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Please love me Elias.

You know I was gonna do one of these at 777 and boy do I love to procrastinate so here’s a 5k. I put off making one of these forever but then I really wanted to make this dumb header.

Anyway, here’s some blogs I think are pretty sweet.
I’m also gonna break this down into some oddball sections so bear with me.

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Thank you all for for stickin’ around! I get a kick out of you guys enjoying this nonsense and enjoy reading your comments and things you send me or tag me in. It’s been super fun

Again, thanks a ton! You guys are rad :^)

A special thanks to @staff for not deleting my ass 

The horrifying, King Of Limbs! ( or as I like to call it the dreaded noodler ). A goofy doodle I made for @buck-satan that I thought I’d share just cause I feel the need to share this adorable character with you all. If you want to know why just, the last picture on this post (http://buck-satan.tumblr.com/post/154415042627/king-of-limbs-got-some-asks-on-the-inbox-so-im) got me giggling for a good few minutes so I couldn’t just not draw something for it ; D. Warning they do draw the lewds but if you’re ok with that I highly recommend following em, because well. They draw good lewds and sometimes cute stuff like the link what can I say ^^;.