buck sexton


Great response to the ban bossy campaign.

If you don’t have income inequality you don’t have freedom. This is true, remember this. If there is no income inequality you don’t have freedom, because it means you don’t have the ability to make choices that have real consequences. Does that mean ‘it’s not fair’? I dunno, it’s not 'fair’ that I’m not six foot five, the world’s handsomest guy and can do backflips and can dunk and hit a baseball and speak six languages. I mean what’s that mean? Life isn’t fair. A lot of things aren’t fair, but that’s not an excuse for eradicating, systems, or eradicating laws that have actually produced a lot of good, especially in comparison to the alternative, which is rabble rousers, which is community organizers which is Democrats deciding who gets what, when, and how. That’s much less fair….
I’ve always been aware that there are richer people and there are poorer people and that sometimes it’s not due to anyone’s mistakes or anyone’s failings intellectual moral or otherwise. It just is the way it is. But to eradicate that entirely, well some societies have tried that, and they don’t eradicate equality they just end up eradicating people. I don’t think we want that.
—  Buck Sexton, The Buck Sexton Show, Nov 9, 2015, 23 mins in