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So, I’m assuming that in the summer beach focus I’ve heard rumors about they’re going to shuffle up the weapons that people do like they did for the Spring Festival, and personally I hope that they make Ike a dagger user who literally just picks up a sand dollar he finds on the beach and decides “Huh, I could probably throw this at someone.” 

On the evening of March 5, 1770, Private Hugh White of Major Pierce Butler’s Battalion Company, His Majesty’s 29th Regiment of Foot, stood guard at the sentry box located before the Customs House in Boston. A “bright moon-light” sky illuminated thesnow covered landscape before him, including the majestic brick Town House, the seat of English colonial government in Massachusetts.

Town House square was relatively quiet at 8 o’clock. Fate would intervene when Bartholomew Broaders and Edward Garrick, two teenage apprentices from Piedmont’s barber shop, escorted Ann Green, daughter to customs official Bartholomew Green, and the family’s maid, Mary Rogers, to their residence at the Customs House. Having bid their companions goodnight, the boys encountered Lieutenant-Captain John Goldfinch of the 14th Regiment of Foot. Recognizing the officer from his master’s shop, Garrick began taunting him with insults for not paying his bill. Knowing he had already paid it, Goldfinch shrugged off the incident and walked away. This incensed Private White who approached the boys to defend the officer’s reputation. When Garrick continued with his verbal assaults, White reprimanded the boy with a strike to the head with his firelock. This sent Garrick running away in tears. In response, a “motley rabble of saucy boys, negroes and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs” began filling Town House square. Swelling in number and armed with clubs and staves, they forced Private White against the Customs House door. Fearing for his life, he loaded his firelock and pleaded for the Main Guard to come to his assistance.

Town House square was now in a state of chaos. Snowballs, some oyster shells, multiple insults, and taunts of “Fire, why don’t you fire!” filled the air. Church bells began ringing. Additional residents emptied into the streets with fire bags and buckets believing a fire alarm had been called. Corporal William Wemms of Captain Ponsomby Molesworth’s Battalion Company, dressed in a surtout, forced his way through the angry mob and led a guard of six men from Captain John Corrance’s Grenadier Company to relieve the sentry. These soldiers included William Warren, the tallest, William McCauley, Matthew Kilroy, John Carroll, James Hartigan and Edward (Hugh) Montgomery. Reaching Private White, they formed a semi-circular line that allowed him to fall in next to Corporal Wemms. Unable to escape to the main guard house, they stood their ground with their bayonets leveled until Thomas Preston, Captain of the Guard, managed to reach them.

Seeing an officer in front of his men, Richard Palmes, a local merchant clothed in a cloth colored surtout, approached Preston. Placing his hand on the officer’s shoulder, he inquired if his men were loaded. Preston replied “with powder and ball”. Andrew, “a Negro Servant to Mr. Wendell”. was so close that he could hear their conversation. So was Jane Whitehouse. She later recalled that the “Centinal - then pushed me back. I step’d back to the corner. He bid me go away for I should be killed.” Another woman near Royal Exchange Lane engaged the “second Soldier from the right” in brief conversation.

Not all the inhabitants were so peaceful. Benjamin Burdick, constable of the Town House Watchmen, carried with him a Scottish broadsword that evening. Having had a bayonet pushed towards him, he later recalled “ I should have cut his head off if he had stepd out of his Rank to attack me again”. Instead, he struck the firelock of the “4th soldier from the corner” with all his might. As the crowd grew more and more agitated, a man in “blue or black plush trimd with gold” was seen walking back and forth behind the soldiers encouraging them to fire.

In a hail of flying ice and sticks, a shot rang out near Royal Exchange Lane. Someone screamed “Fire!” and Crispus Attucks, a mulatto sailor from Framingham, fell. Having witnessed the perpetrator fire, Richard Palmes struck Private Hugh Montgomery with his club. Knocking the firelock from his hands, he turned and hit Captain Preston across the arm as his right foot slipped in the snow. More men continued to fire as Montgomery recovered his firelock. Matthew Kilroy took aim at Samuel Gray, shooting the ropemaker through the head. When his body was recovered, his round hat laid by his side.

After the smoke cleared that cold winter’s evening, blood spattered the snow. Three men lay dead, a man and boy lay mortally wounded, six men were taken away to recover from their wounds and a day of infamy was recorded in the annals of American history.

Gregory S. Theberge, D.M.D.

Art by Don Troiani. 


“I’ve got Sybbie and George!”


mojorawleywwe Bucket List: Fire off a pre game speech in Arabic before a big match in the Middle East to honor my family’s heritage. ✅

Amazing feeling. Still hyped from it. Living the Dream!!!! #STAYHYPED#WWERiyadh #HYPEBros #Family

27 Inspirational Quotes

These 27 I really need.. cx

5 days left of school.. we can make it!!!

  • “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” ~Beverly Sills
  • “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” ~Reggie Leach
  • “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss
  • “You’re not a failure if you don’t make it. You’re a success because you tried.” ~Susan Jeffers
  • “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” ~Vince Lombardi
  • “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” ~B.F. Skinner
  • “Keep true to the dreams of your youth.” ~Friedrich Von Schiller
  • “You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom.” ~Proverb
  • “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~Milton Berle
  • “Act as if you are, and you will become such.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  • “Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.” ~ William Butler Yeats
  • “Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us.” ~ Dr. Dale Turner
  • “What is worse than having no sight is being able to see but having no vision.” ~ Helen Keller
  • “Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it.” ~ Mary Lou Retton
  • “Every person you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.” ~H. Jackson Brown
  • “Set out each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for great things.” ~ Josh Hinds
  • “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.”      ~G. K. Chesterton
  • “Recipe for success: Study while others are sleeping, work while others are loafing, prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing.” ~William A. Ward
  • “There is a good reason they call these ceremonies ‘commencement exercises’. Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.” ~Orrin Hatch
  • “The first of many graduations of life. From elementary school to senior school, each one holds successes for you to enjoy."         ~ C. Pulsifer
  • "It’s not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It’s what you do with your life that counts.” Millard Fuller
  • “The future lies before you Like a field of driven snow, be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.” ~Unknown Author 
  • “Today is the day I will change my mind, and leave all the negative things behind.” ~Semetra C. Vanison, Today Is The Day


Inspired by the story of Sophie Blanchard, the first professional female balloonist. Sophie was a character who obviously enjoyed flair. She cultivated an air of danger when she flew, forsaking the staid baskets of her compatriots for a tiny chariot that barely held her weight (some have described it as looking like an oversized champagne bucket). She also sometimes fired off fireworks from the balloon…which ultimately proved her undoing, the balloon catching fire and dropping Sophie unto her death.

I came across this story in ‘Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air’ by Richard Holmes. A fun read! 

Need Some Summer Inspiration?

My friend Sofia always brings the zen I need in my life.  I can’t cook for my life, and I definitely wouldn’t call myself a nature queen.  This is where she comes in!  I asked Sofia to share her best summer fun ideas for the ultimate ladies bucket list.  Can you cross everything off?

 College Girl: What’s Your Summer Bucket List? By Sofia Porta

Schools coming to an end – preparing for finals, packing up your dorm/apartment and getting ready to head home! But wait, what’s the plan; what’s there to do? So much is the answer!

If you want the best summer yet – a bucket list is a must!

Whether you Instagram, Facebook, blog, or simply put your photos in a scrapbook, you will want these memories for a lifetime; here are a few ideas on how to make this summer one to remember.

1.  Go on a roadtrip – To the ice-cream parlor two towns over for some famous homemade rocky road, or to New Orleans for some French Quarter fun, choose a destination never explored and head on over with some friends!  It’s where you go, but the people you’re with.
2.  Try a yoga class – Who doesn’t need some zen in their life? Check out local yoga studios nearby where you can meditate in childpose for the entire class, or sweat it out with handstands and arm balances. There’s a pose for everyone 
Hydrate yourself 24/7- Wake up, drink two glasses of lemon water to energize, detox and clean your body. Throughout the day, add chia seeds and your choice of fruit (watermelon & strawberry are yummy) to water and you’ll be staying healthy with a delicious combo.
3.  Have a bonfire & s’mores party – There’s nothing better to bond with your girlfriends over than pulling sticky marshmallows off a tree branch while listening to John Mayer and caching up on boy drama. The essentials are minimum – marshmallows (Dandies Vegan Air-Puffed Marshmallows, gelatin free version are a s’mores fan fav), chocolate (dairy free Dream Milk Chocolate is tasty), graham crackers, a few sticks from your backyard and a fire.
Have a picnic – Plan a weekend getaway to a local park or wildlife area and bring your food basket! This can include mini sandwiches, a bottle of Long Island white wine and strawberries for dessert, or for those under 21 – sparkling apple cider will suffice.
4.  Check out a thrift store – College students appreciate nothing more than a good deal, especially with cute and trendy clothes. Check out a local thrift store that you and your friends can delve into, hunting for some affordable new looks. (Ps. Crop tops are out; Vintage tees are in!)
Make homemade granola – There’s nothing like going on a walk accompanied with some trail mix in a zip lock baggy, except granola is way better. So make your own, personalized to you and no one else! Gather up your favorite ingredients: almonds, cashews, macadamia, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, craisins, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chia seeds and vanilla; toss that all together, add some honey pop it into the oven and voila!
5.  Dedicate a day to do nothing – Literally, just do nothing. School is over, there is no work, no studying and most importantly, no stress! Go for a walk, observe a tree in your backyard, listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the silence. These moments aren’t forever, and they certainly are peaceful.
6.  Get a hammock – Building a tree house is a little complicated for us gals, lying in a hammock is half the effort! All you need is a little space, indoor or outdoor, two standing poles or trees to latch the ends onto. Lay back and enjoy the sway of the hammock with a good read.
7.  Fisher up – Whoever said only guys fish is clearly mistaken – Grab a fishing pole, take some bait, and launch’er out to the water! It’s a game of patience and how many drinks take it till you catch something. Once the little fighter has been caught, try out your sushi making skills or throw it onto the grill for a paleo filled dinner. Squeeze on some fresh lemon and throw on a dash of seasoning for taste. Anything guys can do, girls can do better! Right? 