buck in velvet



It was a late night, and Hannibal couldn’t sleep. Sometimes work and study and socializing tired him out and let him sleep at a normal hour, and sometimes they left him still keyed up and awake after everyone else went to bed. He was using the time, though. He always did. He was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and his tablet, working on an update for his profile.

He’d taken commissions for years, first on DeviantArt and then on FurAffinity. Eventually he’d created a fursona of his own. It seemed to make people more comfortable with him, like he was one of them instead of an outsider. So he was drawing a comic of his avatar, a black-furred deer creatively named Buck Juodas, fitfully scratching the velvet off his antlers on a wall.

Halfway through the sketch, he finally felt tired enough to sleep, and he dragged himself off to bed, forgetting to shut down the computer.