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Not Another Happy Ending - Trent Seven

I really don’t know if this’ll end up as a two part thing. But hey, I’m falling in love with Adam Cole (baybay) now so that’s…terrible for what little social life I have left.

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You have six new messages.

Message one. Received yesterday at 23:27 PM.

‘Love? It’s Tyler. We need your help, me and Peter. Trent drank too much…Someone said something about you, Conners, I think…Mark, Pete and I, we tried to stop him but Trent beat him pretty badly. He’s not been right in the head since you left and he won’t listen to us, any of us, and- wait. Christ. I have to go, call me when you get this.’

End of first message.

She was hurting. Why should he be allowed to feel pain when it was him who caused her pain in the first place?

Message two. Received yesterday at 23:34 PM.

'Really need you to answer your phone, doll. Seven’s gone mental! Never seen him like this before. Landlord said he’d call the police if we don’t sort him out but he’s too strong for me right now. Shit, he’s knocked Tyler out, think he’s gonna start on me or Mandrews next. He needs to hear your voice, doll.’

End of second message.

She had tried to tell herself that he deserved it, to feel the pain that she felt. Did he though? Was it him or was it the alcohol that had been flowing through his veins when he did it? All of those photos, the videos, his lips pressed to her exposed shoulder as they danced… the text message, from her, from his number…The photo attached made her feel sick; a sleeping Trent with a dainty hand on his chest.

 Message three. Received yesterday at 23:50 PM.

'Hey sweetheart, it’s Adam from Tyler’s phone. Police got called because Trent launched himself at Pete who proceeded to bite Trent. Tyler’s out like a light and Mark was able to explain what had happened, lucky bastards got away with a warning. Call back if you can.’

End of third message.

Cole was there. The Bucks probably were too. She liked them… Adam was kind to her, the Bucks were like brothers. She clicked her pen and began to scrawl on the paper.

Message four. Received today at 06:15 AM.

'Sis, it’s Matt. ('and Nick!’) Thought you should know that everyone is alright. ('Nearly had to superkick some motherfuckers’) Yeah, we did. Anytime we’re in town, you just have to call and we’re there. We still got a few days before we gotta go, Nick suggested that we help you continue your training? Let us know, I love you sis.’ ('I love you too!’)

End of fourth message.

Every word from the pen made her heart hurt more. Trent was her soulmate, and he had betrayed her trust.

Message five. Received today at 13:57 PM.

'Babe? ('Trent, give me my phone’) There’s blood, wounds from yesterday opened back up. ('TRENT! We told you not to speak to her!’) Dunno how to stitch them m'self, you always did it when we were together. ('Mark, he’s fucking hopeless’ 'He’ll just hurt her again’) Miss you, miss you. Not mine n'more though, I fucked up. Love you, love you so much. ('Trent, please give Mark his phone back? There we go, I’ll stitch up your hand for you. C'mon’) It’s Mark, you won’t have to deal with that again. Bye, love.’

End of fifth message.

She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it in the basket next to her desk.

Message six. Received today at 20:00 PM.

'Look in the top drawer of the bedside table on my side of the bed. Think about it.’

End of final message.

She did just that.

Oh. Oh God.

There was a note.

'You are my whole world. You said to me that you don’t believe in happy endings, I don’t anymore because why should an ending be happy? I’d much prefer a happy forever with you. Marry me?


He’d bought a ring, that just made it real for her. Had it been just the note, she could’ve passed it off but the band in the velvet box was what made her hesitate because he had been serious enough to get one.

Calling Matt.


'Is he with you? We need to talk.’

'Yes, he’s here.’

Call ended.

Always (MET with FemReader) fluff

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(A/n): I love youtuber requests. And I love platonic requests. I just like writing.

Request: I know you get a lot of youtube asks and you don’t have to do this but could you write about the reader is friends with mark, ethan, and tyler and like they’re walking around LA for whatever reason and some dude walks by and touches her butt and like Tyler becomes protective and ethan is calm but like stern and mark is mad but he’s calm and then like the three kinda scare the guy off and she thanks them then they go out for ice cream happy times. Sorry, and i also love your writing! Bye bye!

Warnings: Swearing and fluff tho


“Guys, I swear, if we don’t go somewhere soon; I’m going to flip my shit.” (Y/n) moaned.

The three other men chuckled from around her.

“Aren’t you enjoying L.A, though?” Tyler taunted, flicking the side of the girls head lightly. She groaned even more.

“I am!” (Y/n) was quick to protest “It’s just so fucking hot!”

“It’s supposed to be,” Ethan chimed in, slipping his eyes across the multitude of shop signs “Don’t be such a baby, (Y/n).”

The (h/c) haired girl only huffed in return to Ethan’s comment. She continued trailing behind the three boy’s without another word; letting her gaze collapse to the ground.

“Are you going to pout now?” Mark laughed. He spun to strut backwards instead, opting to get a better view of the girl’s expression.

“Yes…” (Y/n) mumbled.

“Well buck up soldier.” Mark beamed “We’ll go get ice cream, yeah?”

Peering through her veil of hair, (Y/n)’s eyes flickered up to stare at Mark “Can we?” she pondered in mock innocence.

“Ice cream is my sexuality.” Tyler stated, nothing but seriousness laced his words.

“Ice cream it is then!”

The four friends laughed heartily.

The day went on and the group entered and passed many street side shops. This Friday was slightly busier than any other comparatively, but it was such a beautiful day out; no one could be blamed.

“If I’m not wrong,” (Y/n) spoke “and my woman’s intuition hasn’t yet failed me, the ice cream shop is literally around that corner.”

She rose a hand to point at the corner towards the end on the walkway.

“Well if my woman’s intuition is correct, I’d say that’s bullshit.” Mark scoffed.

“It’s past that corner.” he gestured to the turn on the opposite walkway across the road.

(Y/n) hashed a hard stare at Mark. He returned it full force. Bickering ensued.

“Ah gee…” Ethan chuckled and shook his head. Tyler simply laughed, the two of them standing on the side letting the other two do their thing.

As the pair shot back and forther, people passed them in a docile haze. Though, sooner or later, one man in particular caught Tyler’s weary eye.

“He looks like a hazard..” the brunette whispered to Ethan. The blue haired boy looked up from Mark and (Y/n) and tilted his head, confused.

As Ethan’s bright eye’s raked the crowd, a man singled himself out to approach (Y/n). Both Ethan and Tyler locked eyes with him for a brief moment each before the man stepped up and slapped the youtuber’s ass.

“Nhg-!” (Y/n) jumping suddenly, her head shooting back.

The unknown man snicked grossly and commented “Sweet ass.”

“Excuse me?”

The short lived triumph of the harasser shattered when Tyler spoke. The brunette stepped up to the man and looked down at him.

“Who the hell are you?” The man spat cockily, smirk manipulating his lips. He looked Tyler in the eye’s, his own stare conveying intense pride.

“In about three second, your executioner.” Tyler hissed. His voice was similar to dry ice in a multitude of ways.

Ethan grabbed (Y/n)’s shoulder and sweetly stepped in front of her. He stood unwavering by Tyler’s side; face looking beyond pissed.

Mark too held an expression of appalled disgust. Reaching one tanned hand up, the red haired man gripped Tyler’s bicep as though to tell him not to attack anyone. Mark spoke with oily sweetness:

“I heartfully suggest you don’t touch her again until you decide whether you want your arm seared or arteries punctured with knitting needles. Hm?” the deepness of his voice rang out.

The man looked as though his ego had been popped similar to a balloon in front his face. Sudden fright painting his expression with a lovely white.

“So fuck off, verman!” Ethan quickly barked.

“D-Dicks!” the man coughed, and hastily darted across the street. At least he looked both ways before moving.

“Disappointing..” Tyler huffed “what a prick.”

“I agree. Really, really fucking pissed me off.” Ethan sighed. He and Mark slowly turned to (Y/n).

“You okay?” Mark asked. He was bluntly worried.

“Of course! Yes, thank you so much!” She laughed.

(Y/n) forced the two men into a hug, smiling brightly “That made my day, I swear.” she said.

Mark and Ethan both giggled and squeezed her back before she let go to hug Tyler.

“And thank you too.” (Y/n) mumbled into the tall man’s chest.

Tyler calmly smiled down at the girl and patted her head jokingly “Don’t mention it, pipsqueak”

The small youtuber let Tyler go and peered at the three boys at once.

“So,” she grinned “Ice cream?”


(A/n): I almost don’t really like it but it’s cute though???

We Have Rules For a Reason [Chapter 13]

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Chapter 13 of We Have Rules for a Reason

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at times

A/N: FINAL CHAPTER but there will be a shorter smutty yummy epilogue next week :)

He chuckled softly before turning you delicately around. His hands rested just below the small of your back as he pressed himself against you.

He rested his forehead against yours and sighed making your heart pound at his soft, sensual movements.

“It wouldn’t be fair to you if I let you believe something that isn’t true so I won’t pretend,” he whispered.

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poly!teamiplier, eighteen -🌹

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

“Ames,” Ethan whispered, careful not to wake the sleeping Kathryn beside them.

“Hm?” Amy replied, her own voice heavy with sleep as she laced her fingers with Ethan’s.

“When’s the last time we had a date? All five of us?” He asked quietly. Amy paused in hesitation.

“That’s a weird question,” She said with a laugh, “But I think it was on our anniversary.”

“Exactly!” Ethan threw his arms in the air as he exclaimed this, then slapped a hand over his mouth at the realization Kat was still sleeping.

Amy burst out laughing, burying her face in Ethan’s chest to try and muffle it.

“Sorry,” Eth whispered, running a hand through Amy’s hair, “But what I mean is–hey, stop laughing.” He couldn’t help but join in his girlfriend’s giggle fit.

“What I mean is,” He laughed, trying desperately to keep his voice down, “Mark’s birthday is coming up soon, and he’s so stressed about the tour he won’t even leave the house. We can’t just let him stay home on the most important day of the year!”

“Hmph,” Amy smiled teasingly, “I thought you said my birthday was the most important day of the year.”

“Well, it’s a four way tie between you guys,” Ethan stated matter-of-factly, grinning back, “But I was thinking, maybe we could convince him to do something for his birthday if we made it really special.”

“Yeah,” Amy sighed, “Good luck with that.”

“What’s that mean?” Ethan asked in a concerned tone.

“We kind of already tried doing special things for him. We offered to do pretty much anything, but he really has his mind set on working right now, Blue.”

“Oh,” Eth said, “You did?”

Amy nodded.

“Well,” Ethan replied, smile immediately returning, “I bet you guys didn’t think of my idea.”

“Oh no, what’s your ‘idea’?” Amy laughed, knowing Ethan was prone to thinking up absolutely ridiculous things.

“A movie date,” He stated proudly.

Amy said nothing for a moment. “A movie date?” She repeated suspiciously.

“Where we buy out all the tickets so it’s only us,” He continued.

“Oh my god,” Amy snickered, rolling over so her back faced Ethan, “Absolutely not.”

“Well why not?” Ethan crossed his arms.

“Trust me, if the promise of a five star restaurant date followed by a night of fun couldn’t get him out, I don’t think a movie will.” Amy explained.

“Movie nights are the most fun nights you can have!” He argued seriously. “Besides, I know this movie will get him out.”

“What movie could possibly have that much power?” She asked.

Ethan smiled and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“That might actually work,” Amy said, rolling back over to face him.

“Of course it will,” He replied, “He’s only been talking about it nonstop for months. And the midnight release is on June 28th.”

They both smiled widely at the prospect of Mark finally leaving the house, before Amy shook Ethan’s arm.

“Wait,” She said, “Do you think we can convince everyone else to do it? I mean, buying out the tickets for a midnight showing…Expensive, right?”

Ethan’s smile faded a bit, “Well it’s only about $800.”

“Only!” His girlfriend exclaimed, before bursting into laughter again.

“Hey, it’s not that much if we all pitch in.” Ethan tried to sound convincing as possible.

“Well I’m with you,” Amy mumbled, “But you really think Tyler will agree to that?”

“He doesn’t have to,” Ethan replied, “Majority rules, we just have to convince Kathryn.”

“I’m in.” Came a voice to the left of them.

Both Amy and Ethan turned to see Kathryn, awake and somehow completely tuned in to the conversation.

“You’re up?” Eth asked with a small smile.

“Thanks to you,” Kat gave him a small shove to show her discontent.

“Sorry,” he gave her an apologetic kiss, “But you heard the plan?” He added in excitement.

“I think I’ve got the gist of it,” She nodded, “Buy out a theater for eight hundred bucks, take Mark on a birthday date?”

“That’s the plan,” Amy confirmed, “And you’re actually agreeing to this?”

“Yeah,” Ethan laughed a little, “This is kind of stupid, you sure you’re in?”

“Oh it’s not kind of stupid,” Kathryn smiled, “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

Ethan grinned widely and hugged her tightly in gratitude.