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A MoonKnight / CaptainAmerica Love Story
Author: @winterstar95  (AO3/ Artist: @kurozawa46 (AO3)

“A phantom appears on the streets of LA, wielding a Captain American shield, Wolverine claws, and Spiderman webs. The police are after the vigilante hero, and Secretary Ross wants his head. In far off Wakanda, Steve Rogers decides he must intervene and stop the hero before someone gets hurt. Everyone warns him not to get involved. Steve’s a wanted man and not the hero all the world once looked upon as the paragon of bravery, courage, and valor. But he cannot ignore the possibility that someone - another person - might get hurt because of him or his inaction. Going to LA is a risk Steve is willing to take. It sets him on a collusion course with fate and with his former team mates. As the world around him unravels, and Steve begins to understand what it means to be a man without a team or a country, a mysterious man with torments of his own steps in and everything Steve knew changes.”


Fic Rating: Explicit (in AO3 Post)
Art Rating: Explicit (in Art Master Post)

Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Word Count: 48,000+
Relationship: MoonKnight / CaptainAmerica
Characters: Marc Spector (MoonKnight), Steve Rogers (CaptainAmerica), Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Sharon Carter, Tony Stark, Buck Lime, Maya Lopez

A Collaboration for CaptainAmericaReverseBigBang 2017 (@capreversebb )

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