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idk if you done this b4, but phobias of the paladins?

None of them have real real phobias, but they certainly do have fears!

I did a post on the frontliner’s fears here! The rest are below.

Drogoz: Having nothing to his name. Money is power, and he likes to have a lot of power.

Bomb King: Losing all his followers. A king is only powered by his followers.

Viktor: Losing his family aka the team. They’re all he’s got now.

Tyra: Deadly insects. It’s one thing to fight a bear because you can see it and you know when it’s coming at you, but more often than not you can’t see or feel the deadliest of insects. 

Cassie: Anything bad happening to Zigs. Zigs is her childhood companions and best friend and if anything were to happen to him, she’d have no idea what to do.

Kinessa: Losing her job. Sure, she’s got connections outside and can go back to bounty hunting, but it’ll mean she can’t see her friends in the team anymore. Bounty hunting also doesn’t offer as stable as an income as being a Paladin does.

Sha Lin: Commitment. Having been a nomad for most of his life, he’s used to moving around all the time and can’t stand the idea of commitment to any one person in particular because if something were to happen that forced him to move again, he’d have to deal with the hurt. He’s trying to overcome his fear now.

Evie: No longer being immortal. She knows that anyone with greater power (which is very few entities) is capable of robbing her of her immortality and it would leave her defenseless and vulnerable. She’s too used to playing recklessly by now and without immortality, would be dead within the hour.

Skye: Losing her best friend Evie.

Buck: The world getting destroyed somehow because someone pushed Mother Nature off the edge.

Androxus: His identity and history. He’s buried it all and set fire to it for a reason.

Maeve: Being caught by the people she has wronged before. They want her blood, and they want it really bad. 

Mal’Damba: Being denied by Wekono. He’s very careful about his actions and always makes sure that nothing he does will result in his abandonment by Wekono.

Pip: You know those stories about ghosts and disturbed souls in ancient temples? Yeah, he’s seen those and he does not want them to catch up with him.

Grohk: The Fire Tribe getting angry and looking for him. Sure, he’s a prophet of Vex, but against a very angry tribe the power of one Lightning God isn’t going to be enough.

Grover: Someone thinking he’s just another tree and chopping him down, essentially murdering him.

Ying: Her nightmares of haunted and disfigured illusions becoming real and consuming her.

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Dance off competition, who competes, and who's the last one standing

Cassie, Skye, Pip and Torvald are the judges. Torvald votes a 10 for everyone because he’s just so damn nice, Pip is extremely brutal and never gives more than a 7.

The competitors are Bomb King, Evie, Androxus, Buck, Ying and Fernando and they’re surprisingly not half bad. Bomb King is eliminated first because his dances just involves excessive amounts of explosions. 

Somehow Androxus comes out as a winner because what the fuck- the guy can dance. He never lets anyone see it up till now and just everyone’s SHOOK. Look at that breakdancing. What the heck. His nether step also helps in getting in all those tricky moves and it’s insane. Everyone’s going wild.

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Oh, oh I got a better question. who can tolerate pain from the most to least? -Hal

Oh I like this question. Starting with the least tolerant and moving in ascending order.

Ruckus (without Bolt), Skye, Evie, Maeve, Pip, Mal’Damba, Kinessa, Cassie, Torvald, Ying, Grover, Grohk, Barik, Androxus, Buck, Sha Lin, Drogoz, Viktor, Tyra, Bomb King, Fernando, Makoa.

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Age headcanons

You got it!

Makoa: At least a hundred, but possibly more. It’s hard to tell since he’s not human.

Fernando: Most people guess that he’s around his mid to late thirties.

Ruckus: No one’s sure if Ruckus even follows human years, but he isn’t older than twenty.

Barik: 50 to 55.

Torvald: Close enough to 260, but he’s not interested in divulging his real age. It doesn’t matter anyway, he isn’t going to die any time soon.

Drogoz: Dragons take longer to age and Drogoz is only 70- not even half way through his life. He’s considered a young dragon still.

Bomb King: About 50 to 60 years, but it really doesn’t matter since he isn’t human.

Cassie: Early-mid 20s, around 24!

Kinessa: Turns 25 on March 3rd.

Sha Lin: 22 going on 23 in November!

Viktor: Mid 50s is everyone’s guess.

Tyra: Late 30s, possibly around 36-38.

Evie: She’s immortal, but she isn’t older than Drogoz yet. She’s been alive for maybe 60 years, but magic keeps her looking young forever.

Skye: She turns 20 soon!

Maeve: She’s only 17 and has a life that’s more exciting than most others.

Buck: 44-46 would be most people’s guess.

Androxus: No one knows and no one is brave enough to guess. He could be anywhere from his late 20s to early 50s.

Mal’Damba: He’s really only 39! He is one of the younger champions despite what others think, if you compare him to the champions over a hundred.

Pip: Fennec foxes usually live up to 10 years old, but Pip is 7 and still going strong.

Grohk: As one of oldest (second only to Torvald), he’s coming to 170!

Grover: He’s 99 years old, turning a hundred soon! Ying wants to throw a big party for his 100th birthday.

Ying: She remained a magically-imbued flower for about 80 years, only taking the form of an elf for about 19 years.

“It’s nice to know great-grandpa was a real person with flaws. Gutsy move, Dad.”

I know this is the tiniest moment, but this is really the highlight of the episode for me. Buck actually said something positive towards his father. I’d like to take this as a sign that their relationship is improving. I wonder if we’ll ever see any more of it. A viewer can hope.

steven universe characters as alcoholic beverages
  • garnet: pinot noir
  • amethyst: tequila shots
  • pearl: a single flute of champagne
  • rose: rosé
  • greg: a growler full of homemade double IPA beer
  • opal: viniq
  • sugilite: jungle juice
  • lapis: vodka martini
  • peridot: gin and tonic
  • jasper: straight cinnamon whiskey
  • malachite: blue wave and mountain dew
  • lars: four loko
  • sadie: fuzzy navel
  • jenny pizza: rum and coke
  • buck dewey: manhattan
  • sour cream: absinthe
  • onion: gibson
  • steven: (gets a juice box)

I’m calling it. This is going to be the best episode of the Steven Bomb, if only for this flyer.

On the real though: I’m sure Pearl or one of the other gems will point out the inaccuracies of this play. But, if a Dewey really did found Beach City and they have been governing it for that long, that is one heck of a family legacy. It makes Buck’s decision not to participate in the tradition much more significant. And Bill not only accepts his son’s choice, but encourages him to pursue his own ambitions. That’s really neat.