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Firstly, I love your account. So I just started searching for POTs on Tinder but I didn't put anything in my bio and I've matched with guys that claim to be CEOs and attorneys. Should I be straight forward about what I'm really looking for? Some of them are quite attractive so I was thinking about trying the spoiled gf route with them. What do you think?

Thanks so much girl!! Seriously tinder pays off and every SB should try it. Having a bio helps refine the search and weed out gross broke guys. Don’t put anything about being a SB because your account will be deleted within a day. Your bio can say “take me shopping” and talk about wanting a successful man. Wanting to be spoiled is a really good thing to put in, even though it’s so basic and cliche at this point. My tinder is a lot like this and i’ll get messages saying “how can i spoil you?” and “where do you like to shop?”. Just remember that any guy can offer to take you shopping no matter how much money he has, so don’t be fooled by this. Being straightforward with every man is not a good idea, because some are put off by the idea of a SB. It works better to chat for a bit and get a read on whether or not he would be open to an arrangement. After this, you can decide if you want to do the SB or spoiled gf thing.


I’m sure no one gives a fuck about this long ass post, but this blog is more my diary than anything else and a lot always happens on travel weekends.

I just got back from Vegas. Thank god I had a direct flight on the way back. This weekend was incredible, Travel Daddy and I always have the best time together.

I asked for a late dinner the night I got in so I could have some time to freshen up. When I got there, he had a bottle of wine waiting for me. We sat outside on the balcony with me on his lap (our room overlooked the Bellagio fountains) sipping on wine and catching up. When I got there I had no makeup on wearing denim cutoffs and a Brandy Melville long sleeve thermal so I wanted to put some effort in to getting ready for dinner. I showered, rubbed myself down in lotion and did a full beauty routine.

We went to a very intimate Mediterranean restaurant the first night. We have a tradition when we go out to eat where we each have a glass of champagne first and then split a bottle of red wine. I was already about 5-6 glasses of wine deep (counting the ones we had at the hotel) by the time our appetizers came 😂 I love that he can keep up with me and lets loose as much as I do. But just to clarify, I have an extremely high alcohol tolerance (the only good thing having an alcoholic dad gave me). I’ve never gotten sick from drinking with him, I don’t suffer from hangovers. I’m a happy drunk and know how to conduct myself. I also trust him completely so I’m comfortable with heavy drinking around him because I know nothing bad will happen. I usually drink in moderation, but I also believe there’s need for celebration from time to time.

We went to a cocktail lounge after. It was sugar baby hunting grounds and gave us a good laugh. Literally every girl was with an old guy. I complimented the girl sitting on the couch next to me on her shoes because we both were in the same boat. Of course they were Jimmy Choo.

Then we went to my favorite bar and had a couple more glasses of champagne. All of the sudden I hit a wall and was exhausted. It was only 2, but I flew in from the east coast so it was much later. When we finally got to the room, I was useless. We pretty much always have sex at the end of the night but I was out like a light.

I woke up super early the next day and made it up to him. Our sex is amazing and we like to try new things/toys. He REALLY loves when I get off though, so he’s extraordinarily attentive.

We had a cabana rented for the day. We went to the pool relatively early and settled in. There is a $400 minimum for the cabana so between him and I, we had a lot of work to do. We ordered breakfast, coffee and mimosas. We have another mimosa. I get a Red Bull slushie, a drink in a coconut, a house sangria that is champagne based and then switched to glasses of Vueve. We lounge around in the sun talking and it’s a lovely lazy day. We ordered lunch, which was basically half the menu to try. I was mid conversation with him and realized he fell asleep on me. I walked over to the daybed he was in and danced around it and he was definitely out cold. I figured I’d go on a walk around the pool because the views are incredible (it’s a rooftop pool). I ended up in the hot tub and was on my phone editing pictures.

A sexy guy my age on the other side of the hot tub called out to me and said his friends thought my bathing suit was too much to handle. I laughed and told them it’s conservative in my standards. He waded over and started chatting with me. We are both in similar fields (which is very uncommon for me to meet someone who does what I do) and we have an absolutely amazing conversation. Travel Daddy texted me and said the food came, about 15 minutes later I finally ended the conversation. He asked for my number and I said I would just see him around.

When I got back to the cabana, TD asked me if any guys hit on me while he was out jokingly. I think he’s prideful of the fact that I get unsolicited attention from the opposite sex. I told him about the conversation I had. He asked me if the guy was cute, which I said yeah. He asked me his age, which is around mine. And then asked me why I didn’t get his number 😂 I love that he doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body. He just wants to see me happy.

So after another 5 glasses of champagne, I’m ready to call it an afternoon. We brought a bottle of champagne back to the room. I pour two flutes and start running a bath. By the time I get out, I walked into the living room to see what he was up to and he was passed out on the couch. So I showered, washed my hair, put on moisturizers etc and got real clean and comfy. He woke up right when I got into bed and was going to take a nap. He said he’d take a shower while I rested and said he’d wake me up in 45 minutes.

He woke me up an hour before our dinner reservation. I wanted to play before we went out so I was confused why he let me sleep an hour and a half. He said I looked so peaceful sleeping and wanted to let me rest. We snuggled for a bit, then I started getting ready for dinner.

I brought a Herve Leger style dress with me. I never wear dresses like that anymore, but I figured it could be an option, especially in Vegas. He asked if I could beat my outfit last night in terms of sex appeal. So I figured that was the green light to ditch the more conservative option and go with the bandage. I wriggled it on and zipped it up. He was floored and kept grabbing on me, I loved it.

We went to a supper club for dinner. I’m a foodie and like trying new things. It was small plates so he had me pick 4 and he picked 4. We both got manhattans after our initial glass of champagne. The food was unreal, the music was so fun. The ambience was amazing, per usual it was a wonderful dinner (that’s what we do best.)

He got front row tickets for a Cirque Du Soleil show and we cabbed to the hotel it was at after our lengthy dinner. We grabbed two cocktails on our way in and made it to our seats in perfect time. I’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil shows before, but not this one. It has such a happy story line. I’m pretty sure I was smiling like an idiot for the full 90 minutes, I was so joyful.

After sitting in the dark for so long though, I was getting sleepy. I asked if we could go to the Venetian to get a drink because the ceiling always makes me feel more awake (the ceiling is painted to look like a cloudy day and is bright in there).

We both have a glass of wine and are super deep in conversation. It’s getting late though, and he was ready to head back. When we got to our hotel, I asked if he wanted to have one more glass of champagne at my favorite bar. He declined which is abnormal, but I didn’t mind. He said I could go out dancing if I wanted to, but he needed to call it a night. Obviously I went back with him and was ready to have sex. But this time he was too tired and fell asleep immediately 😂

So you bet your ass the next morning I climbed on top of him first thing to show how much I appreciated him setting this weekend up for me. We had AMAZING sex, then he needed to leave for the airport early. I walked him down, kissed him goodbye and got myself breakfast. He was very clearly satisfied by the weekend, which was a relief because I felt like it was one sided in my favor this time.

I didn’t fly out until late in the day, so I packed up and checked my bag at the concierge. I went and picked up some new makeup from Chanel and poked around Louis Vuitton. I had a massage appointment in the early afternoon for 80 minutes. He left his account open so I could charge it to the room. I had an incredible massage and sat in the aromatherapy steam room for a while. About an hour before I needed to leave for the airport I showered, blew my hair dry, moisturized but went bare faced for the rest of the day. If you can’t already tell, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to being clean, I really like self care.

On the way out, I realized they had a whole section of Alo gear. I started browsing around and found an outfit I LOVED. I asked the girls at the spa reception if I could charge it to the room and they said absolutely. I didn’t ask TD if it was okay, but I got leggings, a bra top and wrap top. I’m hoping it just comes through as a charge from the spa because he knows I was there… but I also spent ~$500 on the afternoon so hopefully I’m not in the doghouse 😂

I left Vegas feeling happy, well fed and totally refreshed. I walked through the airport with my shoulders back more than usual and my head nice and high. Sometimes I let daily things get the best of me and get super stressed out. This was the rerouting I really needed.

Out of all of this what I’d like to share with other SBs is that experiences have value to them. He doesn’t give me a lot of cash. He would if he could, but I understand why he can’t. However, I genuinely love spending time with him. This is our fourth trip together and they’re always a blast. We stay at the most beautiful places, go to the most amazing restaurants, enjoy incredible cocktails and I don’t have to worry about a single thing the whole time. As much as I’m a partner to him, he’s protective of me and wants to make sure I’m comfortable, safe and doing things that interest me. I would never be able to experience some of the most amazing memories in my life if it wasn’t for him.

So as much as being a SB is about the hustle, I would choose him over a douchebag SD I don’t actually like that much giving me $5k for a weekend of my time.