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Morning Surprise

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Goodness, I don’t know where this came from but here we go. Placing 110% of the blame on @imoutofmyvulcanmind for this.

This is a little fic full of firsts. First Mckirk, first M/M, first… well, I’ll let you find out. (eep, be gentle, I bruise easy!)

1,495 word(s) of M/M smut. McCoy x Kirk.

Leonard shuffled slowly down the empty hallway, rubbing his bleary eyes. He checked the time on his PADD, groaning inwardly. It was early, too early to already be starting his shift, but his MedBay was full.

“God damned space diseases” Leonard grumbled to himself, followed by a yawn. Before Leonard could finish his yawn, he felt himself being shoved from behind, up against the wall.

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Walter Fenner “Buck” Leonard (September 8, 1907 - September 27, 1997) was a celebrated first baseman. The Rocky Mount, North Carolina native began his career in 1933 with the Brooklyn Royal Giants. He moved on to the Homestead Grays in 1934, remaining there until his retirement in 1950. The Grays were considered one of the greatest baseball teams– of any race– of all time. Leonard and Gibson helped the team win nine straight league championships from 1937 to 1945, with a repeat performance in 1948. The legendary Negro League players were both inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. 

In 1952, a 45-year-old Leonard was offered a Major League contract. He declined. 

“I was not ‘bitter’ by not being allowed to play in the major leagues,“ said Leonard.  "I just said, ‘The time has not come.’  I only wish I cold have played in the big leagues when I was young enough to show what I could do.  When an offer was give me to join up, I was too old and I knew it.”

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Leonard: Listen, can I talk to you about your girlfriend?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend. She’s a girl and she’s my friend, but there’s no touching or unsanitary exchange of saliva.

Leonard: Got it.

Sheldon: Although, for the record, on one occasion, she licked her thumb to remove raspberry jelly from the corner of my mouth. It’s an action we both regret to this day.

Leonard: Uh-huh. Anyway, I’m not sure she’s the best fit for our little, how should we call it, rebel alliance.

Sheldon: Oh, I never identified with the rebel alliance. Despite their tendency to build Death Stars, I’ve always been more of an empire man.

Leonard: Yeah, not my point.

Sheldon: I know what your point is. You’re intimidated by Amy’s intellect. To that I say, buck up.

Leonard: Okay, let me just get right to it. Amy is judgmental, sanctimonious and frankly just obnoxious.

Sheldon: So?

Leonard: So we already have you for all that.

Sheldon: Are you suggesting I terminate my relationship with Amy?

Leonard: No, no, of course not. Just have your relationship someplace else.

Sheldon: May I point out that for eight long months, I suffered in silence as your female companion filled our apartment with her off-key country music caterwauling, the unappetizing spectacle of her grinding a pumice stone against her calloused feet in our living room, and night after night of uninformative TV documentaries about the Jersey Shore.

Leonard: Suffered in silence?

Sheldon: Yes. And I’d thank you to do the same.

Leonard: Really? Silence?

4 x 03 -  The Zazzy Substitution

From left to right - Austin, Sam, and Buck Leonard

“This pic was taken in 1983 and as you can see we’re all wearing the original fleece jackets. We were born and raised in Idaho and all three have spent over a decade each as outdoor guides. Myself (Sam) and Austin are raft guides on the Middle Fork of the Salmon while Buck is a fly-fishing guide on the South Fork of the Snake River. We wear your products everyday whether it be in the classroom (I teach high school English in Montana) or a driving storm on the river or the slopes. The pictured jackets still exist and are being worn by our kids!”

Submitted by Sam Leonard