Wait wait wait, I just read with mine own eyes a post from a tumblr user who thinks Stevey isn’t in love with his best friend Buckaroo because he’s an old-fashioned kinda guy.

Because queerness didn’t exist before Lady Gaga invented it, I guess? Because the neighbourhood Stevey and Buckaroo grew up in wasn’t historically queer and home to a bar that was extremely popular with the queer luminaries of the day? Because it’s not like he’s been seen adjusting to the modern world with ease???

Well, I guess that means the ship’s over, guys. Everybody go home.

Excited about getting new sale of Buckaroo Motel. Thanks to YourDailyPhotograph.com for featuring me. If you’re collector, YDP is a great way to see new artist every day. 📸 @edfreemanphoto #yourdailyphotograph (at Manhattan, New York)

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I made a thing…. there were four police cars waiting for us on the other end of this corner lol. 1st time out streeting in months and busted within 3 minutes. 7 cars, one without insurance, 3 caught red handed, all worthy of vehicle inspections… and aside from an $81 ‘failure to display insurance ticket’ (should have been a ticket for driving without insurance, $400-600) got off scott free. They were making fun of us, asking “You guys don’t have police scanners? the app is free! We were trying to talk to you guys to get going out of here! We followed the tire squeals, we tried to pretend it was just the wind…” For getting caught red-handed, those were the raddest police officers I’ve ever encountered. The one ghost car lit them up as he left. Champions. Pretty sure we used up our horseshoes for 2013. 

the only film photo I touched up. The scanner made it very flat. I just brought the dark back in. At this point I was nodding off pretty bad and stopping every couple rest stops to run around and wake up a little. The next stop we took a nap. After we woke we only made it 15 minutes down the road before the motor let go, leaving us stranded with no cell service on the 101, quite literally, one thousand miles from home. This was the last photo I took from the rolls I’ve developed so far (still have two rolls half shot).


What am I doing? This isn’t a show car! I can’t afford paint! I can’t have nice things! I’ll just wreck it! OH NO.

Welp… it’s started now… no stopping until its a different colour I guess..

My prediction: Going to finish it just before Circuit Soul grand Opening. Go to drift the next day in Penticton and it’s going to get fully wrecked.