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Secrets Kill 11

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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Haycock Mountain

Known locally as “Ghost Mountain,” this hill in Bucks County, PA, is home to many legends. 

A man hanged himself there, years ago, and his apparition can be seen along the mountain road. Supposedly, if you turn your car on and off three times, it will cease to start again. 

There are also albinos reportedly living on the mountain. Their house is near the covered bridge, and legends vary on whether the house is all concrete with no windows, or completely made of glass. The albinos will chase down anyone who comes onto the property, and they shoot and throw firecrackers at passing cars. Although the legend mostly deals with albinos, some people say these creatures may be aliens or demons. Their white bodies flying from tree-to-tree is how the hill got the nickname “Ghost Mountain.” The albinos, or whatever they are, are said to kill and eat local livestock as well as the occasional person. 


Big record find from a couple months ago at a flea market: The Greatest Country Music Recordings of All Time by the Franklin Mint; a 50-box, 100-LP set with extensive liner notes. Goes from the earliest recordings through the early 80s. 

Best of all, it didn’t break my rule of only buying $2 records. Got the whole set for $100. Heckuva deal!

Found someone who annotated some of the details if you’re interested:

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KHR Character Cheatsheet

A lot of KHR fic is OOC and I got drunk and emotional about how much I love these kids, so here’s a comprehensive list of some core character traits people don’t pay much attention to when writing KHR fic. Covers Tsuna, the Guardians, Reborn, and Mukuro, and some notable relationships between them.

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anonymous asked:

any HC for talus? and, how the champions reacted to him?

I have a lot to say about Talus. But first, let’s start with what’s canon based on what I gathered watching the patch preview:

- The Ska’Drin is an entirely new race - I initially mistook Talus for an elf because of the pointy ears and I didn’t see the tail at first, but it’s a whole new race of its own and they are highly discriminated against, to the point where the Ska’Drin tend to tuck their tails in to try pass off as an elf.

- The Ska’Drin as a race was almost eliminated in the Realm twice. It’s not mentioned why they were hated so much, or if any other race in particular didn’t like them.

- The Ska’Drin are the people that began rune magic. Every other form of rune magic was a development off what the Ska’Drin created.

- Talus is the youngest champion and is still quite naive, which leads to his belief that as long as people learn about the Ska’Drin, they won’t hate them so much. He comes to the Paladins in an attempt to regain the honour on the behalf of the Ska’Drin.

- Talus calls Barik “Mr. B”. This wasn’t important, I just thought I’d point it out because it was adorable. 

- “Talus is innocent until he meets Infernal Seris. Keep them away from each other.” (Quote from Prettyhair in the Patch Preview). Also not important, but Talus is considered canonically innocent! Likely he won’t understand more… mature jokes.

So Talus is part of a very discriminated and small race and he comes to fight in hopes of restoring honour to his people. He doesn’t have any bad intentions, but the fact that the Ska’Drin aren’t very liked in the Realm can mean that the rest of the champions go either way - they like him, or they don’t.

And that leads us to the time old tradition of what the other champions think of him.

Makoa: Makoa’s race (way back when more of them existed) never really had a problem with the Ska’Drin, and he doesn’t have an issue now. There’s no reason to really talk to Talus, but the kid is very curious and always wants to know stories of the past that Makoa has seen. Makoa can’t help but entertain Talus because he’s jut so genuinely curious.

Fernando: While the human race was one of the biggest factors in driving the Ska’Drin to dust, Fernando himself thinks Talus is adorable. No lie, he was quite shocked to see someone so… so small joining the Paladins, but Talus has good intentions and he’s love to help the boy with his goal where he can.

Barik: Barik and Talus have something of a strange relationship. The Ska’Drin’s only ally were the Dwarves because they were both small races at a disadvantage compared to everyone else. Talus has a huge respect for Barik and immediately tried to get close because of the history between their races, but Barik (being Barik) didn’t really fancy Talus getting too cozy. He secretly thinks Talus is very endearing and will protect him, though Talus has proven to not really need protecting.

Torvald: The Elves were pretty divided in their history of deciding where they liked the Ska’Drin or not. Torvald is seriously on the fence about this one. Frankly speaking, he didn’t really think about the Ska’Drin at all. He was aware of their existence, but nothing much more. But because Talus is essentially a child, he feels obligated to take care of him. 

Ash: Ash never really fancied kids or anyone who looked and acted like one, but she doesn’t have much of an opinion on Talus because for the most part he’s been minding his own business besides occasionally trying to chat with her. 

Inara: Mother Nature never got involved in the war on the Ska’Drin because she was busy doing other things, but Inara was fully aware of how the Ska’Drin almost got eliminated from the Realm twice. She’s a little upset that she couldn’t do anything about it back then, so she tries to make up for it by looking after Talus now. 

Ruckus: The Goblins were part of the reason why the Ska’Drin exist in such few numbers now, but Ruckus personally never had a part to play in it because he was too busy trying to steal the sword Boltanas binded his soul to. Talus is definitely wary around Ruckus, but Ruckus himself doesn’t care too much. The less Talus bothers him, the better.

Drogoz: Dragons too had a part to play in the destruction of the Ska’Drin society, though they didn’t actually kill anyone - only raided their villages for their riches. The Ska’Drin used to be very rich, so they were a prime target for dragons (besides the humans). Drogoz did directly participate in raiding one of the villages way back and he feels quite awful about it now seeing Talus, even though he never interacted with Talus before. But being himself, Drogoz hates confrontations and just avoids Talus as much as he can.

Bomb King: Unlike everyone else, Bomb King knows nothing about the Ska’Drin and doesn’t really care either. He just finds Talus rather entertaining and that’s pretty much all.

Willo: The Summer Court used to be allies with the Ska’Drin and aided them in their time of need before, but the Queen eventually decided that they were using too many resources to help the Ska’Drin and not themselves and withdraw slowly until they left the Ska’Drin on their own. Willo is only aware of this from hearing about the Summer Court’s history and doesn’t really think it makes much of a difference since she herself had nothing to do with it. She does enjoy poking fun at Talus though.

Lian: Like many great empires of the human race, House Aico didn’t really like the Ska’Drin and viewed them as little thieves (Talus denies this and says they were only taking back what was rightfully their after their homes were destroyed). Unfortunately, this view hasn’t quite changed for Lian and she’s rather scornful of Talus. That’s alright, it’s a mutual feeling for Talus.

Strix: Strix actually did meet with the Ska’Drin shortly after he left his old life to find a new one. He was picked up by the Ska’Drin after sustaining bad injuries from a close encounter with a Gorlock and he is grateful to the Ska’Drin’s generosity, despite their lack of many resources and needing to always be in hiding. He tries to remind Talus of how commendable his race is when Talus needs encouragement. 

Cassie: Cassie learned about the Ska’Drin only from books and was always curious to meet them, but never really got the chance to because of how reserved and deep in hiding they were. She thinks it’s quite exciting to meet Talus, and has a lot of questions to ask.

Kinessa: She’s never had the time to form an opinion on the Ska’Drin so meeting Talus is something entirely new to her. She’s not really a fan of how much he pesters her with questions or just for fun.

Sha Lin: The Empire never liked the Ska’Drin and his father did teach him about the rift between them and the Ska’Drin, but Sha Lin never really remembered anything about it after he left and became a nomad. He thinks Talus is adorable and fun to be around, and is very surprised with his intelligence despite his age. 

Viktor: Despite having directly fought against the Ska’Drin, Viktor doesn’t actually have an opinion on them because he was only following orders. He doesn’t really care much for Talus or whatever he’s trying to do.

Tyra: Tyra clicks with Talus very well because they were both highly familiar with nature and the wild and have a lot to talk about. They got along the very day they met, and Talus is happy to have a friend from a race that was known to hate his own. It really makes him believe that he can change people’s perception on the Ska’Drin.

Evie: Having essentially lived in the mountains for most of her very long life, Evie never had a chance to interact with the Ska’Drin and wasn’t even aware of their disappearance until they were almost entirely gone. She’s a little jealous that Talus is a Flank as well and is getting all the attention now.

Skye: Being someone who very much enjoys attention, she too is a little annoyed that everyone’s paying attention to Talus only. She’ll get over it eventually though - the feeling always comes back when a new champion arrives, but it’ll fade eventually.

Maeve: Being the former youngest champion among the Paladins, Maeve is happy to have someone younger than her. It makes her feel like an expert at what she does, and out of this feeling of superiority she tends to tell Talus what to do. He genuinely thinks she’s being helpful, even though it wasn’t her intention. They’ll get along just fine.

Zhin: While the Thousand Hands never fancied the Ska’Drin based on what they knew of them, they surprisingly never really got involved in any major fights with them because they were so busy conquering other, more important things. Like the Empire, for example. Zhin doesn’t really feel any pity for Talus because honestly, bad things have happened to every single society and race to exist in the Realm. The Ska’Drin aren’t special. 

Androxus: He never had the time to learn anything about the Ska’Drin because a good lot of his time was spent floating in the abyss. He too isn’t too big a fan on how excitable Talus is and wishes he’s leave him alone a bit more often.

Lex: Lex may have tried to help the Ska’Drin before after their first near-elimination off the Realm, but he eventually moved on. Talus was actually already born when he went to help and Talus remembers him for it. Lex doesn’t know it was Talus’s village he helped and doesn’t really remember Talus in return, but he’s glad to see Talus fighting for something that matters to him.

Buck: The Ska’Drin never really reached the mountains so Buck didn’t really interact with them, but he feels sorry for Talus that his race had to go through such hardship. That’s all there is between them.

Mal’Damba: While disciples of Wekono didn’t interact with the Ska’Drin much due to highly different beliefs, they did answer the Ska’Drin’s call for help when they needed it. Mal’Damba was there himself way back, but he didn’t meet Talus then. Talus is aware that they did come to help and appreciates Mal’Damba for trying. 

Jenos: Having lived for thousands of years, Jenos saw the rise and fall of the Ska’Drin but was rather indifferent about them or about the rest of the Realm for that matter. He was too busy harnessing the power of the stars to bother himself with the business of the Realm. He does take a bit of a liking to Talus, but he isn’t sure why.

Ying: Ying enjoys having young people join the Paladins and immediately made a connection with Talus. They enjoy each others company very much and Ying always wants to know more about the Ska’Drin and Talus himself so she can find out how she can help him restore honour to his people.

Seris: Seris hates to meddle in other people’s affairs, and the Abyss had no reason to interfere with the Ska’Drin or anyone else. She knows Talus’s intention for being a Paladin and thinks its quite commendable, but they haven’t talked directly. Talus is a little intimidated by her because of her silence.

Grover: If there’s anything Talus loves, it’s climbing trees. Grover is quite fond of him and they seem to be growing quite close as friends. Talus finds it very easy to talk to Grover.

Pip: The Foxkin only ever interacted with the Ska’Drin as a trade partner prior to both societies’s downfall, but seeing as how both of their races were destroyed quite badly, Pip can sympathise with Talus. He hopes to bring Talus to Brightmarsh one day to show him the remains of the Foxkin history and where it all began for him. When they’re not talking about the past, they’re horrible, horrible troublemakers - almost on the same level as the Flank Trio if not more. Now Pip’s got a new friend to mess things up with when Lex isn’t feeling it.

Grohk: The Lightning Orcs (or just the Orcs for that matter, because the Fire Tribe didn’t like them either) didn’t like the Ska’Drin because Orc territory was taken to house the fleeing Ska’Drin. Resources were also apparently stolen from the orcs by the Ska’Drin, though there was never any proof of it. But since the Ska’Drin was there, why not blame them? Grohk doesn’t really like Talus because of their history even though they never interacted directly until now, and Talus finds that quite immature. They might argue quite a bit.