buck passing

  • Jason: Ya see, Damian, being the younger brother isn't always bad. You're never stuck, 'cause there's always someone older to whom you can pass the buck. For example...
  • Jason: IT WAS DICK
  • Bruce: DICK!
  • Dick: WHAT?!
  • Jason: See?
  • Jason: Now your turn. Let's give ol' Timster a taste of little brother's wrath.
  • Jason: *blows a fuse; entire manor's lights go out*
  • Bruce: WHO DID THAT
  • Jason: Go ahead, my young grasshopper.
  • Damian:
  • Damian:
  • Damian: IT WAS JASON
  • Bruce: JASON PETER!
  • Jason:
  • Jason:
  • Jason: the fuck. brah.
  • Damian: *shrugs* Learner's application, you should be proud.
Lazytown/Parks and Rec
  • <p> <b>Stephanie:</b> "How's the conflict between Stingy and Trixie going? Take care of that did you?"<p/><b>Robbie:</b> "Nope. Passed the buck to Sportaflop."<p/><b>Stephanie:</b> "That's not really the attitude I expect from an award winner."<p/><b>Robbie:</b> "Everything I do is the attitude of an award winner-because I've won an award."<p/></p>

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could you by any chance find a masterlist of secrets for a character?

  • [X] - thatfrenchhelper
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These are all the masterlists of secrets that I know of, and they’re all great lists, so have fun with them!

with lindsay being the head of ah, i’ve seen a bunch of headcanons about fake ah crew geoff being relieved to be passing the buck to lindsay and being less responsible for the trigger-happy children that make up the crew, and i am one hundred percent into that

like geoff is so tired. geoff is so done. geoff is so ready to spend his days drinking and buying expensive golf clubs (ostensibly as a retirement hobby but actually as carefully considered weapons with which to wield with bad golf-related puns) and yelling at late late night television 

(don’t you do that shit already? michael asks.)

in fact, geoff is more than happy about lindsay’s promotion, except—

except then there’s jeremy.

listen, folks, geoff’s all smiles riiiiight up until lil’ j calls lindsay boss, and then he’s sulking for three straight days and nobody can figure out why

then one day jeremy starts calling everybody boss—i’m talking michael, ryan, mica, the dude at the cash register at the grocery store

geoff is absolutely full of vinegar and it is spectacular.

Perception is Reality

If, on a regular basis, you’re blaming other people for how bad you feel, you are then giving them control of the power that can actually cause you to feel better.

The changes in the outer circumstances that you want, start first in how you are feeling within.

It might feel good, in the moment, to pass the buck in regards to responsibility, and it can be helpful, but if done too much it can also keep you from making the progress that you may be needing in the moment.

In that case, your happiness is solely dependent on what they say or do - what they’ve said or done - or what they have or haven’t done. All of which you have little to no control over.

Remember, perception is typically reality.

Remember, what you have a lot of control over is how you respond to reality and how you choose to feel from within first and foremost.

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Subby!Bucky has tricks for getting what he wants from all three of his dom(me)s. Sam just needs a picture or two in some pretty panties while he's at work and can't do anything about it("Sorry Sammie I forgot you had that meeting today, how careless of me") Steve needs casual disobedience ("Hey Buck can you pass me the remote?" "No, I don't want to, try again later"), and Nat needs him whining at her for a while.("Nat I'm boored can't you entertaaaiiinnn me?)

sdskdffkjhjsfd YESSSS YESYEYSEYES i love the idea of Buck being a total brat to get what he wants ; ; 

Honestly the best part about The OA for me is that Buck Vu hasn’t started testosterone so he still doesn’t quite pass vocally???
Since I have a similar situation to the one Buck does: I pass physically pretty well but I open my mouth and everyone either thinks I’m twelve or that I’m a girl
So it’s just nice that the trans representation isn’t a man who’s been on T for like 12 years cause I’m actually seeing myself represented on television
Idk it’s a very specific good feeling but it is a good feeling I wanted to share
I love Buck Vu a lot ok and I love how Ian Alexander plays him
@Ian: you’re doing great work, please keep going


I’m you, Tomas. I’m that little voice in the back of your head. I’m every rotten lie you’ve ever told. I’m not a liar. Oh, really? You lied about Jessica, you lied about hearing God’s voice… I was trying to help. You were trying to be special. You were trying to pass the buck on every lousy decision you’ve ever made. God didn’t want you, Tomas. He never did. The first Mexican Pope. Do you think anyone ever believed that pile of old tosh? Stop it! Your grandma didn’t want you in the Vatican, she wanted you holding her hand while she died, but you couldn’t even manage that, could you?

The Exorcist | 1x10 - Three Rooms

“Become Fearless”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHnTeyMAf80 Everyone should watch that.

Regardless of how you feel about Arnold Schwarzenneger as an actor or his personal life, the man has achieved more in his small time on this planet than almost any one in existence.

Wasted potential is a tragedy. If you have a dream, you need to believe in yourself. You aren’t guaranteed another life, another tomorrow, or another chance. You are here NOW on this planet. NOW is when you can make a difference. Look inside your own heart, and listen to it.

Don’t let negative, hateful, or jealous people discourage you, it is your success, your future and your dreams you are fighting for, not theirs. During your journey, never forget those that have helped you, and those that you can help along the way so that they too can follow their dreams and help others themselves. It isn’t always easy and it shouldn’t be. Expect and embrace the difficulties and defeats and overcome them. You are comprised of not just the good you have experienced or the strengths you possess but also the bad you’ve endured and the weakness that you contain. It makes you an individual. Use the lessons you’ve learned from success AND failure to achieve what YOU desire. Fight and work hard for your own future.

Most importantly, when you reach your destination…extend your own hand to pull others up, not push them down.


You’re not “just” a volunteer!

I saw someone refer to themselves as “just a lowly volunteer” the other day and it really distressed me. There is no such thing as “just” a volunteer! (This is written in the context of science fiction conventions, but probably applies to many other kinds of all-volunteer events.)

For those of you who have no context, a lot of SF conventions (especially ones that are more about books than anything else) are entirely volunteer run, top to bottom. This includes Worldcon and Arisia and Boskone and Minicon and BayCon and all kinds of other big conventions. These conventions literally would not happen without their volunteers.

Yes, there’s a level of volunteer called “staff,” but that really only means a couple of things. First, it means you probably joined up to do work before the convention, rather than mostly or entirely at the convention. Second, at some levels, it means you can have bucks passed to you. (Also, some of these jobs are more interesting – I’m having a hell of a lot of fun being Deputy Division Head for WSFS at Worldcon this year, but I also had a lot of fun being a roving troubleshooter at BayCon two years ago.)

Our volunteers are the people who make the whole thing go. They take registrations, give directions, lay out tech setups, make sure programming is running smoothly, take care of guests, and so much more. They’re really the face of the convention for 90% of the membership, and without them the con would never happen.

The joke is always that everyone working a convention gets paid in “ego cookies,” and to some extent that’s true, but it shouldn’t be because some people get to be important when others aren’t. It’s the satisfaction of a job well done, of knowing that you came together as a part of a team to make an awesome event for your community. Everyone gets to share equally in that pride – the person who puts in two hours as a door guard so someone else can go get lunch just as much as the con chair themselves.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re “just” a volunteer – you’re the foundation on which the entire thing is built. Be proud of that.

(Last night I had a whole elaborate metaphor about marching bands that involved telling you that the parade doesn’t sound right without the tuba, be glad you were spared.)


Stan did not go out into the woods often. For one, they kind of gave him the creeps. For two, he lost his favorite pair of slippers out here once. For three, he was too lazy to be doing that much walking around. For four, if for whatever reason he did need to do that much walking around, he’d pass the buck to someone else like Soos or Dipper.

But the woods were a great place to bury things you didn’t want found. He had buried a lot of things out here. A lot of things he couldn’t even remember. But for right now, he was just trying to find some stolen gold jewelry he had buried out here once. He didn’t remember who he had stolen the jewelry from or why he had buried it out in the woods. And he certainly wouldn’t have remembered he had buried it out here at all or where he had buried it if it weren’t for the fact that he had a map with him.

Too bad he was having a hard time reading it. He could read his own writing, of course. And he was an okay enough artist. But what the heck was that duck-shape supposed to even mean? Was it a rock shaped like a duck? Or a log shaped like a duck? Or was there suppose to be ducks around? Or… ???

Perhaps he should’ve been paying more attention to where he was stepping instead of trying to figure out why he had drawn things the way he did on the map. Because the ground became a lot more uneven, and Stan fell over face first into the ground.

He let out a loud curse and crawled forward a bit. Then, he tried to pull himself up looking back over what he had tripped over. 

“What the hell?” Stan raised an eyebrow at the naked young man on the ground. “Whaddya doing on the ground, kid?!” He threw up his arms in disbelief. 

“I could’ve broken my hip!” Then, he paused to consider this a moment. “Actually, now that I think about it. It does kinda hurt…”

It actually didn’t hurt much at all. His face took most of the impact, and even that didn’t hurt all that much. 

“Your parents wouldn’t happen to be rich, would they?” 

Sunday Tradition

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Unadulterated fluffy and cuteness

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @capscanary:  Maybe a possible one shot where you cook with Bucky? (I need to feed your Bucky obsession 😉)

Notes: Thanks for feeding my obsession, Rachel XD

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Republican leaders are adding a $75 billion magic asterisk to their Obamacare repeal plan
It will help older people in some totally unspecified way. In an effort to blunt the American Health Care Act’s disastrous effect on older Americans, House Republican leaders are adding a provision that would set aside $75 billion to do … something unspecified. This is a very unusual way to legislate and reflects House Republicans’ desperation to push through basically anything as soon as possible and pass the buck to the Senate. Read more