The description for Halo: Envoy, Tobias Buckell’s next Halo novel coming April 25th next year, has been revealed:

It has been six years since the end of the Covenant War…and yet on the planet Carrow, a world on the edge of the Joint Occupation Zone, a decisive new battle suddenly erupts.

Human colonists and the alien Sangheili have already been living a tension-filled co-existence in this place, with Unified Earth Government envoy Melody Azikiwe attempting to broker a lasting peace between their two species. But as civil war now engulfs the Sangheili settlers, Melody must act on an additional covert assignment courtesy of the Office of Naval Intelligence: find a way to free the SPARTAN-IIs known as Gray Team, held in stasis since the end of the war by a cunning Elite fleetmaster consumed with vengeance.

And none can anticipate the ongoing violence leading to the discovery of an even greater, unstoppable threat, hidden for eons below the surface of the planet…


(But it sounds like this is going to tie into the Created as well, as the final sentence almost certainly refers to a Guardian…)

anonymous asked:

Hi there, so on my facebook feed, I saw someone post about something called the SAM XT Tourniquet. It's basically a tourniquet that instead of primarily relying on velcro, it relies on what looks like a buckle/clip sort of mechanism and velcro. I'm not a 68W/medic, but I wanna hear your two cents on it; does it look like something that's viable or another gimmick like the RAT tourniquet?

Actually, you are the first to bring this to my attention. After seeing your ask, I looked it up. This is pretty new gear. In fact, it looks like it was announced about a week ago. So thank you for bringing it to me attention.

It looks legit. Its application is very similar to a CAT, but with a different buckel system. It looks like it would be faster in application, but that remains to be seem. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one for testing.



Miranda was studying the battle from various angles, rewinding it, and had alternate simulations of it running in different sections of the apartment.

Keyes set his luggage down inside the door, walked over to her, and grabbed her tight for a long hug.

“Geez, what’s that all about?” she asked. “You’re not normally that clingy.”

He let her go. “Nothing. Just glad to see you.”

He realised he was a bit of a cold Navy father figure, urging her to study, keeping her on the straight and narrow. So much so that a hug caught her off guard, even though he’d been away for weeks.

“Is this homework?” Keyes asked, looking at the battle.

Miranda froze it all. “No, just something I’m playing with.”

“I was hoping to tear you away, walk down Armstrong Alley, get an ice-cream cone.”



Matt Forbeck tweeted this yesterday, revealing the names of the stories and their authors in Halo: Fractures - which releases 10 days from now.

Lessons Learned - Matt Forbeck (31 pages)

What Remains - Morgan Lockhart (13 pages)

Breaking Strain - James Swallow (36 pages)

Promises to Keep - Christie Golden (45 pages)

Shadow of Intent - Joseph Staten (91 pages)

The Ballad of Hamish Beamish - Frank O’Connor (5 pages)

Defender of the Storm - John Jackson Miller (30 pages)

A Necessary Truth - Troy Denning (37 pages)

Into the Fire - Kelly Gay (27 pages)

Saint’s Testimony - Frank O’Connor (28 pages)

Rossbach’s World - Brian Reed (13 pages)

Oasis - Tobias Buckell (36 pages)

Anarosa - Kevin Grace (23 pages)