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Jacsee Week - Day 2 - Family

as the 2018 winter olympics approached, canada’s sweethearts took a promotional photograph with their newly combined and expanded family ;w;

this is the first fanart appearance of jacques’ older sisters we gave him, danielle and lisette!! who are 10 and 5 years older than him respectively >:3c papa and danielle aren’t shy either, they just don’t know how to take professional photos LMAO

Twenty minutes every day
Move your muscles in fun and play
Save money for an adventure
Travel the world type venture
Already went on a cruise ship
To Cozumel on a round trip
Must improve on mi español
It’s been a life-long learning goal
Checked my list for master’s degree
I might pursue my P h D
Would like to learn how to snow ski
Have yet to bake my own turkey
Parachute out of an airplane
Travel on a passenger train
Learn how to master game of chess
Well, at least learn to play my best
Fly high in a hot air balloon
Sleep again under stars and moon
Dance with someone out in the rain
Develop my artistic brain
Publish a book that’s worth reading
Quit being tone deaf when I sing
Make a difference in people’s lives
Things I’ll treasure for my own archives
One day I’ll have a pet again
Things I dream about now and then

Queen Elizabeth National Park - Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park occupies the land between Lake George in the north-east, and Lake Edward in the South-west. The national park was founded in 1952, as Kazinga National Park, and was renamed two years later to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II. 

Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzee’s, Leopards and Elephants are all protected in this park. Especially famous are the parks unique tree climbing lions. 

Random headcanon (Halloween edition)

Harley and J usually get the entire city of Gotham to themselves (because most citizens know better than to be out on Halloween when Joker and Harley aren’t in prison) and were excited to bring clown baby along for his first Halloween 

(Once the baby gets tired though J will hold him under his coat so he doesn’t get too cold)

Oh hey look at this lineart.

Phin babbu, what are you doing.

Get away from there.

Anyway, this’ll be colored once I feel brave enough to not fuck it up.

)(US)(, my little one.
You must be -EX)(AUST-ED…

SL-E-EP, my young descendant.
Let your dreams take wing.
One day, w)(en you’re big and strong,
You will be a king.

I’ve been exiled; I’ve been stranded.
Left alone with no defense.
When I think of )(ow this )(app-en-ed,
I get a little T-ENS-E.

But I dream a dream so pretty
T)(at I don’t feel so depressed.
For it soot)(es my inner guppy,
And it )(elps me get some R—EST.

A measley lowblood’s DYING GASP,
T)(eir lusii SQU-EALING in my grasp!
An entire nation’s MOURNFUL CRY.
T)(AT’S my lullaby.

Now t)(e past I’ve tried forgetting,
And my foes I could forgive.
Trouble is, I knows it’s P-ETTY…
But I )(AT-E to let t)(em LIV-E.


Bucket List: 

Camping in the desert

Floral Shop - Rafael Barba

Instead of doing homework and catching up on my fics, I decided to make this for Valentine’s Day!

Hands down, this was your busiest time of the year. Besides the wedding craze that happened during the summer, Valentine’s Day always kicked your ass. A friend of yours suggested that you get seasonal help, but you could manage just fine with your only other coworker, an older woman named Marge.

She was working the register as you arranged the bins of roses for the fiftieth time that day. So many men had come in last minute, looking for specific flowers for their women, so you had to tell them over and over that there was no way you could complete a special order in time. 

Having been yelled at three times today, dropping an entire bucket full of baby’s breath on the sidewalk, and completely forgetting about an order that you had for noon that day, you were ready for Valentine’s Day to be over. So, when the bell rang, signaling someone entering your shop, you rolled your eyes. 

Looking up, you saw a man in a suit, looking around nervously through the flowers. This was a sight you had become way too used to today. You walked over towards him, ready to tell him that all the bright pink roses had sold out, until he looked up at you with green eyes.

“Hi,” you said, completely forgetting your Valentine’s schpeal about looking for ‘something special for someone special’.

“Hi,” he said, smiling back at you. 

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah, um anything in purple.” You smiled and tilted your head curiously.

“Anything purple?” He chuckled and ran a hand through his dark hair.

“Yeah, it’s my mom’s favorite color.” You fought off the urge to shout yes at that moment. “Today is my parent’s anniversary.”

“Oh, how sweet,” you said, leading him towards a table covered with scattered flower petals, droplets of water, and broken stems.

“Not really. My dad died a long time ago.” You looked back at him and he frowned. “Sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you this.”

“It’s okay. It’s still really sweet. Do you know what kind of flowers she likes?” you asked. He shrugged and you giggled. “Okay, well I really love these ones,” you said, pulling out the pale purple roses you had just gotten in. He took one from your hand and sniffed it.

“Yeah. She’ll love them. Do you have any other purple flowers I can pair with it?” You looked up at the clock on instinct, and saw it was eight. Closing time. The man seemed to take notice, too and looked back at you. “Oh, don’t worry about it I-”

“Forget about it,” you said. “I think I have something.” You took six of the roses and moved across the room to get some baby’s breath, adding some lilacs into it, and finishing it off with some pale pink chrysanthemums. “How does this look?”

“Amazing,” he said, taking the bouquet from your hands. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” He followed you up to the register, and once you handed him his receipt he smiled. 

“Thank you again.”

“Like I said, it’s no problem.”

“Well, Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said. You smiled and he pulled out a rose, handing it to you. You opened your mouth to say something but he only winked and walked towards the door, leaving you blushing as you sniffed the flower.

A week later, you came into work to open, and found Marge standing at the door. She walked faster towards her, worried that something had happened. You started fiddling the keys as you approached her.

“Marge, is everything okay?” you asked.

“Yeah, I just wanted to give you this.” She handed you another rose, this one was also dyed purple. You smiled awkwardly and took it from her. 

“What is this?”

“A rose. Jeez, you call yourself a florist.” You laughed and opened the door. She walked inside, and started fiddling with the flowers, even though she wasn’t supposed to be working.

“I know it’s a rose, Marge. Why are you giving this to me?”

“Well, you said we should do deliveries, I’m delivering.”

“From who?” you asked.

“You’re not the police, you know I don’t have to tell you.” You sighed and she grinned.

“Well if you’re not gonna tell me, you can at least help me unpack the truck.”

“Hey, it’s my day off,” she said, walking towards the door. As the door rang you rolled your eyes, looking back down at the flower. You knew it probably wasn’t from the same man, but something about it being the exact same flower gave you some hope.

A month went by, and you came into work to finish up one of your orders. Pulling up the form that Marge had filled out, you started searching around for fresh baby’s breath. By the time you had finished the bouquet of purple roses, lilacs, and baby’s breath, you realized that it was five minutes before the order was due. 

Wrapping it in plastic wrap, and tying it off with a purple ribbon, you walked towards the front of the store. As you opened the door blocking off the work room from the sales floor, the door jingled again and your breath caught in your throat.

The same man from Valentine’s Day was standing at the door. He was wearing a blue suit today, and was staring at you, too. Marge looked between you two so much so that you eventually shot her a look. You set the bouquet back on the counter, and walked towards the man.

“Welcome back,” you said. He smiled and nodded. “Is that your order.”

“It is, actually.”

“For your mother, right?” you asked. 

“Yep. She loved the one you made for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Awesome. Well, they’re all set,” you said, walking back towards the register. Marge was leaning over the counter, smiling widely at you. You started pricing the flowers, but her staring was distracting. “I think that order of tulips is here,” you said. “Why don’t you go unpack them?”

“They’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow,” she said. You clenched your teeth and stared back at her. 

“Go unpack them,” you said. She sighed and winked at the man before she walked off. He laughed a little and you felt your nerves relax just a little. “Sorry about her.”

“Don’t worry about it.” You smiled and finished his total and told him what it was. He paid in silence as you awkwardly stared at the sun gleaming through the window. “What’s your name?” he asked suddenly. You looked up and thought that he looked just a little bit nervous, too.


“Rafael,” he said, holding out his hand. You shook it and tried not to beam. “This is for you,” he said, pulling out another purple rose. 

“You really don’t have to do this,” you said, trying to hand it back. 

“I want to. Soon you’ll have a dozen.”

“Maybe, but they’ll all be dead.” He laughed silly, as if he just realized how ridiculous his plan was. 

“You’re right. Well, then I’d like to place another order.”

“Why?” you asked.

“I need a dozen pale purple roses for a first date I’m going on,” he said. You frowned and nodded. 

“Of course. What do you want the tag to say?”

“To Y/N,” he said. You looked up and he smiled. “Only if you want to go, of course.” You smirked and blushed a bit.

“You’re going to make me work for a date?” He nodded his head to the sigh and you laughed. “Alright, when should I have this order done by?” you asked.

“How about Friday?”

“How about Saturday,” you said. “Six o’clock?”


“They’ll be done by then,” you said. He grinned and nodded.

“Thank you so much, Y/N. I’ll be here on Saturday to pick up my order. See you then.” He walked towards the door, and he was well down the street when you realized that he had still left a rose for you. 

I had a dog named Ichabod growing up, and he was my baby. My 75lb, part lab part mastiff part ???, wrinkle-faced, slobber bucket of a baby. Poor thing was also allergic to corn and we didn’t know it for a few years and it was in his food, so he had mild arthritis and a skin condition that made his fur get patchy and dry. (figured it out when he was about 2.5 y/o, switched him to a lamb and rice formula, and all was well) It also made him more prone to other dog diseases.

One day, when I was in about the 9th grade, I was at school when my mom noticed that Ichabod hadn’t come to eat breakfast. Which was unusual because boy loved his food. (probably because he wasn’t getting proper nutrition due to his allergy preventing him from absorbing things properly and needed every calorie he could get) Anyhoo, she calls him to come eat, and he won’t get up. Just laying over by the edge of the porch. She goes over closer, and calls. Nothing. She goes to pat him, and he starts whining in pain. She knows he needs to go to the vet pronto.

She tried picking him up, but she had bad knees/wrists/back, and couldn’t deadlift a 75lb dog off the ground. She opened the car doors and told him to go for a ride (which he was never allowed to do but always wanted to do). Nothing. The other dogs jumped in the car and not even jealousy would propel him. She tried bribing him with raw chicken, and he still couldn’t move. Poor thing started crying loudly every time he tried to move a leg.

Then she gets this idea.

“Ichabod, wanna go see T.?”

He perks up his ears.

“Come on, get in the car, and I’ll take you to go see T.! Want your T.? Let’s go see T.!”

And that dog. Got up. Hauled his aching body over to the car, and jumped up into the back seat. Screaming bloody murder in excruciating pain the whole time.

Because he knew my name, knew that he was going to get to go see me, and wanted to be with me while he was hurting.

Don’t you dare tell me that dogs don’t have the capacity to love the same way we do.

(Turns out he had ehrlichia, and an antibiotic got him back to normal within a day and cured him of it completely within a week. Also, my mother did NOT come get me from school once she got him in the car, but took him straight to the vet, and BOY was he po’d. When I got home he refused to let me go inside, just sat with his head on my lap crying because mom had lied to him and didn’t take him to see me. I, too, was furious, but not nearly as angry as he was. He refused to look at her for 2 days. Straight up turned his butt toward her any time she tried to talk to him or he caught her looking at him. So don’t tell me, either, that dogs don’t also have the capacity to be salty and petty like we do.)

No, but imagine James Sirius going off to Hogwarts
  • Ginny has a little calendar hanging in the Kitchen that is enchanted to mark a little red X in the month counting down to his birthday
  • James can barely sleep the entire week before because he jolts awake at every little noise (”What if I miss my owl dad?!?!”)
  • He actually ends up getting his letter at the Burrow, because Grammy couldn’t wait any longer to give him his cake
  • Harry writing McGonagall and making a special arrangement for Hagrid to be allowed to join them when they go school shopping
  • Ginny buys him a Sunda Scops Owl, and the moment he sets eyes on it, he names it Thanatos (”He is the god of the dead Dad - Aunt Hermione gave me a big book about him.”)
  • Harry has to cling to Ginny’s arm to keep himself from running next to the train
  • James gets sorted EXTREMELY fast. He barely got to introduce himself to the hat before it screamed out Gryffindor
  • For the first month, he calls his dad in secret on the communication mirrors because “He doesn’t like going to bed in the dead quiet.”
  • His best class is Charms, and Hermione could not be prouder
  • He makes best friends with a Ravenclaw Muggleborn before the first Hols, and he invites his whole family to spend a wizarding christmas with the Potter-Weasley’s (Molly pretends to protest, but secretly loves it. It reminds her of when her youngest boy brought another friend home.)
  • He nicks the Marauders Map while Harry is out flying with Teddy, never realizing that Ginny is watching through the doorway smirking.

Okay but half of ST Beyond was:

Someone, probably Leonard or Jim: Spock, no. You’re injured. Don’t do it.
Spock, clutching his side: Imma gonna do it it’s only logical.
Spock: [[does thing]]
Spock: [[collapses in pain]]
Someone, probably Leonard or Jim: DAMMIT SPOCK!