one time on a school trip we stopped at a buckees and my boyfriend was purposely annoying me on the bus and so I thought that I would slap his thigh and knock him off balance when he least expected it but I fucked up and ended up smacking his butt and there were like 3 old ladies that looked at me in horror

for cyber-pill

the day was v chilly and kayla walked out of the house w not a single clue of what the weather was like. “damn it cold I best get me a cardigan up in here” she thought as she went back in for a sweater. as she walked back out she saw someone on her porch

it was a smol emo boy who had the most monochromatic outfit. it was blacker than d33z nuts. he turned his fine ass face around. his hair fringe was more emo than people who cry everyday bc that day is another day that mcr is no longer a band.

“heey,,, im daN and i think YOu have such a nice buckees shirt therE”“ the chilld said with astonishment in his brown orbs.“thankKk you:” kayla wanted 2 say but instead she looked at the bois large pocket. it was bulging and all kayla could say was “wwWhat cha got there in ur pockett”

he stood up and got closer to the young lady. “why don’t you reach in dere and feel 4 urself’” he said w a fuckboiii look on his face. kayla reached in and found a beautiful creation.

the pocket was full of snowflakes made from paper. thats what I call a squareflake, dan said to her. “oooOoOOhh can you teach me how 2 Make oNE”“ kayla responded. "of cOOurse” the emo boy said, and they spent the rest of their days making squareflakes.