buck deer


I mounted my first deer this spring, and have meant to post pictures of it, but haven’t, so I’m finally getting around to it.

Here is the process of mounting it.

Start by roughing the form up, so the glue will stick better.

Then chop the nose off, to be replaced.

Replaced noses, with pink plastic septums in the nose, so when light is shined through, there is the pink opaqueness that a live deer would have.

Set the antlers in place with bondo. They are not glued to the form, but instead are detachable. They are held on with screws.

Attached the ears with Apoxie and got them in the right position.

Ear butts finished being sculpted with Apoxie.

Finished ear butt.

Finished ear butt.

Drew veins on the ear liners for added detail.

Time to mount the hide! Ear liners have been taken off and put into the ears. I realized I forgot to take a picture of the clay work I did around the eyes. You can see Amy working on hers in the background.

Starting to put the hide on.

Ears and antlers have been reset to where they go.

Wasn’t able to get any pictures of me working on tucking the eyes, lips or nose. Finished for the day. I wasn’t able to finish sewing up the back, so we wrapped him in plastic wrap to keep everything wet.

Riding home in the car.

Finished sewing the neck up and stapled in the back.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough clay and apoxie in the ear buts, so I had to undo a bunch of my sewing and pack more clay in and then sew it back up.

Close up of his eye. This was while the clay underneath was still wet.

Once the deer is completely dry, finish work is done. Here, pink tinted Apoxie is used to fill in gaps made by the drying hide pulling away from the glass eyes, fill in a little bit of the scent gland, and create the nictitating membrane in the front corner of the eye.

The other eye with finished Apoxie.

The nose was dotted with a modge podge type glue to give it the texture of a real nose again. Apoxie was used to blend some cracks on the lower lip, as well as in the nose to blend the hide into the plastic septum.

Another view of the apoxied nose.

Used airbrush paints to get the skin around the eyes, nose, and ears to look like a live deer.

Other finished eye.

Finished painted nose.

He had a slip spot on his forehead that also got painted. Try to find the spot!

All finished and ready to go to the competition!

My deer at the show! He’s the middle deer on the wall.

He got second place in the Amature division! I got a lot of constructive criticism from people, and also one guy was very impressed this was my first mount, and said his first deer didn’t look anywhere near how good mine looked!

The stars have chosen you, let them guide you.

Dipper Pines was a huge inspiration for this, I really think the forest calls to him