Ice • Akira Kurusu X Reader • Persona 5

I’m not exactly great writer but I love p5 guy so I wrote this. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

You pulled your pajama shorts up and pushed your bedroom door open. You stretched your arm out to turn on the lights only to find the infamous leader of the Phantom Thieves laying on your bed with his legs crossed. You let out a small shriek and held your hand to your rapid heart. You wished he’d stop coming unannounced.

You walked up to the masked thief and glared. Joker sits up and wears his usual cocky smirk. You scoffed in annoyance and began to walk to your desk. He grabs your waist and swiftly sits you on his lap. Joker nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck and kisses up and down.

“How’d you even get in, Joker?” You asked as you smooth out your hands on his shoulders.

“Through the window, princess” he hummed.

“But I locked it!”

He chuckled, “You didn’t actually think a petty lock was going to keep me out, did you?”

Joker kissed up your jawline to your cheeks until he reached your lips. It was like ice, it was so cold it burned, but you liked it. No, you loved it. You wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your fingers in his messy hair.

Neither of you wanted to pull away, but eventually you broke kiss, gasping for air. Joker pressed your foreheads together with his eyes still closed and breathed out:

“Do you remember the night we met, love?”

You smiled at the memory. Back then you never would’ve thought to be even near the Phantom Thieves, yet here you were, falling in love with one.
Flashback… You wander as the moon glows above you. Your heart beating out of your chest, you were never supposed to be out this late. Not only because your mother would scream her head off when you get home, but also because of the infamous Phantom Thieves.

The Phantom Thieves were seen by many as heroes of true justice, but to you they were criminals who do terrible acts in the name of justice. Everyday when you turn on the T.V. you always hope that the headline is: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have been arrested. But everyday they escape the polices clutches. To say you were scared of them was an understatement. They’re the whole reason why you avoided going out at night.

You were going out of your mind with fear. Every gust of wind, every innocent noise, every sound made you jump. Always looking over your shoulder and quicking your step, until you grew so paranoid you broke into a run. It wasn’t until you were huffing and puffing that you realized that you were running blindly.

You looked at your sorroundings trying to grasp something that looked familiar, but your search was in vain. You were lost. Tears were brimming your eyes.

“Hey, pretty lady.” A slur of words broke train of thought.

You turned rapidly to see a man smirking down at you, drunk. You gulped, how stupid were you to run without knowing where you were going?

His smirk widen as he picked up a shaking hand, “Come with me, I’ll show you a sweet time.”

You were about run again but the man grabbed you by the hair and roughly pulled you towards him. Fear bubbled inside you, you were going to be raped and you knew better than to hope that someone would save you. Life isn’t a movie, in real life no one saves you.

You pulled at his arm trying to make him let go off you but the man grip on you tighten, you shrieked.

“You have such a cute little body. I can already imagine how tight you are.” The man growled as he pushed your body closer to him.

You screamed in terror and begged for him to let you go. He laughed and pulled at your hair and whispered toxic things to you. You could smell the liquor from his breath and it made you gag.

Suddenly, you were pulled back into pair of strong arms as you saw a whip wrap around the man’s torso and flings him to a wall.

“You pig.” It was a girls voice.

You, for what seemed for a long time, breathe. Your knees buckeled and the only thing holding you up was the pair of arms wrapped around you.

“Who do you think you are?” The girl with pigtails said as she snapped her whip. “Trying to force yourself on people, you’re disgusting.”

The man cowered in fear as the girl threw nearer. It wasn’t until then that you noticed that she was wearing a mask and the people that were hidden in the shadows were too. Your breath hitched as you realize who they were. The Phantom Thieves. You hesitantly look up to find a boy, no older than you (maybe a little), sporting a white mask. He was looking at the man with disgust.

You shook your head. This could not be happening, this has to be a nightmare. Your luck couldn’t be that terrible. Your breathing became faster but no air came into your lungs.

Joker alarmed looks down at you only to see you grasping at your shirt. He quickly moved in front of you with his arms still around you he scanned your shaking form. Tears were streaming down your cheeks.

“I-I-I can’t b-breathe.”

Joker bend down taking you down with him. His scarlet gloved hand held your chin and forces you to look at him.

“You need to clam down.”

His voice was so smooth and deep you were almost mesmerized. Almost. It was then you realized how close he was; he was literally centimeters apart. You pushed at his chest trying to put space between the two of you, but your hands were shaking. Joker let go of your chin and gently grabbed your trembling hands.

You hated this, this feeling of weakness. You were paranoid, but never did you think you were weak. Your vision blurred and your head felt like it was exploding.

“Hey,” Joker pulled you closer to his body. “Stay with me.”

You wanted to but you didn’t have it in you to stay awake and frankly, neither did your body. You felt yourself slipping into unconsciousness. So this is how it ends… what pathetic way to go.

Joker placed both his hands on your cheeks and brought his lips to yours. Your eyes widen as you felt his warm lips press against your shivering ones. He pulled back slowly as his grey orbs open to see your shocked face. He couldn’t help but to smirk as he led his hands back to your waist.

You looked down embarrassed, you feel your face heat up. In that moment, you wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out.

Joker leaned down his head to see your face. “Are you okay?”

You bit your lip and nodded. Joker’s smirk widen.

“Hey, Joker!” Yelled one of his teammates. “Is she okay?”

Joker turned to see his team smiling at him.

“She’s fine.” He responded as he wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you up on your feet. “Secure the inflatration route, I’m going to take her home.”

The Phantom Thieves nodded and made their way to the roof and jumped from one to another.

You kept your eyes focused on your feet refusing look at the Phantom. Joker gently brushed a strand over your ear and traced this thumb across your jawline.

He leaned toward your ear and whispered, “Shall we?”
“Yes.” You answered.

Joker opened his eyes and smirks. “If I remember correctly it was also the first time we kissed.”

You blushed as you pushed at his chest but he only widen his smirk and held you closer.

“I also remember the next night… you were so rude to me.” He clicked his tongue.

You crossed your arms against your chest and retorted, “In my defense, you came in uninvited and sneaked up behind me.”

Joker pouted, “So, you thought calling me a criminal and kicking me out was your best option?”

“I thought you were a criminal and technically you still are.” You snapped back.

“That is true” Joker agreed, “but you still didn’t have to be rude about it. I did save your life that past night.”

You rolled your eyes and Joker pecked your lips. His hand traveled up your body and laid right over your heart.

“But if it wasn’t for that night I never would’ve been so determined to steal your heart.” He smirked, “And by the way you were kissing me a few moments ago I’d say I was successful.”

Your face turned about a hundred shades darker and quickly put your face in your hands. “Don’t say stuff like that!”

Joker took his hand off your heart and gently took your hands off your face into his gloved ones. He wrapped your arms around his neck and placed one his hands at the back of your knees while the other gripped your chin. Joker then swiftly pushed you on the bed with him towering over you.

He leaned down and captivated your lips with his. Once again, the kiss burned with ice. It was unnatural, yet so was your relationship with him. He knows everything about you but you know nothing about him, and in all honesty, you didn’t mind. The Phantom Thief was there for you whenever you needed him and to you that’s all that mattered.

You two broke apart and you heard him whisper so low you could barely hear him.

“I love you.”

You smiled gently and captivated him in another kiss and whispered to him:

“I love you too.”

Joker couldn’t contain the smile creeping on his face as he took your hands in his and led them to his mask. Gently, you took it off to reveal his beautiful face.

You recognized him, he was the one your friends would always warn you about. According to them, he was a delinquent with a criminal record, but he never looked all that scary to you. Even so, you never really payed much attention to him since the two of you were in different years. Yes, you’d see him in the mornings or after school but that was rare.

Joker crestfallen by your lack of reaction, asked, “Did I disappoint?”

“No!” You pecked his lips to reassure him that you loved him. “I was just surprised, I figured you were older than me, but…”

He cocked his head innocently, “But..?”

“You look so different without your glasses.” You joked.

Joker laughed and kissed you passionately. Between kisses you ask him, “so what’s you’re real name? Unless you want me to keep calling you, Joker.”

“Akira Kurusu, my love.”

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Ivar The Boneless x Reader
Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV 

Summary: The big Heathen Army landed in Engeland. You struggle with the fact that Ivar is going into battle so soon after you marrying him. But you are there, ready to take care of him when he comes back … alive.
Words: 2623

Björn decided to make camp in the woods. The whole time you traveled at the back of the army, becides Helga and the rest of the women who came along with this great Heathen Army. But when everyone setted camp up you couldn’t find Ivar, or his horse and chariot anywere. “He is with Björn.” Explained Ubbe who came to stood beside you.
“To do what?” You weren’t sure about Ivar and Björn going out alone. Björn stated it that he was the leader over this army and Ivar was frustrated by that since you all left Kattegat.
“To explore the battlefield. He wil be back soon y/n.” Smiled Ubbe. His comfort puts a little smile on you lips before you setted up camp with the others. Back in Kattegat, just for departure, you married Ivar and you were so confused by the love you felt for him that your mind was on nothing other then him. Helga was zo kind to keep your mind bussy while the evening came fast. Ubbe and his two other brothers sat laughing around the fire, Floki a little futher with King Harald and Halfdan. It took several hours as you began to get worried when you heared the familiar noice of horsehooves. You looked up from your tent to Björn who jumped of his horse right besides his brothers, Ivar and his chariot right after him. Bjorn sat down by the fire while Ivar stayed on his chariot. The brothers were having a discussion for a long time. But it was to far for you to hear what it was about. From the looks Ubbe gave his youngest brother you saw that Ivar sujested something that would lead the whole army. Ubbe was kinda proud maybe?

It took them another several minutes before Ivar drove his horse foward towards you. You walked to the middle of the path an awaited his horse. Ivar locked his eyes on you, relieved to see you after this long day of traveling. “Hooo.” You wispered to his horse. The white animal stopped and you petted his head before looking up to Ivar. He had the reins loose in his hands, watching you with a cocky smile.
“Wife.” He said. You grinned, weren’t just to the word yes.
“Husband.” You replied. You took a moment to observe his face. He was happy about something other that seeing you again. “You look cheerfull.” You said. Someone came to help untack the horse so you could walk towards Ivar.
“Did you miss me today?” He asked, ignoring your observation. You stood still after his chariot and looked how he carefully turned his body.
“You didn’t answer my observation.”
“You didn’t answer my question to.” He said while taking your hand and pulling you up his chariot, rather harsh. Such movements give away that he missed you for sure.
“It seems that you missed me.” You smiled while laying one hand on his shoulder. You looked in those bleu eyes and you smile became more tender. “Did you make Björn proud to have you as a brother?”
“It doesn’t matter what Bjorn thinks, the only one I want to make proud is you.” He answered right away. You slitly held your head tilted.
“If it will give you victory,” You felt silent for a moments. The idea that he could die on the battlefield maked you sick on your stomach.
“If I die tomorrow than is this our last night.” He suggested while wraping his arm around your middle. He pulled you closer, so close as possible.
“Don’t joke about this.” You wispered against his cheek.
“I’m not joking y/n.” He wispered back. You nodded, letting a tear out of concern roll over your cheek.
“I’m not ready to lose you.”
“You won’t. At least, if Björn will do as I say.” He smiled with selfconfident and you looked a little curious.
“Are you going to tell me?”
“No, not until my plan succeeds.” And before you can protest on that he pulled your face closer and gave you a passionate kiss. Thats how it always went with Ivar, he kissed you and you always wanted more because of the passion and lust he puts in it.
“Maybe I missed you.” You gave in, he chuckles.
“Brother.” Said a voice from behind. You pulled back and Ivar looked annoyed.
“What is it?” He asked. You turned around at Björn who gaved you a little nod.
“Björn Ironside.” You greet him respectfully. Björn was waiting until the moment you should go but Ivar had his arm still around yo uso you had nowhere to go.
“We need to discuss some things, come join us.” Björn pointed back to his brothers.
“I gave you almost a whole battleplan in hands, do I really have to do everything.” Said Ivar while rolling his eyes as if he was talking to a child.
“It’s oke Ivar.” You reacted when you saw the angry look of Björn.
“Listen to your wife.” Björn grinned.
“If you need my consult that bad.” Spotted Ivar. Björn didn’t replied and walked away. You turned back to Ivar and watched his envious look towards Björn.
“Go.” You said. He looked up and let his hand traveling down over you leg.
“I had other things in mind.” He pointed out. You pressed your lips together and tried to ingnore his touch.
“I want you back alive, to do that you have to talk to your brothers.” You pressed a kiss on his forehead and jumped of his chariot. You felt his gaze over you and when you looked over you shoulder you met his loving smile.

You didn’t wake up from Ivar crawling into bed. This was the first time for you away from home and it was exhausting. However, he crawling out of bed again did waked you up. You murmeld something weird and you heared him laughing about it. “Whats so funny?” You asked with that sleepy voice. You felt his weight on the bed again and turned your face to him. He was already half ready for battle. Your eyes grewed more conserned.
“Y/n, don’t do that.” He said while putting his hands at bouth sides of your head in the bed.
“Do what?” You asked as if you had no idea over what he was talking about.
“I can’t go into battle with the thought of leaving you restless, concerned.”
“I’m not just to see people I love go into battle.” You aplied sofly. 
“If we don’t see each other tonight than it will be in Valhalla.” He nodded strongly. You stroked his jawline and took a deep breath.
“To who do I tell your stories then? I don’t have family, or childeren.” You saw his eyes react on that last word and you let your eyes travel away from him. He lowered his head until it rested on your shoulder. You embraced him and felt in tears again. His lips kissed away your tears before he kissed you. It wasn’t a farewell but it felt like that.
“Make me ready for battle.” He wispered.
“Offcourse my love.” You answered.

You didn’t cried again, you were as strong as the men and women getting into battle. You buckeled one of the leather straps of Ivar’s armor. He grinned at you with a develish smile. “Not that hard woman.” He said before looking back at his brothers who all stood around the chariot discussing the last details of the plan. King Harald, Halfdan and Floki were among them, Halfdan looked at you, intensly. You held your eyes on Ivar before jumping of his chariot.
“I have straps that need some extra attetion to.” Suggested Halfdan. Ubbe and Hvetsirk looked both directly to Ivar.
“If you touch her I cut of your fingers and wair them as a necklage.” Threatened Ivar to Halfdan. It was hard to keep a smile for myself. You looked sideways to Hvetsirk who was laughing, his arms crossed before his chest. Than you looked over your shoulder to Ivar who still was looking at Halfdan.
“We go now.” Announced Bjorn while waking to the great army who stood awaiting orders.
“I pray for you all, may the gods help you throught this day.” You said farewell to the brothers. Ubbe took you in a embrace.
“May we meet each other again y/n.” He said. You smiled and turned to Hvetsirk who let his tumb travel over you cheek.
“Tell Kattegat our stories.” He said. Sigurd did not much and walked after his brothers. You turned to Ivar who was smiling down at you.
“My brothers are far to fond of you, maybe I need to cut of their fingers to.” He suggested. You slapped him on the arm en pulled yourself back in his chariot.
“Do something extrodonairy Ivar the Boneless.” You said before kissing him goodbye. “And come back, come all back.” You followed. He nodded before turning around in the chariot as you walked towards his horse. “Take care of him my friend.” You wispered to the animal.

It was a long day of waiting back a the camp. You stayed at the egde of the woods, against a tree looking towards the battlefield you didn’t see. Hours long you heared some violence but now it was completly still. Your eyes travelend fort and back over the countryside, praying, hoping that all of them came out conquering. You weren’t sure what you would do if Ivar died, do you wanted to live futher? You lost your father, your mother, did you want to loose your husband to? It was one horse and rider that gave you that little bit of hope. “The great heathen army overwon. King Ecbert is captured and we have camp in his kingdom now.” That was the message he brought before heading back. You looked sideways to Helga who laid her hands on your face.
“The gods have heard our prayers.” She smiled.

The kingdom of Wessex was hugh, you walked through those big gates and looked around you. The men where everywere, setting things on fire, yelling, celebrating. Your eyes felt on Ivar chariot, smeared under the blood of his enemies, his white horse not that white anymore. “Did you see Ivar?” You asked the men standing becides the horse.
“Ivar the Boneless? If he survived this than the Gods are favourd him.” He grinned. You started panicking, looking around for a familair face. Until someone grabbed you with your shoulders, you startled so hard you yelled. Hvitserk smiled at you when you turned around and out of relief you embraced him. He looked not that good but he was smiling, adrenalin still kicking in his body because of the battle.
“Is Ivar alright?” You barely dare to ask.
“He is wounded y/n. But his stubborn self. I was looking for you,” He pointed the way and you followed him through the castle.
“Why were you looking for me?”
“Because we all need those gentle hands of yours to fix us up.” He winked.
“If I can help,” You bite your lip and looked to the wound on his arm, a deep cut.
“Ivar doens’t want treatment so the only one who can convince that stubborn ass is his wife. I knew there was a reason why we took you with us.” He grinned. You rolled your eyes but smiled, at least one of them was okey.
“Sigurd, Björn and Ubbe alright?” You asked when you came in a big hall with stairs.
“The plan of Ivar worked, otherwise we would lost this battle.” Hvitserk replied. You nodded and came out in a small hallway with a room on the end, you could here Ivar protesting from where you were walking. Björn stood in the doorway, he saw you and walked towards you, giving you a little pet on the head before he walked out. You looked at Ubbe, he smiled, comforting while nodding to the bed where a woman tried to convince Ivar to take care of his wounds. And Ivar was Ivar, he looked mad and stubborn as always.
“You should talk some sence into him.” Ubbe wispered. Ivar sat with his back towards you so he couldn’t see you. Your eyes traveled down over Ubbe.
“If I’m ready with him I can look to those wounds to.” You pointed. Ubbe smiled. “We are alright. Take care of him first.” Said Ubbe.
“Brothers, if you can’t speak louder than,”
“Hold still.” The healer said. He sounded so angry and frustraded. Hvitserk gave you a promesing look.
“You should listen to her Ivar.” You said loud enough for him to hear you. The healer looked up as Ivar turned around, she was quiet relieved to see you, Ivar even more. You gave the brothers a little nod and they walked away while you walked towards Ivar. He didn’t look that good but he was alive and that mattered more to you than all the scars he would get from this.
“We won.” He smiled cocky. You flattend your face and looked over his body. He had a deep cut in his forehead and a lot of soar places over the upper half of his body. And a lot of blood covering more wounds probarly.
“I’ve heard.” You responed a while after him. You sat down beside him on the bed and laid your hand on his cheek, already concerned over the wounds he head.
“I told you I would be alright.” He smiled tenderly. You trew your arms around him, didn’t cared about the blood that would get on your clothes. He cringed a little under the pain.
“You stubborn man.” You pulled back looking at the wounds while crying again.
“Oh y/n, I missed you, it was the only thing I could think of when I was in that battle, you beautifull face and how much I want to kiss that again.” He became all vulnerable again. You looked in his blue eye while wiping the tears of your cheeks.
“We need to clean you up first.” You said, nodding, taking yourself back in control.
“They have a very large bathtub over here.” He suggested. You smiled, giving in already.

It was more like a pool, Ivar sat on the side, his elbows leaning on the egde while you stood and watched the place. “Weren’t it your words that said you would take care of me after battle?” He asked himself. You looked at Ivar who splashed some water towards you. You walked to the little stairs of the bad and let your dress fall in a pool on you feet. You smiled when you saw his eyes gazing over your body. You walked in the water until the water just covered your breasts before you start swimming. You held still before him, he pulled your body already closer and you grinned.
“My way of taking care is slightly different of yours.” You pointed out. You took a weird kind of sponge and pushed it against his jaw that still was covered in blood. He didn’t moved further with his plan, he just let you take care of him. “This will heal up.” You said about the wounds he had.
“A lot of scars to tell my childeren about.” He said with a small smile. You didn’t looked at him, you followed your movements over his shoulder, from one wound to the other.
“What holds the future Ivar?” You asked him quietly. He run his hand over your neck, breasts, stomach and to your lower back, pulling you so close you couldn’t took futher care of him.
“Only the gods can deside our destiny.” He wispered before kissing you.

The end

  • Scary godmother: I love your dress Ruby!
  • Ruby: 'dis old thing? I was practically buried in it.
  • Count Maxwell: HM. New fangled fashions! I remember when the queen used to look like a queen! *hisses*
  • Skully: Me too
  • Ruby: Oh Max, It's just a modern little fashion.
  • Maxwell: Too modern and too little for my tastes.You can practically see her ankles! *shelds eyes*
  • Scary godmother: Don't freak out Max, After all. You can see my ankles! *lifts leg*
  • Skully: *pulls off leg and shows it* mine too~
  • Scary godmother: I think she looks nice!
  • Maxwell: Ohhh. Ravishing, yes! Beautiful, of course!. BUT HER ANKLES. REALLY?! ONE CENTURY IT IS CORSETS AND BUCKELS NEXT THING YOU KNOW-
  • Maxwell: *snaps fingers* EXACTLY
Ich will dich lieben, bis ans Ende meines Lebens. Ich will jeden Tag, jede Minute mit dir sein. Ich will in deinen Armen einschlafen und in deinen Armen aufwachen. Ich will in deine Augen schauen und wenn es das Letzte wäre, was ich sehen könnte. Ich will deine Hand halten. Ich will deine Stimme hören. Dir zuhören, wenn du Dinge erzählst die mich kein bisschen interessieren. Ich will mit dir die Stadt zu unserer machen. Ich will schöne Zitate für dich finden oder schreiben. Ich will dir schnulzige Texte schreiben, so wie gerade. Ich will mit dir Liebeslieder hören und jedes Wort so meinen. Ich will mit dir Liebesfilme anschauen, auch wenn du nicht magst. Ich will mich in deinen Armen sicher fühlen. Ich will, dass du weißt, dass du meine Nummer 1 bist. Ich will mit dir ans Meer fahren. Ich will mit dir kochen, will mit dir dumme Dinge tun. Ich will mit dir irgendwelche Lieder grölen, will mit dir schoppen gehen. Ich will in deinen Pullis schlafen. Ich will neben dir, auf dir und mit dir schlafen. Ich will mit dir einen Silvesterkuss. Ich will zuhause auf dich warten bis du von der Arbeit kommst. Ich will deine Freunde kennenlernen. Ich will dich meinen Freunden vorstellen. Ich will mit dir zusammen sein, solange es nur geht. Ich will deine Frau werden. Ja, ich will dich heiraten. Ich will im weißen Kleid und mit Tränen in den Augen vor dir stehen. Ich will meine Hände in deinen Nacken legen. Ich will mich auf Zehenspitzen stellen um dich zu küssen. Ich will jeden Tag dein Lächeln sehen. Und wenn ich deine Tränen sehe, will ich sie wegzaubern. Ich will eine Tochter mit dir. Davor will ich ganz viel mit dir üben. Sie wird das schönste Mädchen auf dieser Welt. Ich will dir zusehen, wie du die Wand des Kinderzimmers bemalst. Ich will mit dir Babyklamotten kaufen, will mit dir das Kinderzimmer einrichten. Ich will deine Hand halten bei der Geburt dieses schönen Mädchens. Ich will dir zusehen, wie du sie stolz auf dem Arm halten wirst. Ich will vor Freude weinen, weil ich dann meine kleine Familie habe. Ich will dir jeden Tag zeigen, wie wertvoll du bist. Ich will unsere Tochter mit dir zusammen aufwachsen sehen. Ich will sie mit dir zur Kita bringen. Ich will euch beim Spielen zusehen. Ich will zusehen wie du sie fütterst. Ich will einkaufen gehen und euch dannach im Bällebad abholen. Ich will dich glücklich sehen. Ich will, dass du lachst. Ich will eure ersten Auseinandersetzungen mitbekommen. Ich will sehen wie sie in die Arme ihres Papas rennt. Ich will sie älter werden sehen. Ich will ihre Schulnoten unterschreiben. Ich will das unsere Liebe für immer so stark bleibt. Ich will mit dir alt werden. Ich will mit dir Oma und Opa werden. Ich will auch mit Stock und Buckel neben dir laufen. Ich will mit dir von einem Arzt zum anderen gehen. Ich will mich mit dir in ein Cafe setzen. Ich will mit dir ein Stammrestaurant haben. Ich will mit dir tausende Fotos haben. Ich will mit dir Fotoalben haben. Ich will mit dir jeden Geburtstag feiern. Ich will für jeden mit dir verbrachten Tag dankbar sein. Ich will mit dir zusammen irgendwann einschlafen und nicht mehr aufwachen.
Ich will viel, ich weiß, doch eigentlich ist es nur ein winzig kleiner Teil von dem, was ich alles mit dir möchte. Aber eines ist sicher, ich will dich und ich will dich für immer lieben. Alles an dir.❤
Master Reviews List

Here at Bisexual Books, we receive frequent queries for lists of books with X demographic, genre and/or quality to them. Often we reply with a few suggestions culled from our recent memory which may not be reflective of the full gamut of works we’ve reviewed.

This list isn’t perfect. We will update it within a week or two of every new review we post. This list is not heavily detailed (for heavier details, please click the book’s title and read our full original review!) but should prove a handy resource for anyone who would like to find our thoughts on specific titles, good bi YA (or historical fiction, nonfiction, erotica, etc), character demographics, etc.

We hope you find it useful!

Books We Loved:

Adaptation by Malinda Lo: Dystopian fiction, bisexual female, sci-fi

American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men by David McConnell: True crime, gender and masculinity studies

Anything That Loves edited by Zan Christensen: Comics, non-binary, anthology

Avengers Academy vol. 3 by Christos Gage: Comics, bisexual female, bi-ally

Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay: Non-fiction, bisexual feminist poc author

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson: Fantasy, Indonesian bisexual male

Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction edited by Sheela Lambert: bisexual authors and characters

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin: Photo book, trans teens, genderqueer, bisexual, pansexual

Bi-Normal by M. G. Higgins: YA, bisexual males

The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists For Those Who Go Both Ways by Nicole Kristal and Mike Syzmanski: Humor, coming out, nonfiction

Bliss by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau: Sci-fi, bisexual male, bisexual author, non-con, erotica

Boyfriends With Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez: YA, LGB characters, poc characters

Burnt Toast B&B by Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz: Romance, trans bisexual male, explicit sex

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: “big queer meta Harry Potteresque fanficion book thingy”

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare: Fantasy, Indonesian bisexual male 

Clearcut by Nina Shengold: Bi male characters, historical fiction, polyamory

Climbing the Date Palm by Shira Glassman: Fantasy, Queer and ethnic diversity, feminist 

Closer to Home: Bisexuality and Feminism, edited by Elizabeth Reba Weise: Non-fiction anthology, bisexual scholarship/academia

Coda by Emma Trevayne: YA, dystopian, bisexual male, sci-fi

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black: YA, horror, vampires, bisexual male, transgender woman

Death’s Door by Sam Saturday: Comic book, horror, romance, pansexual author 

Fairest vol.2 by Lauren Beukes and Bill Willingham: Comics, fantasy, bisexual female

Fake by Sanami Matoh: Yaoi, bisexual male

Far From You by Tess Sharpe: YA, mystery, bisexual female, disability

Fireflies at Absolute Zero by Erynn Rowan Laurie: Poetry, bisexual author

Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson: Sci-fi, bisexual females, polyamory, explicit sex

Frenemy of the People by Nora Olsen: Contemporary fiction, romance, bisexual female, disability

Gender Failure by Rae Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote: Personal essays, non-binary transgender authors

Gender Outlaws: the Next Generation edited by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman: Essays, genderqueer, transgender, bisexual authors

Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin: Intersex protagonist, tw rape

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith: Dystopian YA, bug apocalypse, bisexual male

Heart Body Soul, Erotica with Character by various authors: Pretty much every queer configuration of erotica you could ever ask for.

Honeybee: a Collection of Poems About Letting Go by Trista Mateer: Poetry, bisexual author

The Horizontal Poet by Jan Steckel: Poetry, bisexual author

Inheritance by Malinda Lo: Sci-fi, bisexual female, romance

James Baldwin: A Biography by David Leeming: Biography, black history, bisexual male

Jimmy’s Blues and Other Poems by James Baldwin: Poetry, black author

Joy Street by Laura Foley: bisexual poetry 

The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves: Non-fiction, diverse array of queer authors

Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics by Jennifer Baumgardner: Non-fiction, bisexual feminist politics

Love in the Time of Global Warming: Sci-fi, dystopian, YA, bisexual female

Map of Home by Randa Jarrar: Bisexual Middle Eastern protagonist

Murder On The Mountain by Jaime Fessenden: Mystery, bi male

My Education by Susan Choi: Contemporary fiction, bisexual female, high-brow

No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics edited by Justin Hall: Comics, queer diversity

Not My Father’s Son: A Memoir by Alan Cumming: Memoir, bisexual author, tw domestic violence

Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz: YA, bisexual female poc, mental health struggles.

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg: YA, gay coming out

Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis: Fantasy, diverse characters, bisexual disabled author

Out in Africa: Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan Literatures & Cultures by Chantal Zabus: Scholarship, non-fiction, African queer culture

Pantomime by Laura Lam: Steampunk fantasy, YA, bisexual intersex character

The Pendragon Legacy by Sarah Luddington: Historical fantasy, bisexual and gay males, romance, TW rape 

Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander by Ann Herendeen: Historical romance, bisexual male 

Promises, Promises: A Romp with Plenty of Dykes, a Unicorn, an Ogre, an Oracle, a Quest, a Princess, and True Love with a Happily Ever After by LJ Baker: Fantasy satire, humor, lesbian characters, anti-heteronormativity, lacking bisexual content 

Qu33r: New Comics From 33 Creators edited by Rob Kirby: Comics, queer and ethnic diversity

Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler: Memoir, gay coming out

Saga vol. 3 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples: Comic, Sci-fi, queer and ethnic diversity

Seducer Fey by Cullyn Royson: Sci-fi, fantasy, bisexual and pansexual characters, diverse ethnicities, non-cis characters

Shadowplay by Laura Lam: Steampunk fantasy YA, bisexual intersex character

She of the Mountains by Vivek Shraya: bisexual male poc, Hindu mythology

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: Gay coming out YA with bisexual characters and zero biphobia

Some of Us Did NOT Die: New and Selected Essays by June Jordan: Non-fiction, bisexual feminist black author

Sparks by S. J. Adams: lesbian coming out YA that doesn’t demonize bisexuality

Starling by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae: bisexual male supporting character, contemporary fiction 

The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj: Sci-fi, erotica, agender characters, polyamory, explicit sex

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson: YA, Afro-Brazilian characters, bisexual male, dystopian

That’s So Gay: Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community edited by Kevin L. Nadal: Essays, diverse queer subjects and authors

Tides by Betsy Cornwell: Fantasy, adult queer romance

Tommy’s Tale by Alan Cumming: Contemporary fiction, bisexual author and characters, explicit sex

The Two Hotel Francforts by David Leavitt: Historical fiction, bisexual male

The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play, and the Erotic Edge edited by Tristan Taormino: BDSM non-fiction anthology, queer and ethnic diversity TW: Nudity and explicit depictions of sex and BDSM 

Wallflower by Heidi Belleau: Erotica, genderqueer, Asian and Inuit leads, explicit,

White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison: Supernatural Mystery, female bisexual, vampires, fantasy 

A Wind of Knives by Ed Kurtz: Historical fiction, bisexual males, western lit

A Woman Like Me by Bettye LaVette: Memoir, black bisexual author

Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen: Comics, bisexual black male, diverse ethnic and queer cast 

Books With Problematic or Mediocre Elements That We Still Recommend:

American Savage by Dan Savage: Non-fiction, essays, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Dan Savage will always be a tool.

The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television by Maria San Filippo: Non-fiction, academia, scholarship 

Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence by Rebecca Walker: Memoir, parenthood, bisexual in passing

Bad Company by K. A. Mitchell: Erotica, bisexual male, explicit sex

Bad Dyke: Salacious Stories From a Queer Life by Allison Moon: Memoir, bisexuality, BDSM, polyamory, internalized biphobia 

Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica edited by Cara Bruce: Erotica, hit and miss

Between You & Me by Marisa Calin: Screenplay, queer protagonists

Bi Lives: Bisexual Women edited by Kata Orndorff: Non-fiction, essays, internalized biphobia

Bisexuality: A Reader and Sourcebook edited by Thomas Geller: Essays, dated

The Book of Joel by AR Fiano: Mystery, widespread in queer and ethnic diversity, see review for long list of trigger warnings 

Bound By Honor by S.E. Jakes: Erotica, Bisexual males, BDSM

Coming Around: Parenting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Kids by Anne Dohrenwend: Non-fiction, No good bi content

Corona by Bushra Rehman: Semi-autobiography, queer Pakistani representation 

Daddy by Madison Young: Memoir, bisexual female, BDSM, explicit sex

Different Slopes by Bill Lee: Historical fiction, bisexual male, light reading with an erotic edge

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour: Lesbian YA

Diverse Energies edited by Joe Monti and Tobias S. Buckell: Sci-fi anthology, queer people of color

The Dom with a Safeword by Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood: Erotica, female biseual, BDSM, explicit sex, disjointed narrative

Ebenezer by JoSelle Vanderhooft: Fantasy, holiday, bisexual female,

The Elementals by Saundra Mitchell: YA, historical fiction, bisexual females, doesn’t stand well on its own

The Faith, Love, and Devotion series by Tere Michaels: Romance, bisexual males, cliche 

Flagrant Conduct: the Story of Lawrence v. Texas by Dale Carpenter: Historical non-fiction, bi erasing

For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home edited by Keith Boykin: Non-fiction anthology, cissexist gay

Franky Gets Real by Mel Bossa: Contemporary fiction, bisexual male, lighthearted romance

Gabriel’s City by Layla Hunter: Fantasy, erotica, bisexual male, explicit sex

Giving an Inch: The Professor’s Rule by Heidi Belleau: Erotica, bisexual male, explicit sex, short story, no plot

Graveyard Sparrow by Kayla Bashe: Fantasy, bisexual female, romance, plodding clunky writing

Hild by Nicola Griffith: Historical fiction, bisexual female, slow-paced

How I Paid For College by Marc Acito: Contemporary fiction, horrible characters

The Island of Excess Love by Francesca Lia Block: Fantasy, YA, bisexual female, transgender male, sexual assault TW, transphobia 

The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy edited by Tom Cardamone: Comics anthology, gay men

Let it Ride by L.C. Chase: bisexual cowboy romance, TW explicit sex 

Lips Like Ice by Peggy Barnett: Sci-Fi, bisexual female, transgender male 

Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe by Harrie Farrow: bisexual male coming of age, polyamory, explicit sex 

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva: YA, bisexual male, monosexism

Pink by Lili Wilkinson: YA, bisexual female

Polished by Alyssa Turner: Erotica, explicit, bisexual male, BDSM, polyamory

The Price of Salt by Claire Morgan (pseudonym for Patricia Highsmith): Historical fiction, bisexual female, misogyny

Red Sonja vol. 2 by Gail Simone and Walter Geovani: Fantasy, bisexual female, comics

Revival by Stephen King: Horror, surprise bisexual female

She Loves You, She Loves You Not by Julie Anne Peters: lesbian YA, bisexual villainy

Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff: Supernatural fantasy, bisexual female 

Skim by Mariko Tamaki: Lesbian coming of age, Comics

Sleeping Moon by Kano Miyamoto: Yaoi, supernatural mystery, bisexual male characters, erasure, bi tropes

Spit and Passion by Cristy C. Road: Autobiographical graphic novel, queer Cuban author, explicit sex

Straight Shooter by Heidi Belleau: Erotica, bisexual male, explicit sex, BDSM, unsympathetic characters

Stumptown vol. 2 by Greg Rucka: Comics, bisexual female, queer coding, violence

The Swede by Robert Karjel: Good but somewhat disjointed crime novel. No real bisexual content.

That’s Revolting: Queer Strategies For Resisting Assimilation edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore: Diverse queer authors and themes, Personal essays, politics

Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci: Sci-fi, bisexual female, bisexual cliches

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice: Supernatural contemporary fiction, queer characters, lacking in ethnic and gender diversity

When We Become Weavers: Queer Female Poets on the Midwestern Experience edited by Kate Lynn Hibbard: Poetry anthology, queer authors and subjects 

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal by Jeanette Winterson: Memoir, often aimless 

Books That Are Awful:

The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar: Fantasy, vague bisexuality, extremely boring

The Bisexual Spouse edited by Ivan Hill: Non-fiction, bisexual erasure

Bisexual Vegetarian Zombies by Ron Albury: Zombie fiction, bisexual characters, misogyny

Bottled Up Secret by Brian McNamara: Coming out fiction, m/m, chock full of biphobia 

Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity edited by Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri: Wildly inconsistent anthology

Collide by J. R. Lenk: bisexual coming out, terribly written

Confessions of a Bisexual Husband by Mark Bentley Cohen: Memoir, bisexual male, non-consent, infidelity, bisexual stereotypes

Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian: Just nope.

A Desired Past by Leila J. Rupp: bisexual erasing, transgender erasing, historically inaccurate 

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George: YA, beautifully written biphobic villain garbage

Directing Herbert White by James Franco: phobic, slut shaming, boring

Double Crush by Sally Bosco: Too cliche

The Elephant of Surprise by Brent Hartinger: Terrible addition to otherwise good series of novels

King of Angels by Perry Brass: Contemporary fiction, coming of age, bisexual and gay males, underage explicit sex, murder

Matched by Ally Condie: Dystopian romance, heteronormative, boring 

The Meadowlark Sings by Helen Ruth Schwartz: Dystopian, Bisexual erasure

No One Needs to Know by Amanda Grace: Best part of this book is its cover

Otherwise by Linda Oatman High: forced agender, nonsensical

Plan B by SJD Peterson: Erotica, transphobic

Reclaiming Queer, edited by Erin J Rand: Non-fiction, biphobic, bisexual erasure

Second Hand by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton: romance, bisexual/gay males, poorly written

Songmaster by Orson Scott Card: queer phobic garbage, Sci-fi

Starstruck by L. A. Witt: bisexual male, romance, explicit sex, bi erasure

Stonewall by Ann Bausum: Historically inaccurate, bisexual erasing, transgender erasing 

Swans and Klons by Nora Olsen: YA, dystopian, terrible

This Is a Book For Parents of Gay Kids by Danielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo: Extreme biphobia, all the nope

The Tolerance Trap by Suzanna Danuta Walters: Non-fiction, boring, bisexual erasure

When Your Lover is a Liar: Healing the Wounds of Deception and Betrayal by Susan Forward: Non-fiction, biphobic garbage

Winterspell by Clare Legrand: bad bisexual tropes, YA fantasy, TW sexual coercion 

Wonderland by David-Matthew Barnes: Rushed, cliched, confusing 

You Can Tell Just By Looking by Michael Bronski, Ann Pellegrini, and Michael Amico: Cissexist garbage

Thing I Have Learned From Having A Swedish Girlfriend

· Never trust this shit

· Gustav Vasa’s fucking outfit choices

· Have you met Carl? The King Of Sweden? He’s great

· My GF, from Sweden: “Please buckel your seatbelt on the bus!”

Me, an American: ????????

· “Do you have *insert food name*?” “WTF?????”

· Sweden grading is so weird,,,,,,

· “We were going to have a test with the theme of ‘Hair Raising’ and I was so excited because I thought it meant horror, but no, it was about hair and raising stuff” ~ An Actually Quote From My Girlfriend, @noroalia

· Don’t get me started on the Sweden musical performances- they had RUNNING MEATBALLS and THERE WAS A LADY IN THE M I L K

October library book haul: Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst, Far From You by Tess Sharpe, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Diverse Energies by Tobias S. Buckell & Joe Monti (ed.), The Raven Boys & The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, Raging Star by Moira Young, and The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness.

The description for Halo: Envoy, Tobias Buckell’s next Halo novel coming April 25th next year, has been revealed:

It has been six years since the end of the Covenant War…and yet on the planet Carrow, a world on the edge of the Joint Occupation Zone, a decisive new battle suddenly erupts.

Human colonists and the alien Sangheili have already been living a tension-filled co-existence in this place, with Unified Earth Government envoy Melody Azikiwe attempting to broker a lasting peace between their two species. But as civil war now engulfs the Sangheili settlers, Melody must act on an additional covert assignment courtesy of the Office of Naval Intelligence: find a way to free the SPARTAN-IIs known as Gray Team, held in stasis since the end of the war by a cunning Elite fleetmaster consumed with vengeance.

And none can anticipate the ongoing violence leading to the discovery of an even greater, unstoppable threat, hidden for eons below the surface of the planet…


(But it sounds like this is going to tie into the Created as well, as the final sentence almost certainly refers to a Guardian…)



Miranda was studying the battle from various angles, rewinding it, and had alternate simulations of it running in different sections of the apartment.

Keyes set his luggage down inside the door, walked over to her, and grabbed her tight for a long hug.

“Geez, what’s that all about?” she asked. “You’re not normally that clingy.”

He let her go. “Nothing. Just glad to see you.”

He realised he was a bit of a cold Navy father figure, urging her to study, keeping her on the straight and narrow. So much so that a hug caught her off guard, even though he’d been away for weeks.

“Is this homework?” Keyes asked, looking at the battle.

Miranda froze it all. “No, just something I’m playing with.”

“I was hoping to tear you away, walk down Armstrong Alley, get an ice-cream cone.”



Wir haben zusammen mit Anarchafeminist_innen, Antifaschist_innen und Linksradikalen aus Köln, Bonn und der Umgebung zum Thema Antisemitismus gearbeitet und heraus kam dieser Flyer - go read it!

Wir freuen uns natürlich darüber, wenn andere den Flyer teilen, drucken, oder ergänzen.


Arten des Antisemitismus

Antisemitismus beschreibt ganz allgemein Feindschaft gegenüber jüdischen Menschen. Diese äußert sich in Alltagsdiskriminierung wie Vorurteilen, Stereotypen und Ausschlüssen aus der Mehrheitsgesellschaft, aber auch in körperlicher Gewalt. Es gibt verschiedene Arten des Antisemitismus, die über offene “Judenfeindschaft” hinausgehen. Dieser kurze Erklärungstext bietet keinen Raum für eine angemessene und ausführliche Antisemitismusdefinition und kann das Problem nur stark vereinfacht beschreiben um einen Überblick zu geben.

Der  r e l i g i ö s  m o t i v i e r t e   A n t i j u d a i s m u s  des Christentumes ist eine Art des Antisemitismus, deren Kritik inzwischen selbstverständlicher Teil von Schulbildung ist. Auch
r a s s i s t i s c h e r   A n t i s e m i t i s m u s, der auf das rechte Weltbild der “R a s s e n b i o l o g i e” zurück geht wird relativ häufig thematisiert. Dabei ist wichtig zu beachten, dass Antisemitismus nicht einfach eine Form des Rassimus, sondern eine eigenständige Herrschafts- und Diskriminierungsform ist. Ein wichtiger Unterschied zwischen Antisemitismus und Rassismus ist, dass jüdische Menschen im Antisemitismus als übermächtig und überlegen und im Rassismus die Diskriminierten als minderwertig dargestellt werden.

Die S h o a, der industrielle Massenmord an jüdischen Menschen durch das NS-Regime und all seine Unterstützer_innen, hat über 6 Millionen jüdische Menschen ihr Leben gekostet. Vor allem Neo-Nazis, aber auch Verschwörungsideolog_innen wie die Reichsbürger_innenbewegung, behaupten gerne, diese hätte entweder gar nicht oder nur in geringerem Maße stattgefunden. Ihrer Meinung nach manipulierten jüdische Menschen die Geschichtsschreibung um von ihrer so entstehenden Opferrolle zu profitieren.
Diese NS-relativierende bis -verherrlichende Verdrehung der historischen Ereignisse nennt sich  s e k u n d ä r e r   A n t i s e m i t i s m u s. Hierzu gehört auch der weit verbreitete Vergleich von Israel mit dem NS-Regime (“Israel verübt einen Holocaust an den Palästinensern”), dem sich auch Menschen aus der Mitte der Gesellschaft sowie antiimperialistische Linke bedienen.

A n t i z i o n i s m u s  ist das spezifische Ablehnen des Staates Israel (ihm das Existenzrecht absprechen). Nachdem der Antisemitismus seinen Höhepunkt in der Shoa fand, muss es jedoch einen Schutzraum für alle jene, die vom Antisemitismus verfolgt werden, geben, um eine Selbstverteidigung gegen antisemitische Angriffe zu ermöglichen. Zwar ist es unsere Utopie, dass irgendwann alle Nationalstaaten abgeschafft sind, dennoch können realpolitische Tatsachen zugunsten utopischer Vorstellungen nicht einfach ignoriert werden. So ist zumindest bis zur Überwindung des globalen Antisemitismus das Existenzrecht Israels als Schutzraum notwendig. Dabei ist die Existenz des Schutzraumes nicht auf Ewig an einen Staat gebunden, sondern kann prinzipiell auch hierarchiearmer organisiert werden.

Antizionismus dient sowohl Nazis, anderen Rechten, Islamist_innen als auch linken Antisemit_innen dazu, ihren Hass auf jüdische Menschen und ihre Religion unter vermeindlicher Gesellschaftskritik zu tarnen. Dabei werden jedoch sehr häufig uralte antisemitische Argumente verwendet, wenn es darum geht, den Staat Israel zu kritisieren und ihm sein Existenzrecht abzusprechen. So z.B. die Kindermordlegende und andere Verschwörungstheorien. Nicht jede Kritik an der Realpolitik der israelischen Regierung muss antisemitisch sein. Die Frage ist jedoch, mit welcher Intention die Kritik geübt wird. So ist es z.B. fragwürdig, wenn fast ausschließlich die israelische Politik kritisiert und die anderer Staaten ignoriert wird.

S t r u k t u r e l l e r   A n t i s e m i t i s m u s  bezeichnet Argumentationsstrukturen, die sich nicht offen gegen jüdische Menschen richten, aber dennoch antisemitische Legenden enthalten. Diese gehen auf die Zeit von Mittelalter bis Nationalsozialismus zurück. Beispiele hierfür sind Darstellungen von “gierigen Bösen” mit Hakennase und Buckel, Parasiten-Rhetorik (“Zinsknechtschaft”, “raffendes Kapital”) oder Vergleiche mit Krankheiten wie z.B. “wuchernden Krebsgeschwüren”. Auch Theorien, die von Fremdsteuerung und Verschwörung durch “die da Oben” handeln (“Hinterzimmer”, “Bilderberger”, “die Rothschilds”,…), gehen auf antisemitische Erfindungen zurück.

Querfront und Antisemitismus von Links

Antisemitismus mit all seinen Spielarten geht nicht nur von der extremen Rechten aus, sondern ist auch Teil der Ideologie der bürgerlichen Mitte, Islamist_innen und autoritären Linken. Antisemitismus findet sich in allen Gesellschaftsschichten von Stammtischrassist_innen zu Akademiker_innen.

Vor allem struktureller und sekundärer Antisemitismus sowie Antizionismus dienen als Schnittstelle einer gesellschaftskritischen Querfront durch viele politischen Strömungen. Unter dem Motto “Hauptsache gegen das derzeitige System/ den Kapitalismus/ die aktuellen Herrscher” wird die Vielzahl an Herrschafts- und Diskriminierungsverhältnissen ignoriert. So arbeiten häufig antiimperialistische Linke mit Islamist_innen oder Verschwörungsideolog_innen zusammen. Auf diese Art wird aus angeblich positiven Vorhaben eine Gefahr für das gute und selbstbestimmte Leben aller Menschen.

Da wir bereits erwähnt haben, dass es auch unter Linken Antisemitismus gibt, wollen wir noch konkrete Beispiele dafür nennen.

Dazu zählen wir die Ereignisse am jüdischen Friedhof in Remagen am 21.11.2015. Während der Proteste gegen den Naziaufmarsch wurde dort von libertären Genoss_innen eine Kundgebung angemeldet. Eine Person war durch eine Kippa als jüdisch zu erkennen, eine andere trug eine Israelfahne. Als ein Demoblock aus antiimperialistischen Gruppen und Personen an dieser Kundgebung vorbei zog, wurde den Teilnehmer_innen der Kundgebung u.a. „Intifada“ entgegengerufen.
Der Begriff „Intifada“ bezeichnet palästinensische Aufstände, bei denen es zu massiven Angriffen und Anschlägen sowohl gegen israelische Polizist-innen und Soldat-innen als auch gegen Zivilpersonen und Palästinenser_innen, die beschuldigt wurden, mit israelischen Behörden zusammen zu arbeiten, kam. Sie resultierten nicht nur aus den u.a. von den palästinensischen Regierungen geschaffenen miserablen sozialen Verhältnissen, sondern waren auch nationalistisch, religiös und antisemitisch motiviert. Das Rufen von Intifada-Parolen gegenüber Teilnehmer_innen der Kundgebung ist daher nicht nur eine romantische Erinnerung an vergangene Proteste und Aufstände, sondern eine kaum verhüllte Drohung.
Auch wurden die Genoss-innen als “Faschisten” beleidigt und der Staat Israel mit dem NS verglichen. All dies ist Teil eines antizionistichen Antisemitismus, wie er oben erklärt wird.

Ein weiter zurückliegendes Beispiel für mörderischen Antisemitismus von Linken ist die Flugzeugentführung von Entebbe im Jahr 1976. Bei dieser wurden u.a. durch deutsche Mitglieder der Revolutionären Zellen die Geiseln danach selektiert, ob sie von den Entführer_innen für jüdisch gehalten wurden oder nicht. Die vermeintlich nichtjüdischen Geiseln wurden frei gelassen, die übrigen erst durch israelische Spezialeinheiten befreit.
In diesem Zeitraum gab es in der BRD einige linke militante Gruppen, die eng mit palästinensische Gruppen verbunden waren, deren antizionistischer und struktureller Antisemitismus sich in ihren Anschlägen zeigte. Diese können jedoch nicht getrennt von der restlichen, nicht-militanten Linken dieser Zeit betrachtet werden. So lange Antisemitismus Teil von Theorie und Ideologie linker Gruppen und Bewegungen ist, besteht die Gefahr, dass sich dieser in der Praxis gewalttätiig bis mörderisch äußert.

Antifa heiszt: Antisemitismus verstehen, reflektieren, bekämpfen – auch in der eigenen Bewegung/Szene!

Interventionsmöglichkeiten gegen Antisemitismus gibt es reichlich. Ein grundlegender aber nicht genügender Schritt ist die theoretische Weiterbildung und Selbstreflexion. Es reicht aber nicht aus, ein paar Texte zu schreiben um der antisemitischen Haltung in sozialen Bewegungen etwas entgegen zu setzen.

Bis heute wird sowohl innerhalb sozialer Bewegungen als auch in der eigenen Szene, immer noch verkürzte Kapitalismuskritik, welche meist (mindestens strukturell) antisemitisch ist, nicht oder nur ungenügend als solche entlarvt und kritisiert. Ob auf Demonstrationen gegen die Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und den USA oder bei Großdemos gegen die G8-Gipfel: überall finden sich Karikaturen, Forderungen und Propagandamaterial mit antisemitischen Inhalten oder Anspielungen.

Aus privilegierter Position heraus ist es leicht, sich ausschließlich mit den Herrschaftsmechanismen auseinander zu setzen, die ein-e selbst betreffen. Solange aber die Reflexion über andere Betroffenheiten verweigert wird und die realen – teilweise mörderischen – Auswirkungen diverser herrschaftsfestigender Weltbilder ignoriert werden, kann es keine befreite Gesellschaft geben.

Lasst uns also gemeinsam daran arbeiten, das Verstehen und Bekämpfen von Antisemitismus mit all seinen Spielarten in der antifaschistischen, linken und anarchistischen Szene zur Selbstverständlichkeit zu machen.