I hereby present to you the most ragtag group of adventuring derp to ever grace the Valefor server.

Kiopa (kookycroc): SMN/WHM

Bansi (Ghift): BST/DNC

Buckdida (Wuffkatter): RDM/PLD

This is the setup we usually run with when together, since we’re friends and don’t care as much about maximum efficiency, just a little fun playing our favorite classes. (At least for now, I think, before endgame punches us in the face.) None of us have a defined role like a normal party… we just kinda, well, do whatever gets the mob dead and keep us all alive. Except the crab. The crab usually tanks for us unless something goes awry. That crab can take quite a beating unless it gets throat stabbed or something. We also somehow have managed to survive to about level 50 with this combo; We’ll get going on our LB and AF quests soon. Though, somewhere, I’ll bet some FFXI veteran is having an aneurysm at our stupidity and that such a party can even exist.

But it’s fun! Just a heads up, I’ll probably start posting about FFXI more since those two finally started playing again!