Bucky had seen some strange things in the war. Things that he was fairly sure he wouldn’t have believed himself if Steve hadn’t agreed that he’d be seeing them himself too. This, on the other hand, was by far the most bizarre thing he’d seen. Okay, the robotic arm was cool, but there was something about him that wasn’t write beyond that. The soldier didn’t have time to mess around with this idiot, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew him.

Which is why the boy had taken the first opportunity that he could find to pin the gun to the ground and hold gun to his face.

“Who the hell do think you are?!”

Back on the Front-Lines

Zemo. When they weren’t helping on the front lines or chasing down the Red Skull and his hydra agents, they were always trying to stop Zemo’s latest experiment. The guy was a genius–Bucky would admit that much, but he was out of his mind insane as well. Though this didn’t stop the Nazi from producing weapons that could drive the allied forces from their foxholes, tails between their legs. So here they were again, trudging through knee-deep snow to scope out Baron Zemo’s newest hideout. Or rather, that’s what Bucky was doing.

As per usual, Bucky was doing his job as the advanced scout. It was his job to find their best possible route into the heavily armored hideout their enemy was skulking around in, and if he was lucky, catch a glimpse of what exactly they were up against. According to the intel the two had been given, the scientist was working on some sort of robot, an android, which–when finished–would possess superhuman strength and be damn near impossible to take down.

Science-fiction. He’d believe it when he saw it.

Bucky made it past the perimeter without raising so much as an eyebrow, the boy slipped past several more guards–barely stirring the air, he carefully scoped out ever possibly entrance–calculate their best bet and finally testing the one that looked the most ideal. He slipping into the building no problem; he knew Steve would have a bit more trouble because of his size, but the next best entryway didn’t give them the higher ground.

“Let’s see…what do you have cooking in here, Zemo,” Bucky said under his breath, removing a pair of binoculars from his belt and scanning the floor of the warehouse.

He could see bits and piece of machinery being put together, things like looked like possible limbs of a robot but nothing that stood out as the finished product. And Bucky was sure this machine’s size would be hard to miss. The soldier scaled back down the side of the building, from the vent he had enter and made his way back to the meeting point Steve and he had agreed upon.

“Man, I was expecting giant robots…as fair as I can tell we’ve got nothing of the sort waiting for us in there,” he complained slightly, “I didn’t even see Zemo.”