buckaroo kim woo bin


Prime examples of trolling. TBH I can’t even tell who’s trolling who. Some fan accounts of today’s Buckaroo fansign -

Fan: Fried chicken or pizza?

WB: Pizza!

Fan: Sauce with sweet and sour pork or sauce on the side?

WB: What’s up with you guys today? You know how many times I got asked the same question (kekeke)?

Fan: Hurry just answer me!

WB: I don’t know! I eat it with rice.

Fan: What kind of toothpaste do you use?

WB: Toothpaste? Mmm I use what I’m given. (dude are you in prison -_-)

Fan: Hope you’ll play the guitar and sing along tomorrow.**

WB: I can’t play guitar.

Fan: Can you write “P.S. Don’t ever come again. Please please don’t come again.”

WB: Haha, no you have to come again. Why? Where are you going? You’re gonna stan follow someone else?

Fan: No no it’s not that. I just come way too often, so…

WB: Well then just keep coming!

Fan: Did someone before me ask you this? How do you eat sweet and sour pork?

WB: Ya what is up today? What’s going on?

Fan: How did you answer?

WB: I eat it with rice..

Fan: Mixed together?

WB: Yeah mixed together.

** Woobin will hold his 2nd official fan meeting tomorrow on Jan 25.

(from J亲故o_O’s chinese translation)