something went wrong, but the throbbing pain in my head made it impossible to think clearly.

“YN? What happened?”

There was no memory for me after leaving the GCPD and YN and I talking about our child. Standing, I took in my surroundings. Only it wasn’t the usual neat and organized abode I’ve grown used to. Everything was out of place, glass shattered around, and the drawers seemed to have been raided.

“What did you do?” I asked, panic rising in my voice as I took everything in.

“What did we do,” the voice in my head corrected, “We got rid of the whore. Hey Eddie, how many babies does it take to paint a fence?”

“You killed them!” I started to search around the apartment for my dead family.

“Sadly, the bitch hit us with a bat. On the bright side she won’t fuck with us ever again.”

I rubbed the tears out of my eyes, the fact that they were alive provided me with hope. It would be simple to track them down.

“Really? You want to live with a little bastard and slut for the rest of your life?”

“Stop calling them names. Why the hell are you so awful? They’re the only people in this world that give a shit about us. I’m going to learn to control you,” Eddie vowed.

“Good luck with that,” Ed chuckled, “Never gonna happen.”

(Reader p.o.v)
-time skip-
“Mommy!” Your son jumped up and down on your bed, attempting to wake you up.

“Benji,” you groaned, hiding your head under the covers, “Five minutes.”

“But mommy,” he whined, “I finally solved my rubix cube. See?”

Getting out from under the covers, you looked at the toy in his hands. Sure enough it was completely solved. “How’d I get such an intelligent son?” You asked, looking at him lovingly.

The pregnancy had been fine for the most part. Minor bumps here and there but your doctor had said they were to be expected given the circumstances. It was difficult dealing with the pregnancy on your own. There had been many times when you wanted to go back to Eddie. The only thing stopping you was his darker self, being with Eddie simply wasn’t worth your child’s life. It certainly didn’t help that Benjamin was a spitting image of Edward and had the kindness to match. It was easy to forget anything about Ed being involved.

“You just got really really lucky. But I am too! Because my mommy is the bestest ever!” Benjamin exclaimed, moving to cuddle close to you.

“Thank you kiddo. You know mommy loves you, right?”

Benjamin nodded against you happily. “Mommy? Can I have ghost pancakes since it’s Halloween?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Can I eat them in my Riddler costume?” He asked giving you puppy eyes.

Benjamin was obsessed with Riddler, much to your dismay. He liked that the villain was based puzzles and such. It didn’t help that strangers would voice his likeness to the man. Obviously, he just had to be the Riddler for Halloween. Of course you didn’t want to disappoint your son so you swallowed your pride and agreed. That meant you spent the better part of the month making him a homemade suit, picking the exact shades of green and purple that Ed would have.

“Yeah. Just don’t dirty it.”

“Thank you!” Excited he ran to his room to put on his suit.

You made your way to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. The iPod was set on shuffle filling in the science. When Teddy Bear came on you were quick to skip the song, it just held too many bad memories. (EH?! I’m fucking rad admit it)

Once breakfast was finished you both took a seat on the couch and ate as Nightmare before Christmas played on the tv.

It was fucking delightful that Halloween was on a Saturday. You didn’t have to worry about school or work. That meant Benji got to have all your attention for the day. The day was filled with board games, Mario Kart, and cookies. Finally it was time to go trick or treating with his best friend, who had dressed as Batman.

Three hours and a full bucket of candy later you returned to your home. Benjamin had fallen asleep in the backseat. Carefully you took him into your arms, balancing a candy pail and the small boy in one arm as you opened the door. You turned on the light before walking towards Benjamin’s room.

“Momma?” Benjamin yawned, sleepily nuzzling his face against your neck. “Why’s the Riddler in our house?”

You turned on your heel, sure enough you met Edwards stare. “I don’t know, baby. Let’s put you to bed and I’ll sort it out.”

Edward stood silent, a smirk playing on his lips when he saw the costume your son was wearing.

“Mommy!” He whined, starting to wake up, “But he’s my favorite!” Benjamin managed to squirm out of your arms and he started to run toward the man.

“Benjamin Nashton YLN!” You quickly grasped his wrist, “Do as your mother says and get to your room.” Benjamin took a look at your face before stomping off angrily. Well as angry as a five year old could be.

“Really? Benjamin, I like. I’ve no problems with that whatsoever. But Nashton? Hardly think that’s appropriate.”

“You don’t get to have a say on what I named my son. What are you doing here? Got bored putting Gotham through hell?” You studied him, the hidden gun you had wasn’t too far out of reach if you needed.

“I came to take back what was mine,” he replied, racking his eyes over your body. It seemed like Edward had finally found a mix between Eddie and Ed. Ed’s vulgarity was certainly present in his looks but Eddie’s calmness took over his body.

“Nothing here belongs to you.”

“Are you sure? Because if I remember correctly, my son and my kitten,” as he spoke he pointed in the respective directions.

“Go to hell, Nygma. You ran us out. Besides don’t you have your whores, Echo and Query?” You ignored the shiver the old nickname gave you.

“Aw, did the my little kitten miss daddy?” Edward walked towards you, placing his hands on your hips, “Did those other girls make you jealous?”

“Get off of me!” You pushed him away, “How dare you try to come back after what you did? It was all your fault. I just wanted my Eddie…”

(Ed POV)

Edward’s mask of confidence fell when he saw tears threatening to fall from YN’s eyes. ‘Women like confidence’ echoed in his head, but she never fit into the common norms. YN had liked him for his quirky faults. He was an idiot for thinking an arrogant act would win her over. “I’m still here. I just thought that if by acting a certain way you’d want me back. YN, please, I just want the two of you back.” He pressed kisses against your face in the way that used to calm you down and attempted to pull you into his arms.

(Reader POV)

“You put me through hell! I was pregnant and forced to leave. Afraid of the one person I’ve ever loved,” you flinched away from his kisses, “You weren’t there for any of his first. When he walked, talked, solved a damned rubix cube. Of course, even though he didn’t know it he just had to love you.” As much as you hated it you leaned against him and started to bawl.

Edward pressed a kiss on the top of your head, apologizing in every way possible. “Shh, come here baby.” He led you to the couch and sat you on his lap.

Your son rushed out of his room once he heard your cries. “Momma! Are you okay?” The small boy tried to pry the man’s hands away, “What’s wrong?” Benjamin pressed a kiss to your cheek.

You stood up and knelt down in front of Benji. “It’s okay baby,” you pressed a kiss to his cheek in return, “I just got a little sad.”

He looked shyly at the man in green before returning his attention to you, “Did the Riddler hurt you?”

(Ed POV)

Edward had missed having you in his arms, the short time you were there wasn’t enough. Still, he couldn’t help but admire his son. It was like looking in a fun house mirror that made you look shorter.

He never understood what his past darker self had against a child. At least now he had full control over him.

Benjamin made him feel like he was seeing himself as a child. Hardly any of YN had made an imprint on the boy. YN was doing a perfect job raising Benjamin and he, of course, had to be brilliant. Edward felt pride at being someone Benjamin wanted to emulate.

“I wouldn’t hurt her, you either,” I answered the question he had directed to his mother.

“Why?” He asked, his big curious eyes seemingly seeking the answers to the universe.

“I’m your father little one.”

Benjamin frowned in response, staring at YN. “You told me daddy died in an accident mommy. I’m confused.”

The Riddler felt his heart clench. It seemed reasonable for her to spin such a tale. A child of his age would ask questions about an absent father. Especially since she had assumed by moving often, Edward wouldn’t be able to find her. It hurt nonetheless.

(Reader POV)

Great, now you had to explain this whole mess to your son. “Baby, I’m sorry, but I told you a lie. We got into an argument and decided it was best to get away from each other,” of course you weren’t going to tell him the whole truth, “The Riddler is your dad.”

“That’s why you would get sad when I talked about him!” Benjamin realized, before looking angrily at Edward, “Mommy cried because of you. I hope Batman solves all of your riddles!”

It was obvious that Edward taken back by the young boy’s anger. Though, if Ed had any control he would have exploded by now. Instead Edward looked sad by the thought of upsetting you and your son. You couldn’t help but think he deserved it. Still Benjamin had managed to make you laugh.

“Love, calm down. You’re so amazing,” you pressed a kiss to the top of his head, “Mommy’s fine, promise. She’s just thinking too much right now.”

Benjamin hugged you, “It’s okay mommy. I forgive you for lying.”

You smiled, before looking at the Riddler. He didn’t know what to do with himself to say the least. Undeniably there was still a part of you that loved the man. Even if he was a criminal now, you wanted your son to have some real memories of his father. “Benji, how about you go get a board game or the rubix cube?” They both looked at you with identical expressions of confusion, but Benjamin shrugged and went to go get a game.

“Why’d you send him to get a game?”

“Once upon a time some fucked up things happened with us. But I know you enough to know if you wanted to hurt us the deed would be done by now. The only thing to do is to right now is to him happy again. He holds a hell of a grudge, if anyone asks me, I’d say he gets it from his father. Usually playing around can distract him though.”

“Does this mean I get another shot at life with the both of you?”

“I…Eddie I don’t know,” you crossed your arms, “Let’s just take it slow. Benjamin is the important one in this situation and we should focus on him.”

He nodded, “You’re right. Just don’t put off the idea of us. You’re still my favorite kitten.”

“Don’t call me that.”

Benjamin came back with Clue and his solved Rubix cube. “Here you go mommy,” he said, handing you the cube.

“Look at this.” You started to mix up the cube, stopping when you were satisfied with the final product. “Eddie, solve it one handed.”

Ed took the cube and started matching the colors. Benjamin shuffled closer, captivated by how quickly his father was solving it. “You know, they won’t let me hold the record because I’m an adversary to the Batman,” Ed rolled his eyes, “The dimwit.”

“Bet you I could get the record! I solved it for the first time today,” Benjamin explained, happily. You were glad to see your distraction worked.

“No arguments there. With parents as intelligent as your mother and I, no doubt you’d be any less.”

“Dad,” Benjamin looked as if he was experimenting with the word, “Why’d you come back?”

“Because I missed your mother and I wanted to know what my son was like,” he ruffled Ben’s hair playfully, “I’ve always known where the two of you were, but there was something holding me back from coming to see you.”

“Does that mean you’re gonna leave again?”

“If you want me to stay around, I will.”

“That would be cool. I’ve always wondered what having a daddy would be like. Stephen always makes fun of me for just having a mommy,” Benji frowned.

“Obviously he was raised by apes. No matter, you have me now. I promise I’ll stay as long as you need me,” Ed scanned the room, looking for something that would cheer up his son, “Hey! How did you know Clue was my favorite game?”

Ben’s eyes lit up, “Really? Mine too! I’ll set it up!” Ben got to work, setting the pieces up on the living room table.

“Should’ve known you would catch on quick. How long did you know about the moving?” You wondered.

“Since the beginning. I just stayed away because I didn’t want him to gain control. Around the time Ben was born I was debating seeing the both of you,” he shook his head, “Risking the two of you wasn’t worth it.”

“I hope you know we’re not going back to Gotham. Maybe back then, but now with all you rogues? I just don’t feel it’s safe enough.”

“Didn’t want you to anyways,” he said, “I know of too many plans. It would be easy for one of you to be caught in the crossfire.”

“Mommy, daddy! Come on, let’s play!”

The conversation you two were having was put on pause. By the end of the night, the three of you had had your fill of Ben’s candy and the game had came to an end when Ben started to doze off at the table. Ed helped you put your son to bed before joining you back in the living room.

“How long is your visit?”

“I was thinking, maybe, three weeks. I have business in Gotham. Then, if you were okay with it, I could come back later?”

You sighed, but nodded, “Fine, sure. Just don’t get yourself killed Eddie.”

“I’ve got reasons to live now,” he yawned, rubbing his face sleepily. “Mind if I take your couch for the night?”

“You know you’re not sleeping on the couch,” you rolled your eyes grabbing his hand, leading him to your room, “Just don’t expect to get lucky anytime soon.” You started to change into your night clothes. It didn’t matter that he was there, he’d seen you before. “Here,” you threw a shirt at him and a pair of sweatpants, “I accidentally packed it when I was getting my things but the sweats I took on purpose.”

“You did love wearing my clothes.” That made you stick your tongue out at him. “Don’t stick out your tongue unless you plan to use it dear.”

You got comfy in your bed, more tired than you had realized. “Fuck you, Eddie.”

“Thought you said I wasn’t getting lucky anytime soon?” He chuckled, joining you in bed once he was dressed.

“Only in your dreams. Goodnight.”

“Wouldn’t those be the sweetest dreams? Goodnight kitten,” he said, holding you close. He knew that you’d be his again.

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Please do a kadena Halloween fic where they take Jalil trick or treating!

She doesn’t even know why she bothers asking him what he wants to be for Halloween, considering he’s been watching the same old Disney movie, on repeat, for weeks.

But she still asks, and when Jalil shrieks, “Aladdin!”, bouncing on his feet in excitement, she and Adena share a knowing smile.

Their four year-old is obsessed with Aladdin. Like, truly obsessed.

It could be worse. At least he has good taste, even if most of the other kids probably won’t recognize his costume.

It’s a Saturday morning and they’re relaxing at home together. Kat sits on the floor with Jalil, helping him with his dollhouse, while Adena watches them fondly from her spot on the comfy chair.

He’s distracted now, eyes wide and thinking about his costume, when he turns his small body toward Adena.

Maman, you can be Jasmine!”

Adena smiles, ignores the look that Kat is giving her when she says, “You think so?”

He grins, races across the carpet over to her. “Yes! It’s perfect!”

Adena scoops him up, holds Jalil in his lap and kisses his head.

“Did you know I dressed up as Jasmine many years ago, before you were born?” she tells him, and he turns in her lap, looks at her with wide eyes.

Really? Who was Aladdin?”

Adena looks at her, chin tucked against Jalil’s head, gaze full of love and memories.

“Mommy was.”

He whips his head back around, gives Kat a confused look. “You don’t look like Aladdin.”

Adena laughs into his hair and Kat scoffs, folds her arms across her chest. “Hey now, baby J. I was an awesome Aladdin.” He giggles and tilts his head, like he’s trying to picture it.  

“It’s my turn though. There can’t be two Aladdins,” he informs her, and Kat smiles, sticks her tongue out at him.

“Who am I gonna be then?”

Jalil holds his chin, ponders it for a few seconds. “The Genie!”

Adena can’t stop laughing.

She finds a fantastic all-blue outfit, does some fun make-up on her face, and Jalil loves it. Her wife, however, cannot look at her with a straight face.

Her gorgeous wife, who found herself a new Jasmine costume and looks far too good to just be going trick-or-treating.

She’s not even mad that she’s the genie. Because Adena and Jalil together, as Jasmine and Aladdin, is the cutest thing she’s ever seen in her life.

Jalil is wearing a thermal before they leave, underneath the purple vest, because otherwise it’ll be too cold. As it is Adena keeps worrying over him, telling her they need to bring his real coat too, just in case.

But they leave out the thermal for the pictures, let him wear just his vest and his flowy pants and his little fez hat. 

Later that night, after they return home with a full bucket of candy that Adena insists stay stored away in the kitchen, she opens her Instagram to upload two pictures, side by side.

One, of her and Adena, younger and full of heart-eyes for each other at the Scarlet Halloween Bash. The other, her favorite shot from tonight, of Adena and Jalil together in the kitchen, smiling at each other instead of the camera.

She adds a simple caption and posts it before setting her phone down, turning to spoon Adena under the covers. Adena hums, content, and kisses at her hand, weaves their fingers together.

Her phone lights up in the dark with notifications that she ignores, everyone responding to the photos and—

Forever and always my #1 Jasmine

This ficlet is a part of my kadena family verse. For other posts in this verse, click here.

“Trick Or Treat!” (Inktober Day 2: Children)

Title: Trick Or Treat!

Author: VampAmber

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary:  After getting hit with a witch’s curse that causes de-aging, what Dean wants to do more than anything is go trick or treating. He wants Cas to go with him too, of course, because he just knows Cas is going to love it. And since Castiel can’t say no to Dean, no matter his age, he’s stuck wearing fake wings and a halo. Good thing it’s only treats tonight, the one at the end probably being the best.

Word Count: 1872

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12247962

“We should be focusing on reversing whatever spell that witch cast, not goofing off,” Sam complained as he poured through yet another book of lore from the bunker’s vast library.

“I agree,” Castiel said as scanned the pages of a different tome. “But he is being rather insistent, and it’s becoming somewhat distracting.”

“I wanna go trick or treating, Sammy!” Yelled Dean as he ran into the room, his four year old body full of far too much energy. “I wanna costume, and I wanna get candy, and I wanna do it now!” They’d been dealing with this for over an hour already.

“Dean, we need to be fixing what the witch did,” Castiel scolded him.

“You’re not the boss of me, Cas,” Dean pouted. “You’re the same age as me, so you can’t be.” The freckle faced child stuck out his tongue at the angel before running back off again. Castiel just sighed and turned the page, his legs dangling in the air because they weren’t long enough to touch the floor now.

Whatever the spell was that had hit Dean and Castiel, causing them to de-age, had also apparently worked on their mental ages as well. The angel was quite certain that Jimmy, were he still in this vessel, would probably have been acting the same as Dean right now.

“Maybe we should just take him?” Sam suggested, closing his book. “We’re obviously not getting anywhere right now, and I doubt taking a break for a few hours would really affect this one way or the other. Besides, he didn’t get that much of a childhood, since everything started around this age. Maybe this is a temporary good thing?”

Castiel closed his book as well. “I didn’t think of it that way, Sam,” he said, still not used to hearing his voice come out so high pitched. This wasn’t the first time he was in a child’s body, but Claire hadn’t been quite this young for the short amount of time he used her body, so this was all quite new to him. “Dean could certainly use more happy memories.”

“So, to the store then?” Sam asked, and Castiel nodded. “Hopefully there are some costumes left still,” he muttered before calling to Dean.

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Gabriel held his hand out, letting you slipped your gloved hand into his. The two of you walked along, you holding your bucket full of candy as you stared wide-eyed at the houses around you.

“Want to go to this one?” he asked, bending down to talk to you face to face and you nodded.

He returned it and stood back up again, walking with you to the house. He picked you up so you could press the doorbell. You both heard something rustling within and you held out your bucket as it opened.

“Trick or treat,” you called out, a smile on your face and the old lady gave a smile at that.

“How cute,” she asked as she dropped a handful of candy and chocolate in, “What are you?”

“I’m a cupcake,” you proudly said, “Because they’re tasty.”

“I wasn’t going to argue,” you heard your father say to the side and behind you, lady reaching over to pinch your cheeks.

“How precious,” she said, grabbing one more bar, “Here’s another.”

“Thank you!” you said before ambling off, slipping your hand into your dad’s again.

“You tired?” he asked and you shook your head.

“Just a few more,” you sleepily replied, never wanting the night to end.

Treat or more treats

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: A look into the future. A family evening, where really nothing much happens and everyone is happy. At least, in the end.
Characters: Callie/Arizona; Sofia, original characters
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

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“I ate all of your Halloween candy.” - Dash Wilder

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“I ate all of your Halloween candy.” – Dash Wilder

Word count: 400+

Warnings: none

“I’m a princess, daddy!” (Y|D|N) your four-year-old daughter said, spinning around for Dash. “Yes, you are sweetheart.” Dash said. As much as you wanted to go with Dash and (Y|D|N) trick or treating, you couldn’t. You were a few days overdue with your second baby and you didn’t want to go into labor walking around the neighborhood.  
“Have fun!” You walked them to the door. (Y|D|N) jumped around excitedly. She was one hyper child.  Dash held her hand as they walked out of the house and down the street.

You were resting on the couch when the front door opened. It had been a few hours and Dash, along with (Y|D|N) came back. Dash carried (Y|D|N) inside. “She’s exhausted.” Dash whispered before carrying her upstairs.  A few seconds later, Dash came back downstairs with (Y|D|N)’s bucket full of candy.   “I was watching Jimmy Kimmel earlier and an idea popped in my head.” You told Dash as the both of you checked her candy for her to eat tomorrow.
“What are you thinking?” Dash asked. 

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18+22 hoshi fluufffyyy flufff pleaseeee :) really gratefull for admins dat writeee suchhh fabfab stuff 🙆 to mani moree followeerrssss tooo. Fightinggf!!!!💪

18. “If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?”

22. “You’re the only one I see.”

A/N: AHHH I hope this was to your liking, I wrote it so long ago but kept forgetting to post it?? I’m so so sorry!! All the admins have been going insane due to Diamond Edge, keep a look out for our blog about it?? might take a few more days before any of us are even able to type out a word without screaming (mainly just me and jihooned i think)

also this totally did not happen to me in real life hahaha bye

- admin hoshit 💕

Word Count: 998 words

Genre: Fluff, a little crack? everything I write somehow turns into crack please forgive me 

Warnings: nope!

“Soonyoung, I don’t think I want to do this anymore,” you whimper, staring unhappily at the haunted house maze.

The rest of the boys have already disappeared in at intervals randomly determined, you suspect, by the scary looking pumpkin man guarding the entrance of the maze. Soonyoung and you were the only ones left, and the strangled screams of Jihoon, who disappeared in with Seungcheol twenty minutes prior, was the only indication of whether the boys exited alive or dead, and even that was debatable.

“We’ll be okay, we have each other,” Soonyoung whispers back, trying his best to reassure you, his trembling hands betraying the fact that he was utterly petrified.

“You may enter,” an ominous voice cuts through the air, startling both of you, and Soonyoung grabs your hands, muttering unhappily about bets and regrets and being a man.

“It’s a haunted house maze, so they shouldn’t make the maze too hard right? Since the main point is to scare us?” You question hopefully, Soonyoung nodding with a grim, determined look.

“We can do this.”


I must have jinxed the maze, you thought desperately, clutching the back of Soonyoung’s shirt as you recovered from the last scare not five seconds past, the man with an Honest To God chainsaw popping out from who-knows-where, chainsaw revving and about two inches away from Soonyoung’s face as you dragged him backwards when his legs have, apparently, failed him.

“Let’s take a break,” Soonyoung suggests, perspiration rolling down his face as he gasps for breaths, illuminated only by the red light shining through the spaces between the hedges of the maze.

You nod, and the both of you collapse on the floor at a relatively safe spot of the maze, in the dead end that at least protected you from jumpscares from three sides. If someone came from the one open side, you would just resign yourself to feigning death and hoping that they would take pity on you.

After a few moments, you start giggling when Soonyoung starts swearing under his breath, angrily complaining about the maze and how difficult it was.

“It’s just a haunted house maze, why would the workers take their jobs so seriously?” He half shouts, gesturing wildly at the surroundings, all three hedges and one entrance worth.

You laugh, pulling him up to continue through the maze, wanting to make sure that even though Soonyoung had already lost the bet of who gets through the maze fastest, he wouldn’t be the last and have to clean the practice room for a month. You had to admit, though, that after the fifth jumpscare, you were pretty tired of getting scared, even though that did nothing to detract from your fear.

The two of you exit the dead end cautiously, looking left and right just in case someone was there in ambush.

“It’s clear n—” You cut yourself off with a scream, a face popping out from the side of the hedge through a concealed opening, Soonyoung already flailing and propelling himself wildly to the furthest side with you in tow.

“Hop on my back,” Soonyoung demands, and you stop.

“Hop on my – what?”

“Get on and I’ll carry you out of here,” he repeats urgently.

You stand there in confusion, because how is that a good idea, or even an idea at all?

Soonyoung peeks behind you, blanches and throws you over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and immediately starts bolting through the maze, with you dangling over his back precariously with an, admittedly, nice view of his butt.

Loud sounds thundering behind you prompts you to lift your head, and you yell for Soonyoung to “RUN FASTER, THERE IS A SCARECROW BEHIND US AND WE ARE GOING TO DIE!”

Soonyoung answers with a high-pitched shriek and continues tearing through the maze, yelling that he can see light in front of him while you keep a fearful eye on the scarecrow, bonking along on Soonyoung’s back as he makes hard turns and skids.

The two of you burst out of the exit of the maze after too long a sprint, startling the werewolf guarding the exit, Soonyoung panting as he puts you down as carefully as he can, while still being scared out of his wits.

You straighten up, before turning to Soonyoung and combing through his messy bangs to make him look less like he sprinted his way through a haunted house with his girlfriend on his back.

He holds you close for comfort while you do so, both of your hearts pounding from the haunted house, smiling fondly down at you as you straighten his collar for him as well.

“If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?” He whispers, cupping your cheeks and tilting your head up for your eyes to meet his.

“Don’t be silly,” you laugh, “you can always find another girl. Or do these things by yourself,” you whisper conspiratorially, playfully.

His expressions darkens, and he chastens you, “Don’t say things like that. You’re the only one I see.”

Stricken, you quickly move to reassure him, bringing his hands down from your cheeks and interlacing your hands together, “I’m kidding, Soonyoung. Let’s not think about things like–”

“There you guys are, we went to go get food because you took so long,” a loud, unmistakably Seungcheol yell interrupts you, and both you and Soonyoung turn to see the boys bounding over, hands full of candy floss, fried chicken buckets and whatever that had caught the fancy of the younger boys.

“Where’s the baby.” A statement, not even a question, barely leaves Jeonghan’s mouth before the group of them skid to a halt.

A panic breaks out within the older ranks of Seventeen, and it is half an hour before Chan is rounded up, sheepish and giddy from too many rides on the carousel.

(You fall asleep against Soonyoung while waiting, and he carries you home and tucks you in, bridal style this time.)

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choukoayumi  asked:

Ooh! Whenever you get to this, could we get a scenario of America and England trick or treating (or pulling pranks) on Halloween?

So it is currently 1:15 AM, but you know what, still Halloween in my book! Sorry this took so long! -Admin Jay

Alfred was bouncing with excitement as he ran from house to house along the street. So much candy so far! It was a great Halloween! He knew dressing up as Captain America was a good idea! As he looked down the street he saw some more houses decorated with kids leaving them, but at the end of the street was a big house that was dark…to any other trick-or-treater that meant “don’t bother”, but to Alfred it meant “try me”. Alfred readied his candy bucket that was already half-full and started down the street. Little did he know about the shadowy figure lurking behind him with piercing green eyes…
“Trick-or-treat!” Alfred proclaimed happily as he stood at the door. Though as the lady was giving out candy, soon the candy turned to worms and were wiggling all over his hands…
“Ah! Not cool! Totally a trick!”
Alfred raced away from the door and headed to the next house…maybe that house was just trying to be funny…well, Alfred didn’t think it was…who were they to mess with his candy raid?
“Trick-or-treat!” Alfred waited with another big smile, but as the door opened a horrifying clown laughed at him and chased him down off the porch.
“Seriously?! This is bad luck!”
Alfred pouted as he looked at the street…two away from the big scary house…but so far his luck was so bad, he didn’t even know if he wanted to try his luck there…As he kept walking about his way, soon he heard a ghostly sound behind him.
“If I ignore it…it isn’t there…right?”
“I’m gonna ignore it…just like the hero….” Alfred tried to keep walking, but his palms were getting sweaty and he could feel his heart racing…
“Will you-” Alfred spun around to look at who was trying to scare him before he saw an honest to goodness ghost standing behind him. Like the true hero he was, Alfred threw his hands up in the air and ran for his life. Dropping some candy as he ran for his life screaming for mercy from the ghost. Once Alfred was out of sight, Arthur stepped out of the bushes laughing as he pushed his black cloak behind him and scooped up Alfred’s dropped sweets.
“They always taste better when they have a hint of fear…”
Arthur chuckled quietly before heading back to his house at the end of the street as he popped a candy into his mouth.
“Happy All Hallow’s Eve indeed…”

anonymous asked:

What did the Akatsuki do for Halloween

Sasori and Deidara went to a Halloween party dressed as Bill and Dipper from Gravity Falls.  Sasori wasn’t happy with this and there’s a reason Deidara wore that eyepatch for two more days.

Itachi stayed at home, maybe dressed as a last-minute prepared vampire costume as he gave candies to neighborhood trick-or treaters. Kisame dropped by the Uchiha’s residence too, and he helped in the candy-giving thing.

The Zetsu twins stayed at their own respective homes. Probably turned off the lights. Ain’t no trick or treaters gonna ruin their Horror Movie Marathons.

I’d like to think Tobi joined in trick-or treating dressed as Sirachia. He claims to want to be a little bit “spicy” this season. Tobi got 8 King Sized Kitkats along with two bucket-full of candies.

Yahiko, Konan and Yahiko went to that seasonal Halloween-themed amusement park and maybe joined the Zombie Run for shits and giggles. Oh, Hidan was there too, but he didn’t run. An unlucky “zombie” tried to chase him. Poor fella got beaten up by a startled Hidan. Kakuzu had to pick him up from the amusement park’s office with a complaint stating that Hidan “violently attacked one of their workers”. Kakuzu threw them some rotten candies from three years back and told them to “eat shit, you can keep that bastard, I aint paying for him”.

Hidan actually cried that night.

Pumpkin Patch: Jungkook (SMUT)

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Request: Can I request a Halloween smut with Jungkook? It doesn’t have to be supernatural or anything just halloween themed, thank you love!!

-Happy Halloween my lovelies!!

(Also this is smut without a plot so enjoy!!}


It was just like the stupid horror movies you watched; the girl gets left alone without her boyfriend and she stupidly calls out to him, not knowing that the killer has already killed the guy. You were freezing your ass off, regretting not taking your jacket with you. It didn’t help that you were in a Red Riding Hood’s costume, except it had a sexy twist to it. It was basically lingerie that you were a little skeptic to wear, but Jungkook seemed fine with you in the skimpy costume. But his opinion didn’t matter since he gawked at your chest all night anyway.

You huffed and fisted the bottom of your skirt, where was he? He said he’d be back ten minutes ago. Your candy bucket was nearly full as you set it down to shoot your idiotic boyfriend a text, hoping he’d respond. No signal. Now this was seriously starting to freak you out. You had a signal before you left!

You looked to the pumpkin patch and decided you would wait there instead of in the middle of the street or the super creepy haunted house that was at the end of the road. Even if you hated scary movies, you’d rather be watching one on the sofa cuddling with Jungkook instead of in an unknown area without your beloved boyfriend by your side.

“Go trick o’ treating with me, he said. It’ll be fun, he said.” You groaned and kicked the pebble on the ground and watched it roll into the sewer. Jungkook would seriously be getting a punch or two from you when you found him. Entering the pumpkin patch, you looked around and sat on the biggest pumpkin you could find. The patch was deserted, which made you curious. Who leaves a pumpkin patch unattended?

You checked your phone once more for hope but to your dismay, it still had no bars. Your ears perked up upon hearing the hay rustling next to you. You jumped up and backed away quickly. The hay shuffled roughly and your heart started to beat faster. Just as you were about to turn and run, a small mouse squeaked a hello to you as it revealed itself to be the thing you were getting yourself worked up over.

“Just a mouse…” you whispered trying to reassure yourself and calm your erratic heartbeat. You turned to leave but instead ran into a firm chest. You screamed loudly and thought you were done for. The killer found you and you would die tonight.

“Wow, you’ve been screaming for me a lot lately.” Smugness was stitched into his voice, Jungkook’s voice. Upon realizing it was him, you hit him in the chest.

“What the hell!? You nearly scared me to death, you asshole. And where have you been? I could have gotten kidnapped or something.”

He chuckles and wraps his arms around you, “Nah, no one would wanna kidnap you, loudmouth.” Before you can respond he brings you into a chaste kiss.

“Don’t think you can shush me up by kissing me because you know damn well th-” He kisses you again and you melt into it. You can feel his triumphant smirk against your lips, causing a small moan to slip through your lips. You force yourself to pull away and you pout cutely, “You said you were gonna be gone for two minutes. You took so long!” You exaggerated.

“I didn’t. You’re just impatient.” He says, eyes roaming your body and stopping at your breasts. He bites his lip and you sigh.

“If you think I’m going to have sex with your right now, guess again.” His colossal hands grip your ass and you gasp.

“If you think you can resist me, guess again.” He smirked once again, knowing he was right, “Why don’t you just relax, we got all night.” His voice was hoarse as he whispered in your ear. Were you really sure you wanted to do this in a pumpkin patch?

“Let’s just go home, the hay will make me itchy.” You reasoned but he just grinned.

“That’s what this blanket is for babe.” He pulls the red and black checkered blanket from out his bag and spreads it on the ground.”

You cut your eyes at him and crossed your arms, “You planned this, didn’t you?” He chuckled suspiciously and shrugged his shoulders.

“Maaaybe.” You rolled your eyes as he pulled you down on the covered ground. “Don’t act like you don’t want it.” You groaned at his cockiness.

“Shut up…” He lied you on your back as he hovered over you, biting his lip.

He leaned down to kiss you but you turned your head at the last moment and his soft lips ended up nibbling at your neck. It didn’t matter to him anyway, he’d kiss every part of you with no complaints.

Your skin was sweet, like the chocolate that was melting in your candy bucket. At least that’s how it tasted to Jungkook. He loved it, he craved it. It was one of his favorite tastes and hell, don’t get him started on how your juices taste.

He inhaled your scent deeply, just thinking of your taste on his tongue was driving him mad. He bit your neck and you groaned in pleasure.

“Jungkook…don’t tease me, please.” You pleaded with heat building in your cheeks. Oh how he loved to hear you beg.

He removed your red hood and tossed it to the side. Your breasts looked magnificent in your costume, it was no doubt making his length hard. You helped him remove your skirt to reveal red and white laced panties.

“Wow. Looks like someone really wanted to get into character.” He chuckles before pressing two fingers to your clothed slit. You were too busy focusing on his fingers to form a coherent response.

You wanted to say something about his Spiderman costume but there was nothing you could say, he looked hella sexy in his spandex. It shaped his tight butt nicely and his bulge was…well, bulging.

He traced small circles onto your sensitive clit, reveling in the sound of your wanton moans making their way to his ears. You were growing wetter by the second, the thought of being caught in a random guy’s pumpkin patch only made your hornier for him. His cock was straining against his bottoms as your arousal soaked his fingers.

Jungkook pulled your top down and lifted your skirt, growing more impatient as time passed. You shivered as the cool air immediately brushed against your wet slit.

Jungkook easily slipped his fingers into your waiting heat, causing you to roll your hips on his active digits. With his other hand, he gripped your breast and took your pert nipple into his mouth.

He sucked on it harshly, portraying his growing need and want for himself to be inside of you. His fingers quickly moved inside of you, creating a squelching sound that was made by your wet cunt. Your moans suddenly stopped as he removed his fingers from you.

You whined in protest at the sudden loss and clawed at the fabric of his costume bottoms. He laughs softly as you struggle. Jungkook pulls off his pants and settles in between your legs. You open wider for him so that he can be comfortable.

“Shit…I forgot the condoms.” He states and sighs.

You shrugged, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to be careful.” You state, crossing your legs around his lower back, keeping him from going anywhere anytime soon.

Jungkook nods and slowly slides himself into your warm cavern. You both moan simultaneously, the pleasure of doing it raw was much more satisfying than using a condom. You could feel every inch of him as he sunk his solid cock into your tight pussy.

He looks right into your eyes as he begins to move inside you, not slow but not fast either. It was the perfect pace. Sweat starts to collect at his forehead, most likely from the body heat you were producing and your current Halloween escapade. Jungkook rocks his hips into yours, holding in his manly moan as your walls tighten around him every time he enters you.

He pushes your legs apart and marvels at how his cock can disappear inside of you and reappear in mere seconds. Precum leaked from his tip and mixed with your slick. Jungkook quickened his speed, softly making your breasts bounce slightly. He gripped the back of your knees and pushed them down by your head.

You weren’t that flexible, so it did cause a little bit of pain but you weren’t complaining. Not as long as he didn’t stop fucking you until you would cum.

Your moans grew louder as he began to toy with your clit again. His hips grind into you and you can feel your orgasm build up in your stomach. He pulls your head up to kiss you. This time it was rough and passionate, making you lose your breath as he fucked the wind out of you.

You dug your nails into his soft skin and arched your back as he hit your special spot. You were squeezing around his dick so hard, he thought he was going to shoot his load into you at that very moment, but he didn’t because he knew it would be dangerous.

You gyrate your hips up to meet his, moaning as his veiny length pounds into you, causing the air to flee from your desperate lungs.

You silently warn him of your incoming orgasm. You squeezed around his shaft as if you were trying to suffocate it and he quickly had to pull out as his hot cum spurted onto your tummy. You pulled him close as you came with him, chests heaving up and down as the feeling of euphoria clouded your minds.

Your peace was interrupted when he finally pulled his pants up and kissed your forehead, “C’mon, we need to get home.” He whispers and kisses your cheek. He helps you dress yourself since your legs felt like jelly.

He gathered anything that belonged to you, not wanting to leave a sign of ever being there behind.

You’re walking back to the car and that’s when you first hear it, a motor. No..something more like a rattle. You turn back to see a man with a mask on, a pretty human-like mask too. He’s carrying a chainsaw and you stop, fear and shock crossing your face.

“J-Jungkook.” You look to him and he has the same expression on his face. The man inches closer and raises the chainsaw. He’s about ten feet away from you and he starts running with the weapon in his hand.

You’re frozen in place and a strong hand is pulling you to a car, “run” is all you hear and before you know it, you’re two feet away from the chainsaw wielding man.


This is where I end it, let me know if you guys want a sequel or not!

This is Coon going back home after its first Tumblr Halloween trick-or-treating.  ヽ(・∀・)ノ  

Nice @zimmer2d gave me a pumpkin bucket because I had none.  ❤

And it’s full. And mama carries my other bag with more virtual candies, and I got waffles, and cookies, and so many grapes, and hugs and pats on the head and it’s best first Halloween ever and I’m cuddled and happeh.  (o´▽`o)

That me, jogging back home with a bucket FULL of candy, and my Vampire Prince Bat Moon Mage costume. Aah, there’s my collar too, which ruins the vampire look but mama won’t let me out without it  ヽ(‵﹏´;;)ノ

Gotta snuggle into bed now to ease sickness, though! Coon had a great halloween and hopes you all had an amazing one, too. It was fun! Thank you for the virtual candies and cuddles and love and positivity. ( ´ ▽ ` )♡

Have a goodnight, or good morning, depending where you’re at!  ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ 

All For One and One For All.*Sebastian Stan x Reader*

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Requested by @marir10 :  If you’re still taking requests can you do one where Sebastian takes his twin sons trick or treating. You can pick what outfits they wear because I can’t decide lol 
Warnings: fluff, Dad!Stan


“Wow, here I thought us Stan men couldn’t get any more handsome.” He grinned at his boys who sat on the floor looking up at him, he gave a small chuckle as Ivan made grabby hands for him, “I know, I look strapping too, Ivan.”

You had unfortunately been called in for work, meaning you’d be missing trick or treating this year with your boys, press tours were lousy especially when you had kids. Sebastian had finally been able to pick the costumes this year, considering you were gone, therefore you had no control over what they wear.

He had chosen, The Three Musketeers, he even got really cool fake swords for the three of them; not that it mattered too much to the four-year-olds in question. He took a couple funny photos before taking one of their hands in each of his, their other hands holding their pumpkin candy buckets for sweeties.

“I’m gonna get more candy than, Ivan” Stefan the eldest of the two by three minutes stated, his big blue, innocent eyes that resembled Sebastian’s was shielded slightly by the feathered hat, Sebastian raised his eyebrows.

Ivan glared at his brother, the three musketeers walking down the street to their first house, “it’s not a competition, is it dad?”

“Of course not, you’ll both get an equal amount of candy because you are both equally adorable.” Sebastian chuckled, “If I had my own bucket then I may end up getting more candy because let’s face it, little dudes, I am cuter.”

Ivan and Stefan giggled at their dad, each rolling their eyes, something Sebastian is adamant you taught them. Not believing that maybe the fact he is a major goofball that it’s just an instant reaction to the things he says.

Every house they went to they all got complimented on their outfits, especially about how adorable all three looked, which Sebastian would blush at cause he’s a big dork.                

“We enjoying Halloween?” he turned and see Ivan and Stefan sword fighting, hitting their plastic swords against one another’s, “hey, tootie fruities, the three musketeers don’t fight one another.” He tells them, resting his hands on his hips, blowing at the feather coming down and tickling his nose from his hat.

“What do they do then?” Ivan asked his left arm behind his back from where Stefan had cut it off.

Sebastian chuckled and got down on his knees, “well, they work together as a team, brothers almost. They also have this cool saying they do when they hold their swords in the air.” He grins as both his sons look up at him brightly.

“What do they say?” Stefan asked walking forwards and hugging Sebastian’s arm looking up at him, Sebastian smiled at his son.

“My little musketeer Athos, they say; one for all, and all for one.” He grinned both Ivan and Stefan looked at one another.

“Athas?” Ivan asked his lisp really coming through with his ‘th’.

Sebastian laughed, “No, Athos that’s a musketeer! We’ll watch it when you’re older,” Stefan chuckled “anyway, they hold their swords up like this,” he got his own fake sword and it held up. “And the other musketeers will hold up theirs and stand in a sort of triangle, then yell that at the same time.”

“Can we do that?” Stefan asked putting down his pumpkin bucket full of various candies, Sebastian brightly grinned and nodded, he placed Stefan beside him and they all held their plastic swords up in the air.

One for all, and all for one.” They all yelled together; Ivan slightly messing up the words causing his brother to snicker beside him.

They carried on trick or treating, bumping into their friends from preschool who complimented their outfits, the other dad’s chuckling at Sebastian’s enthusiasm to wearing a costume; it is his job to dress up for a living they shouldn’t be too surprised.

“The Romanian translation for that is; Unul pentru toți și toți pentru unul,” Sebastian tells them and opening the front door, carrying their pumpkin buckets as the two small boys pretended to fight bad guys for the king.

Both boys stop and look at Sebastian; he smiles down at them as they both try to repeat what he said in Romanian. He laughed loudly at their attempts, they only got the basics of his language and that was okay, it just meant he got to speak it a lot more around them in the hopes they will pick it up fluently.
He placed their sweets on the kitchen counter both boys about to climb on the kitchen stools. Sebastian grabbed them both, throwing each boy over his shoulders as they laughed their hats falling off in the process as ran up the stairs to their bedroom.

“Okay, little Musketeers get your pj’s on and brush those pearly whites, I’ll be in to tuck you both to sleep.” Sebastian sets them down by their beds kissing their heads as he stands up to make sure the front door is locked.

He walked back to see them still playing with their plastic swords only, this time, both in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles footsie pjs. He chuckled at the scene before him both boys stopping and yelling that he was the villain, resulting in two bundles of green turtles to attack his legs, he pretended to fall to the floor in defeat.

He started to laugh as he laid face first on their blue carpet, “dad you’re meant to be dead.” Ivan explained smoothing a small hand through his dad, longish brown locks.

He snickered and leant up on his elbows. “Can we carry on my death and your victory tomorrow? You two musketeer turtles gotta get some rest.” Both boys yawned and nodded, allowing Sebastian to pick them and place them into each bed, kissing their foreheads.

“Noapte bună, tată.” His sons sleepily mutter to him as he walks to the light switch; his heartwarming despite the fact their toddler voices muddled a few of the words and their accent was slightly off.

“Good night, tootie fruities” he smiled before shutting the light off and leaving their door ajar.

He lazily walked to your bedroom, pushing the door open and taking off the sword belt and throwing it onto the chair, shutting the door behind him and turning around to the bed.

He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him, eyebrows shooting up and mouth falling in a silent gasp.

You laid on your side, your head resting in one hand and the other draped down your side, a coy smile upon your smile. Your smile eventually dropped as you took in what your husband was wearing before you.

“Seb, what are you wearing?” you frowned at the sight before you.

“No, no you can’t ask me that wearing… that,” Sebastian countered his eyes still taking in your costume that you had decided would be perfect.

You were currently wearing that Princess Leia outfit that every dude fantasised over, you only wore this damn thing because he had hinted that he was gonna make the boys wear the best golden trio costumes ever, meaning Star Wars!

“I thought you’d be Han Solo, duh” you sit up on your knees now, giving a full view of the outfit and Sebastian had a hard time being a gentleman before you. “You said the best golden trio, I thought Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewie.”

“That’s a really good idea, I really should have thought of that,” Sebastian muttered to himself before shrugging it off. “No, I meant the three musketeers, babe.”

You sighed as he chuckled wiggling his eyebrows as he strolled over to you, dipping his head as his own hat fell forwards, you had to admit he looked very enticing in the get-up. Hat creating a shadow over the top half of his face; his chiselled jaw line being the most prominent feature, the outfit really clinging to his body and stretching over the hard muscle.

“This is gonna be a weird one, I can tell.” You smirk as he leans down and presses his lips onto your own, his arm encircling your waist and pulling you flush against him, “space princess and a musketeer, that’s a good story.”

He pulls away and chuckles, “one for all-“ he’s cut off by the very loud, hushed whisperings of children sneaking down the stairs and passed their bedroom door, he gives you a look as you chuckle.

You throw a robe on yourself before following Sebastian down the stairs to the kitchen where both, Stefan and Ivan, sat on the bar stools peeking into their Halloween buckets; you smiled lovingly at your mini Stan’s.

“Little men, I thought dad said no candy till tomorrow?” you call out and both boys turn grinning at you, you couldn’t help but walk over and sit on the counter also peeking into the buckets as Sebastian just sighed.

“Happy Halloween, mumma,” Ivan smiles up at you, you grin down at him and lean forward to kiss him on his nose.

“Look at all this candy; you did me proud, musketeers.” Sebastian leans against the counter beside you and holding Stefan in his arms.

Stefan and Ivan raise their arms pretending to hold fake swords, Sebastian following suit, you frowned as they yelled, “One for all, and all for one.”

“I now understand why I usually pick out the costumes,” you sighed gently pulling out a toffee sweet, resulting in the three men you loved to yell at you for eating sweets before bed.

(I don’t know Romanian if the translation is wrong, I am awfully sorry. Hope you enjoyed this, decided three musketeers would be hilarious, don’t know why and the ending with the reader dressed up was my friends idea. - Rosalee)

Sebastian Stan Request

hi sweetie! could you please write a sebastian stan x reader where they’re married and they take their 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter trick or treating?

This was about to take the cake as the greatest family Halloween costume ever. You had borrowed one of the set’s Black Widow outfits, Sebastian had taken his metal arm and Winter Soldier costume, and your 4 year old son, Robbie, and your 2 year old daughter, Emma, were clad in a Captain America and a Thor costume.

“Look at my little daughter of Odin,” you said swooping up Emma in your arms. Thor was her favorite super hero much to her Uncle Chris’ dismay.

“I had a feeling she wasn’t mine,” Sebastian said laughing as he came in the room. “I’ve been asked to give an introduction,” he cleared his he throat dramatically. “Everyone, please try and contain your excitement for the one, the only, the greatest….Captain America,” you cheered and Emma clapped her hands.

Robbie came out of the hall in his Captain America suit with his hood up and his shield. “Oh my goodness, that the handsomest superhero I’ve ever seen,” you gasped.

“I should be offended but I can’t disagree with you,” Seb walked over and grabbed the kid’s trick or treat baskets. “You guys ready to hit the streets?”

“After we get a picture,” you demanded.

Then you four took the streets. “Trick or Treat,” Robbie and Emma smiled at one of your neighbors as they answered the door.

“Looks, it’s Earth’s mightiest heroes,” he cheered! “Thank God you guys are in the neighborhood. It makes me feel extra safe.” He dropped candy into their buckets.

“What do you say Thor-eena and Cap,” you reminded them.

“Thank you,” they smiled.

After nearly two hours or walking the neighborhood you and Sebastian were carrying two buckets full of candy and a tried two year old. Emma was passed out in her dad’s arms while Robbie held your hand and continued to drag his feet more and more. “Ok, Y/N take Thor, I’ll take little Steve.” You took Emma and Sebastian picked up Robbie and carried him the rest of the way home.

When you got home you took Emma to bed and put her her pajamas while Seb took care of Robbie. You tucked her into bed and made your way to the kitchen to use your parental right of eating your kids candy. You leaned against the kitchen island and stripped the wrapper off a large KitKat bar.

You felt two arms, one metal, wrap around your waist. “I really like you in this outfit,” he cooed in your ear.

“I like you in all black,” you leaned back into him. “And I didn’t realize how much I missed the longer hair.”

“This could go two ways,” he whispered. “One, we could go to our room and get out of these costumes,” he said suggestively, “or two, we can take this candy to the couch and watch the Conjuring.” The smile on your face grew and without saying anything you both grabbed a bag from the island and ran to the couch.

You took out a little pack of skittles “I’ll trade you skittles for nerds.”