bucket bathing

Bronte Baths - Sydney, Australia

Bronte Baths is a 30 metre man-made ocean pool, to the south of Bronte Beach. Located on kilometre from the Famous Bondi Beach, Bronte is known for its great surf, recommended for confident surfers only. 

Entry to the pool is free, and the grassy park behind the pool is great for an after swim barbecue or picnic. 

Mr Relaxation (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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(This GIF of him is so adorable and I just cannot even deal with HIS FACE right now)

This is specifically written for @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse who was feeling kinda sad, so I made Seb make her feel better. The things I can do….

Prompt: You had a shitty day and are feeling down. Sebastian solves this problem. 

Word Count: 1050

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anonymous asked:

I have kind of an odd question about the Snk universe. Do they have showers and toilets that flush?? Or do they shit in like buckets and bathe in... honestly I cant even imagine how they'd bathe without running water in that castle HQ haha. enlighten me pls

You’re asking the real questions, anon. 

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Truth be told, I have no idea, but if I’ll try to make some decent hypothesis’. 

I do not believe they have running water because in a lot of background scenery, you see they use in home wells. Not faucets. As far as toilets, I imagine they either use outhouses or chamber pots. Outhouses seem like the more likely option considering there would be FAR less smell and cleanup. As far as showers, I’d say they either stand under water filled bags that drain slowly (people still do this off the grid in a few areas of the world), or take baths in prefilled metal tubs ( this would be the more likely option ).

I’ll try to do more research on this subject and write a meta about it. I’m actually quite curious about this subject as well. 


here are some fic ideas i came up with (some are nsfw). i’ll be writing these some time in the future but I want to read your take on these! so if you do, do this please tag me in it because i’ll def read it! also chose whatever idol/group you want to write about. there aren’t any rules to this, do what you want with these! ALSO ALSO, these are totally up for being requests so send a member and a number!

  1. treat yo self day (like from parks and rec)
  2. you and [member] do stuff on your/their bucket list
  3. bubble baths and face masks
  4. “I’m doing a photoshoot, stop snapchatting me nudes i’m pretty sure [other member] just saw.”
  5. trying a sex position you saw on the inter webs
  6. you take them to see their favorite live in concert
  7. water balloon fight
  8. sledding with the squad
  9. “can I do your makeup. please, i’ll suck your dick.”
  10. sex in the kitchen ft whip cream and chocolate sauce
  11. spin the bottle combined with dare
  12. adopting a dog together
  13. giggly/fun sex
  14. a day at disneyland
  15. [member] seeing your sleeve/tattoo for the first time
  17. who can go the longest with out touching/kissing/skinship
  18. group text: “avengers assemble. [insert address of bowling alley/bar/karaoke bar/laser tag place, or what have you]”
  19. picnic at the beach
  20. you surprise them on tour when they have a show a city/state over


Location: about a 2 hour taxi ride from Chiang Mai city center (included in price)
Duration: 8am to 6pm including pick up and drop off
Price: 2,400 Baht (about US$70)
Note: The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary currently has 3 camps, with one of them being “Paradise Park”

The van pulled up to our guesthouse around 8am, as we piled into the back of a pickup truck with 4 other sleepy westerners. As we continued on, we added 3 more people into the pickup and stopped for a bathroom break. I’m glad I used the bathroom then, because the ride to the sanctuary was absolutely terrifying with us slipping and sliding all over the mountain. Did I mention that there was no shoulder to fall into? We could literally see right over the edge of the mountain. The truck in front of us kept getting stuck, leading to a 3 hour truck ride just to get to the sanctuary. Talk about an adventure!

Did you know: elephants cry to clear their eyes of dust and dirt (just like us!).

Anyways, after we finally arrived (safe and sound) we all donned the villagers clothing we were given and listened to some house rules. Then we were ready to head out to meet our first two elephants! The first two elephants we met were a 12 year old male and a 25 year old female. We fed them bananas and sugar cane and then watched them do some tricks! The 25 year old danced for us and gave us wet, slobbery kisses :)

Did you know: elephant penises are huge (I know because I saw one haha).

After they we ran out of sugarcane and bananas (the elephant even reached into one of the staff members bags to grab some more bananas), we were on to the next two elephants! These ones were age 65 and 3. The 3 year old was just like any human 3 year old, playful and couldn’t sit still! He didn’t care for the green bananas and would even spit them out if you tried to sneak them in his mouth! The grandma was very slow moving and loved you to get close and hug her. We also got kisses and hugs from the baby :)

Did you know: elephants eat 30% of their weight a day!

After meeting and feeding them, it was time for our lunch! This was a buffet of Pad Thai, chicken curry with rice, and vegetables. We had Oreos, Beng Beng bars, coffee and tea also. It was delicious and fueled us for the mud bath that was coming!

Did you know: elephants place mud on their backs to help cool themselves off.

Ah the mud bath… You will get coved in mud, there’s no way around it. Please wear black or something you don’t mind being permanently stained by the clay. A lot of girls wore bikinis but I stuck to a sports bra and running shorts (and I’m glad I did, as Norma witnessed the elephants poop in the mud). With that being said, if you have any open wounds, please tape them up before you come and disinfect them afterwards! The elephants seemed to have a blast, spraying us with mud and tossing it all over themselves, as well as rubbing up against the wall of mud. The baby even closed its eyes it was so relaxed. After about 45 minutes, everyone was ready to rinse off in the waterfall.

Did you know: elephants are pregnant for 2 years!

If we thought the elephants loved the mud, they loved the waterfall even more. The 3 and 12 year old elephants even fully submersed themselves by laying on their sides! They also sprayed us some more, and we fed them even more! Did I mention that there was a photographer taking photos of all this? No need to worry about your camera getting wet or muddy, he takes great photos and puts them all on Facebook! Here’s the link if you want to check out all their photos: https://m.facebook.com/elephantjungleparadisepark?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Felephantjungleparadisepark

Did you know: elephants live to an average of 70 years.

Sadly, that concluded our day with the elephants and started our 2 hour decent down the slippery, steep, mountain side… Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive! This was an amazing day and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat :)

Note: These are incredibly intelligent animals who are kind and love to play. Please please please do not go to an elephant camp where you ride them. These “camps” usually beat the animals and chain them up. Not to mention that riding the elephants hurts their backs and they usually have lots of problems later in their lives. Do your research and support a foundation (or “sanctuary”) that rescues these animals and takes care of them when other camps leave them for dead. Well worth the 2400 Baht to know that these animals are taken care of and relatively happy :)


I cleaned my desk! As a bonus my screen is now nice and clean for catching up with Dr Who, Sherlock and And Then There Were None.

Note to self: if you have let important papers pile up on your desk, it is not a great idea to open a packet of Turkish Delight packed in icing sugar over said desk.

I also cleared all the stuff off my sofa, chair and floor; vaccuumed, took out several loads of recycling; took out the landfill and compost bins; filed away lots of important papers; wrote and addressed several letters and hand washed my uniform in a bucket perched in the bath (My washing machine has broken down and the landlord’s office is closed for the holidays so I can’t get it fixed yet, but I’m still working and need clean uniform). Next I need to wash the floors and do lots of washing up and clean the counters, but I won’t have time for that tonight.