buck mountain


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

What a wonderful start to the New Year. I decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They sure do live up to their name. The 10+ hour drive was so worth it. I’ll be staying here for two more days so I’ll be shooting a ton more! 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Older dude

Wise and honorable

Northerner accent

Blue-eyed brunette (This is like a severe weakness of mine)

Built like a brick outhouse

Why so perfect, Blackwall?

It’s not even close to finished, but I thought I might plug an in-progress shot for Blackwall Appreciation Day :D


Big Sky Country by Fredrik Stige/Wildlife Photography
Via Flickr:
White-tailed Deer, Montana, United States

A message for today. You are far stronger than you realize. More beautiful than the dawn of a new day. With potential more vast than any sea. Your capability, far greater than any measurements. Your worth LIMITLESS! Have an incredible weekend… being there for you, and owning your power. Because such power has always been there, and it is time to reclaim it. Let it move mountains! Let it touch hearts and question old paradigms! Stand for your truth, even if you temporarily stand alone. Not only will you set yourself free, but you will shine a light to others too.
—  Sarah Buck