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Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve the world, find alchemy with Meade’s perspective-changing art. The result is a powerful, mesmerizing reflection, a moving 2D art representation, of the state of today’s society.

Art by Alexa Meade

Written, Directed, Choreography, and Movement Artistry by Jon Boogz

Movement Artistry, Choreography - Lil Buck

Dance as a Force of Social Change with Jon Boogz and Lil Buck

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“Can’t is not a word we like to use,” says Jon Boogz (@jonboogz), who together with Lil Buck (@lilbuckdalegend) founded Movement Art Is to inspire social change through creative physical expression. “Dance is more than just entertainment. It’s a universal language that can help heal,” Jon says. Whether they’re recording a performance to be viewed around the world or freestyling for friends, both are driven by the transformative experience shared by dancers and their audience. “Dance is a form of liberation regardless of how good you think you are,” says Buck. “So keep dancin’.”


Dale Conagher of Team Fortress2 Comic

Buck, CLogging and Flat Foot Dancing.

I just researching more of ENgie and I just discover this type of dance.

It looks awesome, old school and awesome and awesome.

It seems super fun and hard to do.

It can help anyone who has a depression and anxiet. Expose to different people and “ENjoy yourself”

Wiish I know how to dance like this.


“Color of Reality” by Jon Boogz & Lil Buck

Art by Alexa Meade

Transfixed by racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions saturating the news, movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, enveloped by the art of Alexa Meade, switch off the TV and release their emotion into a stirring dance that is both a lament and a spirited call to action.
Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve the world, find alchemy with Meade’s perspective-changing art. The result is a powerful, mesmerizing reflection, a moving 2D art representation, of the state of today’s society.

Selfless- Pre-Serum!Steve Rogers One Shot

Pairing: Skinny!Steve X Reader

Prompt: (1940s) Steve has liked you for ages, but is too shy to ask you to dance. One night, he sees you getting harassed and steps in to save the day.

Word Count: 2440

A/N: Inspired by the song “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel (it really has nothing to do with it though). This is my first Skinny!Steve one shot, so I hope it is okay.


“Come on, Stevie, why don’t you ask one of those lovely girls to dance?” Bucky asked his friend, leaning on his arm against the top of the bar. Steve shook his head, not moving from his seat on top of a barstool-his eyes watching his fingers trace the edge of his drink.

“No, thanks, Buck. You dance-I’ll wait here until you’re ready to leave.”

“I’m not going to let waste your night sulking.” He replied, tugging on his friend’s shoulder.

“I’m fine right here. You go do your thing. I’m sure there is a whole line out there for you.” Steve stated and Bucky took a quick peak behind him and noticed that there was, in fact, four girls staring at him from across the dance hall. When they saw him looking, they turned and conversed with each other, giggling softly. Bucky moved his attention back to his friend and tried to hide the disheartening look on his face.

“Why won’t you dance?” He asked, giving up and sitting on the stool beside him.

“I just don’t want to. Those girls would reject me in an instant-I’d rather not suffer through that humiliation.”

“But you would rather be an outcast at the bar alone?”

“Bucky-” Steve started, but was cut off by the door to the club opening. His breath hitched in his throat when he laid eyes on the incoming person. You gingerly stepped inside with two of your friends by your side. You three were dressed to the nines and headed over to a secluded table, where you could talk, laugh, and drink mostly in private, until someone came and swept each of you off your feet to dance. Bucky followed Steve’s gaze over to you. He didn’t even question if it was your friends who had caught the little guy’s eye. Bucky had known you since school and Steve had developed a large crush on you. If you were even in the same room as him, Steve became a spluttering mess.

“Go ask her to dance.” Bucky stated, nudging his shoulder. Steve’s trance was broken as he looked back to his friend.

“Y/N? No. Do you see her? And do you see me? There is no way she would dance with a fellow like me.”

“Yes, I see you and I see her. And I also see no reason why she should deny you a dance. You’re a great guy, Stevie. I know Y/N-she wouldn’t reject you like the others.”

“But she would still reject me.” Steve said, going back to his original position of being hunched over the bar, playing with his glass.

“I bet she’d love to dance with you.”

“Buck, I think she’d reject me quicker than she rejected you.” He stated, causing his friend to sigh. The incident happened less than a year ago. Bucky was out with Steve when he saw you and asked you to dance. He knew how much Steve liked you and had hoped dancing with you would get him jealous, making him work up the courage to talk to you sooner. All he did was smile as he approached your table and you told him no. Bucky immediately regretted that decision and Steve had never fully forgiven him. He tried to act as if it didn’t matter, but the soldier could see right through him.

“That was one time and you know I was only trying to help you out.” Bucky said.

“Well, maybe I don’t need your help, Buck.” He snapped tensely.

“Okay, okay.” Bucky held his hands up in surrender and scooted off the barstool, “I’ll go dance with a dame and I’ll find you when I’m ready. Please, don’t do anything too stupid. Alright, punk?”

“Go have fun, jerk.” Steve said, easing up from the use of their brotherly nicknames. Bucky flashed him a quick smile before disappearing to find a girl to dance with.

The blond boy let out a huff of frustration and sipped his drink. He set it back against the hard wood of the top of the bar and turned slightly. Maybe if he just caught a glance of you, he’d feel better about himself. His eyes rested on you as you laughed at something your friend said. He noticed that your second friend was missing and looked around to find her dancing with Bucky to the upbeat jazz tune. Steve focused back on you as you took a small sip of your own drink.

He watched as a man approached your table, making your friend sit up straighter; you, however, kept the same posture. It was something Steve loved about you-you wouldn’t allow yourself to change for anyone, no matter what society says you must do. Standing up straight with his chest puffed out, the man was tall and muscly. Steve knew he must have been in the army. The man was bigger than Bucky; it was practically a given.

Steve let out a short laugh as he saw your lips move to form the words “no, thank you”. Instead of stepping away and leaving with the rejection, the man stepped closer to the table. Steve tensed up seeing how the tall man was not taking no as an answer. Anger was pulsing through his small body and Steve heaved himself off his seat and made his way over to you.

“I don’t think you understand, sweetheart, I asked you for a dance.” The man said.

“And I don’t think you understand, sir, I said no thank you. No means no.” You replied, not allowing the fear in your veins to show in your voice.

“No one says no to me.” He stated, gripping your wrist.

“Let go of me.” You tried to pull put of his grip, but he only tightened it.

“Hey, man, let her go.” Steve said, stepping in as he arrived at the scene.

“Oh, yeah? And what are you going to do about it?” The man taunted.

“Just let go of her.” He stated.

“What makes you think I should listen to you?” The man paused and you let out a small whimper from the bruise forming on your skin, “Tell you what, pipsqueak, I’ll let her go and you and I will take care of this out back.” He dropped your wrist and you immediately rubbed it soothingly with your other hand. Your friend stepped in to comfort you. Steve looked around quickly for Bucky, who was focused on talking to your friend. He followed the taller man outside to fight while you were distracted.

It only took you a moment to realize that the two were gone. Your nerves kicked in at the thought of Steve fighting the stranger for you. Sure, you two weren’t close at all, but you knew who he was and you had always adored his selfless personality. You just wished he wouldn’t be reckless while being selfless.

“Let’s get Jennie and get out of here.” Your friend said. You two made your way over to her and Bucky, who were currently sitting alone at the bar together. It appeared as if Bucky had turned on his charming personality to flirt with her.

“We’re leaving. Are you staying?” Your friend asked Jennie, who had been dancing with the dark haired soldier.

“Why are you leaving so soon? You two haven’t even danced yet.” Jennie replied.

“Y/N rejected a stranger and he didn’t take it too well. It took some guy stepping in for him to leave us alone.” She explained and Bucky perked up instantly.

“The one who stepped in wouldn’t happen to be a short little blond fella?” Bucky asked.

“Yes, do you know him?” She questioned.

“Yeah, where did they go? The back alley?” He asked. You nodded and he stood from his seat, anxious to save his friend.

“I’ll go with you.” You said, “It’s my fault anyway.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, doll.”

“James, I don’t want Steve getting too hurt on my behalf.” You replied and ignored the surprised looking in his eyes. Not only did you know Bucky’s real name, but you knew Steve’s name. Your friends left the club and you followed him to the back alleyway, where the sound of a fight could be heard.

“Hey, pick on someone your own size.” Bucky called out to the unknown man and threw his own punches. You stayed off to the side, out of the way of the whole ordeal. It took a good three punches from Bucky for the guy to scamper off with a bloody nose. Bucky wiped the blood on his hands onto his tan handkerchief. He pulled Steve up off the floor and examined his swollen, black eye and bloody, busted lip.

“You just don’t know when to stop, do you?” Bucky laughed.

“I had him on the ropes.” Steve replied, softly wiping his beaten face with his own handkerchief. He had yet to acknowledge your presence in the alley-presumably due to only being able to see from one eye since the other was swollen. “Is Y/N okay?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” He chuckled and Steve’s jaw dropped when he finally saw you. You stepped closer to him and your finger gently ran over the cut from his lip down to his chin.

“Steve, why did you do this? You could have seriously injured yourself.” You said, examining the cut. He seemed shocked that you knew his name and that you were touching him with absolutely no disgust in your face.

“W-well, he needed to learn to never treat such a beautiful dame like that-or a beautiful woman-a woman-you are beautiful, but a-a woman.” Steve stuttered, ignoring how Bucky clamped a hand over his own mouth and turned away, attempting to conceal the laughter that was bubbling up inside him. It barely worked. To any bystander, Bucky sounded like a dying dog, but you and Steve both actively chose to ignore him.

“Thank you, I guess.” You let out a soft laugh, “We need to get you cleaned up. Come on, my apartment is just around the corner.” You turned and started out of the alley. Steve stood frozen in his place until Bucky, who had finally composed himself, nudged him.

“Go ask her out, Stevie. She likes you, I can tell.” Bucky whispered as the two boys began to walk.

“It’s only because I saved her.” He said.

“It’s more than that.” He laughed. Bucky cut it short when you turned back to them.

“Well, are you coming?” You asked.

“Yes, ma'am.” Steve and Bucky both replied in unison and hurried to catch up with you.

You led the boys back to your apartment and got out the first aid kit for them. Bucky didn’t need much medical attention-all he suffered was a punch to the jaw and a few scrapes on his knuckles. Steve, on the other hand, was much worse. He sat still as you cleaned his face carefully with a rag; on the inside, he was going crazy from the close proximity to you.

“Y/N, may I use your restroom?” Bucky asked.

“First door on the left.” You replied, keeping your focus on Steve. Bucky disappeared down the hall and the silence started to overwhelm you.

“You know he would have left eventually. You didn’t need to fight him for me.” You said, breaking the silence.

“Even if he did leave without a fight, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again to you or another woman.” He replied and you smiled.

“You’ve always been so selfless-it’s the trait I’ve always admired about you.”

“R-Really?” He mumbled in disbelief.

“Yes, really. I don’t say things I don’t mean, Steve.” You stated. He desperately tried to calm his heart at the sound of you saying his name. It made it his heart flutter that you care enough to know it. You looked up to meet his eyes, but he was already looking at you.

“I like you, a lot.” Steve blurted out. When he realized what he said, he grimaced and closed his eyes with a groan.

“Steve, what was that for?” You questioned.

“It’s just-I really like you, Y/N, and you could never like me back in that way.” He said.

“Who told you I’d never feel the same?” You asked.

“No one, but I know that-”

“You’re wrong then, Steve. I do like you. You were just never brave enough to ask me to dance.” You replied.

“Wait-me? You like me?” He asked, suddenly confused.

“Why wouldn’t I? Your charming, sweet, selfless, courageous-”

“Short.” He added.

“But handsome all the same.” You said, softly running your hand through his hair.

“I must be dreaming.” Steve replied.

“I can assure you-you’re not.” You leaned in to kiss him, but the moment was soon interrupted.

“I used the rest of your soap, Y/N.” Bucky declared as he walked back into the room. His eyes went wide as he noticed what was happening. You had your hands on Steve’s face and his hands were on your sides. You were close to each other and both of you closed your eyes in disappointment.

“Well, Buck, you’re timing is perfect as always.” Steve said sarcastically, causing you to laugh. You let go of each other and turned to face Bucky.

“Who wants to kiss someone with a busted lip anyway? Wait until it’s healed-it’ll be better that way.” He winked with a smile.

“It’s late-we should be heading home.” Steve stated, reading the time on the clock.

“Right, well, thank you for earlier.” You replied.

“Thank you for cleaning us up.” He answered as you two stood up, “Do you want to go dancing tomorrow night?”

“That sounds amazing.” You smiled.

“Great, I’ll-um-get you at eight.” Steve said.

“I’ll see you then.” You led Steve and Bucky outside and on their walk back to their house, Bucky clapped his friend’s shoulders enthusiastically.

“See? I told you you could do it. Who was right? I was right. I’m always right.” Bucky grinned.

“Thanks, Buck, but we should acknowledge the fact that I took care of everything on my own.” Steve responded.

“Except for the guy who was beating you into a mashed potato.”

“I had him on the ropes.” Steve repeated, “No really-I actually did this time.”

“Sure, keep telling yourself that.” Bucky continued to laugh, but Steve knew his friend was proud of him all the same. Finally, something positive came from a fight for Steve.


Rag & Bone – AW15 Fashion Film

Gliding through space in a delicate display of graceful agility, dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lil Buck twist and weave with serpentine fluidity. Seducing us as the two masters of movement and style contend, contrast and complement one and other in the mesmerizing new video campaign for Rag & Bone AW15.

Athletic in aesthetic and intrinsically stylish by the brands very nature, Rag & Bone deliver a lightweight menswear collection for the AW15 season. Like the euphoric flicker of flick book pages, the visual cuts and pastes a series of dance arrangements, displaying them in succession, capturing the models in an array of poses. Expressing themselves through a surge of eclectic energy, bringing life and vitality to the bold, urban silhouettes.

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Prompt:  Cool could you do one as a personal song fic with Bucky please? My name is Jordan & the song is All About Us by He Is We.

Word Count: 550

Warning: TOO MUCH CUTE - best read while listening to “All About Us” by He Is We

Authors Note: Ok, so I love this song SO MUCH. Like, enough that I want it to be the song my husband and I dance to at our future )and not even near future) wedding. So a big thank you to Jordan who requested it because it literally made my day and I just want to type in caps but I’m holding back.

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{Another One-Line Prompt}

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Getting a little bored with the first one, so I’m adding on! But if you still wanna keep requesting, the first one is right here! 

But other than that, my request box is getting low, and I’ve got more requests to do, but I must. have. MORE. I love doing these, they are so fun! So without further ado~

41) “Why must you torment me?”

42) “I’m telling mom/dad!”

43) “Oh…I’m lesbian/gay…”

44) “I’ll see ya in hell!”

45) “I-I’m..pregnant…”

46) “How have you been?”

47) “That’s not fair!”

48) “Can you, like, lighten up a bit?”

49) “Chill, okay? Just chill.”

50) “You owe me 20 bucks, and a lap dance.”

51) “You’re ass is mine, got it?”

52) “Hey! Only I can touch those!”

53) “I’d rather stick a knife in my neck!”

54) “We’re not alone…are we?”

55) “He/She/It’s right behind me, isn’t it?”

56) “Um, did I ask you? No? So shut up.”

57) “When have you ever had fun ever in your life, huh?”

58) “I trusted you, and you do some shit like this?!”

59) “Leave me alone, and get your own life!”

60) “I don’t love you anymore.” 


Watch these dance stars play Truth or Dance! 

The Signs At Prom
  • Aries: Super excited; grinding on their date (Cancer); ends up hooking up with them downstairs
  • Taurus: Sitting at the table, enjoying the food they paid eighty bucks for
  • Gemini: Dancing in the center of the ballroom; half the time alone, the other half with their friends
  • Cancer: Kissing Aries all night while they dance; gives Aries a night to remember later
  • Leo: Drunk and dancing with everyone in sight
  • Virgo: Cleaning the table after Pisces spills their drink
  • Libra: Socializing with all of their friends and deciding who looks best
  • Scorpio: Lurking around deserted corners
  • Sagittarius: Shows up late; constantly dances with their date (Capricorn); tells Aries and Cancer where they can get some privacy
  • Capricorn: Waits with Sagittarius by the door for Aries and Cancer to resurface, meanwhile hugging Sag really tight and smiling
  • Aquarius: Whispering how much they wanna hook up with their date in their ear
  • Pisces: Accidentally spills their drink in their excitement
  • *thanks to the anon who suggested this ;) send your suggestions to @cancercornastrology*