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23 and 44 with Bucky!

A/N: Hey love!!! Thanks so much, I got a little carried away, I hope you like it! xo

Prompt: Just a day out on the field with your group of troops and your best friend Bucky with emotions running high..

23. “Sorry, I got distracted, come again?”
44. “What? You have a nice ass”

Pairing: 1940s!BuckyXreader

Warning: A little angst but all good and a hint of smut mention 

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You trekked through the field, mud kicking back and staining the back of your calves. A small smile tucked at your lips, feeling secure in the moment as you and the group of men around you had successfully carried on your mission. With only a few days of walking back, you felt excitement brew in your stomach from thinking about your warm bed and reading under the dim candle light. The group was approaching a set of ruins, marking the end of this day walk and you sighed in relief.

‘’Sergeant James Barnes and Stephen Bartee, scout ahead.’’ You commanded, slowing down your pace as you let the group of men in front of you to have a good overlook of everyone. You watched Stephen pick up the speed immediately, venturing on his own towards the ruins. Turning your head, you found Bucky trailing behind you, a blank expression on his face and his eyes- well his yes glued to your behind. ‘’Sergeant James.’’ There was a warning tone to your voice as you turned and came to a halt in front of him.

He hummed in response, his eyes dragging over your body before he met your eyes, his turning wide as he realised his absentminded actions had been caught. ‘’Sorry, I got distracted, come again?’’

He got no verbal response from your, only a roll of your eyes before they landed back on him, your stare so strong that you could have burned a whole right through him. Watching you get so frustrated brought a chuckle out of him, ‘’What? You have a nice ass.’’ He winked, that sly little fucker just winked.

‘’Listen here, Buck.’’ You emphasised on his little nickname. ‘’I am your commander and I have just instructed you to scout ahead but you were too distracted looking at my behind to hear. Now, if you can’t take care of your little friend over there-‘’ Your eyes darted to his bulge before locking with his wide eyes again ‘’-and at least try thinking with your brain, then I suggest you stay behind for our next mission.’’ Your voice was stern, but you couldn’t hold back the small smirk that fought it’s way to your lips as you spoke to your best friend, ‘’Copy that?’’

Your eyes darted between his, waiting for him to show that he understood before he gave you a single nod with his lips drawn to a thin line. Your little stare of was interrupted by a few chuckles from the surrounding troopers, causing you to break it off and continue making your way to the ruins, heat rising from your neck to pool in your cheeks before trailing right to your chore as you thought back to his little friend. You mentally cursed yourself for your little outburst, but that boy had it coming, he was your best friend and he had practically been eye-fucking you this whole mission and it had been fuelling your nerves. Especially given the fact you couldn’t deny your own desires.

Silence was settling over the house you stood in as the men settled into sleep, leaving you wandering alone with your mind running high. You hadn’t been sleeping for the last few nights after the recurring nightmares, leaving you with a sleep deprived body and a haunted mind but you didn’t trust yourself to close your eyes and relive the images of your fallen friends. You came to a halt by the window, letting your eyes cast out to the horizon as the last rays of sunlight retreated from the ground and left you with the moonlight alone.

A creaking sound coming from the floorboards brought your attention back inside the house, looking up you noticed his reflection in the window as he leaned against the doorframe behind you. You tilted your head back and gave him a faint smile, ‘’Can’t get enough of that view?’’ You teased him, but your voice was low and you mind wasn’t really with it.

He bowed his head, the sweet sound of his soft laugh filling your ears before he pushed of the wood he was leaning on and slowly made his way over to you. You turned around, to meet his gaze as you leaned against the window with your hands on the window sill for support. He was dangerously close, his legs ever so slightly brushing against yours as he hovered over you but there was something different about him now. He was back to your best friend, not the one eye fucking you, but the one you recognised from back home with the warm smiles and affection in his eyes. His hand reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before tilting his pointer finger under your chin to motion you to look at him, ‘’What’s troubling your mind, Y/N?’’ his voice was merely a whisper, his breath fanning across your face as he spoke.

You closed your eyes to hold back the tears that were now brimming in them, you leaned into his palm that held your jaw, seeking comfort in his touch. Your body was drained of all energy, your mind giving into the thoughts that you had been pushing back and a single tear rolled down your cheek before breaking on his hand. Bucky responded by pulling you firmly into his embrace and placed his head on top of yours, his hand brushing though your hair to soothe you as you let your emotions run free in the arms of your best friend.

‘’I’ve noticed you haven’t been sleeping.’’ Bucky murmured into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. ‘’You need to get some rest Y/N. Come on.’’ He pulled away when he felt you relax in his arms, taking your hand in his and led you into the living room.

‘’I can’t,’’ Your voice was weak, and you used your free hand to wipe away the tears that stained your cheeks.

Bucky sat down on the sofa before pulling you down with him and you were too weak to protest as you fell into his arms. He shifted, laying down as he held you in his arms. Your cheeks tinted with a delicate shade of pink, you tilted your head back to catch his admiring stare. You gently pecked his lips before letting your head fall back on his chest, ‘’You know they’ll tease us relentlessly if they find us like this.’’ You felt his chest vibrate against your cheek from his chuckle.

‘’If it means you’ll get a night of sleep, then I can handle it.’’ You felt him place a kiss on the top of your head, fuelling the fluttery feeling in your stomach before he relaxed against your body and soon you were drifting to sleep.


A/N: First off, I would like to address the fact that my last fic got 45 notes as of the time I am writing this. I cant believe that 45 people took their time to read my stuff. So thank you to whoever reads this and I hope you enjoy this and any past or present fic. Second, How the hell did this get so long. It is currently 12:46 am and I just finished writing. No matter that I have to be up at five, I do it all the time. Anyways, it was getting really long and I am tired as crap, so I think I will do a part two to this if you guys want. Let me know what you think and as always requests are open and you can always say hi.

Prompt: She has your cheekbones. (OK this will be in part two)

Warnings: Cursing, cheating, yea not much

Word count: 2600 words

“Mommy, your phone is ringing!” you hear you daughter shout, as she runs over to you bringing the ringing phone with her. Seeing Clint’s name, you sighed and answered the phone after mumbling a small thank you to your daughter who had gone back to playing

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I’m yours ( Bucky  x Reader)

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve done a marvel story. enjoy(:

paring : reader and Bucky

plot: I did not really think of a plot so this one writes itself

Y/N! I’m home ’’ Bucky called out cheerfully. ‘’I’m in the kitchen.’’ you yell back. ‘’ Hey Doll.’’ he replied kissing your cheek.’’ Hey Buck.’’ you said smiling at your boyfriend of two years.’’ Whatca doin.’’ he asked in a sing song voice .’’ Making dinner.’’ you replied in the same voice.’’ Oh what are re having?’’ he asked.

‘’ We are  having spaghetti..’ you replied walking over to stir the pasta. Your phone was blasting songs from your pandora radio. All of a sudden  I’m yours by Jason Mraz came on.’’ Hey it’s our song.’’ Bucky replied.’’ Wanna dance?’’ he asked.’’ Buck Im trying to cook dinner.’’ Not anymore.’’ he replied reaching over to turn off the burner.’ Okay one dance.’’ you giggled. He took you in his arms and pulled you towards him.

He turned up the radio.Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted.’’

Bucky twirls your around. You giggled as he danced with you.

I won’t hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I’m yours.

He pressed his lips to your temple but you decided to press your lips against his softly. He smiled into that kiss and his arms went to your waist hugging you tightly. You pulled away just as the song ended .

‘’ I loved that.’’ said Bucky.’’ As did I, but now I have to make your dinner.’’ you laughed.’’ I love you y/n, i hope you know that he said kissing you on the head.’’ I love you more.’’ you said back.

I’m actually really proud of this one, I feel like if I write a story and think of a plot after its easier? Can we get this to 100 notes? maybe?

Matt Jackson - Payback's a bitch.

Matt Jackson - Fluffy and Angsty imagine where reader and Matt are in a relationship and they get into a big fight before a match together with Nick against The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix. Throughout the match Matt acts like an ass, but the reader gets hurt and he feels bad and tries to make it up to her. 

Request for - @thegabby5sos

Warnings - Fluff and Angst, some swearing.

Word Count - 1643 words.

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Although yours and Matt’s relationship was fairly new; 6 months to be exact, arguments were extremely rare between the two of you. Even during your three year friendship as members of The Bullet Club and as The Young Bucks valet, anyways even when you did have a fight it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be solved over a pizza, a bottle vodka and a good movie. 

But this time, it was oh so different - the incredulous argument leading to the fight was; to put it plainly, absolutely pathetic. It all arose when you were offered a singles career by the several promotions The Young Bucks were signed at, instead of just being their ‘occasionally involved’ valet. Straight after hearing the news you instantly ran to your boyfriend to share the amazing news, you were ecstatic that companies were finally recognising your singles talent and you were sure your boyfriend would share your enthusiasm.

As soon as the words ‘independent career’ left your mouth his face dropped and the once light atmosphere of the room morphed into a much heavier one, thick with tension. You instantaneously sensed the change in Matt’s mood and questioned him on what was wrong, upon doing so it only changed his expression from one of hurt to one of anger. 

Matt had screamed in your facing and accused you of not giving a shit about The Young Bucks as a unit; not caring about yours and his friendship or relationship. He branded you selfish claiming that the only person you ever really cared about was yourself, amidst the argument you were about to interject him in order to defend yourself when he hit you with his final words to you, ’You’re a heartless bitch! All you ever did was use me for you own gain’ and with that he slammed the door of your hotel room. 

Those words had hit you like a ten tonne of bricks, you instantly became aware of the rapid beating of your heart and the taste of venomous bile in your mouth had made you sick to your stomach. You were in complete bewilderment at your ‘sweetheart’ boyfriend. The words he spoke were undoubtedly the cruellest words you had ever heard leave his mouth…and they were aimed at his own girlfriend.

*A few hours later*

You were sat on a storage crate in a solitary corner of the packed out arena fiddling around with the tassels adorning the sleeves of your signature leather jacket, just a mere ten minutes before your match against The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix. 

You weren’t paying much attention to anything happening around you, more just wallowing in your thoughts, dwelling on the incident between you and Matt. At this point you could barely stomach the thought of him, let alone work cooperatively with him in a match and continue a facade of the ‘IT’ couple when in your mind you weren’t even sure if you were a couple at all. Suddenly, a deep voice broke you out of your trance.

“Hey Y/N, how ya holdin’ up? Matt told me what happened” Nick questioned, a sympathetic tone lacing his voice and a comforting hand resting upon your shoulder. You looked up at him and scoffed shrugging his hand off your shoulder, continuing to twirl the jacket tassels between your fingers whilst looking off into space -  tears brimming in your eyes, threatening to ruin your make up. You promptly realised that you had no reason to treat Nick like shit because of his brother’s childish actions.

“I’m sorry Nick, i didn’t mean to be so rude” you muttered, rapidly blinking the tears from your eyes before looking up to him.

“No need to be sorry kid, Matt was way out of order. But hey, lets get this match over with and then hopefully Matt will have stopped being a dick and he’ll be on his knees beggin’ ya for forgiveness” he chuckled lightly at the end of his words. Your maroon lips cracked into a broad smile for the first time since your initially good news earlier the same day. You hoped off the crate and stood beside Nick.

“Lets go beat up some bitches” you shouted clapping your hands together, your obnoxious laugh filling the once quiet corner. You happily strode in front of Nick with confidence and pre-match adrenaline radiating from you, but deep down you were already dreading having to face Matt when you got to the gorilla. 

*Match time*

Whilst waiting for your entrance music you and Matt didn’t speak, in fact he didn’t even look in your direction. He instead opted to just talk to Nick - who was frequently shooting you apologetic looks. 

As soon as your theme played you and Matt headed towards the ramp, Nick behind - you two laced your hands together and were all over each other on the way down to the ring. After the pair had finished the signature poses and taunts at The Motor City Machine Guns and Taeler Hendrix, you place a passionate kiss on Matt’s lips; ensuring the crowd were still encapsulated in the ‘IT’ couple, before stepping through the ropes with Nick allowing Matt to start the match up against Chris Sabin.

In your eyes and how you were reading the crowd reaction, the match was going well, that was until you realised that Matt was purposefully stopping you being tagged in. When he came to your corner he would only tag in Nick even when he was still fighting fatigue on the apron and when Nick game over to tag Matt would slap Nick’s arm before he could reach you. So the next time you saw Matt stumbling across the ring you savvied up to his tactics and tagged yourself into the match up before he could even recognise it had happened.

You were currently precariously balanced in a suplex set up on so called, ‘high rent district’ with Taeler when you began to hear Matt stamping his feet on steel stairs and chanting - now for some competitors having team members make chants focused them, but for you it distracted you and broke your mindset, and Matt knew it. Just as you turned your head to shoot Matt and evil look Taeler suplexed you both off of the ropes, the way your head was positioned caused you to hit your head devastatingly hard at an awkward angle. As soon as you landed you knew something was wrong; your ears began to ring, you felt dizzy - your vision fading to black and an excruciating pain thrumming through the back of your head. You barely stayed conscious long enough to roll to your corner, where Nick tagged him self in and finished off the match, pinning Alex Shelly for the win. 

*post match*

Immediately after match had ended you were carried backstage by several officials with a deathly worried Matt trailing behind shouting questions and demanding answers. The medics immediately began assessing your physical state, while Nick calmed an extremely anxious Matt whilst dragging him from the medical room.

After the medics had decided you didn’t need to go to the hospital; you just need a lot of rest and roughly 2-3 weeks off, they invited both Matt and Nick back into the medical room. As soon as Matt walked into the room you could see his eyes were slightly red and puffy, along with an apologetic look plastered on his face.

“Y/N, baby I am so fucking sorry! I didn’t think it’d knock your concentration - and I’m sorry - I was a huge dick. I know I fucked up big time. Baby please forgive me.” he rambled on, almost incoherently. Tears beginning to well up in his eyes. You raised an unimpressed looking eyebrow at him, still annoyed at him. His expression became even more sorrowful as he realised you were still pissed off.

“I take back everything I said, baby. You having a singles career would be incredible, I know you never used me. You’re amazing in your own right. Fuck! I’m so sorry” he sputtered, his normally cocky demeanour completely diminished.

Both you and Nick tried to keep a straight face as Matt continued to ramble on and on, apologising profusely; when abruptly a smirk cracked onto both of your faces.

“What did I tell ya!” Nick shouted enthusiastically, referencing his prediction of Matt coming grovelling back to you. You smirked and beckoned Matt over to your seat.

“I forgave you the minute I saw the look on your face” you whispered into his ear, placing a feather light kiss on the lobe. Matt pulled away from you to reveal an unimpressed, relieved and amused expression all melded together. He then finally cracked a smile.

“Jesus Christ, you scared me! I thought you were going to break up with me” he chuckled whilst sighing in relief; leaning down to place a gentle kiss on your temple and then your lips. All whilst embracing you in a massive bear hug, enveloping you completely and making you feel safe.

“I was going to…but then i realised that: one, you have to treat me like a princess for the next few weeks - that entails taking me to my favourite restaurant and going clothes shopping and two, the next movie night is my pick - and i pick ‘Titanic’” you smirk hearing his groan of disapproval knowing he despises it. “Oh and I guess I love you” you added with a cheeky giggle and a wink.

“Payback’s a bitch man.” Nick cackled shoving Matt’s shoulder as Matt rolled his eyes; helping you up from the seat you’d been sat in.

“I guess i deserve it” Matt murmured in defeat as they helped you to the car, where your weeks of princess treatment were already set to begin.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine for this blog and much like Nikkii said earlier, it may not be up to scratch as this is only my first imagine for this blog. I also apologise if any information isn’t accurate as I’m not very educated on The Young Bucks! But i hope you all enjoy it! ~ Moxxii xo

The Lonely Tree (Part 10)

Word Count: 1236 (not even sorry) (part 11 is literally 1332 words because I have no self control)

Summary: You drag Steve outside for some fun in the rain.

Warnings: Oh god soooo much fluff it makes me scream a little

A/N: Catch up here!

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A frantic pounding on their front door jarred Steve and Bucky out of their respective seats one dreary grey Friday.

“Steve, I swear to God, if that’s your little girlfriend, I’m gonna punch you,” Bucky grumbled, pausing the movie he had been watching with a decidedly unamused expression.

“Pretty hard for a nonexistent girlfriend to knock on the door like that, Buck,” Steve shot back earning an eye roll as Bucky reached for the door.

“Bucky! Hi! Your hair looks nice today. How are you feeling?” you blurted in an excited jumble, not waiting for an answer before pushing up and pecking a kiss to his cheek.

While Bucky’s annoyance melted into a very confused smile, you ducked around him and grabbed at Steve’s wrists.

“What’s going on with you?” Steve chuckled as you grinned up at him, bouncing on the balls of your feet.

“We’re going to have an adventure! Come on!” Without any further explanation, you started tugging him out the door, and Steve threw a helpless glance over his shoulder at Bucky as he let himself be dragged away.

Outside, a heavy rain was falling, beating a heavy rhythm against the earth and punctuated by low rumbles of thunder.

“What are we doing?” Steve shouted to be heard over the storm.

“Playing in the rain!” you said with a dazzling smile, taking off towards the trees still dragging him behind you.

When you finally stopped, you let your hand fall away from his and tilted your face up towards the sky with closed eyes, smiling at the feeling of rain on your skin and in your hair. With a carefree giggle you lifted up your arms and spun around in tight circles, only stopping when you were satisfactorily dizzy to lean unsteadily against a tree. When you looked over at him, Steve was staring at you with a strange expression, a soft light in his eyes that made you feel warm despite the weather.

You got him into the spirit of things easily enough, and soon you were both jumping into puddles, kicking up wet leaves at each other, and spinning in dizzying circles in the pouring rain, giggling like children all the while. When a particularly threatening rumble of thunder echoed from above, you shouted right back. Hearing Steve’s surprised laugh in response, you flashed him a grin.

“Don’t make fun of me! Try it!”

And the next time thunder sounded, he did, the two of you shouting back together.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” you laughed at his cheerful expression.

“Yeah, it does,” he said with a beautiful smile. “Race you to the Lonely Tree?”

“No way! You would definitely win!” you argued, but the second he turned away, you raced off towards it with a triumphant giggle, a sound that only grew when you heard him give out an outraged shout and begin to chase after you.

Your fun was quickly sidetracked as your foot skidded across a patch of mud, sending you shrieking and flailing straight into Steve’s arms. You clung to his shoulders tightly, breathing ragged and heart skittering wildly in your chest for a moment before breaking into breathless giggles. Steve joined in, tightening his grip on your waist ever so slightly, heart thundering as chaotically as the rain on the pavement. He let out a shaky breath when he felt you melt against him, sagging against his chest and dropping your forehead to his shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked carefully, and while he couldn’t be certain you heard him over the rain and the thunder, you seemed to understand the sentiment as you tilted your face up and gave him a tiny smile.

Any words you had been considering saying vanished the second you looked up at him. Rain had darkened his blond hair, and your antics together had tousled it adorably. Tiny drops of water clung to his eyelashes, and you would swear on your life that his eyes had never been this blue. You smiled absently as you watched a raindrop slide down the curve of his nose, but the smile faded when your gaze caught on the beads of water adorning his lips.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you forced out, turning your face back down to his shoulder before bringing it up abruptly to plant a kiss on his cheek.

That’s what you had intended, anyway. But Steve had turned his head to look down at you when you pulled away from him, and the suddenness of the kiss prevented either of you from pulling back in time.

Butterflies erupted in your stomach as your lips found his, the cold drops you had been admiring seconds before adhering themselves to the seam of your lips. Shock was the excuse you both clung to when Steve held you a little tighter, when you pressed a little closer. But that excuse could only extend so far, and you pulled back seconds later with a panicked noise.



“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s… Um…”

“I was going for your cheek, I promise! I didn’t know you –”

“Okay… It’s okay. Just relax,” Steve said breathlessly, desperately trying to follow his own advice. He ducked his head to catch your gaze and moved his hands up to grip your shoulders. “Look at me, please. I promise you it’s okay. It was an accident.”

“Okay,” you said uncertainly, and a sharply cold blast of wind sent you shivering back into his arms.

“Let’s get you inside,” Steve said with a fond smile, tucking you tightly against his side and heading towards his dorm.

“Cuddles and movies?” you asked in a tiny voice.

“If that’s what you want. You’ll have to change into some of my clothes, though. I don’t want you getting sick.”

When the two of you returned to his room, Bucky looked up and rolled his eyes at the two of you.

“Get something dry on. I’m not taking care of you if you get sick,” he said with mock severity.

“Liar,” Steve shot back, shoving Bucky’s shoulder lightly.

Ten minutes found you cozy and warm in sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt far too big for you. Bucky had looked you over with a twinkle in his eye when you had returned from changing in the bathroom but said nothing. You were in bed now, curled around Steve’s laptop while Steve was curled around you, sharing headphones and paying very little attention to the movie playing in front of you.

Both of your minds were clouded with thoughts of the kiss. The current atmosphere you both felt, warm and safe and loved, did little to dispel the daydreams. One of Steve’s arms was wrapped around you, the weight of it comforting and protective, while his other hand played idly with your hair, drawing a contented hum from you.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to fall asleep,” you whispered, nudging him lightly with your elbow.

“Do you want me to stop?”


True to your word, sleep found you after a few more minutes of his gentle ministrations, and Steve couldn’t fight a soft smile when you turned over to snuggle against him. He brushed his fingers through your hair one last time before leaning down to press a tender kiss to the corner of your mouth, his smile growing when you let out a happy noise and moved a little bit closer.

Part 11

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Description: You and Bucky are always arguing about something and never seem to get on. When you fall asleep on Bucky’s lap the Avengers decide to tease him relentlessly about it.

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“Did you use all the milk again?” You asked, slamming shut the fridge door.

The Avengers looked up at you from their breakfasts as you stared down Bucky and his ridiculously full bowl of cereal.

“I needed it for my cereal.” He defended, pointing to the bowl.

“No one needs that much cereal.” You said, “I suppose you used all that up as well.”

He didn’t answer back for a moment and you took that as a yes. You groaned in frustration and grabbed a slice of bread angrily. The rest of the Avengers shared eye rolls and went back to eating.

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The Little Things

@hollysleeps Requested:  Could you do one where you’re a new agent & the group loves you. You learn every detail about them, both big & small, from who likes their coffee how, who is dating who & how their dates go. Who likes what for breakfast & who doesn’t eat it. You know, all those small things that people appreciate you remembering. And they realize they know nothing about you or anything you like and feel guilty so Buck tries to learn as much as he can.  

Pairing: Bucky x Avenger!Reader

Warnings: FLUFF GALORE, Alcohol Use, and Suggestive Language.

Word Count: 2,373

A/N: So. Friggin’. Cute. You guys are going to love this and I love it too. Hope you enjoy! x.T

Your name: submit What is this?

         “Okay, what about twenty questions?” Tony asked, leaning back in his seat next to you on the white couch. The team had been invited over to the Tower for your guys’ day off, just to drink, hang out, and not focus on the world for a night. You all had wanted to do something and after Banner being shot down, Tony suggested something.

           You sat on the edge of your cushion, your drink in one hand, and you swirled the ice around with your finger. Then, you took it out of the drink and sipped the alcoholic beverage. It was an acrid taste as it slid down your throat, but you’ve been drinking it for the past hour, so the taste was something you’d gotten used to.

           Steve shook his head at Tony’s idea. “Not everyone would be willing to participate.” He glanced over at Natasha. She sat in a chair, hers legs crossed, and a glass of red wine in one hand.

           Tony clapped his hands together. “How about we change the rules? We ask everyone a question—that doesn’t retain to anyone’s past, about someone, and whoever answers it correctly gets bragging rights?” Everyone looked around each other, before Natasha nodded her head.

           Steve, Bucky, and Sam were all squished onto a couch, while Clint and Banner had brought over bar stools on either side of their couch. Thor was in a seat like Natasha’s, with his arms splayed over the white leather, and an Asgardian-enhanced drink in hand. You sat next to Tony and Wanda on the other large couch across from the super soldiers.

           “I’ll ask the first question: What’s my favorite for breakfast?” Tony set his drink on the coffee table, his eyes gazing around at the group.

           “Pancakes?” Natasha piped up, hoping she got a lucky guess.

           “Wrong.” The group settled into silence again, and you bit your lip. You knew exactly what it was.

           “You like an omelet with extra cheese, and you make the chef remake it if it has bell peppers…” You said, meeting Tony’s surprised features. He them smiled and picked up his glass, holding it up.

           “Right on the money, Y/N.” Tony clinked his glass against yours, before you both took a sip. Everyone looked slightly impressed at how you knew, but it wasn’t that hard to realize. Whenever Tony had you guys over, you were always up early enough to see what he ate, and the chef would often put peppers in his omelet. Tony always complained to you about how they ruined the taste.

           Wanda nodded and sat forward, she asked, “Who knows how many times a week I train?” She looked around at the group, seeing them all contemplating, but you sat back and took a drink. You knew that one too.

           You weren’t paying attention to the fact that the metal-armed soldier beside Steve was watching you intently, recognizing the look of someone who knew what others didn’t. He had opted against alcohol for the night, so he lifted his glass of ice water to his lips, his eyes ghosting over every little move you made. You sensed someone’s eyes on you and cast your gaze across the group, but whoever was looking at you masked it well.

           Clint had made a few guesses, coming up short every time, and Wanda shook her head with a smile. Tony turned to look at you, he saw how you hadn’t even tried to think over this. “Y/N, do you know?”

           You sat up and set your drink on the coffee table, avoiding everyone’s eyes, before smiling at Wanda. “You train everyday, even when not permitted. You say it helps you focus on the power you wield.”

           Wanda let out a soft laugh, “I forgot you always help me out, often playing as subject.” You couldn’t help the smile on your face and you shook your head, the team looked impressed already. Yet, all you did was pay attention to the things they do.

           After going through Natasha, Clint, and Sam, everyone was asking you the questions. Your eyes rested on Bucky, who was up next, and his lips curved up when you looked at him.

           You always had a soft spot for the soldier and sometimes would take time to chat with him over coffee late at night. He was soft spoken and always listened to what you had to say, he always was kind to you, and even let you put refrigerator magnets on his metal arm one time. You and Bucky had wanted to see how many you could get on, but you ended up running out of magnets. Bucky opened himself up to you all the time and was grateful to have someone other than Steve understand him.

           Bucky asked, “How many magnets can be put on my arm?” You bit your bottom lip and his eyes glistened with amusement, knowing he stumped everyone else.

           Steve turned to his best friend, the look on his face priceless. “Magnets?”

           “Yeah, on the fridge.” Bucky said nonchalantly. You hid your grin behind your drink, sipping slowly, because if anyone else saw you, they would know what you did.

           Tony raised his brows. “I’m surprised I didn’t think to do that.” He then glanced over at you and a smile spread across his features, Tony nudged your arm with his elbow. “Was it your idea?”

           “Thirty-six magnets, to be exact. We ran out.” You answered, uncrossing your legs and exchanging smiles with the metal-armed soldier. The group laughed at the prospect of the dead serious super soldier, sitting with his arm extended on the counter, with you carefully placing magnets on the metal.

           Banner gestured to you, “Why don’t you ask us a question? You seem to know everything about us.” You felt the focus bear down on you and you heard blood rushing in your ears, but you played off you nervousness with a cool smile.

           “Okay, I’ll ask one,” You sat forward and was ready for the disappointment, “Why was I brought in to be an Avenger?” Everyone quieted and looked away, but Bucky kept his eyes on you. He was realizing something about you and while you awkwardly sipped your drink in the dead silence, Bucky was trying to figure you out.

           Bucky wondered why the whole team trusted you with everything, and why he always was compelled to tell you things. It almost came naturally, trusting you, and he froze when he realized. The reason Fury brought you onto the team, was because of your power to have anyone trust you when in your presence, and why you always went on missions alone.

           Bucky cleared his throat and said, “Because of your power. You make people trust you and tell you everything.” You stopped and stared at him, and he continued, “Yet, you never tell us anything.” The guilt that always hung over you made your gaze drop to the ground, and your stomach churned with uneasiness. You didn’t want to hide anything from the team, but it is hard to trust someone who has the power to have everyone spill their secrets too.

           Tony rested his hand on your back and said, “Well, it isn’t Y/N’s fault. We never bother to ask about her.” The team had to thank Tony for putting it so bluntly.

           “Thanks, Tony.” You forced a small smile, before finishing off your drink. “I think I’m going to call it a night.” You set the glass on the coffee table and got to your feet, not looking at anyone as you walked towards the stairs that lead down to the rooms. No one said a word as you left the room, and you quickly shut yourself away.

           You were curled up in your blankets with the lamp on the nightstand turned on. You were flicking through a handful of photos of your family, quickly getting over the fact no one had bothered to come down. Well, yet.

           A knock sounded from the door of your room and you quickly set the photos down, before making your way over. You opened the door and was surprised to see Bucky standing there. He was in a black t-shirt and sweatpants, his head jerked up when you opened the door.

           “Hey, can I come in?” Bucky asked softly, and you stepped aside to let him in. He moved past you and you shut the door behind his large form, before you returned to sitting against the headboard of your bed. You patted the space beside you and Bucky slid onto the bed next to you, he stretched his legs out, and crossed his arms over his chest.

           He sighed, “I’m sorry about what happened out there.”

           You looked over at him to see his gaze was already resting on you, and you shook your head. “It’s okay, Bucky. You were right.” He hesitated a moment, before he reached out and gently grasped your hand. The callouses on his fingers were rough against the smooth skin of your hand, and his hand easily wrapped around yours, it sent a pleasant warmth up your arm. He ran his thumb over your knuckles, and you squeezed his hand gently.

           “I’m always telling you about me, and I haven’t bothered to ask about you.” Bucky pursed his lips and looked at his hand grasping yours, he then lifted your hand to his lips, and pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles.

           Your cheeks flared with heat and you leaned into his shoulder, the warmth and solidarity of his body drawing you in. You said softly, “So, how about we play twenty questions—for real?”

           “Okay, what did you think when we first met?” Bucky turned his body so he could face you, and he held your hand on his leg that he had brought up between the both of you. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged at your lips.

           You sighed and tried to relive that day again, before you raised a brow, “I’m going to be honest with you, but I had thought Steve was hot, until you showed up on our doorstep.”

           Bucky snorted and couldn’t help the grin on his face, your face was hot, and Bucky loved seeing you blushing so hard. You ducked your head in embarrassment, before Bucky squeezed your hand. It was your turn, so you asked, “What did you think when we first met?”

           His dark blue eyes softened when they met yours, and his voice was so smooth and gentle. “I thought you were the most beautiful person in the world,” Bucky released your hand to reach up and brush his fingers against your cheekbone, “And I still do.”

           You couldn’t break his gaze and your heart was beating so hard, you thought it would jump right out of your chest. The brush of his fingers made your skin tingle, and you were completely under his spell, as your lips parted. Bucky’s eyes flickered slowly between your gaze and your lips, before he slowly began to lean towards you.

           He used one hand to hold himself up and cupped your cheek with the other, the cold hardness of the metal against your skin something you’ve only ever imagined happening in your dreams. Bucky’s nose brushed yours and your eyes fluttered closed, finding yourself leaning towards him to close the space.

           Bucky pulled away slightly and you opened your eyes, he whispered, “I have one more question…” You hummed to acknowledge it, and he continued, “Will you kiss me?”

           “Yes,” You said almost a little too quickly.

           Then, you both crashed against each other, his lips melding to yours. He leaned into you, his metal hand holding your lips to his. You kissed him slowly, yet all you wanted was him to kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You wrapped your arms around his neck, sliding your fingers into the soft locks of his hair, and you parted your lips slightly. Bucky took that chance and his tongue touched yours, and you were clambering onto him, his hands now tugging on your hair, and gripping your waist.

           You moaned softly when he sucked your bottom lip into his mouth, before tugging it gently with his teeth.  His scruff tickled your jaw as he pressed gentle, wet kisses in a trail along your pulse. Bucky’s fingers slid beneath the hem of your shirt and his thumbs pressed into your hip bones.

           You breathed, “Bucky, let’s—fuck, let’s slow down…” He pulled away from you, his eyes dark with lust, before he nodded. You slid off of him and straightened your shirt out, your chests were heaving as you caught your breaths, and Bucky grasped your hand.

           “At first, I thought you meant something else.” Bucky’s voice was breathless and husky, showing how aroused he was.

           You looked over at him and smiled, “Well, you did that thing with your lips…”

           Bucky’s lips tugged up, before he sighed, “Okay, so it’s your turn now.”

           You propped your head up with your hand, and lay on your side, facing the soldier. You thought for a moment, before asking, “What do you think everyone is wondering out there, because of how long you’ve been gone?”

           “That we are playing more than just twenty questions.”

           “Okay, your turn.”

           He looked up at the ceiling, his brow furrowing. “What’s your favorite color?”

           The simplicity of the question caught you by surprised, before you really pondered it. Every color you seemed to like, so you answered, “I don’t exactly have one. I’ve always thought they were all pretty.”

           The next hour rolled by of asking each other small questions, questions about your favorite foods, to your favorite day of the week, and eventually the questions stopped. You were laying with your head on his chest, running your fingers over the metal divots in his left arm, and he ran his other hand up and down your back slowly. You listened to the steady beat of his heart, relishing in his gentle touch, and the solid warmth of his body tucked against yours.

           You felt his chest rumble as he asked, “Can I ask one last question?”

           A smile spread across your face, and you replied, “Of course.”

          “Will you be mine?”

Niguz Talk Shit
  • Niguz Talk Shit
  • Black Moon
  • Enta da Stage
  • BLACK MOON [Buckshot, 5FT & Evil Dee]
  • Niguz Talk Sh*t
  • Enta Da Stage 

BEATMINERZ Iddish Changed my Life, Mr. Walk & Evil Dee should have just kept this damn pace all the way into 2011 and Beyond. This Entire Album is Classic!! I Bought Tape’s (Cassettes) back then. So my version was missing “Act like you want it” but that’s the wackest in Fact ONLY weak track on that LP!! Now if only The Video Version of “I GOT CHA OPIN” was on this Original

Don’t Forget About Me

Summary: Bucky remembers his old life with (Y/N) before he left for war.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Swearing (I think). Mentions of smut.

A/N: Anything in italics is from Bucky’s memory. Okay my heart kinda hurts from writing this, but I enjoyed it. Please send requests/feedback here. Hope you guys enjoy!

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On The OA: Ian Alexander ( @lilskeletonprince follow him, runs a good blog) did an AMAZING and outstanding job and was far and away my favorite part of the show, real talent conveying feeling and emotion wordlessly, not wishing to spoil but at the end there’s a scary/stressful event and the raw fear on Buck’s face made that real for me, edge of the seat nail biting panic something bad might happen to him, all from the look on his face, long story short Alexander as Buck Vu owns every shot he’s in. Deserves every cent they paid him. and is a rock star I want to see in more things starting now. 

Have I Made You Uncomfortable? (Bucky x Reader) Part 6

Summary: It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Chapter List


Part Six

“Either way, we need to arrest him and his puppets, release the hostages, and deactivate the carrier system. Y/N, you’ve been watching the building, any suggestions?” Steve asked, and you furrowed your brows in concentration. You took another bite of your burger and started flicking the hologram around, circling it as you chewed. You swallowed loudly before sighing.

“Well, the building in itself isn’t the problem, Steve. They have people everywhere. Since this is a threefold mission, we need to split up. I suggest… Who’s available for this?” you asked, eyes still focused on the hologram in front of you.

“Myself, Buck, you, and Barton.” You hummed in discontent.

“Four people doesn’t seem like enough for this mission. Are you sure there’s no one else we can bring in?” you asked, glancing at him.

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Attention - Bucky x Reader

Just Bucky being super needy

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“What are you doing?”

The shift in the bed as he slid into bed beside you, lying his head on the pillow after pressing a quick kiss to your cheek.

“Just reading.” You smiled, not lowering your book.

“Is that so?” Bucky smirked, leaning over you to press a kiss on your lips.

“It was so.”

“Oh sorry.” He tilted his head, “Am I being distracting? My bad, doll.”

Bucky rolled off you, laying beside you instead. A little disappointed, you went back to reading but Bucky soon started pressing kisses along your jawline. Down your neck, along your collarbones.

“You’re beautiful.” He murmured.

You sighed peacefully, placing your book to one side and taking Bucky’s chin in your hands.

He smiled, placing his cold metal flat on the bare skin of your stomach under your shirt. You gasped slightly and Bucky smirked, his lips returning to your neck. Kiss after kiss, touch after touch.

His lips moved to your ear, a soft whisper.

“I love you.”



•Peter trying to make you tea
•Him failing at making the tea by burning the leaves
•"I don’t know how to make tea.“
•You teaching him how to make tea
•Peter googling knock knock jokes to tell you
•Him swaddling you in his sweatshirts
•Insisting he can make you dinner all by himself
•Him secretly ordering pizza instead
•"I can’t make food either. Except for toast. I can do toast.”
•Telling you embarrassing stories from when he was a kid to make you laugh
•Laughing until your sides hurt
•Lots of neck kisses
•Going to Target to buy superhero movies and candy and silly string
•Him running up and down the aisles while pushing you in the buggie
•You using the silly string while he uses his webs in an epic battle
•Him making you pretty web art when you get tired
•Making ice cream sundaes
•"So I can make toast and ice cream sundaes. That’s all anyone needs to eat right?“
•Cuddling on the couch while watching the movies you bought
•Falling asleep while he strokes your hand
•Waking up to find whipped cream all over your face
•Chasing Peter around with a can of whipped cream to get him back
•Crashing on the couch while you eat more pizza
•Falling asleep again against his chest