rewatched buck the system.

picked up on a couple things: 

  • some people say dexter is being very manipulative with deb, manipulating her into “understanding” so that he can do what he wants again. but i don’t quite see it that way. i don’t think it’s so much “manipulate her so i can kill again” as it is “i need her to understand so that i feel okay.” he says to her, “i need you to understand.” and then he says to her he wants her approval because he “wants to continue to be honest with her.” because he honesty is refreshing to him and there’s suddenly a huge load off his chest and i think he likes it and wants to keep it that way. ANYWAYS my second point on this is: you know how whenever dexter is outwardly manipulating someone? we hear it, in his head, him explicitly telling us that in some way he’s fucking with them to get what he wants. but if you’ll notice, in all the major, important scenes where he’s doing his best to explain to debra, his head is silent. there’s no voice over. he’s not saying in his head, “if she doesn’t understand, i’m gonna lose it. i need to kill i’ve got to kill.” no, he’s SILENT. and the reason he’s silent? because the words coming out of his mouth are the truth. because he’s being GENUINE. 
  • i’m actually so happy that at the end he doesn’t go around parading that he was “right” to debra. not even once. he’s explained it to her throughout the episode, he knows she’s smart, he knows she remembers. and he knows she’s thinking about it. and he just lets it sit, lets her deal with it in her own head without him trying to continually shove his ideas down her throat. he’s explained, he waits and doesn’t pressure her, or get angry or frustrated with her, and he continues to care for her (making her coffee T___T) and is just there for her, listening, as she finally comes to him to tell him what she’s feeling. and he can see she’s really not okay and he’s like “i’m still your brother” in such a manner to remind her that he’s still the same but also that he cares about her, because that’s what brothers do. fuck, i love him so much. so, so much.